UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments guys, just got through all of them to weed out spammers. As you can see from the responses, the image is indeed fan art, which is why I never claimed it was real, just a very cool image of a fan’s interpretation of what the monster could be. Check out the comments for the origin of the image.

I’m not claiming this is real or even a “rumor” I’m just posting it cause it’s a damn cool image. I don’t know where this originated, it was posted on the forum by liberty76. Check it out.

found this image too, honestly have no clue if it’s related or not, looks similar to the little creatures in the above image and could have possibly been from when that F/X guy was posting pictures on his forum, but I’m not sure.

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  1. Absinthchaos

    I dont care if the movie doesnt use this monster, but someone should, it’s pretty effing awesome.

  2. Aaron

    It would certainly make sense. I love that the guy being shown for scale is wearing a Slusho shirt! Nice touch, real or not.

  3. einah

    That is an awesome monster 😀 I hope that’s what it looks like, and I especially like the like of the little [well, big compared to us] parasites on ‘im.

  4. D351

    The parasites look way more threatening than the whale… It’s kind of scary… but mostly just sad-looking.

  5. J-MaNia

    yeah that sketch is bad ass and i think its fits all(although not many) details we have from the trailer and site. keep em coming because i am starting to feel the cloverfield fever again

  6. Greg

    Wow, so the monster is the final boss “Sin” from Final Fantasy 10? Because that’s exactly what that monster looks like and is. I doubt the authenticity.

  7. Survivor Man

    It’s big….It’s Ugly…It looks mean….Def one bad ass looking monster!!! I like it! If JJ does not use it….someone should, I mean look at it…it’s a great sketch!

  8. nooneimportant77

    hi, i put that monster up on 1-18-08news.com but the credit goes to er i cant rememebr over at jjabrams .nt it IS fan art it was entered in a contest. sorry not real.

  9. Xyne

    To big, a creature that size could tear the entire statue and throw it, to grab just the head would crush it totally. Size it down some and it’s more possible. Friggen cool looking either way.

  10. Icky

    I think it’s pretty damn original… kinda weird (it being a whale) but pretty cool. Something was said about a charicter being “bitten”, by something, if that’s true, then I really dont think those tick things would fit, cuz it looks like if they bite you, they would rip a limb off…. I dunno

  11. JihadJoe

    I don’t think this will be the monster in the movie but it’s damn kickass!
    It fits with more or less all of the clues/rumours, the guy in the pic is even wearing a Slusho shirt xD

  12. Billie Be

    Its cool and all, BUT I hope the actual monster looks far more scary and not some much like a walking eight-armed-turd.

  13. nendo

    i don’t think the second pciture is related because it could be from another film. i know silent hill movie has them like bugs so it could and most probably from another film/private use

  14. Daniel Persing

    Are we sure this is for real? What Abrams needs to do now is actually have Slusho commercials on primetime. That would be cool. Then we could get more clues…

  15. 48AO

    Its…a whale…with legs…

    Essentially its a giant fish. I sure hope its something scarier than a form of sushi attacking new york.

  16. HighTyde

    Lame, the monster in the first picture, looks almost exactly like “Sin” from Final Fantasy X, except with some extra fins. whoever created that has no originality

  17. GenghisK

    well, that photo is a fake. apparently it was for a contest for the drawing of the monster. but you never know…sometimes these things are put out there, claimed as false & end up being true.

    i personally also think it is cool looking for the monster, it certainly follows the Slusho theme w/ the whale…ps…i bought a Slusho t-shirt, it is comfy.

  18. thesmythe

    that rendering is so cool! the parasites certainly seem to fit in with the rumours about the raptor size creatures, as does the whale theme from the slusho site

  19. a.j.

    the bottom one looks like the stoner worm thing that Freddy morphs into in Freddy vs Jason.

  20. Dougbot

    Howdy Cloverfieldnews’ers. I’m Dougbot, the guy who made that pic. I’m at work right now, so I don’t have a lot of time to type, but here’s what I posted on imdb when I learned about all this. Crazy times.

    Hey all; my friends pointed me to the craziness that ensued over the weekend. I was camping with my family and missed it. There’s a piece of me that’s pretty giddy to the response of the picture I did. It was pretty well received, which I was surprised by. I thought I’d explain what I was thinking when I made the picture.

    I drew the picture for a contest to win Slusho gear on jjabrams.net. I listened to the roar over and over. It sounded like a big sad whale to me. I wanted to make a creature that evoked a Lovecraft vibe, was kind of cool, kind of different, but could still almost be a ‘man in suit’ monster (like Godzilla). When I was gathering reference for ideas I came across the whale louse. It’s common on many baleen whales. AICN had already posted a rumor about the smaller creatures attacking Rob and his friends, so I thought these fit well with that story. I could picture them them jumping out of almost a kelp like forest (dragging on the ground) from the underside of the monster.

    I pictured the louse being the main threat, with the monster lumbering through the city destroying things, almost unintentionally. I know it’s bigger that what’s shown in the poster, but I figured I could do what I wanted with it, and I wanted it big! I know a lot of people think it looks like Sin from Final Fantasy X, I can honestly say I had not seen Sin before toady. I wish I had though, the head on Sin is very cool, and captures the vibe I was trying to have. Yes, I would have ripped it off…I mean…been ‘inspired’ by it. 😉

    I really hope Paramount doesn’t try to make this film more than what it should be. I just want to see an American version of a Japanese Kaiju (sp?) film. Whatever the film is, it’ll be hard to live up to the hype surrounding it. I have a feeling that caught Paramount off guard.

    In the end, I’m just another 1-18-08 nerd who was trying to get a free shirt.

  21. admin

    Thanks for taking time to come over here and post your ideas behind your drawing Dougbot. It truely is a great interpretation of what the monster could be and not to mention an incredible good drawing. Did you end up winning the t-shirt or is the contest still going on? If there’s a place to vote for the winner, let me know and I’ll be sure to post it up here. I personally think your picture is incredible and deserves to win, at least a t-shirt.

  22. kink

    Yeah It is rad looking but not what I would want in the movie. I hope whatever it turns out to be its SCARY and mean!

  23. Jessica

    Hey Dougbot thanks for clearing it up. all of people seem to think that you were trying to rip off from “SIN” from FFX. I think its great that you took the time out to draw up a picture of what you think the monster is opr what it should look like. It gives up to the imagination most of us have about this mystery “monster”. Im still leaning toward the idea of it being a RAMPAGE movie, although many believe that it is a stupid idea, but I believe that is what it is until JJ Abrams gives us more information.

  24. Carlos

    !!! wat if it isnt the monster-
    but it makes sense-
    cause like-
    the monster sounded like a whale on the trailer.
    but then again-
    if the movie has a 30$ million dollar budget-
    how could they make the monster in the movie like tht-
    much less throughout the whole movie
    i saw it’s a 50/50 percent chance tht it’ll be tht monster

  25. admin

    yes we do Colby, but there is nothing that proves that site is related to the movie at all. It’s a similar situation to the license plate number in the trailer [site]. Someone more than likely saw something on the slusho site that people would goto and bought up the site and put something related. Parasitemovie.com did the same thing….

  26. Aaron

    http://1–18–08.com/ is updated from the last time I looked at it… it has a porn trailer on it now :-S

    *EDIT From Admin* : the text above makes the link look like it’s the official site, it’s actually the site that has two dashes between the numbers in the date and is not affiliated with the movie at all. The video on the site is indeed a porn trailer as Aaron mentioned, but the first shot looks similar to the Teddy bear video that was found last week. So just a heads up to those possibly somewhere where you can get in trouble for viewing inappropriate videos, do not click the video on the above site.

  27. Chase

    The Whale-monster is very well done. I’m pretty impressed. On the other hand, I don’t get the same feeling of “horror” or “macabre” that I get from Godzilla or Cthulhu. It looks like a mutant freak – in a sad sort of way. And it’s particularly the “whale” part of it that detracts from the potential scariness.
    If I saw something like that in New York City, I’d definitely be worried as shit, but only in the same sense I’d be worried if a massive Walrus or some large, wild animal barged into my living room.

    Godzilla and Cthulhu (most especially Cthulhu, WTF) are much more insane and intense. JJ Abrams expressly stated purpose of creating this movie, was to OUT-DO Godzilla; to create an original, real American-building stomper that exceeds Godzilla in terms of, well, insanity and intensity.

    For reference, here’s a good depiction of Cthulhu, in case some of you don’t know:

    Now if I saw something like that in New York City, I’d question the future of all humanity, to say the least.

  28. apoc

    heh when i first saw it i instantly thought Sinn from FFX, glad to see i’m not alone in the thought…it is cool though…mayhaps Sinn was a massive inspiration for the monster…what with the projectile lil beasties that look like crust icopods…hmm i think it’ll just turn out to be an original monster film…probably inspired by things like ffx and the korean flick The Host ~shrugs~

    i think it’ll be good but i don’t want to build up such huge expectations that are impossible even for someone as talented as jj abrams to achieve.

  29. admin

    Aaron: Looks like they are trying to bank off of the movie hype now. It’s never been a site affiliated with the movie. I’m going to put a warning in your comment just letting people know that despite what it looks like, it is truely a porn trailer.

  30. Daniel

    Does anyone know if there is a new trailer for Cloverfield in front of Resident Evil? The Internet is maddeningly silent, which does not bode well…

  31. Aaron

    Thanks for the edit, I didn’t realize the link would look like the legit site. I just thought it was interesting considering up until this point, they’ve had legit-ish stuff on there. I, too, thought the video was another from the Jamie/Teddy site at first.

  32. Sam

    I’m not sure.. I did a search and found this RSS feed. It talks about a large whale that teaches
    some tourists a flying lesson. There are some other articles there that seem kinda fishy (no pun intended)

  33. Ben

    ummm has anyone else noticed that on the myspace page for Rob that he has blogs from March, Feb, Jan? But his sign up date is 6/13/07. Just thought that was interesting…

  34. smarbA

    The River Thames Whale was a juvenile female Northern Bottlenose whale which was discovered swimming in the River Thames in central London on Friday 20 January 2006. According to the BBC, it was six metres long and weighed about six tons. The whale appeared to have become lost, as its normal habitat would have been around the coasts of the far north of Scotland and Ireland, and in the seas around the Arctic Ocean. It was the first time the species had been seen in the Thames since records began in 1913. It died after suffering from convulsions as it was being rescued shortly after 9:00 PM GMT on 21 January 2006.

  35. ItsaLiooon!

    “Does anyone know if there is a new trailer for Cloverfield in front of Resident Evil? The Internet is maddeningly silent, which does not bode well?”

    It’s silent because there is no trailer. It was a fake rumor.

  36. Dougbot

    So smarbA is Abrams backwards. Interesting….

    I’m not sure if the contest ever finished. It sort of disappeared. I pretty psyched with how well the picture has been received. A lot of people really like it. Even the harshest of negative critiques weren’t that bad (not nearly as bad as some I’ve had while working!). I started another one on my blog. Just for fun.

    There’s a rumor Tippet is working on this, that could be really cool. His studio still produces some really interesting designs. I just hope Paramount doesn’t over do it, and keeps this film what it was supposed to be.

  37. juan

    this monster is a boss of the video game final fantasy x .its call “sin´´ so…is not the monster from the movie

  38. Dusuntia

    This is a totally homage to Godzilla. Cause in the Japanese Godzilla (Gorija) means Gorilla-Whale. I mean look at the drawing. It’s a giant whale shaped like a Gorilla. And in Godzilla Returns aka Godzilla 1985. Godzilla has these bugs that were living on him that grew bigger with Godzilla when he fed off the radioactive bombs.

  39. Evan

    hey i just saw the mist and before it there is a NEW preview for cloverfield AND IT IS AWSOME the movie is now officially called cloverflield and it shows a bit of the monster

  40. joey

    you idiots, this is the beast from 20,000 fathoms remake that was in production all last year.

    what are you people…on dope!!!!

  41. Ringo

    Wait a minute. Although it is what the author said it was (simply an interpretation based on the sound), couldn’t it be that the monster really is a whale creature? As I was looking on the slusho website and going through the clues, I got the impression (before this pic) that the monster was indeed based on a sort of mutated whale that was being used in scientific research for slusho…no?

  42. Bourne

    Okay, if ya’ll would just READ the whole page, you’ll know that it IS fan art and the artist is even on the page talking about it! It’s not from FF! Good lord.

  43. admin

    3cups: Please actually read the post before commenting. This is an old post and has been proven to be fan made, the person who made it actually posted in the comments above.

  44. karissa

    wow..i found a bunch of those little pink things at the jersey shore! i thought it was a shell and when i picked it up i was like..WAT THE?!?!? it is harmless though and as soon as i put them on the water they fled quickly!
    all they are are isopods but when i found the ones at the jersey shore they werent that big…..


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