Alexander posted this in the comments, and again, since stuff has been so slow I felt like posting it. It clearly looks fake to me, but some of the explosion stuff at the end looks new… but I’m not sure… anyways, it’s something…(but probably nothing) enjoy.

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  1. AFCop

    Those explosions are from the “Shock and Awe” during the Iraq invasion. I remember those to a tee because I was there and remember seeing them on the news. Nice try though.

  2. Alex Davis

    Hey, regardless if that’s true or false, that was a really good and pretty professionally made teaser.

    Abrams really needs to release something. The buzz is dying for the movie.

  3. Cameron Moore

    Totally Fake. The acting is so superficial. The end was ripped from the actual trailer, and the news headline is easy to photoshop. The Headline “Massive Explosion Rocks Manhattan” is just so bad. The newscrews must knows more about the monster, if it indeed is soooo big.

    That one guy on the street in the real trailer said he saw it, it was alive, it was huge. How does a newscrew on top of a building have no idea? What about the head of the SoL as well? This is well after, and she had no idea the symbol of the Big Apple had been decapitated? Give me a break.

    I just looked again, and it is now 1:35…and all they know is an explosion had occured? Pfft, the photos on the 1.18.08 site are before 1 am, and look as if more has happened.

    I hope there is a way Paramount and Bad Robot can charge the people who made this, this is so urghhhh.

    It’s bad enough there’s fake photos and rumors, now we have R-tards making fake footage.


  4. Carlos

    !! it kinda looks fake cause like- the reporter isnt very good at the acting but then again- how did they make those graphics?

  5. engel

    Put together well, but fake, fake, fake. The explosion stuff seems to be footage from the Iraq war and the rest they shot their selves. Thats not even the NY1 footer, I should know, I live in NY and they had it correct in the real trailer.

  6. Heat Ransom

    Well, I stumbled across something on, I don’t know if you’ve been notified about it, but it’s supposedly the second trailer. It’s the same footage [I’m almost positive] with the exception of the beginning.

    If not, it’s pretty interesting regardless.

  7. Colt

    looks real, but the guy thats being interviewed, seems to me like bad acting, looks like something that’d air on TV rather then in from of a movie

  8. Icky

    Yeah… ok. I really wished something new would come up, I mean the movie is going to be out in jan… that’s NOT long, so why nothing new? I’ll be more interested in Ironman if JJ doesnt step up.
    As for the movie being shot in the city, I KNOW there has to be random people who have seen what there doing, so what the hell??

  9. Icky

    …. and this clip was fake as all crap, at least I hope it is…. cuz the acting was shit.

  10. Gilbert

    The footage of the reporter looks like some handheld camcorder stuff
    And if they were that close to all the explosions and stuff the roar should have been way louder. Rob and all those people at the party were way farther away and it was way louder than that one in the fake trailer
    And if this was the trailer, I sure as hell am not going to watch that movie
    People who are really interested in this movie need something new because alot of people are losing interest

  11. Rayford

    Yeah looks fake to me as well… however even if it is fake we need something here and there that is at least cool (like that picture of the whale thingy) to keep us interested… but overall… that trailer thing just did not have the feel of something JJ would do… still neat 😛

  12. Chris

    Eh…I hope it’s nothing real. The acting’s too stale and the dialogue is complete cheese, not to mention the whole thing seems completely off from the style that 1-18-08 portrayed in the teaser trailer behind Transformers. If I’m not wrong, some of the footage of mest up cars was captured by people wondering around set.

    Hope it’s fake, it’s a good fake fan trailer, but a bad official second trailer.

  13. Kyle

    Well, aside from the terrible acting and the explosion at the end being a (fairly obvious) re-edit of the explosion from the original trailer with some quick clips of fireworks thrown in for good measure, it could almost be halfway believable as an official trailer.

  14. ANFER

    I don’t know… that looks pretty official to me. The guy they interviewed didn’t seem distressed at all. Maybe just bad acting.

  15. Dr. Drift

    How much more fake could that be? The production quality is obviously way below anything we’ve seen from the actual trailer and the acting is… eh, high school morning news-like. It’s cute though.

  16. jacknut

    Yeah, this definitely looks fake to me, start to finish. Actors, backgrounds, ACCENTS… Everything. My Prediction: none of this footage will be in the movie.

  17. Mark H Wilkinson

    I’m pretty sure a genuine trailer wouldn’t feature high school students.

  18. josh

    Not a single person should question if this is real or not. It is CLEARLY fake(see emo girl mid interview). But ya bad acting and not the style the movie is being shot in.

  19. admin

    I figured this would spawn some discussion, which is exactly what we need. I hate going weeks without anything at all. I agree with you guys that it is fake, the reporter is obviously green screened into her scenes and the acting is horrible. I understand that the movie is all home video, but that doesn’t mean that a teaser trailer cannot show us a news report from that night, so I don’t think that is a valid argument. Personally I think the fact that the “green coming attraction screen” and the “Bad robot” screen at the beginning are in a totally different aspect ratio than the rest of the video is clear indication that those 2 parts were just spliced in front of a fake video.

    Thanks for the comments guys, glad to see you’re still checking back here for real news (whenever we get it :-/ )

  20. W3

    It was a good attempt, at least its something. Obviously its fake, but with the lack of new things happening recently at least we have fan footage to keep us interested. At least these kids are trying.

  21. apronk

    IMHO, they completely dropped the ball when it comes to hyping this movie. It should have been a consistent thing since the first teaser, now, what, we’re looking at more than a month between significant new info? I’m guessing they’ll be a crapload more stuff released between Halloween and Thanksgiving, then nothing new until the movie comes out.

    This is disappointing to me. Instead of a bunch of regular new items, we’re probably looking at 2 or 3 batches, just enough to keep mild interest but not enough in my opinion to make any viral hype worth the effort.

  22. sc_kg

    It’s fake. Thank god- because it looks really bad.
    But thax for posting it. It’s better than nothing- especially that nothing is going on around the subject. Looking for more updates. Even fake ones.

  23. GenghisK

    Heat Ransom: the “trailer” that you gave the link for is a fake. i went to the RE 3 premiere & there was no trailer for Cloverfield. & the clips used in this fake trailer were from the movie teaser for “I Am Legend” (w/ Will Smith due out Dec 14th)

  24. Morg

    I’m in total agreement with Apronk – the momentum for the viral campaign seems to have completely died. I’m not the only one in my office getting actually pissed off because there’s been nothing new. I’m certainly not alone in thinking that J.J. Abrams really is a master of hype, and not of substance. He gained visibility pioneering Lost, and the hype surrounding that series was insane. But until he closes down that series with neatly tied up plot lines and explanations for the incredible goings-on on that island that actually make sense and don’t stretch credibility, he hasn’t earned his reputation, in my opinion.

    This movie feels much the same – a ton of hype, a very interesting promise, and gradual dawning fear that Abrams will not be able to deliver what he has promised.


  25. Hudds

    The second one that was posted halfway down has a few scenes that are from I Am Legend and maybe some from that cheesy looking Dragon Wars movie too. It’s a well made splice and they all look like they could be from the same movie. But the fact that some are from other movies that have trailers out now ruins it.


  26. Gilbert

    LOL@The people running in the background!
    It looks so fake.
    I think he’d be running if everyone else were running.

  27. tobin

    hahaha that was the funniest shit ive ever seen. so fake, my favorite was the fireworks as exploasions. haha

  28. Hanzo

    The explosion was from The bombing in Iraq a few years ago, but not a bad fan made trailer though.

  29. D351

    This doesn’t even fit the whole Blair Witch-style theme of the movie… The static in the footage was not hollywood-level special effects, and it’s made even more obvious when you see the lettering from the original trailer right after the crappy acting and badly made footage.

  30. Don the Baptist

    is it not obvious what this movie is all about??
    Giant monster attacking New York, The tounge-in-cheek beheading of the Statue of Liberty?
    Its Ghostbusters 3!
    And Stay Pufts pissed.

  31. Rachel

    Ha ha. That’s about on par with the acting skills of the people Abram casts.

    Good effort!… but totally fan made.

  32. Matthew1808

    Hey everybody, I am from but I usually check this site out for news too because its really accurate. I just thought I would let you guys know that while we were discussing some of the posts, three release dates came up for new trailers. The first one was the one everybody knew about which was the resident evil 3 on sept 21 post and how a new trailer would be debuted there but no such thing happen as everybody knows. Now we have 2 new release dates, one by reliable sources is that a new trailer will be released before the new movie I AM LEGEND in December. The other release date that has been surfaced is before the SAW 4 movie in October, AGAIN These are Speculation! and have not been confirmed by anybody as of yet. At least it gives us something to look foward to.

  33. Felix

    Haha, it’s so fun watching the infohounds foaming at the mouth because of the lack of updates.

    Keep tormenting them JJ, it’s great to watch this instant gratification culture get a dose of patience.

    Unlike many here, I can wait for updates. I’m patient.

  34. wyrm

    This is so laughably fake that I’m shocked anybody paid it any attention.

    The link youtube channel Heat linked to is also bogus, and so badly bogus that I hope the admin removes his post. As we’ve seen in this campaign, people are willing to believe anything (it’s a lion), we don’t need total fakes clogging up the system.

  35. admin

    When there is nothing to post about sometimes it’s fun to look at the fake stuff floating around. It’s obviously fake and nobody is claiming it’s not, so it’s all in good fun.

  36. deathstick

    Bad acting, not to mention that if there WERE something demolishing the city the power would be out!!

  37. wyrm

    Well, that’s kind of my point, they’re putting “official cloverfield teaser 2” on their clips for youtube, which you just know people are going to believe it no matter how fake it looks.

    Look at the whole Voltron nonsense.

    Well anyway. At least there’s no question of it’s fakery. Blech.

  38. Ben

    Everytime i try to edit the wikipedia page these two guys remove it. I am posting about teh myspace pagesand jamie and teddy website. they’re names are, DurinsBane87 & Pablothegreat85

  39. Ben

    can someone else post the news on there and cite them, i have always sucked at citing. also there is another person

  40. Brad Rousse

    I actually thought this fun and interesting. Sure, it’s obvious it’s fanmade, but considering…

    …is anyone else REALLY losing interest in this movie? Mine’s almost dead. I don’t consider all these MySpaces and webacams and “Hey, we’re drunk!” pictures “updates” on the movie. I think JJ’s refusal to give us even the damn title really hurt it for me, and the utter silence makes it go downhill from there…

  41. Barry

    It was well put together but the dead giveaways are the unnatural lighting (as they didn’t have a feature grade hi-def camera they would have had to boost everything to stop it getting too noisy)and the sound mix, especially when the interference cuts in.

  42. Greg Baumgartner

    DAM YOU!!! that was a good trailer. …..could it be GODZILLA!! lol i dont know but well find out soon enough.


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