Thanks for all the comments guys, wish I would have gotten to them sooner. But it looks like there has been a new site discovered, . It may or may not be officially part of the marketing campaign for 1-18-08/Cloverfield, but it is pretty impressive. has a good write-up on exactly how this site was discovered based on the latest picture on so go check it out.

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  1. Stacey

    Has anyone looked up the Sun God Amaterasu? This is mentioned in the Tagruato History Bio.

    A New Sun Risen

    In 1989, a brilliant young engineer named Ganu Yoshida was in search of an avenue to support his off-shore drilling revelations. Recognizing the potential still of the crumbling ??? company, Yoshida and his investors purchased all shares from those who had led the dream astray. The new Board dismissed those misguided souls, and pooled the rest of fragmented resources to form the foundation for the excellent company you see standing today.

    First order of business was to build the Jimmu Drilling Station in the Inland Sea, named after the founder of Japan and the descendent of the sun goddess Amaterasu.The company?s new focus had been discovered — deep sea Petroleum excavation. Over the next 15 years, twelve more drilling stations were built all over the globe, each more efficient and productive than the last. Yoshida became C.E.O., and soon left the tainted name behind to rename the company Tagruato, after its dream-filled founder. Following the model of diversification, Yoshida expanded into subsidiaries including Bold Futura, Yoshida Medical Research, Slusho! brand happy drink, and ParafFun! Wax Distributors.

    Good Luck!

  2. Stacey

    Amaterasu Had brother named Susanowa, he was God of the winds, the storms, and the ocean, also the god of snakes.


  3. Gonzo

    and one of our associates will find you as soon as possible? doesn?t the wording seem awkward?

    The same awkward wording appears on the Slusho page when you click the button furthest right. It states: “We are coming, we will find you soon.” Odd.

  4. Osty

    As to i would have to say the number on the guys arm might be an ip address. It aslo might be code for something. I’ll try and work it out. Also anyone know anything about Heroes connection to Slusho? I’ve heard stuff about that.

  5. Austin

    osty, theose are 2 dudes in what appears to be a college dorm i believe thats a phone number (617)496-9251 area code 617 is in boston. it has nothing to do with the movie


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