The site has added 2 new bubbles on the main page, one is for distribution opportunities and the other doesn’t have a title yet and is “coming soon”.  Has anyone called the phone number to see what it says? Let me know. I’ll post a screenshot of the page later.

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  1. marz

    have yall actualy read the paraffun site..its kinda hilarious..i dont think i’d wanna eat a wax you could also coat ya surf board with or make candles out of does say it’s edible and….it improves bowl lie lol.well i looked up paraffin wax and..its actauly highly toxic and kind of dangerous so..maybe all the stuff they make is actualy bad and has awful side effects but we are to believe the opposite.anytime they talk about a product they make, it sounds larger then life and to good to be true.are we being hoodwinked?

  2. Austin

    marz, i saw that ParaFUN too and thought instantly of the wax phantom from scooby-doo. it explaines why they guy said it’s alive. if it’s something that looks like it’s supposed to be living (ie. a godzilla dirivitive or a squid like creature i can’t pronounce it let alone spell it lovecraft thing) the whole it’s alive thing seems a little out of place, but if an inanimate object, such as wax, comes to life, then you get that wtf? it’s alive! reaction maybe we’re in for the best scooby-doo movie EVER! no? not really? ok… back to the drawing board…

  3. Austin

    out of morbid curiosity, i submitted to the’s distribution email address a request for other openings in their company. i deal with video post production, but i also do graphic design & Flash animation on the side i asked them if they had openings in their marketing department saying that i do freelance work in Florida (where i’m at), but for them I would be willing to relocate to Japan. and that i would really like to be part of their team & help bring Slusho to America. I also sent them a link to my portfolio site with samples of my work & resume. I didnt find a link on the Tagruato for job inquiries or resume submissions. I’m curious what they might reply back. Who knows, maybe they’ll like my work & I’ll end up working for Paramount? That’d be an interesting turn of events that will never happen. i’ll keep you posted on my reply…

  4. MadSalad

    Call the number now. There is a mesage in Japanese and then on in English. The one in English says something about “the situation is under control” and “if you are calling to find out information about … we are not giving out information about individual crewmen at this time”. The recording is poor and the accent doesn’t help to really figure out what she is saying, but I think it’s about the tanker from the beginning of the movie.


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