Robbie mentioned this in the comments a few days ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post about it yet. But it seems that a company called The Third Floor, was tapped by JJ Abrams to do the previsualization animation for the Cloverfield/1-18-08 movie. For those of you that don’t know what previsualization is, it’s basically what you would think it is, computer animations of major f/x scenes done before actual shooting begins so that camera placement and special f/x and stuff like that can be worked out before actually going on set to shoot the scenes. You can see a few different shots from the trailer in their “reel” section of the website, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before so don’t get your hopes up.

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  1. nendo

    actualy previsualization aint done just for the majour fx scenes. There done for the entire movie.and there not just the computer animation in the sense of basic 3d scenes animated. they also cut up the drawn storyboard and move them around. even though its 2d animation, its still previsualization

  2. Steve

    Any knowledge of when the new trailer is due out? I heard from a friend that it might be attached to the SAW movie that is being released tomorrow night.

  3. Dave

    I was just on the site and figured out that you can flip the pictures over. Nothing on the action shots, just comments on the party pics and japanese writing on the pic of the cook.

  4. Nick

    Ok. It’s a Cthulhu movie. Read Cthulhus story. The location where Cthlhu is buried is near where tagruato industries is drilling. One of the “clues” on the happy talk link is is BLOOP which is the name some researchers gave to the peculiar sound they recorded ('lyeh) read the “location” portion. Mistery solved.

  5. admin

    Majority of the Slusho talk stuff is from the emails that people sent to the slusho site, so someone could have easily sent BLOOP as well, so I wouldnt rely on the slusho talk stuff being from Abrams and his crew themselves.

  6. Engel

    Carlos, what do you mean?
    Dave, welcome to three months ago. -wink-
    Nick, for the last time, its not Cthulhu.

  7. nendo

    dave you bout 3-4 to late for that piece of info.

    nick, jj has said its going to be a new creature. why doesn’t anyone want to believe that?

    and admin is right. most of the stuff on talk is user submited

  8. JDioneda

    I dont know about cythulu. He doesn’t seem like the monster an American audience would like.
    I’ve got my money on Zilla. Tristar doesn’t own rights to the creature, paramount is only spending a budget of $30,000,000; on slusho it frequently refers to the stuff of Godzilla(whales); toho has already been making a godzilla movie even though they say they wont make one untill 2013(the movie has been in developement hell for the past 2 years possibly a setup); and when you first go to slusho all the lines form a diamond in the sky before the drink appears. King Ghidorah appeared this way in the movies and in the origanal zilla film King Ghidorah was supposed to fight zilla.

  9. Robbie Martin

    Hello again, I would like to add a few last facts and info about our up n’ coming Cloverfield. I found that the “Military Technical advisors” group, that was selected for the movie is called ” 1 Force” Now, I’m not smart at all, when it comes to movie production, but to me the team seems to be a trained group of military actors for war incorporated movies. In this case, supposedly used for the “war against the monster” scenes. At the home page, there is a headline stating that they have just finished working on Abrams project, and is currently working with a movie called “Guerilla and the Argentine”. On a second note, I am understanding that an art studio by the name of “Film Art”, is doing the artwork for the movie. I’m guessing that means, posters as well as other ad materials. However, on the website itself, I wasn’t able to identify “Cloverfield” under their client listing, but I am guessing that it’s because “Cloverfield” is a new project itself, and is underway. And the last thing that I’d like to add is; I also found out that a military rentals company by the name of “Armytrucks” have contributed some of their military vehicles, probably as support for the “monster take down” scenes as well! But I saw that, neither did they provide credit towards the Cloverfield movie, under their film listings. But like I was saying, I believe that it’s probably because the movie itself is fairly new and plus there is the fact that it is shrouded in a lot of secrecy!

    I hope that this info serves as assistance for your updates, rather than it being useless info.

    Hope this helps. Take care


    Robbie Martin

  10. Nick

    I still think that this will be a movie with Cthulhu as the main monster. The clues given in the happy talk link on Slusho are obviously CLUES. Doesn’t matter if they’re fan submitted or not. The “crabs” thing could be the Cthulhi or the little “parasites” that travelled with Cthulhu to earth, the creatures that constructed R’lyeh. The BLOOP hint could be pointing to the afore mentioned sounds recorded near thew fictional location of the sunken city, and the octopus swimming towards the surface could be yet another hint. I’m 99% possitive we’re looking at a Cthulhu mythos movie… Who wouldn’t want to see THE monster on screen? I just hope they do justice to Lovecraft…

  11. ror


  12. Carlos

    Engel- haha i thouht that the admin said that the third floor hacked into abrams computers and they stole some previsualizations from the movie.
    haha my bad. and yes nick it isn’t cthulu- and your soo late.

  13. Panos

    Guys, I’ve been keeping up with news and rumours about this movie from the beginning just as many of you have, and I have come to the conclusion that there are clues given for many possible monsters-creatures. There are clues available for Cthulu, Voltron, Godzilla, even for video games’ monsters movie adaptations. I’m sure that with the given clues we cannot find out what this monster is, and Abrams’ crew intentionally is feeding us with clues that lead to a bunch of different monsters.

  14. JDioneda

    Its Zilla! Duh!
    lots of ppl wouldn’t want to want to see a giant squid lumbering across the screen. It just isnt frightening or interesting.
    there’s also a gorilla and whale which are for gojira(Gorilla/Whale). and all the japanese stuff points to godzilla. they also say on happy talk “please bring it to america” we need a godzilla. The soldier on 1-18-08 is a french uniform like in the film. The lines form in an yellow/red diamond like how ghidorah appears in the showa films(like i said earlier zilla was origanaly supposed to fight King Ghidorah)
    the slusho history also said that she died mysteriously at see(Gojira 1954)and was frozen and preserved(Gigantis or Gojira2).

  15. engel

    Could be real Billie… but also could be someone making a knock off. We’ll all have to look into it, and if tagruato ends up linking to it, then it is real.

  16. Kent Roberts (Gigan Says Hello)

    Bold Futura seems real enough to me. 🙂
    And again, I want to clarify that it has been confirmed the movie will NOT be about Godzilla, Cthulu, or Voltron and it will NOT be a sequel or remake of any kind.
    This is gonna be something NEW guys.

  17. Heat

    anyone else notice that at the bottom of the Slusho! homepage, the number of cups with slusho in them on both sides of the “you can’t drink just six,” has changed? it’s probably just something pointless however.


    he never said anything about an old monster but entirely new look and entirely new story and background story/storyline. That sounds like a “new” monster to me…

  19. sc_kg

    This BoldFutura website looks pretty legit to me.
    Besides there is connection with Tagruato.

    But I also can’t resist a feeling that it has more to do with tv-series “Lost” than with “1-18-08” flick.
    It’s just what instinct tells me, that’s all- don’t get me wrong.

  20. Jt

    i was looking on the tagruato website. in the atlantic ocean they opened a chuai station in september.. another clue to where it came from?

  21. Bubba

    “1-18-08” to Get New Trailer… and a Title!
    October 31, 2007

    All has been relatively quiet on the 1-18-08 front for the last few months since the San Diego Comic-Con, but a source for has revealed to us that the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie will get a new trailer AND its title will finally be revealed on November 16 in front of Robert Zemeckis’ animated Beowulf.

    So far, we know very little about the movie beyond what we’ve seen in the teaser this past summer, the pictures on the official site, the director and writer (Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard) and some of its cast (Michael Stahl-David, Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel, Lizzy Kaplan), but hopefully, more will become clear in a few weeks.

  22. Austin

    the 3rd floor is the CGI company involved with doing the computer graphics & animation for cloverfield (1-18-08) they are the same house that did animatics for revenge of the sith & chronicles of narnia even game sequences for EA over all they have a pretty good resume (i feel i am a good judge seeing as i am an after effects compositor myself & deal with a lot of 3d animated sequences & putting them into live action) anyway, several months back i looked at them for employment & a possible move to LA. after taking note that they did the CGI for this film i took a look @ their press releases & found these entries of possible interest. (the 1st of which i obviously dont know if it is truely connected with cloverfield or the second 2 press releases– but it would be HOT though!)

    The Third Floor is tapped to previzualize a pitch trailer for a ground-breaking new feature tackling the Bible ? from Creation to the Apocalypse – featuring Heaven and Hell environments never before seen on the big screen.

    After being tapped by JJ Abrams? production company to work on the super-secret ?Cloverfield? trailer, (as seen in front of Transformers); The Third Floor delivered previs for the entire feature ? coming soon (01-18-08?) to a theatre near you!

    The Third Floor is thrilled to announce that our artists have been requested for JJ Abrams? newest directorial project.

    …..i’m just sayin’…..

    & a final note, a post house that works closely with Paramount in LA claims they had no idea that the trailer had been cut until they saw it like the rest of us in front of Transformers. i’m wondering if JJ Abrams or Matt Reeves (the director) cut it themselves, it’s not unpresidented for a director to do this.

  23. Craigers

    Listen to the trailer again – :38 secs in a women clearly says – wait for it – “R’lyeh”. Check it out…

  24. Sort

    I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I’m very very impressed.


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