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According to and their sources, we will be getting a new trailer and a real title for “Cloverfield/1-18-08” on November 16th in front of Beowulf.  I know this is what a lot of people have been expecting since Beowulf is a huge movie for Paramount. So keep an eye out and let us know if it pops up online anywhere. If you want to read the full article regarding the rumor (which doesn’t say much more than I stated above) click the link below or head on over to .

“1-18-08” to Get New Trailer… and a Title!


October 31, 2007

“All has been relatively quiet on the 1-18-08 front for the last few months since the San Diego Comic-Con, but a source for has revealed to us that the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie will get a new trailer AND its title will finally be revealed on November 16 in front of Robert Zemeckis’ animated Beowulf.

So far, we know very little about the movie beyond what we’ve seen in the teaser this past summer, the pictures on the official site, the director and writer (Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard) and some of its cast (Michael Stahl-David, Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel, Lizzy Kaplan), but hopefully, more will become clear in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for when the trailer comes online!”

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20 Responses

  1. Engel

    I hate to say it, but Beowulf looks a little lame, mostly because its animated, if they had done it 300 style or something, then I’d of gone to see it. Guess I’ll be watching the trailer online.

  2. admin

    Yeah, while Beowulf looks animated, it was done the same was as The Polar Express. The whole movie was shot with real actors/sets/etc, then afterwards the animation was created on top of the actual acting. Personally i dont like the style either, but oh well.

  3. Colt

    i was forced to watch Polar Express about 3 times in a month during my last year of school…please don’t make me watch it again…but if i remember correctly, Polar Express only had about 5 minutes of live action before it went all animated, beowolf to me looks like 300, as 300 was shot with a green screen with live actors

  4. admin

    The Polar Express and Beowulf are shot the same way, with real actors and then afterwards they are “skinned” with animation making them appear animated. 300 didn’t completely cover the actors in animation like these 2 do.

  5. number64

    This trailer better be worth the long ass wait…I was starting to get tired of hoping for something new everyday and getting useless information…

  6. limedelsol

    I hope someone releases it on the web before the movie comes out cause i really dont want to pay $10 just to see the trailer lol

  7. nendo

    Admin what you described is wrong i’m affraid. Or atleast not 100% correct. For polar express/beowolf they used motion capture. they way you described was for the actors to perform and a existing set then to go over this footage with 3d. this is very impracticle and a waste of time

    what they did was have the actors dress up in a suit cover in dots/tracker. they perform and each tracker position is recorded. then this information is passed to a 3d package where it is applied to a fully riged 3d model. All the sets are 3d and have never physical existed in real life

  8. Dan

    Good news guys!
    A description of the trailer and the OFFICIAL TITLE has been posted on
    Apparently the Trailer is 2 and a half minutes and you actually see a brief glimpse of the monster (it also confirms that there are little monsters running around too)
    And the real title for 1-18-08 is……
    “Cloverfield”! Wicked huh? Proof:

  9. Billie Be

    Nov 16 makes it just about 2 months to really build a buzz with the general public who otherwise don’t even know about the online cloverfield hype….this clue hunting is wearing very thin.

  10. admin

    nendo: I should have explained myself better, thats basically what I meant, but after reading it again it’s not how it came off… should have left off the word “sets”, thanks.

  11. marz

    admin.actauly they did film a movie then animated the whole thing as u had stated before,but it was on ‘a scanner darkly’..and did u see that Appleseed movie? not sure if they used the same technique but that was some nice animation work..smoooth

  12. admin

    marz: yeah, i know the technique used in a scanner darkly it was also used in A waking life, i knew that polar express and beowulf used the same animation/live action style i just didnt choose my words right.

    Also, the appleseed movie was just overall unbelievable animation, but they didn’t use live actors as far as I’m aware, just crazy asian animation.


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