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Looks like someone over at CHUD.com has seen this new trailer and has posted a transcript of exactly what goes down. He said that some of it was hard to see due to the copy he was watching was a little dark and it could possibly change before November 16th. Also he claims that the copy he saw had the title attached to the end of the trailer and guess what it said….. you’re going to love this…….. Cloverfield. Yeah, I don’t know if I believe this. I think the studio just attached that to the end until right before the trailer ships to theaters with Beowulf, but I could be wrong. Maybe JJ realized that whatever he came up with at this point is going to disappoint people and that since most people already know it as Cloverfield, he might as well leave it, but as much as that title would work with the site here, I hope it’s not the title. Chud also confirmed that the monster will be a very large monster with smaller monsters running through the streets of the city. So it looks like that earlier report of “raptor-like” monsters could be correct. So as soon as this gets leaked to the web I’ll make sure to post it up here, but for now you can check out part of the transcript after the jump and the rest of it over at Chud.com . I’m still going to treat all of this as rumor until we see it with our own eyes, but Chud is always good about this kind of stuff, I see no reason for them to lie.



“It opens with text:

Multiple sightings of case designate ‘Cloverfield’
Camera retrieved at incident site ‘U.S. 447’
(Area formerly known as Central Park)

Then we see the footage from the teaser trailer, mostly fast forwarded up to the end, with the explosion and the Statue of Liberty’s head landing in the middle of the street. Then there’s a guy speaking into the camera.

Guy: My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, someTHING attacked the city.

There are flashes of chaos. Much of the trailer is made up of split second moments, and when combined with the fact that it’s extreme shaky cam style and that I was watching a terrible copy, it can be hard to make things out. There’s a helicopter shot of the headless Statue of Liberty.

Guy again: I have no idea what it is. If you found this,if you’re watching this thing, you know more about it than i do.

Then there’s a shot of jets flying overhead, in daylight.

A title card reads ‘From producer JJ Abrams'”

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  1. sc_kg

    Description sounds very pomising.
    And you know what?! I LOVE THE TITLE!

    looking forward to see this trailer!

  2. Morgannon

    Erf, smaller monsters, I was SO hoping that was a rumor…unless they really have a compelling reason to have them accompanying the big baddies.

    Also, the dialogue of “We don’t know (what it is), but it’s winning.” Agh. Agh. Agh. Talk about “things people only say in movies”. I think, “We don’t know” would have sufficed, with the soldier looking extremely shell shocked.

    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this is good regardless of the above gripes!!!

  3. orange

    I’m a bit disappointed about the whole little monsters thing running around the city. I think that will take alot of the focus away from the giant monster. I just hope its not super cheesy and its something that is quite terrifying. Cloverfield being the title doesn’t phase me…it would be cool, something different and self explanatory. It would forever be Cloverfield =’s monster movie. The word cloverfield may be defined by a monster movie.

  4. harry

    mmmmm i hope we can see the monster in the movie…and not only sounds and soldiers firing to something..

  5. Gabe

    I won’t be upset if they keep Cloverfield as the title of the movie since that’s what I have been referring to this as for months with my friends. Like Morganon, I was hoping that the small monsters was just a rumor, but I think they can still make it work. And I’m sure this has been answered, and I just never got to see it, but is the movie entirely shot like the first trailer with like a hand held camera like Blair Witch? I think it would be sweet

  6. John

    I have to say…I like the title “Cloverfield” and hope it stays that way. It sounds like the name of a military file or mission.

  7. TLaws

    Remember that post a while back from someone saying he’d seen the first part of the movie or something and he said how the main characters get taken underground by the army and some girl starts bleeding at the eyes and they yell something like “OH GOD SHE’S BEEN BITTEN!!”?

    Anyway, that post which everyone thought was fake mentioned the same line of a soldier saying “I don’t know, but it’s winning”.

    Could that mean the rest of his description was actually accurate as well?

  8. Hanzo

    someone needs to post it up if they know about it. And no fake shit like dumbasses post on youtube.

  9. nendo

    TLaws not realy. it coudl mean that this description is fake aswell.

    for some reason the dialogue doesn’t seem to match jj style :S av never heard a cheesy line like i don’t know but its winning used in lost before :S granted this thing aint lost but that doesn’t seem to be jj style

  10. WildWillie

    The little monsters thing could be awesome, i don’t know why everyone’s complaining. Kicked ass in Aliens. And i have thought all along that JJ would keep Cloverfield because it’s already become synonymous with the movie.

    I can’t wait for the movie no matter what though. Hope it kicks ass, but I’ll be there either way.

  11. Trexx

    i remember that TLaws….there’s three possible scenarios…either they’re both fake, they’re both real, or its a coincidence.

    as for the title, im fine with cloverfield.

  12. number64

    Sounds really interesting…I hope Rob isnt going to be a little bitch in the whole movie, I want to see him go straight RAMBO on those little Fuckers!!!

  13. Theace69

    remeber that pic that came up of a while that people said it was a sketch of the monster does anyone have that also that pic would actually be consistent with whats being right now

  14. admin

    Theace69: that picture was definitely fan made. We even had the artist come post on here to confirm it. He made it for a contest on another forum.

  15. JDioneda

    hmmm, big monster… little monsters…aquatic…new york…japan…hmmmm…
    can anyone say the word “ZILLA!!”

  16. Ant

    I really hope there is a decent story to go along with the movie. I’m hoping this guy is correct, I’m killing for a new trailer, as is everyone else.

  17. Steveboss.

    I really, really hope this is going to be the fabled “Land of the Lost” remake. Heres fingers crossed. I think I’ve lost interest.

  18. Austin

    i have to say i don’t think i want to know what the monster is yet. i’ll honestly be disappointed if i see what is terrorizing new york in this movie before i pay my $9.50 on 1-18-08 (i’m referring to the day i’ll sit down in the theater). imagination is a powerful thing, my guess & visualization of this creature(s) is different from anyone reading this post as are yours different from mine. i really hope this new trailer features something as well cut as the 1st, in that chaotic tone with dusty, bleeding 20 somethings scared out of their mind leaving us wanting even more. i dont even care about the name, whats in a name?

    i’m actually more curious what the hell this slusho is & why i cant have just 6, especially when i can’t even buy the stuff from their website

    and just so it is said… i am hoping this film lives up to its hype, i hope that this date 1-18-08 is meaningful in some way, i hope it doesnt drop on jan 18th because they (Paramount) realized it cant compete with the likes of I Am Legend or AVP2, Sweeny Todd or even National Treasure 2 i hope there is a good reason it missed the christmas season. i know it was actively filming even when the teaser dropped in front of Transformers, i hope it comes out on Jan 18th because it wont be out of post until Jan 4th (the fri before the 18th) i want so badly for this movie to be worth all of the effort everyone has put forth & our money

  19. Mike

    I personally cannot wait for this second trailer. When i saw the first one i was all HOLY FUCK on this, i mean look at it, it went from a party, to people thousands of people running down the street within seconds. Then you get SOLs head whipped through the city as well.

    Compared to Godzilla, something is pissed, and its BIG.
    Now apparently, this thing whatever it is, is bigger than Godzilla. This monster is PISSED, and LARGE, and i know it aint just looking for fish. Something totally different from Godzilla.

    Pop quiz: What action shot was popular from the New York version of Godzilla?

    A: The scene where he climbs the Empire State building and makes the big howl.

    haha cool eh? well compare it to Cloverfield
    SOLs head hurdling towards the city.

    I say..this is something to watch

    J.J, you made excellent hype for this movie

  20. JDioneda

    I’m saying that JJ recreated and revamped Zilla so that he’s something giant and mean. This is how Godzilla was always ment to be. It isnt some gay giant squid with arms, a big crappy bug, voltrons got a movie in production with a group that has nothing to do with paramount, and power rangers isnt a biological monster movie( which the monster is confirmed to be biological). THE KING RETURNS… 1-18-08

  21. Austin

    i just came across http://www.menuism.com/restaurants/bKTPlaARWr3lUXaby-Gaa7-garbanzos-sandefjord, a restaurant review of a japanese joint named Garbanzos in norway and i’ll be damned if the 1st post says they were happy to find, you guessed it, SLUSHO there. another post makes a mention of a”seabed nectar” the effects of which are described as something like the discovery of Slusho’s “secret ingredient” & is supposedly shipped out of japan by Tagruato. this dish is made by Garbanzos japanese chef’s brother who is still in japan. i’m wondering if that may be the chef & recipe on the back of the 1-18-08.com pic. it’s top 2 dishes are the only 2 dishes they seem to serve period, however, one of the posts claims someone he was with ordered ramen. also, interestingly, there are only 6 posts…

    i googled this Garbanzos restaurant & found nothing & the map from google maps on that site, the satellite view appears that it’s in the middle of a neighborhood

    i don’t know about this norway thing or if it’s nothing, hell for all i know, you’ve found this Menuism.com listing already & debunked it & i’m a little late in the game. i’m just trying to do my part 🙂

  22. Arkeband

    I don’t think it’s Godzilla. x_x I personally hope it’s something like Cthulu, since that would actually be extremely terrifying. If it’s Godzilla, Godzilla’s been defeated before. Something so enormous that would require something akin to a nuclear bomb to destroy would be worthy.

  23. hoppinglark

    I’m really bored with all these rumors and “go-no-where” clues.
    This makes me not want to go see the film because like every other film that’s been hyped this much, there is absolutely no way it can possibly live up to the 6+ months of waiting.

  24. Austin

    you people may want to check out http://www.slushozoom.com too. select the whole page (ctl or cmd+a) & there’s text written in a white font as well. click on the images, the whole thing is really bizzare. the .com extension gives me some doubts considering most of their viral campaign seems to revolve around a .jp extension.

    i keep finding these sites with my stumbleupon extension for firefox. i know i’m not the 1st to find them, but i also have no way of knowing who to give credit to either…. i think they keep showing up from my movies preference but i dont know how stumbleupon is categorizing them.

  25. JDioneda

    Oh yeah, whats so friggin terryfiying of a giant walking squid with arms. It isnt scary at all and this is stupid

  26. Nick

    JDioneda I bet that if you see one wou’d crap in your pants… Besides Cthulhu is not a fucking squid.

  27. Morgannon

    Holy cow nice one, Austin, that does sound very similar to the Cloverfield monster sound…

  28. Billie Be

    They could at least update some of the myspaces or sites while we wait for this supposed new trailer_viral marketing bliss.

  29. harry

    its barney its barney ….. !!

    i start to think this movie will suck when released.

  30. Billie Be

    The writers strike could cause some hold ups on the rest of the viral marketing stuff_ if actual people who worked on the film were also developing the ideals/plot for the viral ad campaign.

    Oh well. at least the movie is already shot_ but maybe ol JJ will have to find a new way to keep the online buzz alive from here on out.

  31. scuba steve

    well to say i kinda saw the movie title coming. i mean everyone hyped up about it made it kind of a logic thing to do but overall i am happy with it!!!!!!!!

  32. dark knight

    personally the marketing strategies of this movie will either be productive or not alot of people are becoming restless wanting a further taste whilst others are happy to sit and wait. what if all this talk and hype is for a crap movie. a godzilla would be crap remember the last movie he just looked like a wingless dragon for this movie to be good it will need to be a kick ass scary monster because people arent as easily scared anymore, it will have to shock audiences. at the moment the little offspring monsters and the rumour of the moster coming from the sea tells me it might be a rip off of final fantasy tens sin.

  33. Austin

    my guess, the writers strike has nothing to do with the lul in the viral campaign. they would have out sourced it to a company that specializes in heading up viral marketing such as Pandemic Labs. my guess is budgeting or planned.

    here’s my assumption, this new trailer in front of Beowolf will spark the assault march leading up to the release. The websites will most likely be updated by thanksgiving due to the increased interest. we’ll probably see a tv commercial or 2 for it around christmas and then in the week or 2 leading up to the film, just after the new year, you’ll see the cast on the talk show circut, but they wont have much to say about the film in general you’ll hear about how it was on set & how they have had to keep this quiet. you gotta think that they wont let it go internet only all the way through, it’s a bad marketing strategy. believe it or not, theres a TON of people out there who dont use the internet unless they HAVE to and then it’s just to check their email. the truth hurts my friends, those of us who are fools enough to follow an internet viral campaign for 6 months are in a small minority.

    sit tight my friends, only about 8 weeks left & the holidays should make that time go quick. in the mean time, eat, drink & be merry. have a happy thanksgiving, merry christmas, happy chanukah, & a happy new year. lastly, above and beyond all, be safe this season.

  34. Carlos

    oh fiddlesticks!
    im getting tired of no updates!!
    cant abrams give us some news about the moview while we wait the LONG agonizing wait for 8 days??

  35. Austin

    interesting, that boldfurura.jp, funny thats the name of a Windows system font (just thought i’d throw that out there), there is nothing there, just black. i checked the page source code & there’s nothing, no call to php (which the tagruato site is an index2.php)or other server side scripts, only the code for google analytics (also in the tagruato & 1-18-08.com code, but not in slusho.jp for some reason). which means they are checking their site hits closely. i assume there was something there yesterday or you wouldn’t have posted it. this tells me that they are preparing to set something live either later today or tomorrow. interesting with the beowolf release friday.

  36. ror

    Friday is so far away. The makers of this film should kill themselves. They made a lot of people unhappy ;_;

  37. apronk

    re: boldfutura

    Any more, we would probably be wise to ignore anything that hasn’t been confirmed. Wasting time on little clues gets old after a while.

    However, Austin, I did find something interesting (albeit small) in the source for the boldfutura.jp site. The text attribute of the body element is set to #666666.

  38. Lostfan

    My guess? WE will see the smaaller “parasitic” monsters all through the movie. The “Big Monster” won’t be revealed until the last 5-10 min of the film,

  39. marz

    ihave stated before that it seems like this whole marketing with slusho and tagruato seems misdirecting…like their product realy isnt that safe..or actualy may be evil..anyway, i looked up khodorksky as in..that khodorsky award that was mentioned on the tagruato site..well Mikhail Khodorksky was one of the 16th wealthiest men in the world who had a petroleum buisness but,he was convicted of fraud and tax evasion and sent to jail.why would they give out an award in honor of someone like that???? hmmmmm could all that drillin have been a cover to actualy FIND the monster and awaken it?

  40. admin

    Monstrous: Check the homepage, I posted all this stuff early this morning. Thanks for the link though.

  41. admin

    deBish: already posted a link to the 12 images in the post about Lizzy Caplan’s interview, but apparently Black Book took them down.

  42. Aaron

    On the cloverfield trailer that was in front of Beowulf, and is now available on Moviefone… There are two interesting things in this trailer… There is a shot of a person getting bigger inside a tent at 1:15… almost like they are about to pop or something… and You can actually see what looks like a quick glimpse of the side of the monster between buildings at 1:32 I was watching the 720 HD trailer… You will have to go frame by frame to see it, it is during the scene where the military is shooting at it. If someone has already stated this… sorry just thought I would help.


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