(thanks silentvision and dan)

Looks like someone over at CHUD.com has seen this new trailer and has posted a transcript of exactly what goes down. He said that some of it was hard to see due to the copy he was watching was a little dark and it could possibly change before November 16th. Also he claims that the copy he saw had the title attached to the end of the trailer and guess what it said….. you’re going to love this…….. Cloverfield. Yeah, I don’t know if I believe this. I think the studio just attached that to the end until right before the trailer ships to theaters with Beowulf, but I could be wrong. Maybe JJ realized that whatever he came up with at this point is going to disappoint people and that since most people already know it as Cloverfield, he might as well leave it, but as much as that title would work with the site here, I hope it’s not the title. Chud also confirmed that the monster will be a very large monster with smaller monsters running through the streets of the city. So it looks like that earlier report of “raptor-like” monsters could be correct. So as soon as this gets leaked to the web I’ll make sure to post it up here, but for now you can check out part of the transcript after the jump and the rest of it over at Chud.com . I’m still going to treat all of this as rumor until we see it with our own eyes, but Chud is always good about this kind of stuff, I see no reason for them to lie.



“It opens with text:

Multiple sightings of case designate ‘Cloverfield’
Camera retrieved at incident site ‘U.S. 447’
(Area formerly known as Central Park)

Then we see the footage from the teaser trailer, mostly fast forwarded up to the end, with the explosion and the Statue of Liberty’s head landing in the middle of the street. Then there’s a guy speaking into the camera.

Guy: My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, someTHING attacked the city.

There are flashes of chaos. Much of the trailer is made up of split second moments, and when combined with the fact that it’s extreme shaky cam style and that I was watching a terrible copy, it can be hard to make things out. There’s a helicopter shot of the headless Statue of Liberty.

Guy again: I have no idea what it is. If you found this,if you’re watching this thing, you know more about it than i do.

Then there’s a shot of jets flying overhead, in daylight.

A title card reads ‘From producer JJ Abrams'”