Thanks gLU for letting me know in the forum.

There is now a 4th video over at (password: jllovesth ) . So head on over there and check it out, and remember if you have any news about Cloverfield/1-18-08 that we haven’t posted here, post it in the comments or over at the forum.

Also be on the look out for a new trailer this friday in front of Beowulf (hopefully, nothing is for sure yet). If anyone gets a hold of this early let us know.

UPDATE: Thanks limedelsol for posting this in the comments. I have a few doubts about this, so take this as you will. Here is a “supposed” link to the band mentioned by Jamie in the video. The Glass Helmets, , and according to their myspace:

“The Glass Helmets bring together many disparate elements of the global metal scene into a sound that is fierce, often grandiose, but still earnest. Their still unreleased LP, “Hyperion and his disciples” is an album in the truest sense, with an often cryptic, but fairly clever narrative about physicists doing battle with the pantheon of greek gods in a dystopian future. While the arrangements could sometimes be called overcomplicated for the sake of showing their ability to count past 4, they often create a symphonic, apocalyptic space that is joyous and terrifying to visit. More at home in the company of 80’s scandinavian metal rather than many contemporary death metal bands, TGH intensity and cinematic quality will probably inspire more than a few teenage role-playing gamers to start bands of their own.” – St. John Scott / L.A. Audio Insider

Now I’m a little skeptical because the page was created yesterday. Yeah, this could be because the video was released yesterday and they wanted to tie that in with the marketing, but you’d think if they knew they were going to mention a fake band, they would have at least registered the account a little while ago. I mean what unsigned band doesn’t have a myspace page these days, and obviously they have been around a little while if it’s one of their favorite bands… So again, not sure what to make of this and there’s not much there.


Thanks Cloverfield Clues for uploading the vid to youtube.

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37 Responses

  1. Hodge

    Yup, something about the cause. Who knows? Some religious thing? Teddy’s in a cult that worships a giant sea monster?
    Nice dance though 😀 hehe

  2. Shane

    She finished her dance a little too soon, if you ask me 🙁
    Aside from that, there is no band called “The Glass Helmets.” I’ve Googled, Limewired, and MySpaced. Nothing.

  3. Robbie Martin

    Hello, owner of Cloverfield News! I would like to share with you something enlightening. During these past several days of visiting your website, I happened to notice something peculiar! Now, I am not sure if you have seen it several times already, but I just want to make it known just in case. To the right side of your homepage, within the section of ebay materials, I saw an abtract appearance of the 1-18-08 creature! It was a piece of art, which looked as though it could be the next Movie Poster!!!! It has a somewhat impressive look to it, though it is hard to make out its face. It kind of reminds me of an alien version of Godzilla!!! Please E-mail me @, and let me know what you think as well as if you have seen it or not.

    Thanks guy

  4. admin

    Hey Robbie,

    Yeah, i noticed the same image a few days ago when i was playing around with those ads. Personally i think its a fan made image, but someone is trying to make a few bucks off of it on ebay. It looks to me like the figure in the image is holding a rifle of some sort, which doesn’t seem like it would fit the movie, but I could be wrong. I would just leave it as that for now unless something comes up in the next few weeks. Although it is a pretty cool image.

  5. Colt

    looks pretty detailed to me to be purely fan made, possibly from either an old poster or something referencing a game..

    or it could be the guy is really good at oils or pastels (what it looks like) and had a ton of free time, if it wasn’t $19.95 and didn’t look like it was taped onto the shirt i’d say buy it cause it looks cool

  6. admin

    Colt: yeah its very detailed, but so was that fan made sketch that was making its way around the net a few months ago that showed the creature and it’s mini creatures… But it could also easily be from something else, like you said, an old video game or something, but I really don’t think it’s for Cloverfield.

  7. limedelsol

    On it says: “Their still unreleased LP “Hyperion and his disciples”, is an album in the truest sense, WITH AN OFTEN CRYPTIC, BUT FAIRLY CLEVER NARRATIVE ABOUT PHYSICISTS DOING BATTLE WITH THE PANTHEON OF GREEK GODS IN A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE.” Someone needs to pick apart this song!!!!

  8. Shane

    This MySpace page is definitely a fake. The “band” provides a page to their supposed “band website”… Click on the link, and it takes you to a search engine provided by a domain registry site by the name of “”.
    The MySpace page was obviously created in a hurry, someone trying to get it up in time to make it seem like a legitimate “Cloverfield” clue.
    I sent a friend request, it was accepted. I sent a message requesting the lyrics to their song “The Green Force”… It was read within a couple of minutes, but was not replied to.

  9. Jason

    Didnt you allready post that this website had nothing to do with cloverfield? Why is it showing up again as news?

  10. admin

    Jason: I don’t recall ever saying that wasn’t related to the marketing for Cloverfield…

  11. Jt

    According to Paramount Progress, Paramount’s exhibitor relations website, the new “Cloverfield” trailer is shipping with Beowulf. However, it is not attached. Sweeney Todd is the attached trailer, “Cloverfield” is being shipped as a seperate trailer enclosed in the Beowulf cans.

    There is no title for the trailer, just “JJ Abrams Film” Trailer #2, showing a runtime of 2:11, tagged NYR (not yet rated) and a release date of 1-18-07, which appears to be a typo on their end.

    Paramount requests that “Cloverfield” be placed on all prints of Beowulf, though it is at the discretion of theatres whether or not to place it. I’d assume most theater chains will place it.

    JJ Abrams Trailer #2 apparantly will be in the digital DTS format. Which leads me to believe all theatre chains will be running the new trailer. But check your local cinema to be sure, theatre management should be able to tell you


    See the below cut & paste from Paramount Progress (Screens to follow when available!)


    Paramount Pictures is requesting the following placement for
    November 16 and 17. Please see the attached for further details:

    SWEENEY TODD – Trailer #1 (2:28 12/21/07 R) – Attached.
    JJ ABRAMS FILM – Trailer #2 (2:11 1/18/07 NYR) – Enclosed.
    DRILLBIT TAYLOR – Trailer #1 (2:30 3/21/08 NYR) – Enclosed.
    * Circuit Specific Trailer Placement.

    (taken from

  12. Jt

    sorry guys.. the link doesnt work.. i used our movie theaters login and forgot that it wont show this page unless u have a login.. but yes.. it is on paramounts site

  13. admin

    JT: Thanks for the update. If you work in a theater, snag us a copy of that trailer before friday:)

  14. Jason

    “Another Site That Has Nothing To Do With The Movie
    Tuesday 23 October 2007 @ 6:14 am ”

    sorry if I am being dense. Either way, thanks for running this site. For whatever reason I am very interested in thsi movie and check here each morning to see if you have any new dirt.

  15. admin

    Jason: it’s all good, go back and read the entire article I wrote entitled “Another Site That Has Nothing To Do With The Movie” it’s about a site called not Obviously an easy mistake to make, but definitely 2 different sites. Thanks for the comment though and for continuing to read the site, I appreciate it.

  16. Shane

    Can you imagine all of the DVD extras and goodies J.J. will release with this movie? 😀

  17. Lostfan

    WTF did this clip have to do with the movie?? Was she saying “Cause” or “Calls?” Just release the fucking movie already-my patience is waring thin!

  18. Austin

    I used to work in a theater & i used to splice the trailers onto the films Thursday afternoons. Attached means there is no splicing for the theater to do, it’s already there in can 1 which makes sense because Sweeny Todd opens 1st. Enclosed means that they have the option to splice it onto the reel.

    Now, depending on how many prints of Beowolf they receive and how many prints of the enclosed trailer they get could mean that not every auditorium showing Beowolf will have the 1-18-08 trailer on it. For example, if they get 2 prints of Beowolf (meaning it will be showing in 2 different auditoriums typically staggered start times between 30 and 60 minutes from each other) and only 1 print of the 1-18-08 trailer then obviously only 1 auditorium gets to see the trailer. So be careful as to which Beowolf time you go to if you’re particular theater has Beowolf in 2 or more auditoriums. The kicker is that the box office doesn’t typically know if a particular trailer is on which print. If you’re only watching Beowolf for this trailer, it would be wise to call in advance & talk to the booth operator, they are generally the source of authority as to which print has what trailer and what time it will be showing. We used to get mad phone calls before Episodes I and III trailers as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    If you go to a small theater (8 plex or smaller) you will see it because they will only have 1 print of Beowolf.

    Any yeah, that mySpace is BS. No self respecting band would promote themselves with the DEFAULT mySpace layout, I’m sorry.

  19. Hanzo

    To be honest, I dont think we will ever see the monster, like we never saw the Ghost in the original version of the Haunting, which make it scarier then the remake. So be kinda of a cool idea, or something, i dunno. lets hope it scares us and amazes us

  20. Xrati

    The EBAY shirt may actually have some validity. Click on the image and it takes you to EBAY. Then click on the name of the company below (KugelMania Shirts) it takes you to a site where they have other movie images on shirts including the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Not that it means that it is legit, but at least gives them some referrence for having access to actual images and potential production art, which is what this looks like to me.
    Perhaps someone could drop a line over to the CHUD gentleman, and see if the image is reminiscent of the brief trailer appearance?

  21. Ravenclaw

    i went to and looked for cloverfield and some tid bits or i dont know what it was said that a crew member told his son or something that throughout the whole movie you dont see much of the big monster but rather the little “mini me” monsters. bummer…

  22. wolfius

    ya know, back in July I was all about Cloverfield, then i though why to waste my time looking for clues and figuring out things… im going to watch the movie anyways.

    now im just checking this site noe and then to know some info from the viral campaign.

    And well.. I think Hanzo is right. In films like the Haunting or for another example The blair witch project (which is a masterpiece).. we never know what was really going on, and thats the freaky thing… every person can create the “monster” in its own head based on its fears.

    I think that’s why Spielberg’s War of the worlds sucked so much, I was kinda frightened ’till I saw the lame E.T.s.

  23. Shnakepup

    Hey, I didn’t see anyone mention this yet, so here goes…

    The band’s LP, “Hyperion and his disciples”, sounds like it’s based on Dan Simmon’s sci-fi novel Hyperion. Has anyone ever read it? It’s exactly like what the album is described: greek gods in the future. I wonder what the connection is?

  24. OFCPayne

    6 minutes of silence. DITOO. WATCH the 2nd trailer closely and pause OFTEN. Take notice of small notes (beside liberty head -DIAL ___?)Visit and SLUSHO! OFTEN. Take some small things and research, research, research. (hacked site-tiny pic-roman numerals =IIIIIIIVV. when searched, PLATELET ACTIVATING FACTORS shows promise. MYSPACE IS YOUR FRIEND. We will find and support you. Goodluck

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