OFFICIAL TRAILER NOW UP AT APPLE.COM Please move discussion to the article this is linked to. 

LAST UPDATE (4): Thanks igor for posting the link. If you guys want a non-bootleg version of the trailer, Empire online seems to have the exclusive. So head on over there to see the trailer in the best quality you’re going to get, until they release the HD versions on This is the last update I will make on this post, once the HD trailers are released on there will be another post on the main page, so check back there often.

UPDATE 3: Even better quality video now on Youtube (thanks to Spider-Man over at the 1-18-08news forums), which you can find embedded right here. If you still want to see the original cell phone video for whatever reason you can now see it after the break along with other copies of the trailer that aren’t as good.

UPDATE 2: BETTER QUALITY AND FULL TRAILER EMBEDDED AFTER THE JUMP (thanks Shawn for letting me know) Click the link at the end of this article or the thread title. I’ve removed the old bad quality youtube video and replaced it with this new one. It’s a little dark, but its the full 2 minutes and not a cell phone video.UPDATE: Youtube clip of the edited together version is now after the jump, click the link at the end of the article (or the article title) to check it out. It probably won’t be up for very long so check it out now while you can.Ok, so we have a version of the trailer you can download thanks to Z.Davi. I’m warning you, it’s not the best quality and may be missing a few small segments as it was recorded in 3 parts on a cell phone. But I wanted to get this out there for anyone who wanted to check it out. I will continue to look for a better version, and I’m going to try to edit these three parts together. The files do work and are 100% real, I just finished watching it myself and yes the title at the end of the credits is indeed CLOVERFIELD. So again thank you to Z.Davi in the comments for posting this up. And keep an eye on this post for updates with a better quality version.


6riku6 took the time to combine all 3 parts and up the brightness level a bit in the file below, thanks!

After the jump you can see a screenshot of what could be the monster as JT pointed out its at about 11 seconds in the 2nd video… Obviously hard to see anything due to the quality, but check it out.

Embedded Youtube Trailer
Is this the monster?At the beginning of the 2nd video we see this dino-like creature on the right of the screen and a person who looks like they are being attacked on the left.