Thanks Gabriel for posting this link in the comments.

If you follow that link you can find an interview with Lizzy Caplan. She talks a lot about how secretive the movie is and how tight security surrounding it was so that nothing related to the story leaked out. It’s a pretty interesting article, but of course the coolest part are the 3 12 new pictures (click the link above the first picture on that site) from the movie that are included, so head on over there and check it out.

Blackbook apparently took down the images, but you can still catch them over at Cloverfield Clues.

Thanks Mike over at, which is one of the best movie blogs on the net by the way, for letting me know about a few more promotional pictures they have up on the site this morning. Most of them are the same as the ones that were posted on Cloverfield Clues in the link above, but a few are different, check it out.

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  1. RAJames

    ok anyone knows where spring st is? maybe pin that up on the lists of locations… or is it even worth it any more? Cloverfield trailer comes out tonight! after I see the name for myself I’m done with all this! just so I dont ruin anything of it…

  2. Jt

    all right.. i am done analyzing the video of the new trailer.. after 7 hours i have cocluded that there are only two instances that might actually be the monster. the part in the tunnel where the lady goes what was that and yo see the red behind her IS NOT THE MONSTER!! it is an army guy with his flashlight on. the seen where it looks like alady gets stabbed ARE GUYS IN HAZARD SUITS!! the scene where the store explodes.. the red “laser” is actually a neon light exploding.. the scene where the light flickers and you see something? is an army guy standing at the corner.. the scene where the carriage rolls by? the driver is dead. when the tanks and army are shooting… u actually get a glimspe of the monster when the camera pans.. also there is an instance when u can see some teeth.. but i didnt document the time

  3. Jt

    at 1:27 in the trailer you can CLEARLY see the monsters back!!! i also have found these images and yet to have determined what they are..

    early on i found this between when rob was talking

    then i found this later on

  4. matt

    I work right near spring st. in nyc…no monsters here, sorry. i’m assuming they are in the number 6 train station, i could be wrong though.

  5. steven

    there’s actually 12 pictures from the movie.. idk if that link was always there. it’s at the beginning of the interview.

  6. Scott

    Just curious, can anyone confirm that there are humans in the blue suits in those pictures? I’m just wondering, if the girl is contaminated, why isn’t everyone around her in suits like that? And looking at the first pic of the blue suit, the head/face looks strange…..just a thought.

  7. Austin

    ok after looking at those pictures, i am confused. there is this comic has been on the I Am Legend site for a while now. by looking at her face with the blood coming out of her eyes & mouth, it looks a lot like this comic prequel to I Am Legend

    I know these 2 movies aren’t related at all… but the symptoms & men in bio suits seem awfully close. Maybe this is where the early confusion between these 2 movies began? can anyone explain?

  8. Arkeband

    THEY’RE MONSTERS IN BLUE SUITS OMG why didn’t we think of this. Maybe the slusho makes them transform using mighty Morphin Power Rangers magic and they get blue hazmat suits with special powars?!

    OH, AND THE MONSTER IS *MADE* OUT OF SLUSHO. Yes, that’s right, he is a giant amorphous blob of SLUSHO. The movie ends when a WHALE eats him. Because Slusho! is tasty.

    The post-apocalyptic world then hails this whale as God and creates a shrine unto him. However, everyone’s so involved with partying that they forget that whales cannot breathe well and dry up out of water, and it dies. CLOVERFIELD 2?

    Only time will tell.

  9. Austin

    alright, so I saw Beowulf tonight & if youre gonna go go to the 3d version if its offered. the trailer was there & I didn’t see the monster once. the only time I thought maybe was when they showed the silouettes behind the curtain, but even then I’m pretty sure the larger shadow was someone in a bio suit due to the proportions of the figure & the more obvious human figure. if anyone has time code for the supposed monster sighting please let me know

  10. Engel

    I’m getting really confused at this point. Bleeding from the eyes and guys in hazmat suits says virus/chemical attack, not monster… Wild theory, but what if there is no monster, and the chemical attack just causes mass hysteria. Would still be a neat movie.

  11. DK428

    Hey Austin! i checked out that link that takes u to the I am Legend Prequel Comic and i agree with u, the women is crying blood from her eyes and in the end the little girl also crys blood from one eye, the same thing happens in Cloverfield, plus they also have biosuit men in that comic just like in Cloverfield. The point i want to get is that maybe there might be something else coming regarding Cloverfield, could there be a third movie preview coming…12.14.07? the same day I am Legend comes out? Keep a look out when I am Legend comes out. Interesting find Austin, thanks for posting that info. This could be another clue regarding J.J. Abrams “Cloverfield” movie. Remember 12.14.07

  12. wierd

    wasnt there something a while ago about getting bitten by the smaller monsters caused some sort of infection.
    mabye they,re venomous.

  13. Hanzo

    the man you see in the suit is wearing blue for CGI effects, does this answer well? Think about it…blue screen for CGI

  14. Hanzo

    meaning a stand in for the monster. because when i look closely at the trailer, through the looks like a monster…ripping through a chick’s neck.

  15. L.V.

    Well, they clearly say “Something has attacked the city” and “What ever it is, it’s winning” …not sure if a chemical attack can have that harsh growl. I’m pretty sure it’s a monster.

  16. limedelsol

    In the picture where the 4 people are in front of a broken window it looks like the girl that is bleeding has a stake type thing in her left side of her chest where the bleeding is coming from. I wonder if the monsters shot dagers type things to infect others?

  17. limedelsol

    Also when does Jamie get to open her gift from Teddy? JJ Abrams said he was going to put out toys and stuff so Im just wondering if the present is a stuffed animal related to the movie?

  18. Tman

    People seem to be ignoring an important and obvious revelation in the trailer, about the only real one.

    Remember the hair demon picture? There is no hair demon. But.

    The trailer shows the scene directly before that.
    It also shows something in the bottom left corner of the screen.


  19. Ant

    I think we can safely say that there is a monster in the movie. Just from what has been shown and heard from the trailers.

  20. Scott

    I still can’t get over thinking there is something in the blue biohazard suits. Look really closely at the last picture (12 of 12) in the link and tell me what you see. Maybe I’m looking too hard or something, but I just am not convinced.

    Arkeband– why do you think that whales can’t breathe well out of water? You do know that whales need oxygen right?

    I was pondering how something could come from the water and sustain its life in our atmosphere, but then I was thinking maybe there was an encapsulated cave type dwelling that was cracked open from the deep sea drilling and that basically forced the thing to come to the surface.

  21. Scott

    When I say look closely at the last picture, I mean look closely at what’s in the blue suit on the left.

  22. ryan

    Hers a thought if their are claw marks on the statue I was was watchin american zilla. In scene near beginning with boat there r claw marks that look similiar. Also just after when the fishin boat sinks u hear zillas roar and it sounds very much like the one in the trailer. Also one person though they saw scales on mosters back and some enhanced versions look very much like the head of our zilla. The boat sound is intersting cause it sounds like the first american godzilla. Also has anyone seen over the last few years the dorito commercials with our godzilla. U don’t think they were doin that just for doritos do you. Many inside people feel as though godzilla could have been done better and maybe abrams has decided to put godzilla up against another monster created by slusho or deep sea drilling. Abrams stated we needed our own god zilla and we have one maybe he’s makin a darker more sincere one. Also the profile of when zillla first comes up out of water on new york looks very similiar to the profile of explosion in first trailer and the clouds over new york picture. U see his head slightly lower then body like the one that overlloks the city in cloud if that is the monster. One of the scenes in the pictures that has shown up has army units in suits that look eerily like the french soldiers suits and we all know godzilla was created due to nuclear testin by the french. Also godzilla 98 enters ny from the hudson river side. It would also explain the raptor like creatures maybe this is a day or two after and godzilla returns with the babies on the loose also. One step further maybe slusho and the whale creature attack ny also to either thwart godzilla. Godzilla is alo defined as a gorilla in some language I have forgotten so maybe two creatures battle it out here. Not sure but some of these clues due lend it itself to this. The mumbled roar is exactly the same in the first trailer and in zilla 98. Also no one reallyowns the rights to godzilla stateside. And I thought of one last thing when zilla 98 came out the first preview I remember seein in theatres over a year early and all It was was a roar and a date anothe coincidence maybe with all this 1 18 08 stuff we shall see feel free to drop me a line at to discuss this. Personally I hope its the whale but after watchin movie tonite I’m begginin to wonder if abrams really means it when he says we need our own godzilla. One last coincidence the movie of the week at film dot com is godzilla versus the smog monster. That was an alien parasite that fed on toxic sludge. Maybe the whale monster feeds on slusho or whtever that driillin offshore has conjured up. I bet rob knows. Also this lefft field scenario would explain soldiers in bio suits could be zilla against another big monster damn I hope so

  23. Cody

    okay know how in the trailer it looks like the woman getting attack quickly blows up and expands or something..did anyone notice that in jamies video she plays with that toy that expands outward? hint?

  24. limedelsol

    ok on the main picture on the blackbook page look at the girls chest. it looks like her veins are black and pertruding from the skin. its very obvious to me.

  25. Teso

    All right guys. I think somehow the theory about humans that get mutated is true. If you look in the pictures, look at the one that show when ryan and the two girls are being escorted by military men in what it appears to be a temporary hospital(white) Look at Lizzy Caplan and notice that she has a green scar. Now, look at the other photos of the guys in blue bio suits with her. She seems to be dying and in one photo you can see that the same side in which she appeared to have a scar is bleeding. Now, remember what Lizzy Caplain said in the interview: “I?ll never sign on to another film again not knowing full well what it is.?- Maybe because her character suffers a mutation or dies. One final clue, do you guys remember in the trailer when the military man says: ” there is nothing we can do about her.” or when ryan says something like : “help her, she is dying.” Aren’t those scene in this same place?

  26. Teso

    One thing is true, though. Something happens to Lizzy Caplain because she is separated from her friends and the guys are trying to control her.

  27. hoppinglark

    The whole infection thing, seems more like a zombie horror movie.
    This seems less and less like a good monster movie, and more and more like a true old fashioned horrow movie, this is more like “The Mist”, than say..”Godzilla”

  28. hoppinglark

    I’ve been looking at the blue-suits in response to the post about what’s inside them. It looks like the people inside the suits are wearing face masks or a baclava. The one photo almost looks like giant red eyes but I think it’s just a mix of reflections from the surroundings.

    I get the feeling we’ve all been over analyzing again.
    Until this trailer is put on Quicktime in HD, we don’t really know what it is we are seeing.

    just my $.02

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