UPDATE: Now with the official image of the poster. Thanks to /film and Eddy at 11808.blogspot.com

Other sites have been reporting on this for a couple days now, I didn’t really think it was that significant since the poster itself isn’t any different, just has the official title now. But for those that don’t check out the other sites related to Cloverfield, I figured I should probably post this up. So here is the official movie poster that has been seen around movie theaters starting friday. There is also rumors of a stand-up that is being placed in the theaters, if anyone has a picture of one of those be sure to let me know. If you’re looking for one of these Cloverfield posters, you can find them all over ebay.

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  1. admin

    mannyfresh: that link has already been posted in the article regarding the trailer. Thanks for the comment though.

  2. Johnny

    It looks like Cloverfieldmovie.com might be an official site now. Just in case no one remembered to look there since the title’s been announced.

    Sorry if this is old news, I haven’t read all the comments on this site.

  3. fr33thought

    i was just looking over the movie poster and the trailer and i noticed something that i havent read anywhere else yet. if you look at the new trailer you get a shot of the statue of liberty without its head… but not with three big ass claw marks such as is seen on the poster. im guessing the poster is right when the monster leaves.. considering it looks like debris is still falling from the “new” scratch on the statue of liberty…


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