IT’S UP!!!!

Head on over to to see the new trailer in all its “non-bootleg” glory. Empire Online had the exclusive only a few hours before Paramount decided to release it on there own, so head on over and check it out and lets start discussing what we really see now and not what we thought we could see via cell phone cam.


SCREENSHOTS AFTER THE JUMP, Click below or click article title.

UPDATE: Hi-res video of just the monster walking through the buildings after the screenshots at the link below. Thanks Jt for bringing it to my attention. You can clearly see the monsters leg lift and walk, the the editor of the video reverses it to show it again.. check it out.

UPDATE 2: There is a lot of good discussion going on in the comments, but since I have to moderate them all to weed out the spammers I’ve made a few sticky’s on the forum regarding some of these topics. Below are links to those threads, where you can post freely in real time.




First up, the elusive “small monster/bio-suit” image, which we can tell 100% now that it is a biohazard suit, you can see through the window on the front of the mask in this shot. There has been a lot of discussion about the woman “expanding” and while I don’t disagree with this, I have an idea… Could she be restrained in a straight jacket, and start as a profile view and as the camera moves, it goes to a full back/front view, and with her wiggling around in a straight jacket, it could give the appearance of expanding like that, since her elbows would be protruding out…? Just a thought… more discussion in the forum

The next few are just random city destruction shots I thought were cool, in that they show how much damage the city is taking.

An explosion shot, possibly the beginning of the large one at the beginning of both trailers, or possibly just another small explosion.

Just a shot of the medical facility treating people that are injured/infected(?)

And here it is, the only place (i believe) you can see the large monster in the trailer. You can clearly see it’s leg lift and move forward in this segment, which is at approx. 1:26 -1:30, give or take a few seconds. It’s a quick clip, so pause it and go frame by frame to see it. I tried my best to get screenshots that were clear enough and showed the monster, the red box is the monster, and the arrow points to the general location of the leg. I didn’t want to cover anything by putting the arrow all the way to where the actual leg is, so just look along that line.

One more that I saw that was interesting. At approx: 1:44 in the trailer, it’s a quick flash. At first I thought it was just 2 3 people helping each other down a staircase, but after looking at it, there’s something weird going on in the middle of them? I have seen the picture that claims the stuff in the middle is a shoulder, hair and hand… I still don’t see it, but maybe it’s just me.

Please at least scan the comments before making one regarding this picture. I am aware it is 3 people, but someone explain what is in the the middle of all of them. I see 3 sets of legs, just nothing that tells me what is in the middle (and I don’t see the hand/shoulder/arm that one image suggests). I’m sure its just a piece of clothing, but who knows.

Here is a video of just the monster walking through the buildings like you see in the screenshots above. Everything is much clearer and easier to see that it is clearly a large monster.