UPDATE 2: Slusho appeared on Heroes AGAIN this past Monday (11/26).

Thanks tvmorbid for the link to this.

UPDATE: The pictures are originally from Greg Beeman’s Blog, so you can either check them out over there or at the unfiction forum links below.

So over at the unfiction forums, someone found a bunch of pictures, pretty much the entire cast of Heroes, holding Slusho drinks on the set and doing crazy stuff with the cups. I will attach one of them, but head on over to the unfiction forums to check out the rest.

Apparently Slusho showed up in last nights Heroes, thanks for the comment Gabe. I stopped watching Heroes this season, I couldn’t get back into it.

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  1. Gabe

    If you read the whole post about the pics, it was pretty crazy to see that Slusho actually made an appearance on last night’s episode of Heroes. It is now taking over the country

  2. Engel

    Whatever you do don’t try it, it will be the death of all of us! Or so say some theories…

  3. Jt

    It’s the Monster on Heroes.

    The Monster featured on the cover of 9th Wonders.



    All the cast members of Heroes were posing with SLUSHO drinks.

    Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman in Heroes) is said to have a small role in Cloverfield BECAUSE HE AND JJ ABRAMS ARE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS and he’s been known as JJ’s “lucky charm” (he played the doomed pilot in the Pilot for LOST!)

    Zachary Quinto (Sylar) is playing Spock in JJ Abram’s Star Trek film.

    Jeph Loeb, along with his parter-in-crime Tim Sale (who drew that Monster pic) are friends with JJ Abrams, as both Abrams and Loeb produce LOST.

    Plus, there’s just this picture of a monster in Heroes, and it popped up quite a few times, but no one seemed to pay it much thought. Could that little guy on the cover be non other than Rob, the main character in Cloverfield?

    We also see a brief flash of the monster in the new trailer, and I swear, it looks like it could be a part of that above monster.

    Can this all really be coincidence?

  4. admin

    Jt: Cool idea, although the person in that drawing is Hiro from Heroes…. not Rob 🙂

  5. CitznFish


    interesting. It’s not Godzilla. My money is on this being a remake of “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms”….

  6. Engel

    Dan, fake slusho! is fake, and no you are not cool for making one and trying to pass it off as real.

  7. Engel

    To debunk Dan just a little further… two hours before his thread about buying a slusho he started a “What do you think slusho would taste like?” thread, and just a few minutes before that he started a thread linking to the Heroes cast holding the slusho cup. And if all of that doesn’t say something to you, if you look at his photos, its clearly a paper print out put inside a plastic cup. He was trying to mimic the cup for the Heroes photos, and he didn’t even do that good of a job… I hate fakes.

    Oh and also… New Zealand? Really now, why would they release a promo item there before the US? It is a US film after all.

  8. punisherinc


    The 1998 Godzilla was a remake of ?The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms”

  9. Jake

    I have been reviewing all of these post comments and comments on other unofficial Cloverfield sites. Many of the comments critique fans by saying “You are only seeing what you want to see,” as in flashes of the monster in the teaser and official trailer, women exploding, infected citizens, and so forth. I am not supporting these critiques because I think the suspense and chase is very exciting and imaginative. However, has it crossed anyone’s mind that we might not ever see the monster? Grant it, that would be a shitty thing for Abrams to do, but is it beyond this project team to do this? Consider the mysterious nature of Alias and Lost. What does everyone think? Do you think we’ll ever really SEE this “monster?”

  10. Engel

    Actually, I mentioned that idea about two months ago. I think it could make for a great film if we never saw the monster.

  11. 55JL

    Guys who thought that woman is exploding here is something VERY interesting. Read the information on Tagruato site in the investors section. Then Follow the lead “Ravaille Research Center”.

  12. MarytheLion

    Cagneybeast: LMFAO….I will be happy either way I think. 🙂 Anyone catch the slow mo pic of the beast? There are a ton of links for it out there…but anyone kinda of notice how it doesn’t seem to be touching the ground? The movement looks like its almost gliding or hovering. Bad anime? Hovering floating beast?

  13. Du Blex

    I read in people’s magazine while waiting at this store that the cop the can read minds from heroes is Best friends with J.J. Abrams. They grew up together and for proof they even had a picture of the both of them on Halloween dressed up as the men that sing “Y M C A”.

  14. admin

    theace69: I was just writing an article regarding the tagruato stuff as you posted that. Thanks for the comment. I really don’t know what to make of it, but I really think it’s all part of the marketing… cool stuff.

  15. Franky

    I wonder if the Slusho drink is real and if we can buy it like a gas station or somthin

  16. Calley

    Slusho = Soylent Green. That’s immediately what I thought of when I went to the Tagruato website and read that they were passing it out to people and it’s similarity to “mother’s milk”. We’ll see what he’s up to.


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