For those of you that will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and again, I thank all of you for continuing to come back to the site. I’m amazed at how many of you come back every day and post comments and discuss the movie, I appreciate it, glad to know I’m not doing all of this for nothing.

So on that note, due to the holiday tomorrow, I may be lagging a bit on approving your comments. Yeah, I know approving every comment sucks, but to make sure absolutely no spam makes it through I go through all of them. I’ll try to approve some comments tomorrow via my cell, but if you post and it doesn’t come through, don’t worry, I’ll get them all up by tomorrow night when I get home. But don’t forget, there is always the forum, where you can post instantly (after the 10 second registration).

Have a safe and happy holiday (for those that celebrate).

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  1. Archdusk

    Thanks for all you hard work. You are helping to keep me stoked about this movie.

  2. MarytheLion

    I agree archdusk, this is gonna be really entertaining! I love getting hyped up on storylines… Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. MarytheLion

    hey I went to the Tagruato site…went to the company profile, and at the very bottom, clicked on privacy and legal and it takes you to a main page… the ONLY language from the drop down menu that goes to anything? ENGLISH.

    This internet is going to play a BIG part in the future of movie marketing. Really invites the movie goer into identifying with the film. I love clues and hype. This is fun!

  4. Steveboss

    Hey, if it hasnt already been discussed, you can view the Beowulf Cloverfield trailer at now. Cheers.

  5. Steveboss

    I also noticed that the girl who looks like shes getting attacked by biosuit/bear guys appears to expand rapidly on the last couple frames of the scene.

  6. admin

    Steveboss: Thanks for the comments, but yeah, both of those have been discussed in other articles and on the forum.

  7. ZD

    Hey all,

    Happy Turkey Day from Canada! I have heard multiple comments about this band The Glass Helmets, I love that there title track is Terror from the North – who knows this awesome monster could have been frozen up here in Canada!

    But what I wanted to mention was
    Has anyone checked this out? It has what looks like many of the same characters from other web sites on it. Just a thought could be nothing.

  8. Nick

    Hi guys. I’ve made a CLOVERFIELD wallpaper which I think came out nice… You’re more than welcome to use it if you want to(just don’t go claiming it as yours please… It isn’t too elaborate but nevertheless, I made it) waiting for your feedback on it.
    Get it here:

  9. Screen Rant

    Cloverfield 2nd Trailer Online!…

    SMALL UPDATE: I put the official new poster up. So, the title, as Vic mentioned, is now officially Cloverfield, which I say, right on! They kept everyone guessing, and in an interview with an actress in the movie, we were pretty much all wrong. The tra…

  10. JDioneda

    that scene in the new trailer, when the military is firing up at the monster, its Godzilla ’98 retreating into the building/street. You can clearly see an eye, and the jaw and head are in proportion, and the arm.
    It’s clearly visible.

  11. MarytheLion

    OK the offical trailer website is not working for me. I’ve tried it in IE and FF. Anyone else not getting it? Just a question mark over the Q?

  12. MarytheLion

    Nevermind…I upgraded to Quicktime Player 7
    sorry for the post! I tried to delete it.

  13. ZD

    On the Slusho case, I am curious, if you watch the first trailer and the second, at around 2:09-2:11, when the head of the SL hits you will see a man who appears to fall out of the sky. Now, this could be just a man being hit by the impact, but it does strike me as odd – could this be something related to Slusho and it effects?

  14. o.O

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    maybe a little bit late, but here in Austria we didn’t celebrate thanksgiving.

  15. HeavyGod

    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!


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