Sometime today the website went from it’s normal look, to just displaying an image… and the new title of the page is “Tagruato is destroying our oceans”. It would seem as though the site got “hacked” however, it seems to me that this is all part of the marketing. Making it seem as though people are really upset over what Tagruato is doing to the ocean’s and making it seem as if a group would want to hack the site to show the world. Below is the image that is/was (in case it gets fixed) on the website. What do you guys think? There were also some other developments a few days ago with the site which you can find here and here

Thanks Eddy and Nick for commenting about this.

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  1. theace69

    Seems to me that theres going to be new twists to this movie now people are going to ask did tagruato create this monster or was this something else created to destroy tagruato or destroy their headquarters or somehow the monster was released to let people know what tagruato created -this theory is copyrighted by me lolz j/p people
    hey its fun to theorize until the movie comes out

  2. JDioneda

    nothing to do with the movie, but while i was at hollywood video I saw a cheap sci-fi channel like movie called “The Parasite.” Apparently its about some oil-refinery drilling in the arctic when they find a snake-like monster and it starts killing off all the crew.
    just sounded a little like cloverfield.

  3. Nick

    This is definately part of the marketing campaign… [IMG][/IMG] So, what do you guys think about my wallpaper?

  4. admin

    Nick: you can’t post images in the comments. And that background image isn’t from this movie as far as I’m aware. That image has TOO much destruction, more like an atomic bomb.

  5. Ivan

    why the boldfutura web page has a link (in the clients area) to is boldfutura a real company??

  6. Ravenclaw

    nah no way thats too much destruction i think but it does look pretty cool nick

  7. Atalaya

    Posted this on the thanksgiving one, but I had something to add:

    Any relevance to the blue oven mitt on the Susho site’s distributions page?

    The new Downloads page is eerie in that the kites look like the children are being hung rather than holding them.

    Just things I’ve noted.

  8. MarytheLion

    well…what do you get if you cross ALL those animals together? Could be our monster. For some reason..something aquatic just doesn’t seem scary for me. Big and hairy? Thats scarry.

  9. Michele

    Now I’m totally expecting someone named Persephone to come and tell us about all the awful things Tagruato is doing.

  10. Ravenclaw

    any news on the jamie and teddy website? is it the 6th of december that the girl’s supposed to open the box? i thought the new trailer was coming out that day…she also mentioned something bout some “cause”… any thoughts on that? that site is still related to the movie right? cause its the girl on one of the pics in….

  11. Alec

    Marythelion: I think that an undersea creature is scary. My worst fear is being attacked while underwater, and if there’s a giant octopus/whale/crab/whatever chasing them on land, I think it will be super scary. Big and hairy just seems cute. πŸ˜›

  12. Jon

    Atalaya, the writing beneath the crab is actually the tagruato symbol on a table. As in the original picture.

  13. Jt

    i know everyone is seeing the images.. the ironic thing is if u watch BBC’s Blue planet series you will see those animals.. all of them in their show.. just an observation

  14. Austin

    Nick, that pic, the destruction in the bg, dude, the base image is a pic from ground zero on 9/11. Whoever Photoshopped that did a good job, but is pretty messed up to use such an image for a movie spoof.

    But hey, I guess REAL monsters really do cause more destruction than movie ones.

  15. Levi

    seems to me that Tagruato is the drilling company that is going to accidentally release a monster frozen in the arctic sea. The Seabed’s Nectar is something they’ve found in that drilling that increases size and strength (if you read the scanned picture of the article, it describes these symptoms). This stuff is what caused the monster to grow so large either before or during the freezing. It all kinda goes back to this really old movie about a Godzila-looking monster who was released from the ice in the arctic by an atomic bomb and then cam to destroy New York City. It’s like the beast from 20,000 fathoms or something.

  16. Barnasaurus

    What I notice about this pic is the pole (black line) in the middle of the pic seems to represent the drilling of the ocean floor. The ocean floor is shown as the brown coloration benieth the giant wave. The man with the horns seems to be comming out from the ocean floor from where the drilling is taking place. The drilling releases this monster maybe. Also maybe the two creatures at the very bottom of the pic represent what the most common features of the monster may be. A face common with the Ogre Fish and, what I think would be neat, a crab like exo-skeleton. Not all around but maybe just in the most vital areas for protection. It needs something in order to be able to withstand the bombardment from the army. This monster needs to win and not die. We need more “Arlington Road” type endings in movies….where the bad guy or monster wins. I’m sick of the good guys winning in all the movies these days.

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  18. Raye Pigler

    A few of the pictures are not displaying correctly but, the web site still looks good. I’ve been coming to this site for a few days now and i’m really impressed with the content. What is the RSS address?

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