I posted Friday about about the supposedly “hacked” tagruato.jp site, and the image that is currently still the only thing you see when you visit it. But it looks like some people have pulled apart the image and found some interesting stuff hidden within the picture. I’m sorry if I don’t credit every individual that has left comments about this stuff, but I appreaciate everyone letting me know.

Alright so to start, check out THIS ARTICLE to see what happened Friday and the image that was posted on the site. It looks like an image that was posted by Steven in the comments, is the original image of the man in that picture. I’m assuming it was from the original tagruato site, but I can’t check seeing as how it has been “hacked”.

Then some people over at the forums found another site (someone let me know where you found these) whose users found some hidden text (which is the species of the animals, sorry forgot to put this in here, thanks for the comment connie) and roman numerals hidden on each of the animals. Which I have posted more about after the jump, so click the article title or the link below to see the full post.

So apparently the roman numerals put the animals in order (thanks to sir_incognito on the forums). And if you look at the first letter of the animals going down, you get TIDOO, which could stand for Tagruato Is Destroying Our Oceans, which was the hacked title of the tagruato website…. interesting.

1. Tanner crab
2 Irukandji Jellyfish
3. Dumbo Octopus
4. ogre fish
5. Ocean wave

And below are all of the images that show the roman numerals.

And now the hidden text (animal’s species).

So what does all this mean? I have no idea, more of the mystery surrounding this movie. Will it help us figure out what the monster is… probably not, but it’s keeping us all talking about it, so it’s doing what it’s meant to.

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  1. connie

    the text on the animals are the actual names of the species. ie: tanner crab, ogre fish, the dumbo octopus

  2. theace69

    so there finally letting things go now the viral campaign is in full motion i bet were gonna see a pic of the monster but we wont know its the monster why you ask because they have already done it probly we have seen the monster but were to busy looking for clues that we cant see it right in front of our eyes… and no i havent seen the monster but were probly gonna see its original form just an idea…

  3. magic

    Well my thought is that it might indicate the different stages the monster might go through.

  4. Johnny

    Has anyone noticed the “2” in the shadow of the octopus?

    I don’t know if it’s significant, but it’s obvious.

  5. Darren

    Something that I found interesting is that since there are four animals shown, and since the movie’s called “Cloverfield,” maybe the ‘monster’ is a mutation between the four (or something simular), it seems possible…

  6. Engel

    Yes, the original image is from the site before it was “hacked”. I still don’t understand this new twist completely, unless its just to further show that Tagruato isn’t on the up and up.

  7. TElson

    You guys are looking into things too much. Remember when the teaser came out and J.J. said that the most important line from the teaser was ?It?s alive?. If you google ?It?s alive? you will find its a tagline for The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Reading more about this movie from 1953 a lot of similarities can be found. For example:

    ?The original story was to have a creature, called a minotaur (not the mythical creature), defrosted by an atomic blast and then run amok, eventually destroying the Statue of Liberty before being refrozen by a special freeze jets mounted on helicopters.?

    Instead of the atomic blast in this movie the creature is awoken/defrosted by the drilling that just started in the mid atlantic ridge.

    ?Eventually the monster makes its way to New York where it kills several people not just by devouring them or crushing them with its sheer weight, but it also is the carrier of a deadly virulent disease.?

    Would make sense of why there are people wearing hazard suits and could explain what is happening to the lady in the picture behind the curtain.

    In this movie the beast is destroyed finally at Cooney Island. If I recall correctly there was some shooting done at there for this production and where supposedly someone finds the video camera? Coincidence? I think not?

    And on a final note without telling you guys completely about the movie if you look at the movie posters for that movie it resembles a lot of the screen shots for this production.

    Sorry for spoiling all of your fun but at least I held off on giving you all this information for months?

  8. admin

    TElson: the similarities of the movies have been discussed a million times. I actually own the DVD of The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and you’re description is a little off. To kill the beast they actually shot something (can’t remember exactly what at the moment) into an open wound on the creature, a Rhedosaurus, which was basically a t-rex/lizard thing. I don’t remember the creature doing anything to the statue of liberty, but yes the final scene is on the roller coaster at Coney Island. There was also no virus in the movie… the only guy’s wearing hazmat suits were at the end, when they shot the radioactive something into the monsters wound. None of it was done in the 1st person either.

    So while there are similarities to the movie (a monster destroys new york) they are not similar enough to call this a remake or a re-imagining of that movie. Just as this is not a Godzilla movie, even though Godzilla destroys new york as well.

  9. Steve-O

    What part of “Originality” do people not understand? An original idea that JJ said at the San Diego comic con. Not a remake…not a sequel but something with new concepts and idea’s.

  10. Jeslusho

    anyone looked at the tagruato.jp site picture as being similar to the way the original statue of liberty poster is set up?

  11. Orangeade

    That Ogre Fish looks like the monster fish from that ‘photograph’ that popped up months ago in that supposed testimonial of brainwash that guy had.

  12. Endrspkr

    Has anyone noticed or commented on how the only images that are actually distinct are the animals and the wave. Everything else is somewhat blurry. There are not distinct edges except for on the wave and animals. I don’t know if it’s significant, but it is somewhat interesting, almost as if they are the only things that are ‘real’ in the image and everything else is fading away.

  13. Todd

    It looks as though this has not been mentioned, so I thought that since I had been following this since the first day I would finally ring in with at least a thought….if you guys link the animals and the wave together it makes a distinct number 4….if you then go the this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_(number) there are several little things that are interesting enough to at lease take not of as possibilities. Let me know what some of you think.

  14. Todd

    Sorry for the double post but, I thought I would let you know that you should copy add the _(number) in the link to go to the correct page for the number, but this is one of the things that really caught my eye…..*The Chinese are superstitious about the number four because it is a homonym for “Death” in Chinese.

  15. Groove.

    what if the animals represent different parts of our monster?

    back in the trailer rob hawkins says “some THING” like it’s something different from what he could have imagened a monster to be like. its like it’s completly different.

  16. Spider

    Can anyone see what that says on the jelly fish. I’m thinking maybe this ties in with the slusho site. Maybe putting in the correct ratio of ingredients will lead us further down the rabbit hole.

  17. Groove.

    right i have looked again. i kept in mind how someone said that the original pic resembles the statue of liberty…. i think the man in the hacked pic may be the monster…. a lil weird i know but have a look… there’s a weird scaly like shadow to his right on his arm that lines up with his body, the horns, the pointed buildings around his shoulders could be like the head of the monster, the dominant position over the water and the animals… his height in the pic if you add the shadow…

    i know it’s far out there but just look at it…

    you’ll also notice he’s double printed on the page… look at his collar on his neck it’s repeated so he is infact wider in this pic.

  18. deBish

    It’s tough to tell because the taraguoto site is ‘down’ or hacked…but it is pretty slick for a fake site.

  19. Jt

    i know everyone is seeing the images.. the ironic thing is if u watch BBC?s Blue planet series you will see those animals.. all of them in their show.. just an observation

  20. mabras

    possible theory, tagruato is a deep see drilling company, slusho is a drink that uses a secret ingredient that a research facility found unstable. “could cause extreme growth “.. perhaps the monster is a combo of all the images , maybe a human ingests the animals ( ie he or she eats sushi , then was exposed to the seabed necter, slusho, and cause a major mutation, so maybe the monster is infact human with one bad case of food poisoning

  21. Groove.

    anyone taking notice of the post i put?

    it could be a clue.

    like someone said we may be being shown the monster already and not seeing it.

  22. ddbb

    possible theory, tagruato is a deep see drilling company, slusho is a drink that uses a secret ingredient that a research facility found unstable. “could cause extreme growth “.. perhaps the monster is a combo of all the images , maybe a human ingests the animals ( ie he or she eats sushi , then was exposed to the seabed necter, slusho, and cause a major mutation, so maybe the monster is infact human with one bad case of food poisoning

  23. deBish

    oh…and the ogrefish is the only one that doesn’t make an ‘appearacnce’ as a cartoon creature in the slucho site.

  24. Breaker9

    Here is my theory based on what we have so far.

    Tagruato is company that makes a beverage called Slusho. They discover this nectar seabed and start using those sea animals as part of their ingredient for a new flavor drink. They first start marketing this new flavor in the U.S. but the drink has a major side effect. The ingredient or what’s found from those animals has never been exposed to humans.

    So now we have something mutating inside a human.. a parasite taking over. An outbreak occurs. The monster could be a combination of all of these parasites or a big mutated one (someone drank alot of slusho.. lol), or even several of them. This could mean the army going around killing them and containing the area. The beginning text in the 2nd trailer tells us whatever happened was contained and majority of the world never knew about it until they found this video.

    A picture from the trailer. The girl who is obviously sick and the soldier says “there’s nothing you can do for her now”.

    Then she explodes

    Maybe or not but there’s another theory.

  25. Will Hyde

    anyon noticed the insignia on the table on the targruato site? looks like an upside-down logo of to hands holding up a circle. i’m gonna keep on looking into this, just thought i bring it to everyone’s attention.

  26. Kory

    Well I just got something that I think is a little interesting. Could be nothing, but seems interesting to me. If no one has done this yet, please try and see what you get. I put the first names of the animals in an anagram scambler. I put it in numerical order of which they are listed, so; tanner, irukandji, dumbo, ogre. After they scrambled the letters, they came up with this phrase: “Major Debunking or Urinated”. I know it seems irrelevant, but I think this could lead to something bigger. I know the Urinated part of the phrase is probably something useless, but I found it funny that it came up with it. So try this out and try different formulas or whatever, and see what you get!

    Thanks! 🙂 Happy Trails!

  27. Robby

    The “Major Debunking” thing is interesting. Maybe it means nothing, but they did it intentionally to show that people are trying way too hard to “debunk”.

  28. Kory

    Ya, the whole “Major Debunking” thing is kinda interesting. I haven’t got anything after that, although I haven’t tried much. Then I got to thinking about the phrase. I know this is probably irrelevant because it is just an opinion, but this is what I interpreted the phrase as; “Major Debunking or Urinated” equals too “Get to Work or Piss Off!”. LOL, just something I was thinking of while not doing my work, at work 🙂

  29. Marie

    I usually don’t reply but… I was reading the Bold futura website and they are saying that they have 6 deep sea stations. Slusho you can’t drink just 6.
    I think in the plot of the movie we will learn that Tagruato had a 7th deep sea station that they were operating secretly and from which they discovered something or accidently awaken the monster

  30. Marie

    to continue my thoughts, another theory on the subject is that Tagruato is testing the toxicity of the compounds/bacteria they found in the deep seas by introducing them in the slusho drinks in small quantity. So that might explain the exploding women, I bet you she’s a slusho addict 😉


  31. Cameron

    Sadly, there isn’t an official Bold Futura Web site just yet. (Follow the links from tagruato.jp to the “Bold Futura Site” and notice it just links back to the same page.) Anything you have read on the Bold Futura site you’ve visited previously is “Out of Game.”

  32. John P

    I just noticed something very interesting that I have not seen anyone else point out so far.

    From the slushozoom.com website, when you click the “Title: Creation” image, and it takes you to the Karyotypes page, notice the image used to show the chromosomes, as well as the image used in the deletion of chromosome sections. Now look at the slusho.jp History page, and compare them to the air bubbles that are being created out of the horse as well as the snorkle. They look like little chromosomes to me. You are able to right click, and select “Zoom In” a couple times to get a much closer look. I just wanted to throw that out there, no theory to present or anything like that, just something I caught. If its a repost let me know.

  33. that guy

    i think it is about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cthulhu_Mythos
    becuase the wiki says stuff about 4 elements where it talks about second stage or something whatever but to me the first pic on the page looks like a wind thing(air)
    the 2nd thing looks like a jelly fish or something with tentacules(water)and the red thing could be fire.

  34. julian

    J.J. says its all original? right because i cant remember a film about a giant monster that attacks a city ever being made. cool idea bro! maybe next you can make a totally original movie about wars fought in space or a crazed serial killer in a summercamp movie

  35. julian

    oh man i feel so dumb! an original giant monster that emerges from the ocean and is lizard like and is for some reason hostile and was formed because of some mutation that kind of original monster! thanks for clearing it up for me asshead!

  36. Ummmm

    Anyone notice on this page: http://tagruato.jp/deepsea2.php that Tagruato Deep Sea Drilling Site “Chuai Station” in the mid-atlantic ridge is the only drilling site not yet fully open? And its scheduled to open around September 2007, the only site scheduled for the year 2007. “Chuai Station” is also almost at the same latitude as NYC…

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