CONTEST IS OVER, Winner will be notified via e-mail today. Thanks again for all your support.  

That’s right folks, as a sort of Thank You, from me to you, I’m going to be giving away an Official Double-Sided Cloverfield 1-sheet Poster to a lucky reader. I appreciate everyone that comes back to the site and continues to support us, so thank you.

How To Enter:

All you have to do is leave a comment in this thread, it can say anything you want as long as it’s not spam (spam will get deleted as normal), if the thread receives more than 500 comments, I will add another poster to be given away. But make sure you use a valid email address when you leave the comment as this is the only way I will have to get in contact with the winner. Don’t forget that I moderate comments to keep the spam out, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, once I approve it, it will show up, and usually I’m pretty good about approving them quickly.

Oh and one other thing, please only one entry per email address, thanks.

The contest will end the night of December 16th.

The poster is the one seen below. Thanks again!

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305 Responses

  1. Brian Blanchard

    I have been following your website since it started. I think I check it daily, but this is my first comment, thanks for offering a poster! I can’t wait to see this movie, it is so mysterious. Thanks for all your work on keeping us updated!

  2. Lee

    I love all the details and clues that your site is putting out. I’ve been following this movie phenomenon since the beginning. Keep up the good work!

  3. Doug Fleck

    Your site is the penultimate. I will frame the poster and put it up right next to my Christmas tree.

  4. Leslie

    I really can’t wait for this movie to be released. Unfortunately, I’m in the U.K. and the movie wont be released until two weeks after the actual release date. It’s killing me!

  5. Joe

    thats like a totaly awsome thing to do…that poster is amazin!….cant wait for cloverfield to come out been watchin the trailer everday!

  6. Chris

    Woohoo for Still my favorite website to keep me up to date. Keep it up! Less than 2 months to go!

  7. Lauren

    I love this site. I check it every day, several times a day to get the goodies. I never see movies in the theater – but I am sooo going to see this one!! Keep up the good work here!! You rock!

  8. Atalaya

    This and the blogspot are the only Cloverfield sites I keep updated with. I mean, I sound like a kissass for really wanting a poster, but everyone has contributed so much to help solve the mystery of the movie.


  9. Tanooki

    Hey Mak, Wish I could join the chat more often. I miss those days. Can’t wait till Jan 18th.

  10. BRob

    Cool. This website is definitely the best at posting updates. Been here since the first couple postings.

  11. Richard

    I’ve been following this site for a while, and I always check back for updates. Cloverfield is one of the few movies that I want to see in the theater on opening day. Keep up the good work.

  12. deBish

    Personally..I want to see if they’ll swap the posters/name of movie at the last second

  13. Mariusz

    1st of all, that’s the best website on 1-18. Good job!
    Now the sad part -> I’m from Poland (yep, we read You even here) and as far as I know, Cloverfield will be in our cinemas on March 14th!!! And I don’t even want to think about downloading it from the Web! I’ve never waited with that kind of excitement for any other movie and I have to_HAVE_TO! see it on the big screen.
    Pretty much sux, right?
    As I don’t really see You sending poster across the Ocean, I just want to say thank you, for amazing job that you’r doin. Keep up the good work!

  14. deadboizer0

    read alot of commentsabout photos from the trailers and the like i wonder if the readers are looking at the same thing i am, of if they just want to see more then is in the pictures………
    i check in everyday

  15. nendo

    The best community to get along with.

    imdb board = no structure, people aint nice. just a nasty place to be

    Cloverfield Clues = full of good info bout the movie. not all seems to be related/misleading. no real community to get along with

    cloverfieldnews = good source of information, the information thats posted matters. The forum is one of the best places to be related to the movie. nice friendly people and it well maintained

    p.s Nice competition 😉

  16. fr33thought

    forget myspace, its all about cloverfield news! have to agree with Jt.. i check this site 10+ times a day… ‘=P

    anybody up for “CLOVERSPACE”? should still be up for grabs

  17. cagneybeast.

    i rely on Cloverfield News for my daily dose of cloverfield info.
    I love you.

  18. Mike

    I swear I’m addicted to this page..I almost made it my home page at one point lol. I’ve already got a spot on my wall for the poster!

  19. Simms

    I don’t have a home, so I need the poster to keep the rain off of me , right now I just have my loving thoughts of you to keep me warm at night.

    Plus, I’m scheduled to die 1-17-08 … how sad is that?? SAVE ME!

  20. Derek

    I have been checking up on this site since I saw the trailer for cloverfield over the summer….Its been fun checking ever day for news on the awesome movie coming up….Its almost kinda sad its gonna be over….You have been a great help and I thank you….well good luck with this entire contest and all….later

  21. Bryan

    When the movie comes out I want to see it in real time, so I’ll see if there are any midnight showings in a movie theater in Manhattan

  22. Philip

    Cool! Love the site. Been a frustrating movie to follow at times, but latest teaser was worth it. Thank you muchly!

  23. Ryan C

    dude this website is awesome and i have been following cloverfield since transformers so keep up the best site!

  24. Archdusk

    Thank you for all your hard work. Without your diligence and discipline we wouldnt have had so much fun.

  25. Tom

    This site is great, I’ve been reading your updates since the beginning. Thanks for doing what you do.

  26. Jon

    Great idea. Good luck to everyone. It’s been fun checking into all the clues for this movie since day 1. This is best, most dedicated site to the cause. Good job.

  27. Felix Vasquez Jr.

    I have a Film Threat Cloverfield Blog and I constantly cite you as my primary source for Cloverfield news. So there.

  28. Will Hyde

    i can honestly say that i spend about 20 minutes a day meticulously researching the details for this movie, and this site is one of my primary sources. i have a few theories of my own concerning the movie’s storyline, and let’s just say my favorite pet theory is that my buddies the Great Old Ones will be paying the Big Apple a visit!

    “That which sleeping doth eternal lie,
    but given strange aeons, even death may die”

    -Howard Phillips Lovecraft

    keep up the good work!

  29. steve

    Can’t wait for this flick. Thanks for all your work keeping the rest of us junkies up to date.

  30. Fred

    Ever since my and my girlfriend heard about this movie we can’t stop thinking about it, giant monster movies reign supreme! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    (p.s. poster is awesome!)

  31. Sox

    Cloverfield might have the hype of the Blair Witch Project or might even exceed expectations. Cloverfield also might have some downside but i’ll see it.

  32. Kelly

    Love the site! I’ve been checking daily for updates, very anxious about Cloverfield coming out. I’ve decided I’ll be taking off on 1-18-08 to view this movie ASAP, while wearing my kickass Slusho! shirt of course.

  33. Charles

    Wow it would be cool to have an official poster of the greatest movie that I will ever see. Hmm I just hope that I win but of course I will never win I never win anything! When I was in 5th grade I wrote this one story for a contest and no one even entered so I know I’d win but the prize was given to another kid who had entered and I was sad. Oh well!

  34. Steven

    This website is the greatest. You are amazingly up to date and informative. Thanks for doing a great job.

  35. Masker

    I’m a lurker, but always come to Cloverfield News first when I want to find out what’s up with the movie. Nice site, and nice contest. Thank you!

  36. Nick

    Charles: Hahahaha man… Are you serious? Give that poster to poor old Charles or he might just hang himself 😛

  37. Erin

    This movie is going to be awesome! Ever since i first saw the preview ahead of Transformers i have been searching the web left and right to find out more about this movie. is definitely my #1 source! Thanks!

  38. marythelion

    I love this site!

    JT…I am with ya on the checking of the updates hee hee. Its addicting…and yes…I am an addict.

  39. Katie

    long time reader. first time poster 😛 ive been keeping up with this webgame/checking this site since the beginning. the trailer before transformers pulled me in (that and the fact that b/c of LOST i was already a jj fan!)

    the poster looks amazing and even if i dont win it here ill probably fork over the money to buy it. but a free one would be nice!

  40. Cody

    This site is amazing! I’ve been following since July and been a couple other places. I was at cloverfield clues for a while then 1-18-08news but they are nothing compared to this site. I love the comments on here because they keep me informed. Keep up the great work. oh and everyone keep posting (I like reading them and getting ideas about the movie). Can’t wait to see the movie!!!! YEAH!!!!!

  41. Jessica

    In less then two months we will be able to get the answers to all our questions,