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  1. Brady

    I wonder why she keeps drinking it. Maybe not even she can drink just six. And what relevance does it have to the series? Why would JJ Abrams and the others working on this film want Slusho to make an appearance in the show?

  2. Tabi

    I think the monster is Kappa. Kappa is japanese famous monster.

    Physique is such feeling. Don’t mind about their face,, It is parody of picture book or something


    Kappa lives there of deep water.
    If children swim in Kappa’s water, Kappa pull his foot and make to be drown.

    Being written in the poster is ?Large Kappa Monster?

    Look this picture and think “This is Kappa.This is Kappa.This is Kappa.”
    And you will recognize this monster shouldering some shells.
    I think it is Kappa’s shell.

    sorry about my poor English

  3. Harlan

    Can somebody help me? I can’t see the kanji characters on the tagruato site. I know i need some kind of map or pack or whatever to see them but i’m not sure exactly what and i’ve failed in every attempt. thanks.

  4. Morgannon


    Very interesting theory! I never thought about the Kappa…I always thought it was man size, but who knows?

    And doesn’t it have a bowl on its head in which it holds seawater, and if it’s tricked into spilling it (I think people would bow to it, and it would bow back and spill the water), then it gets weak and dies? Seem to remember something like this from my mythology courses.


  5. Austin

    could be wrong, but the news story regarding slusho! at the animal control center is new, i think.

    regardless, the whole giving slusho! to animals seems a little disturbing. especially the line:

    “While all the shelters received a generous donation from the Tagruato Cares! foundation, the centers with the most Slusho!-friendly animals were purchased and welcomed into the Tagruato family.”

    i wouldnt give my kitten caffeine, let alone slusho! she’s too hyper to begin with.

  6. jordan

    so has anyone pointed out that on the show heroes…there is a character named hiro, who will one day fight a huge monster with a samurai sword? just some food for thought. the monster looked like it could have been a godzilla like creature.

  7. Steve-O

    I bet this “Monster” is from the Mid-Atlantic” drilling site just off the eastern sea board that is located on the Interactive drilling map on Taraguto. Would explain why the Monster comes to NY.

  8. Ravenclaw

    yeah i saw “Belle” drinking the slusho in last night’s Heroes episodes. She seems to like it a lot…I dont think its that kappa monster. It’s a good theory but remember that JJ Abrams said that the monster was original. MAYBE, he got some ideas from other monsters, but it’s original, from his ideas and all. If it was some other monster that exists already, i think it’d defeat the whole story behind it know what i mean? the whole tagruato, slusho, jaime and teddy, everything would be pointless. I dont know, just my opinion….

  9. Jon

    Also, our misinformed friends at Yahoo! are citing “ethan haas” and cthulu as mytholoy for Cloverfield.

  10. the dude

    Shaurash-ho is the sire of Chtulu.

    Shaurash-ho = SLUSHO (in bad Japanese English)

    Go here:


    And you’ll retrieve a latitude number (in Greenland) that is also a Tokyo telephone number. I haven’t called it.

    Have fun.

  11. Igor

    @jordan – I don’t think that Hiro will ever fight a big monster, the painting done by Isaak was just a vision of Hiro standing in front of the T-rex in the Museum, when he stole the sword replica. That was part of the story just so the people would say “what a hell is going on?” nothing more.

    And as for Slusho! in Heroes I think that’s just a part of the whole marketing campaign, because everyone who has been following anything surrounding Cloverfield knows what Slusho! is. So they place it into a fictional world of Heroes.

    as for the “the centers with the most Slusho!-friendly animals were purchased and welcomed into the Tagruato family” part of that text, could be that all of the animals from those centers will mutate… who knows.

  12. Robert

    Has anyone noticed on the HD videos the 3 horse references in the New Trailer?

    There is the first horse in the Street

    The second is the Horse Figure when they are going down the staris to the subway (between the fire if you go frame by frame with your arrow keys)

    The las one is that the Girl that says “What was that” in the Subway tunnel, she has a Seahorse as Collar…check it out.

    3 horses, weird…

  13. Robert

    I see something else guys, there seems that in the scene where Robert is Saying “I don´t care what´s out there” he seems to have something attached to his Left Arm…seems weird…(besides the 3 black dots on shoulder and Purple Lips and Eyes)


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