Looks like Tagruato Corp. has taken notice that tagruato.jp site was “hacked”. Thanks for pointing this out Austin. It now displays an all black screen with the following at the top

My guess would that it says something like “Under Construction”, but if anyone knows exactly what it says be sure to let us know.

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  1. Engel

    That’s what I figured it said also. I hope it comes back different, and not the exact same site again.

  2. TP

    hey. for all those who are dumb — everythingisgoingtochange.com is NOT related to Cloverfield!

    it’s for a Christian ministry conference.

  3. Panos

    As Ric said, these kanji are: shikon kaisouchuu = right now (we are) in the middle of remodeling.

  4. magic

    this movie looks so badass that maybe Al Gore will have to conclude that man bear pig cannot kill the cloverfield monster.(just trying to make conversation)

  5. helooo

    Tagruato Lions win Little League Championship
    The Tagruato Lions Little League Team are victors once again! For the third straight summer, the Slusho! fueled Lions became league champs after defeating the Nishio Dragons by way of forfeit. The game was called midway through the 4th inning, with the Lions already leading 18-0 thanks to four homeruns by slugging first baseman, Fudo Goto, 11.

    “I hit the ball far,” said a jubilant Fudo following the game.

    Lions pitcher Masakuzo Endo (8-0) had nine strike outs and thirteen hit batsman. Nishio coach Geoff Jingle was forced to forfeit after he looked to his bench and found no Dragons brave enough to step to the plate.
    found this on taraguato website
    its back up

  6. Survivor GY-073b

    At first we didn’t know what to expect. When it hit most of the info services went down and a lot of people simply didn’t know how to respond. Everyone kept waiting for the police or the army to establish some kind of order but it was just chaos. Sometimes you would come across groups who had a plan but I think that just made them more of a target. No matter how far away you think it is, it just has a way of appearing and then…well people just start dying. How do you fight something that knows what you are going to do before you even think it? I thought for awhile I could hide until it left but now…I don’t think anyone is getting out of this. I think once it has killed most of the people the military will probably try nuking it or something. I just hope I can survive that long. I’ve seen some of the bodies…I’d rather be nuked….God help me I’m scared…


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