So after being “hacked”, then under construction, then fine again, the website is now back to “hacked”!! Not really sure what is going on here, but earlier today the website was totally fine and now the hacked image is the only thing on the site again. After this post I will probably stop posting about every little thing that happens with, unless it’s something major that holds clues. But this hacking/non-hacked stuff could get very repetative and take up valuable space on the page here. So this will be the last time I post regarding the hacking situation. Check it out for yourself…. really strange.

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  1. Weyland

    I think that I see something in the tidal wave. I blew it up big in Photoshop and i swear I can see what looks like an eye. Oval in shape with a black pupil and white around it..could be my mind playing tricks on me but you never know

  2. Hodge

    This activity looks encouraging. I hope it isn’t just going to go back and forth like this…
    Maybe things will start moving faster now

  3. Austin

    to those wanting to know what’s up with apple and why you cant find the trailers, it’s because the original location:

    has been updated with the new cloverfield name. the new apple location is:

    it is now #1 on the list at but is still not showing up in Front Row’s Videos > Theatrical Trailers section (for those of you using Macs)

    it is, however a part of the left hand rotating advertisment just underneath the menu though.

  4. Austin

    it was probably “hacked” too, but is back to a plain black screen. in case somebody missed it.

    i’m with the admin, this “hacking” of websites is kinda getting old they need to update something a little more juicy. maybe another pic on or something. my only question is why tagruato & bold futura are getting hacked & slusho!’s not? they probably dont want to take the hit from those buying slusho! shirts & hats.

    there’s gotta be something out there from the group or individual whose supposedly hacking these sites. maybe we should be looking for whose ever claiming responsibility for these attacks.

  5. Jt


    that is the code on the site.. they are doing it themselves.. they are not hacked..

  6. Jt

    edit.. that last post was suppose to show the code for the site.. not that post..below is an insert from the code proving they are doing it. if it was hacked (i would know) it would have a different directory

  7. admin

    Jt: that is just the code for the title of the page, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure that Abram’s and crew are doing it themselves, but it’s meant to look like they aren’t. And the title of the page saying “TAGRUATO IS DESTROYING OUR OCEANS” means nothing in the sense of who’s doing what to the site. And as far as “directories”, the “hackers” deleted all of the files that were on the servers and put the tagru_009.jpg in the root folder along with their index page… still doesn’t prove anything except that is what a hacker would do…

  8. Austin

    according to the, the message at tagruato changed in the days leading up to the original hack. it now says:

    “Thank you for calling Tagruato. Due to high call volumes, your call has been transferred to an automated answering service. If you have questions concerning our ParafFun recall, please leave a message, and one of our associates will find and support you as soon as possible.”

    why ParaFun was recalled is a mystery. can’t find anything as to why.

  9. Weyland-Yutani

    I agree with admin..this hacking thing is getting boring. I understand the build up to the release date and I am sure that the dates on the Tagurato site are correlating with it as well….just need something new.

  10. Lauren

    Zzzzzz. What? Oh…it’s hacked….Ok…zzzzzzzzz.

    (not a zzz in regards to this post, of course – but the act of the hacking getting old – any update to this site gets me excited and not in a perverted way!) 😛

  11. magic

    i dont know if anyone noticed this, but in trail 2 there is a noise right before the statue of liberty’s head hits the floor there is a weird robot like sound. i dont know if im crazy but you be the judge of that.

  12. Franky

    I still dont get how this is related to Cloverfield seriously I mean Cloverfield is gonna be a good movie but I dont think it would go that far like did they make viral websites of transformers or of godzilla thinking the most unpredictable things would be in common with it

  13. admin

    Franky: Have you been following JJ Abrams’ show LOST? I’m sure you’ve heard of it 🙂 But he loves this viral marketing stuff and has been doing it since LOST first began, so I’m sure he can get pretty creative.

  14. Billie Be

    well I expect and hope they stop playing games and give us some clues of substance in Dec, or even better just show us the creature come on!

  15. marythelion

    this is hilarious. LAUREN! LOL! I absolutely agree with all the masses. The clues all leading up to this fake website crap is a waste of energy.

  16. Morgannon


    That is what the picture on the website attempts to be saved as when I go to save it…isn’t it a bit unusual that a hacker would post an image that seems to be named after past images on the site? Just my two cents…

    Meh, now I’m getting involved in this viral marketing crap. Bleh.


  17. Lauren D

    The site is back to normal again… incase anyone is even bothering to keep up with it’s status.

  18. Master Roshi

    The Tagurato site is tring to tell us that the monster is a combonation of all the animals you see in the picture. I think it will walk on all fours,have a CRAB like shell with tentacles coming from the head and neck area. Thats why some people thinks it looks like a LION. Just some of my ideas.

  19. Franky

    Tagurto is starting to piss me off alot of people are going to be dissapointed if this has no connection with the movie

  20. TheOneGuy

    Ok..I think I might be losing it…I was sitting here running Firefox (as always) and I started hearing a strange noise..I thought it was something up with my fan I had on right beside me..But no when I removed the headset I had on it was gone. I had only Vent and Firefox running so I immediately closed Vent to neutralize that sound but I still had this annoying sound. It was VERY VERY low..Sounded like a low sound of some sort that rose in volume slightly…The pages I had open in Firefox (the only place the sound could have possibly been coming from) were:

    1.) The EXACT page you are reading this on
    2.) The Slusho Main Page
    3.) The Slusho Subsidiary Page on

    Out of those, I closed number 2 and hit back on 1 to take it to the google main page leaving only the Slusho subsidiary page up and that noise still going. It quit in the middle of me typing this…So is anybody else hearing this? I REALLY don’t think it has to do with the movie as it would have to be magnified so many times to be clearly audible what it is…But can anyone explain this at all???

    BTW: It’s midnight and I’m heading to bed so I will reopen a new a Firefox after closing and open the page and record sound for the next half hour or so…

  21. OFCPayne

    6 minutes of silence. DITOO. WATCH the 2nd trailer closely and pause OFTEN. Take notice of small notes (beside liberty head -DIAL ___?)Visit and SLUSHO! OFTEN. Take some small things and research, research, research. (hacked site-tiny pic-roman numerals =”IIIIIIIVV”. when searched, PLATELET ACTIVATING FACTORS shows promise. Don’t drink the SLUSHO! MYSPACE IS YOUR FRIEND. We will find and support you.

  22. Ravenclaw

    hey does anybody know or remember when is Jaime supposed to open Teddy’s gift? the 6th or 16th? i mean, since all this is pretty much going in circles im just waiting for that day you know…its the only sure thing for now.

  23. Harlan

    Magic – I hear what you mean but I’m pretty sure its just the sound of the Statue’s head bouncing that sounds robotic. before that is just sound fx of it flying through the air. i could be off but thats all i can hear.

  24. Barnasaurus

    I like what their doing to sell the movie to us so far. Yes some things are getting old but they do have us craving more and yes we do check for updates constantly. We have all taken the bait. The last movie I can remember doing something similar to this was “The Blair Witch Project”. Those guys released an hour long documentary on TV about the history of the Blair Witch and the missing teens a month before it showed in any theater. It seemed so real on TV they way they did it and…..yes I bought it. Saw the movie a few weeks later in a liminted screening before it went mainstream all over. Knowing what I knew before seeing it made the whole movie expierence 10 times better then the average Joe who just saw the movie once it was everywhere…..left the theater with chills, the last sceen still gives me chills because I let it and love it. Those guys knew exaclty what they were doing. The way the marketing of Cloverfield is going it will make the whole expierence on 01/18/08 much better then those who know nothing about Slusho or Tagruato, ect. We’ll get the missing pieces to the whole story on 01/18/08 and personally I can’t wait. The people who think the movie is crap after they see it will be the ones who don’t know the whole story like we all do. Sorry for the long post with no latest gossip on the movie itself. Just offering my opinion.

  25. ddbb

    Hoping the website is fake, the article’s about slusho and pets over indulging in slusho, and even swimming in it are just really stupid and lame. Dont get me wrong the movie looks cool , but i am beginning to worry about the websites leading into the movie. The whole slusho aspect of this movie is really boring, and wouldnt be suprised if its JJ’s marketing idea for a new product to make more $$$$

  26. deadboizer0

    Well from what i have been seeing so far this is what i got. I’m sure all of this is not new, but i have to get it out. The drilling in the deep ocean woke up the monster. people drinking slusho are being changed into a tasty snack for the monster, some how being changed into a form that makes us into a 5 star meal. And the smell of all that yummy food is what brings it to nyc. The acking of the site s kinda stale now, but i think the hack is going to lead up to them claiming that slusho is a danger to us all and the monster/people being changed into food stuffs will be the ultimate proof. also the animal rescue thing shows me that they know that slusho causes genetic changes and are trying to use that to create or control the process to the companies own ends.
    just needed to see what it looked like all down in writing….

  27. apronk

    I’ve mentioned this before, but since we’re speculating…

    In the Little League story on the Tagruato site, a boy is quoted “I hit the ball far”.

    That is an anagram for “fireball hath it”.

    But take it with a grain of salt, because it’s also an anagram for “bleat hair filth”. 🙂

  28. Jessica

    Ravenclaw: Jaime isnt allowed to open the gift until Dec. 9th. Im a little anxious to see what is in the box in the first place, but more now because we already have the title for the movie and the new trailer so what can it be other then the TIDOO doll everyone has been talking about?

    Thanks admin for keeping things flowing. I love coming here and reading eveyones comments and opinions and especially their theories.

    Keep it up everyone.

  29. extremeit

    I know that we have a few website that we are looking for clues in. Is there a list of every single one.

    I know of these

    Jamie and Tedyy
    Bold Futura

    There’s got to be others. Like the hackers hacking tagurato. Anyone see anything in the pictures, or pages that say who might be doing this?

  30. apronk

    This is probably looking way too far into it, but maybe there’s something about the times the site goes from normal to hacked mode. Like a code or a pattern or something.

  31. apronk

    I don’t remember this article mentioned yet:

    “To Investors: Concerning the RRC Article
    Tagruato is aware that many of you are shocked and angered over the recent article by the Ravaille Research Center. The Slusho! Board of Directors would like to assure you that the article’s claims are completely false and that there is no Seabed’s Nectar available outside their contained factories. The author of the article, Dr. Abe, is known for his suspicious research methods. In 1994 he was brought before his university’s academic board in regards to his genetic manipulation of Australian Aphynos. We have dealt with similar predators before. The article has been stripped from all subsequent issues and our legal department is currently looking into further retaliation methods. Please contact a Tagruato representative for more information on this matter.”


    I also thought it was strange in the dream team article that “labcoat” was spelled as one word. Anagrams? You bet.

    Tab Cola
    Bat Cola
    Lab Taco LOL

  32. apronk

    ok so I googled Australian Aphynos and obviously it’s been up before.

    still interesting though.

  33. apronk

    so sorry for posting so much. but…

    “Ravaille Research Center” seems to be a mystery. However, it provides yet another useless apronk anagram post.

    “Ravaille” = “Viral Ale” hmmmm?

  34. Barnasaurus

    Don’t know if this has been brought up in the past or not but what do you think the chances of the monster actually being named after the drink the helped bring it to life so to speak…..SLUSHO! It’t catchy, short, easy to say and I can see lots of toys with the name SLUSHO on it. It might actually fit with what the moster is going to look like. I don’t know, maybe not, the name probably has already been picked and we won’t know of course until 01/18/08.

  35. Robert

    maybe the admin should keep looking on targuato, my opinion is tha maybe every picture even if it looks the same, can have little differences and some clues. Greetings all

  36. julian

    lets just wait a month and a half without sharing every dumb idea that pops into our heads about these websites! then we can go see the movie for ourselves and stop speculating on every tidbit of benau minutia that jj abrams (lost sucks) throws our way

  37. admin

    Robert: honestly I dont think there is anything hidden in the real Tagruato site. I think it’s there to feel like a real company with real press releases, etc… I’ll post stuff that I feel is relevant to the movie, but as far as the site getting hacked and fixed, hacked and fixed, I’m not going to post on that anymore.

    superstealth: there’s nothing on that cluechaser site that should lead you to believe it’s part of the marketing or related to Cloverfield. I dont know where this rumor started.

  38. superstealth

    I’ve seen it mentioned on a couple different sites so I thought it might be something but the message board for the game says that it was inspired by Cloverfield but is not part of it.

  39. MarytheLion

    Admin – So aside from the flip slopping of Tagruato…what else is gonna happen here soon? Whats that about some gift Jamie is supposed to open? Is it ticket out of town because he knows the monster has been found?

    Do you think that Rob guy was hired by Tagruato or Bold Futura?

  40. MarytheLion

    oh wtH!

    Making shiny candles? ParafFun!
    Sealing a jar? ParafFun!
    Coating your hard cheeses? ParafFun!
    Gripping your surfboard? ParafFun!
    Creating paintballs? ParafFun!
    Preparing specimens for histology? ParafFun!
    Coating your waxed paper? ParafFun!
    Propelling your hybrid rocket motors? ParafFun!
    Improved bowel movement? ParafFun!
    Lighting your camping lantern? ParafFun!
    Testing samples in infrared spectroscopy? ParafFun!
    Moderating neutrons? ParafFun!
    Making a box of crayons? ParafFun!

    ParafFun! Rewax, it’s ParafFun!

    Improved bowel movement? ParafFun!

    AGAIN I REPEAT!!!!! W T F!!!!!!

  41. cagneybeast.

    so if slusho makes everyone who drinks SLUSHO! is a “5 star meal” the monster will make a surprise appearance on heroes! and eat them bitches!

    Cloverfield – Heroes the movie!

  42. Robert

    Admin , thanks for the reply, i just thouhgt it was wort the mention 🙂 thnks again and love T-page

  43. magic

    who me, i was just wondering like the phone number in the virla sites for the dark knight.

  44. Robert

    Check out and see the synopsis… (descends,name of file is: teaser_synop_popup.jpg) Teaser SYNOP? that means this info is just for the teaser…taser like “not yet what you will see”?

    “no comprende compadre!!”

  45. everyladies_hero

    I found an interesting looking word written in the white jellyfish on the corner of the hacked pic. i have no clue what it means but you have to zoom in like a mother to find it and also turn the image around after you zoom to see it. dont know if this is old but it could be something.

  46. Ravenclaw

    I totally agree with Barnasaurus. Once we see this movie, with all the excitement we’ve built up for ourselves all this time its gonna kick ass and those who have no idea about tagruato and slusho and all that, the movie’s gonna be like any other movie about a monster destroying a city…mmmm….maybe there’s another idea, the future of movies lie in the whole viral marketing through the net…more money for the producers, more back stories for the fans….i think is a nice idea. Also, thanks Jessica for answering my question =), ’til next sunday then! =)

  47. the carpenter

    movie! movie! movie! movie! i just wanna see the movie now, no more viral stuff…..seriously…i just wanna see the movie and we only have like….a month and a couple weeKs!

  48. Ravenclaw

    Sorry to re post and talk about something else… I saw on cloverfield clues that slusho! updated their store. Now they’re selling a hoodie…Has anybody bought anything from this store? is it real or what?

  49. Panos

    Yes the slusho! store has added a hoodie. I’d definitely buy a shirt. However, I don’t see somewhere in the store the signs that indicate which credit cards are accepted or that the store can guarantee a secure connection, or a help section where you can see the shipping costs and the countries the merchandise can be shipped. So until I have a positive feedback concerning these points I mentioned I won’t be buying.

    If anyone knows something more please tell.

  50. Jessica

    Ravenclaw your welcome.

    I have been wondering what the hell the gift is, but I guess we will find out what it is quicker then we will know what the monster is.

    Panos I dont think they will have a credit card section on the page for the simple fact that it seems to them that it might be getting out of hand if they actually begin to sell their merchandise. Its only for marketing of the movie and until the movie comes out and see how well it did I guess that is when they will decided to make their merchandise avaible for “actual” purchase.

    Sorry for the Long post just thought I’d answer a few questions.

  51. admin

    dan-ohh: cluechaser definitely not… as for that bold futura site, I’m not sure. I know tagruato doesn’t link to that site, so I can’t be sure either way. Tagruato is a part of the marketing, warbloid I’ve never heard of and is pretty obvious it’s nothing. and the last 3 you listed are part of the marketing, yes.

  52. Morgannon

    julian – November 29th, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    lets just wait a month and a half without sharing every dumb idea that pops into our heads about these websites!


  53. Panos

    Jessica, thank you for your answer! What you are saying about the slusho! store seems quite possible!

  54. dan-ohh

    Excellent. Thanks. Sorry to take up space on the message board. Perhaps you have helped out others who were confused as well but afraid to post.

  55. Blackweaver

    My fondest memories of the ARG were waking up, checking unfiction, and seeing like 10 new posts will hundreds of comments because a new website was discovered or some clue was found. I miss those days


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