Some people that have ordered stuff from Slusho are receiving a weird memo from Tagruato Corp.  A bunch of people at the unfiction forums (McPhearson) have taken the time to translate the entire front of the note which is labeled IMPORTANT SECRECY. There is also a hand written note on the back of the letter from “The Whistle Blower”. Below you will find the translation of the front as well as what the handwritten note on the back says. After the jump you will find images of the front and back.

Translation of the Front Courtesy of McPhearson at Unfiction.

” —————————————————
{TO:} Level 1 Temporary Provision Staff Member
{FROM:} Judgement Council
{SUBJECT: Trusting Those Out of Our Sight}
Effective Immediately!

Over the next few days, because of the incident that took place, starting now all letters to the outside will first
pass through our communication center, or they will not go out. Level 1 Personnel? They will remain where they are,
making certain to read the message from start to finish. (How will they know it is authentic, this message that is
dispatched everywhere? When it is inscribed by the ?.)

In addition, working hard/employment rusted overtime? As for the employees, they will be made to wait in their
appointed lodging facility until told otherwise.

If one witnesses an act of misconduct, and neglects to report it to the Council, Chuai’s department bureau will enforce
principles and regard it as a violation. There will be no exceptions.”

And The Back

“American, The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing. Expect further communication in the near future. – the Whistle Blower”

The Chuai station is the drilling station located off the coast of NY. Some people are speculating that this has something to do with Teddy. I could see Teddy possibly working on this drilling site and is one of the ones that has gone missing, considering in Jamie’s videos she says she hasn’t heard from him in a while, but this is all speculation.

Images after the jump.

Images courtesy of Cloverfield Clues