Thanks Bart for posting the link.

Well it looks like the group behind the Tagruato site hacks have been found, and the answer was right under our noses the whole time. If you recall each of the creatures on the hacked image had a number and the name of their species hidden in them. The tidal wave on the image also had a number but no name. Everyone started to assume that it was something like “ocean wave” which would fit the TIDOO, Tagruato is destroying our oceans. But it looks like it was really just a wave, because the group responsidble is T.I.D.O. Wave,   check it out.

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  1. wierd

    are you sure it was them that actually did the hack and not someone else trying to leads us to the site.
    it does say that they have no idea who the hacker actually was

  2. Frank

    If you read the whole story on the mysterious hackers, at the end, the author says something about not knowing who the hackers are, but they’re handsome. To quote it: “Of course, we have no idea who did the hacking but, whoever it was, they are ingenius, a great supporter of our cause, and undoubtedly ruggedly handsome.” Now, if they REALLY didn’t know who the hackers are, why are they giving them such a pat on the back? 😉

  3. Frank

    WOAH, HEADS UP! I went to Tido just now and read the post-it note picture on the Cruel-etin Board. Do you know what it says?! It mentions something about the Chuai station’s drilling has been creating a wide area of noise, scaring away the whales or something. They say the drilling has been going on for about a year. If the sounds of the drilling are scaring the whales beneath the sea… what else could it be disturbing? Maybe this is the reason the monster attacks the city!

  4. Billie Be

    I don’t trust the review I mean the CGI and such is not even done yet, to let the finished product out already AFTER nearly a year of huge hype build up and secrecy just doesn?t add up.

  5. wierd

    I saw that to frank it does seem pretty strange could just be another way to mess with us though

  6. Frank

    Yeah. I’m actually wondering whether or not is a real site. I actually was able to post comments on it under the name Monsterous. I’m on the site right now, trying to prove it’s false or find some clues. All I’m wondering about is a not on the Cruel-etin board talking about Tagruato killing some sort of anemone with their illegal dumping or something. Maybe the anemone is used in Slusho?

  7. wierd

    well if its fake its still a pretty good one.

    could be the anemone thats used bit it just seems that they are being to secretive if thats all it really is

  8. Frank

    Hmmm… can’t prove that the site is bogus. I think it really does have to do with the movie. Anyone find anything interesting on Tido?

  9. Engel

    Posted this on the forum, but for those of you who don’t visit there, anything think this is the group Teddy might be with?

  10. deadboizer0

    …….spent some time on the site now. and not a whole lot to look at. has few tid bit’s that could lead to something later. but for right now just seems to be getting rolling. the opening does look cool i must say.

  11. admin

    Dan: yes it’s been floating around since the poster was first released. If you ask me there’s nothing there, just people seeing what they want to see. It’s just smoke, you can take any image, mirror it and put it together and claim to see something.

  12. deadboizer0

    the wave site is trashed mow. the comment section is now a mess of crap from the movie fans being dumb a**es……..comments that they thought were clever read as just being dumb. IF this site is part of the game then it has damage now and can not be trusted. anyway..just tossing that out.

  13. josh

    yeah dan, it looks like some sorta turtle to me and thats what my friend said it was like a week ago :: a giant turtle would be stupid::

  14. Danielle

    Theory: Horse. Sounds stupid I know and doesn’t explain all of the exploding women and the relation to Slusho! and Tagruato, etc but hear me out.

    Look at the animated gif. image going around of the monster in Trailer 2, as it appears to be moving “back and forth” between the buildings. In my honest opinion, I think the so-called “legs” ARE legs, but the front two of a horse. The monster then appears to be looking at the camera, and then looks away as it travels off. It just appears to me as if it is moving in a horsey-way.

    Probz made a load of people laugh but oh well. Thought I would let people know of my acheivements :]

  15. admin

    Danielle: The monster is only moving forward in the trailer, whoever made the gif just played it backwards as well, since it’s such a short clip. Also, where do you see a face of any kind in the gif?

  16. Danielle

    I know in the trailer it’s ownly moving forward but in the gif, it looks as if it has a glowing eye or sumat.

    I dont even believe my own theory nemre ^_^


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