As it was mentioned in the forums last week, billboards have started popping up for CLOVERFIELD and Mr. Viper over at the Something Awful forums was nice enough to snap a few pictures for us. You can find this billboard at Cloverfield Blvd and Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica.

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  1. theace69

    had anyone noticed that the second picture has the same street name as the movie just a thought

  2. Engel

    See they are real, its a shame I couldn’t have posted a image that could actually show what the billboard was of last week.

  3. the carpenter

    could it be….that the movie… named after the street? hmmm….lol, and that would explain why it is called cloverfield?lol

  4. the carpenter

    edit….not that the movie takes place there….but just driving down there one day and was like….ILL CALL IT CLOVERFIELD….lol

  5. barnasaurus

    Man those palm trees look nice, although a big maple tree covered in ice looks just as good……..NOT!

  6. Deneece

    No, I think I read somewhere way back that JJ Abram’s production company’s office was located on Cloverfield blvd, or something to that matter, which is why the cloverfield code name was used during filming, and eventually used as the “military case designate” name for the camera found in Central Park.

    On a different note, I work at a movie theatre, and today we built the Cloverfield standee…Its fanfreakintastic! I mean, It;s the same image we’ve seen since july, the SoL with out the head…trail leading from the water, ect, but it was really cool. I took about 50 pictures on my cameraphone! lol. Hopefully we’ll get the posters in soon, because my manager has agreed to let me keep one (or both) after the movie comes out!

  7. Master Roshi

    Look closely at the numbers 003044, in the top picture they are directly under the sol and in the next picture they are beside the sol. Looks kinda fake.

  8. admin

    Master Roshi: it only appears that way because of the angles. Billboards have a ledge in front of them so that the people putting them up have somewhere to stand. Those numbers are on the front of that ledge, not on the actual billboard, so since the are closer to you, when the angle changes, they appear to be in a different spot.

  9. raoool

    Deneece is right
    Abrams production office is located on
    Cloverfield blvd (a real street name for those non believers)
    and I live in the L.A area and haven’t seen this yet haha
    Im gonna have to check it out soon

  10. Frank

    Theace69 – Um, wow. Yeah, look at that! Pretty cool coincidence, though. You know, I watched Heroes last night, and Elle, the one who’s been drinking Slusho! mentioned the term “Whistle Blower”. It’s a bit of a far chance that what she said is a clue, but it’s still nice to think it might be. And the billboard’s number, 00304, might not even be a clue or password to a future sight. There must be some other billboards somewhere with Cloverfield on them, right?

    P.S. Don’t confuse me with “Franky”. To prevent confusion, I’ll start posting as Animal.

  11. Engel

    You’re not going to be getting clues from a TV show that has nothing to do with the movie Frank. Also, those numbers on the billboard I would assume have nothing to do with what is displayed on the billboard.

  12. the carpenter

    thats the billboard ID number for the billboard company guys….no need to read into it

  13. Robbie

    I have a huge feeling that the monstrous cloverfield will be a giant mutated frog or even a TOAD! If this is the case, I think it would be slightly dissapointing, because the idea of a giant toad is too basic. However; it would be sort of a pleasent surprise, because the toad is literally my favorite animal species! Its just that I am hoping for something that might be an undescovered species or something that is just plain diluted. More of something that has an annoymous background! I mean, LITERALLY a monster!! Something ugly and horrifying and does’nt look like any sort of animal!!! Thats the Cloverfield that I am hoping for!

  14. cagneybeast.

    this movie is only a couple weeks away!

    im so pumped!
    whos with me?

  15. Robert

    Something has Change on Tagruato´s Web… there was a Picture on the left side of the whole web with a whale underwater… (if you remember) now is gone, but is still on the code:

  16. Robert

    Woops, the code didn´t show, but you can check it anyway!! Weird isn´t it?

  17. TK


    Maybe its a toad (TiDOwAve) or a turtle (TAGRUATO aka TORTUGA) or a just a giant plant (clover-field?)lol. Look out, that lily flower just *itch slapped the SOL.

  18. Robbie

    not to mention its abdomin section. it has a similar structure that of a toad or a frog. It even has the same skin complexion. look at it!

  19. Monstrous

    Um… yeh. The monster is pretty much a giant mutated snapping turtle. No freaking joke.

  20. TK


    The creepy roar then would make slight sense (A deformed croaking) and the explosion would just be that the giant toad threw an oil tanker at the city. (eh?). What about the “smaller” monsters though and the infections?

  21. Trexx

    Just an interesting, yet disturbing piece of information here…I’m not sure if any of you heard, but a sniper opened fire in an Omaha, Nebraska mall today and killed 8 people. Turns out his name is Robert Hawkins. Rob Hawkins is one of the main characters in cloverfield (correct me if i’m wrong)

  22. sc_kg

    Funny thing. You used to post an information about a cloverfield rip-of to be made by infamous “Asylum”. Seems like they changed title from “Tokio” to “Monster”, you can already see a trailer. Doesn’t it reminds you something? They even stealed monsters roar!!!!

  23. Robbie


    YEAH!!!! I saw that trailer myself a couple days ago! They added the monster roar that can be heard on the 1-18-08 teaser website!!! If you have noticed, they incorperated the cloverfield monster roar in backwards form! It looks so fake too!!! The cars that are being thrown all over the place, does’nt look realistic. I would just like to see what this tenticled infected creature looks like, thats all. It seems like this asylum is basically known for being rip-off artists! Come on…… “Snakes On A Train”, “TRANSMORFERS!!!”, “Monster”!!!!! OMG…. LMAO

  24. Austin

    damn trexx, last time I checked Hollywood doesn’t promote their movies like that. that unfortunate and REAL LIFE tragedy is completely unrelated to this MADE UP movie with FICTIONAL characters. if youre trying to make some kind of connection please stop. & besides rob Hawkins isn’t an uncommon name I have a cousin with the name of Robert hawkins (we call him bob)

  25. Robbie


    I’m hearing that these smaller monsters are “Alien” like with six legs! I also heard that they will fall off the monster and destroy stuff! I guess the smaller creatures are what causes the infections! After all, the beast itself is being refered to as “The Parasite”. In this case, I really hope that it isn’t a toad, even though toads are my favorite animal. If so, I could live with it, i guess. So it would be a “win/win” for me, in a way. But one thing that’s for sure, is that I heard from a review that mr. Godzilla competitor, is UGLY!!!!!

  26. Gaara

    wwooohhhheeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Chi chi reeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh…… the creature sounds like it likes to whine. LMAO

  27. Austin

    trexx its cool dude its unfortunate but there really are people out there who can’t separate reality from what’s on their computer sometimes. I just really didn’t want to see an Internet rumor fest making some attempt to connect such an awful tragedy wit something as trivial as a movie.

  28. Animal

    Yeah, there isn’t any way that the Robert Hawkins shooter has anything to do with Cloverfield. Anyway, I’m wondering what the next marketing step is for Cloverfield.

    P.S. I wish people would actually use the Cloverfield chat room. I’m in right now, if anyone wishes to join me. It’s easier to use that than waiting around for a response in the comments. 😉

  29. DonYJ.

    On Ebay you can buy a mousepad that says,”Cloverfield/Cthulhu….the Monster revealed!”. Check it out. It kinda looks like the monster to me. Thank God it’s not a frog! Noone is afraid of a pissed off Kermit.


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