So the last section of Slusho, Contest, is now live for everyone to go check out. It is a commercial contest, meaning you are to create your own Slusho commercial, 30 seconds long, and send it in to Slusho. The winners (5) receive a Slusho branded Alienware laptop. And remember Slusho is not SCARY and BAD or related to anything SCARY and BAD. You can enjoy the current Slusho commercial right here. After the jump

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  1. sc_kg

    This is why i don’t live in Japan… 🙂

    Did you noticed a monkey carring a flag, at the last frame? But I can’t figure out what a hell is in a backgroud of that frame? A monster or a tree?

  2. deBish

    ELIGIBILITY: Only legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years of age, or the age of majority in the state of his/her residence, whichever is older, at the time of entry are eligible to enter the Contest. Employees, officers and directors of Sponsor and any of its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies (collectively, the “Contest Entities”), as well as members of their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) or household are ineligible to participate in the Contest or win a prize. Additionally, professional writers, directors and producers are ineligible to participate in this Contest. Void where prohibited by law.

    BUGGER! SO much for me actually participating with a chance at winning. 😛


  3. hwmbrogden

    The thing that is on the flag in the last frame is a piece of cheese. (??) A monkey is holding the flag. I don’t see any connection here at all.

  4. o.O

    Hm…I want to know whats on the picture in the room.
    You first see it in the room and then when the green woman swims in the water with a hammer in her hand, the picture suddenly appears and you hear a noise like wheh you use a hammer. Maybe its only a picture and I just try to find things in every little thing, but maybe not.

    And the guy, when the face of this cartoon boy appears on his belly, makes grimaces like he would explode….strange…

  5. crazy

    What the hell is going on… I think I might be going crazy… did you see that commercial? It made absolutely no sense at all.

    Yet I watched it all for some odd reason.

  6. TK

    Do all commercials look like this in Japan?
    It makes some sense, his stomach is singing about slusho so he wants to fill it up. The moose is weird though.

  7. jab

    evidently, the guy gets his fill of slusho, and it gives him the strength to rip the door off the hinges, his universe floods with slusho? in comes the diver, presumably on the bottom of the ocean, “sea bed nectar”, swims up and gives some to the moose, so animals like it too? something is very wrong with doing all these things with that secret ingredient. maybe the dead marine scientist knew something about that.hmmmmmm.

  8. anom

    Did anyone notice in the new trailer that there is a shadow cast of either a mutated person or crab like creature? Towards the end go frame by fame and you can see it.

  9. E. Buzz

    There is sometrhing disquieting about that video, one of those deals where you can’t seem to figure out just why it does that.

    Some hidden sinister subjects that don’t register immediately.

    It’s dream like too…

  10. hwmbrogden

    in the new trailer there is a part about a minute in where if you go frame by frame you can see a head of a person that somewhat looks like a squid or a minion of Cthulhu, in the bottom middle-left of the screen. It is very quick and you can NOT see it by just watching the trailer normal speed. Tap the left and right keys on your keyboard to move frame by frame using quicktime! It could be the blurriness but its a great find nonetheless.

  11. anom

    lol, I can’t paste pictures in this forum but the shadow is 1 frame and is right after the 3 characters start hearing a clicking sound then freak out at the end of the trailer.

  12. hwmbrogden

    monstrous. i really dont think the monster is a moose. by the looks of it the creature has scales and is ready to slice people into pieces.

  13. Animal

    (Used to be Frank. Changed so no confusion with “Franky”) Ok, first off, I’m glad that Slusho’s mystery link was revealed. Second: that commercial freaks me out. Seriously. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t see any Cloverfield clues in it. Gonna watch it a second time, pause at some frames, then report back.

  14. Animal

    YES!!! GOT SOMETHING! Ok – I took the sound recording program on my computer and decided to record the commercial’s song – (Slusho! We have the flavor!)Then, I listened to it backwards. You may think I’m looking for something that isn’t there, but I SWEAR that backwards, the song says, “I love you, (can’t figure out fourth word)you are just! I love you, — you are just!

    Go ahead. Record it and then listen backwards. I think that Slusho is brainwashing people into obeying their “buy Slusho!” demands.

  15. GolfGuitarist

    I love how the computer is from Alienware…….. like an alien that attacts NYC (the monster). whoaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

  16. wierd

    When I watched this the first time a actually thought the moose was speaking backwards. Probably just me hearing it wrong though.

  17. Animal

    Hey wierd – good idea, so I tried it. The moose backwards just sounds German. : /

  18. Deneece

    i think the thing that keeps coming up (like the oven mitt, though I can’t see it in the commercial) is the hammer. It’s become a common motif. On SLUSHO!, there in the Distribution Opps (don’t quote me on the location, I may be completely wrong) one of the slusho! Flavor robot guys had a hammer floating around in his stomach with the flavor liquid. I don’t know the relavance of this little tidbit of information, but if anyone else knows what the heck that might mean, I’d love to know!

  19. Deneece

    Ok, I was right. It’s the blue robot on the right side of the Distribution paragraph. Also on the top right is the SLUSHO! monkey holding a triangle of cheese…Once again, no IDEA what the heck that means. But hey, its just an observation./

  20. Austin

    do you think they’d trade the alien ware for a slusho mac book pro? or at the very least use windows xp and forget the vista virus at the very least? I prefer to keep my more comfortable experience if I have to go the pc route I already know what vista can do for me- nothing- I refuse to have to ask what I can buy for vista.

    At least my 30 second spot will be created on a mac.

  21. z3ro

    is the monster a moose?? are u fukin kiddin me first u guys think its a turtle and now a moose, stfu!

  22. the carpenter

    lol…..this stuff is crazy. i wonder if this is something they are going to actually market…..sure is alot of money from the budget to be making things like this….you know? i had an alienware laptop….before they were bought out by dell. and i know that the oringal alienware computers couldnt be beaten by anyone. they were pretty much the best. and very expensive. im sure the quality will begin to fall now that dell bought them. im not happy with that. ANYWAYS>way off topic. I wonder why they would hold a contest like this? this is a bit more than viral advertising, you know? its taking it to the point where it is almost legit…..just makes me think…

  23. WTF?

    Wow…and I thought the trailer for Cloverfield was scary…0_o

    Anyhow, a few things I noticed: 1. When the moose first appeared, it made a sound somewhat akin to the monster’s roar. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but…hey, who knows? And 2. Near the end, when the guy opens the door, he looks in it, shakes his head and runs away…

    What could it mean…?!!!!!!

    The prize sounds hot, BTW…

  24. Ravenclaw

    i think they’re driving attention away from the whole movie, trailers and all cause maybe jj ran out of clues or ideas to keep people interested so at least this way he’s still got their attention, on a new “clue” cause the other stuff was getting boring… i dont know, just my guess…

  25. Lee

    That small picture in the room makes a couple appearances in the commercial. You see it after the door closes with the man standing in the room alone, and after the man shakes his head and turns and runs, it appears in the mermaid’s hands as he passes it, and at the end with the mermaid again in the bottom left corner. I just kinda thought it was weird that something seemingly unimportant like that appeared more than once. IDK. It may not mean anything.

  26. JJistheman

    I hate everyone who says it’s Cthulu… sorry it’s not no matter how much you wish it is, nor will it ever be a Cthulu like moster for that matter

  27. Mak

    First time posting. I noticed something in the frames where the man has lifted his shirt and rotating his head (spaz attack) while leaning it back.

    The cloud on the left hand side in the frames looks odd. Almost as if there’s two number threes.. Or something. Maybe a boat?

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  28. Morgannon

    What a crazy commercial hehe 🙂

    I’m not going to bother looking for clues in it, I just enjoy the craziness of the video 🙂

    Has anyone else recognized that actor? That guy is in a ton of movies as the “Japanese bad guy”. He was Shang Tsung in one of the Mortal Kombat movies. He was also in Heroes (JJ Abrams connection!). I think his name is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Anyone else think that’s him?

  29. horace

    yeah i think its that guy…

    but if they have a giant moose in the film, they might rename it…

    Attack of the Super-Canadians

  30. hwmbrogden

    A gigantic moose would probably be the worst decision the guy would ever make and would most likely be hunted down and shot for it.

  31. deBish

    Horace – that moose is not gigantic… That’s the real size of a moose….scary, eh?

    Maybe if Abrams had crazed and rabid beavers attacks as the ‘parasites’.

  32. Morgannon


    It’s Cthulhu – trust me 😉

    Seriously, relax man…everyone has their pet theory, and no one else is attacking people for those theories…

  33. Animal

    I want to know if anyone found the Slusho! song backwards as distrubing as I did. Please – someone with a sound recorder, try it out and tell me what you think.

  34. DK428

    Hmm…Good solving Animal. That right there might actually be one puzzle in this whole game that might have been solved. Good job Animal, know lets find out the answers to the rest of this puzzle.

  35. Engel

    Yea, its rather obvious at this point that Teddy is with TIDOwave. Ever since we found the site I figure he was.

  36. Animal

    DK428 – Thanks. 🙂 I’ve been following Cloverfieldnews for a long time, but just started posting last week. Now that there’s much more viral marketing to look at, connections can be made. The Teddy being with Tidowave thing is pretty credible, so I agree that we all should work on other things, like our elusive monster. Personally, I believe that the monster has been lying dormant in the waters near NYC, and Tagruato’s construction of the Chuai station has set vibrations through the waves that have woken the beast. On, it says that the whales that swim to our waters each year have been frightened off by the noise, so that’s one reason for my monster theory. The second reason – we know for a fact that there are smaller versions of the monster running around New York in the movie. The Chuai station recently had a major incident that they’re trying to keep from the public (that info I took from a previous article on this site about the piece of paper people get from Slusho! clothing). What if they’ve been attacked by the smaller monsters?

    Magic – Earlier, I posted about recording the “Slusho! We got the flavor!” song from the trailer and listening to it backwards. What I heard was this: I love you, (something) you are just. I think it’s a brainwashing message from Tagruato.

  37. Animal

    Travisleet – I looked at it, but I think what you see is just an effect for the passing monkey. However, when you look at the bottom of the rock wall, you can make out a sort of crab claw shape from the rocks.

    P.S. If you wanna talk about this further, I’m in the chat room. And see if you can get anything else weird in a single frame.

  38. Lostfan

    The last thing you see in this clip is a chimpanze carrying a cheese flag. Could it be that chimps are being tested in the Tagruato labs and that cheese is being used to infuse Slusho into them???

  39. TK

    Maybe those “rocks” are a close up of the monster’s skin.

    I’m going to hate JJ if he says that the monster was right in front of us all along, or if it turns out to be a monkey-moose. Hmm I’ll think I’ll call it a monkoose.

    I wouldn’t mind a monkoose with tentacles and eyes everywhere though.

  40. DK428

    Animal i really like the way you’re thinking, seriously guys u gotta listen to Animal, he is the only person by far that i have come across who ACTUALLY IS MAKING SENSE in this whole bizarre Cloverfield/Slusho puzzle game. Keep it coming Animal, really like the way u piece together each puzzle piece, we should all learn something from this guy and then maybe we would find the answers we’re all looking for. I still have a strange feeling that we might c something new when “I am Legend” comes out. Only two more days til Jamie opens the present Teddy sent her, can’t wait!

  41. Falconhawk

    Did anyone notice that the crab is crying across the bottom of the screen for about half a second at the 54-55 second mark?

    I don’t know if it means anything, but it was just something I noticed.

  42. Master Roshi

    If you drink more than six, you will start to make dumbass commercials! Just kidding.

  43. Animal

    Weird, I keep trying to post a comment but can’t. This is a test to see if my previous comment was too long.

  44. Animal

    (Ok, yeah, the post was too long, so I’ll break it down into pieces to get it up)

    Thanks again, DK428. I think you’re right when you say there might be trailers shown before “I Am Legend”, since it looks like it’s going to be a hit.

    TK – I don’t like the “feed monkeys Slusho cheese” thing, but you may be on to something. What if the smaller monsters were normal animals who had Slusho tested on them? Or, even, if the Slusho was making US the monsters? WAIT! I think I’ve got it now.

  45. Animal

    Ok – in the trailer, we saw a woman behind a screen who was being held down by people in biohazard suits. And then, we saw her stomach suddenly explode. What if our giant monster reproduces by itself? (Meaning it can fertilize its own eggs). Let’s say that the monster lays it eggs, and then fertilizes them? Now, Tagruato comes searching in the ocean for a drink flavor. Finally, they find the right ingredient for their “drink of all drinks”. They call it Sea Bed Nectar. Why? BECAUSE THE MONSTER’S EGGS ARE THE INGREDIENT. Now, Tagruato starts to market their Slusho. Everyone loves it, thinks its addicting. But when they drink it, what happens to the eggs? They settle in the drinker’s stomach. UNTIL THEY HATCH, GIVING BIRTH TO HUNDREDS OF SMALLER VERSIONS OF OUR MONSTER. That woman exploding behind the screen in the trailer? I think she drank some Slusho and adopted a monster without knowing it.

  46. Animal

    Now, what is going to happen when our parent monster finds out its eggs are all gone? It’s going to go after them. And where are the closest eggs? NYC. So, either the monster appears looking for its eggs, or the construction of the Chuai station has woken it up and the eggs have been taken under its nose.

    Personally, I think I’ve got it all down by now. I also wonder if JJ Abrams himself goes to this site, just so he can see all of our crazy theories. If he does, and he’s just read my comments, he’s either shaking his head in shame or laughing in my face. Lol. What do you guys think of my theory?

  47. DK428

    Wow! Animal how do u keep coming up with this theorys that sound dead on right. I’m starting to clearly understand this movie after reading your comments, J.J. should definitely be paying attention to your comments if he actually checks out all this fanmade websites for Cloverfield. Oh yeah by the way? your theory about the eggs hatching inside peoples stomachs, sounds eerily familiar with Godzilla, plus u can see that the slusho logo is on the guys stomach in the commercial when he lifts up his shirt. Good job Animal, keep on thinking new theorys on this Monster movie Cloverfield!I’ll be reading your comments.

  48. Animal

    Once again, thanks DK428. Now the only mysteries left are Jamie and her present that she’ll open tomorrow. I think that maybe it’s a part of Teddy’s body, like his hand. Why? Because Tagruato struck back at Tido. Now, I don’t have much to back this up, except that Jamie hasn’t heard from Teddy for a while, but I’m pretty set on guessing that Teddy has died for The Cause. It’s not one of my dead – on theories, but it’s all I’ve got until Jamie opens her gift tomorrow.

  49. TK


    I don’t think the sea bed nectar are eggs, becuase then the whole of New York would turn into monsters. Remember that everyone supposedly drinks Slusho and that its so popular. May the people who drank too much Slusho get sick when the monster approaches them, kind of like a trigger. Maybe it’s the monster’s poop.

  50. TK

    Oh and I don’t follow the myspace accounts too much. Can someone give me a brief description?

  51. DK428

    One more day til Jamie opens her present and remember…it’s going to be the best night ever!” 12.09.07
    P.S. hope your right Animal, lets cross our fingers and wish its true what u say.

  52. wierd

    why do people hope its a body part really I do think it is to but like i said to animal in the chatroom when she first shows the present she spins it round a bit so either that is just an empty box satnding in or its not something very heavy

  53. wierd

    that or something from the slusho website mmabye he intended her to get one of those memos

  54. blktooth420

    hey has anyone noticed that the transition scene in the commercial where the monkey flys by with the flag. if you look the diver is pointing at you holding a hammer and oven mit. and also i think the mini-monsters are in the slusho (like eggs) and are triggered either when you combine all 6 drinks or the monster is near by. the best example- the duck exploding into the robots. and who knows maybe all the monster is, is just one of these combinations all grown UP!!!

  55. Animal

    Jamie’s video isn’t up yet, but we have to be patient! I want to know what’s in that box…

  56. super

    HOLY SHIT I CANT WAIT THIS LONG MAYN ITS BEEN LIKE 5456345645646435432432169816 months :@

  57. DK428

    Yeah! where is the new Jamie video? strange that they haven’t put it up on her site…maybe something has gone terribly wrong….we’ll just have to wait and see for a couple of more hours. I say that we’ll find out before midnight and remember… “it’ll be the best night ever!” 12.09.07

  58. TK

    Hey Animal, do you happen to play online games? Because I think I saw “Animal” on Would that be you?

  59. deBish

    JDioneda – damn but that animated clip’s going t’ give me a headache if I look at it any longer.

    Looks like two legs walking forwards (left to right). The leg on the far side is going donwards, and the one on the near side is rising upwards and forwards. I see two knobby knees of about the same size.

    Big ol’ carapace.

    MUCHO Kudos to Animal! Seriously well-thought out, researched and argued points!

  60. Teso

    Now I am getting convinced of the whole “exploding woman”theory. Notice the form of her breasts( with all due respect. They kind of coincide with the way the expand in the trailer.

  61. John P

    If this has already been posted forever ago call me a newb, but did anyone notice on that the guy giving Robert Hawkings the drink is wearing a Slusho t-shirt? I haven’t read everything there is to read, but I try to keep up, and now that I think about it I’m sure its been noticed, but just thought I’d throw that out there to make me feel special.

  62. andrugomez

    Ok just a thought about the phrase “You Can’t drink just six!”. It’s been around since the beginning. Maybe it isn’t from drinking the Slusho per say that causes you to explode or whatever. Maybe it’s when you STOP drinking Slusho that something bad happens. Somewhere on here i read something about Slusho causing an elated feeling like extacy or some drug. So it’s possible it’s addictive, or you NEED it. What if Slusho does infect you and then what if drinking Slusho keeps the thing growing inside you in check? What if when the attack happens the girl who explodes can’t get her fix of Slusho and the thing inside her gets out? I know this may sound crazy. It’s just a thought about the “can’t drink just six” slogan. I mean why can’t you? What do you all think of that phrase?

  63. marz

    sooo..slusho IS the parasite hmmmm..but i cant shake the feeling that maybe teddy made a mistake sending that stuff to jamie.perhaps if he DIDNT send it,the monster would never had attacked or even knew where new york was.

  64. marz

    u know what would be realy funny..if the company tagruato WAS the monster attacking the city…pissed off that it’s secret got out..and transformed…OR if the monster was that person from the story on the tagruato website history section…the one who was lost at sea {x_x}.oO its late..forgive me lol

  65. Morgannon

    Has anyone who speaks Japanese put up a transcript of this commercial anywhere? I’d LOVE to hear what the moose is saying lol…

  66. Reagon

    Hey, I just did some screen shots of the monkey’s cheese flag and pieced them together in photoshop and it’s really weird what’s really on there. It’s a mechanical looking head, maybe even (dare I say it) a mechanical lion. It’s at the front of the cheese triangle and you can only see it for a split second. It’s partly in shadow, but it’s definitely a robotic head of some sort that doesn’t look like swiss cheese until the flag moves by a couple of more frames.


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