So I kept checking all day yesterday for a new video, which is embedded after the jump, over at (password: jllovesth) since it was the day she was supposed to open the present she got… and of course nothing was updated by the time I went to sleep and then it looks like shortly after that the video was uploaded.

Ok so here are some cliffs on the video, YES she opens the present and it seems as though Teddy has disappeared off the face of the earth. He hasn’t answered his phone/text messages or video messages that Jamie has sent him in a month…. sounds similar to the note that’s been shipping with the Slusho stuff. Oh and wait, what’s in the box? An awesome Slusho hat along with a small package that says “Primary Evidence, Freeze ASAP, Jamie Don’t eat this” and then there is a tape recorder which says the following:

“Jamie, listen to me. This is not a joke, if you’re hearing this (or haven’t spoken?) it means I’ve been captured by the company called Tagruato, ok, Tagruato. Now listen, you, this is important, don’t call the authorities. It’ll screw everything up, just sit tight and wait to hear from (Randy??), he knows to call you. Um, look, i’m on their station, ok, it looks like they found something or their making something but, but, the point is I can’t… I’m not going to be calling again, you’re not going to hear from me. I just want you to wait for (Randy??) he will explain…”

And of course her first inclination is that Teddy just found some other girl and doesn’t have the balls to tell her and break up with her. So this is actually quite interesting, it kinda ties together what we’ve all been talking about regarding Teddy and Tagruato and the station off the coast of NY. I have a feeling this may be the last video we see from Jamie, unless of course this Randy? (i couldn’t make out the name clear enough) calls her and explains what’s going on. Then maybe she’ll make another video of her crying and apologizing for the last video and hoping that Teddy is ok, or something along those lines. But overall not a bad video, I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be just the Slusho hat, I would have been pissed haha.

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