So the group responsible for protesting Tagruato has posted a few new blog posts on their website, which you can find here. And they are being made by none other than Teddy’s friend Randy. You can find the 3 short entries below.

December ?Tip for the Field?

Many of you have written in and complained that when you get into a demonstration situation and it goes array, you often find yourself alone in a jail cell for hours or trapped outdoors with inadequate food, clothing, or hygiene options.

To address this need, I?ve created a ?Survival Kit? of essential items to take with you to any gathering, should you be captured or forced to flee society for several days.

1. ?Warm towel?
2. Dried fruit
3. Small comb
4. Jerky
5. Flare gun
6. Swiss Army Knife
7. Compass

I?ve been making pre-packaged ?Survival Kits? of my own for distribution at Tidowave rallies. $30 per set. Please contact me on my cell for purchase.

Flower Donations

Please send all flowers and sympathy cards to Margaret. She?ll pass them on to the appropriate parties.

Call To Action

The ?event? discussed in our last meeting has, unfortunately, had some problems. Therefore, we?ll be staging a repeat ?event? for the weekend of the 14th. Please contact Randy on his green mobile for updated information.



Thanks to Lee Grant for posting this over at the forum. Not really sure what it all means, but it gives us indication that Randy and Teddy are indeed part of Tidowave. And remember, the comments on Tidowave are posted by anyone who wants to, so don’t dissect the comments too much.




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  1. Jessica

    “Flower Donations

    Please send all flowers and sympathy cards to Margaret. She?ll pass them on to the appropriate parties.”

    Flowers for what? and for who?

  2. marythelion

    Mary F
    12/11/07 7:29 am
    Do we get a Slusho hat with that? Like Jamie got?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hee hee…we’ll see! This was a post under the “survival kit”

  3. Adam

    Why is the “Swiss Army Knife” the only thing in that 1st little piece that looks like a link to another site? Very interesting.

  4. Shaunster

    So this Friday is the weekend of the 14th…What should we anticipate? Another try at an “event”? Will something be posted on one of the viral sites?

  5. Lauren S

    @ Adam: And yet it doesn’t actually go anywhere. Also intriguing. I wonder if they’re trying to hide something and if at some point it’ll change to an actual link.

    I think one of T.I.D.O. Wave’s operatives must have been hurt/dead. I suspect that it’s Teddy, and that Randy is going to deliver the flowers to her as proof that Teddy really is dead. (But I have very little to base this claim on, except gut feeling.)

  6. Space Monkey

    Did anyone else notice that “Warm towel” is in quotations? I’d say it’s a euphemism for something else, but what?

  7. neenko

    Maybe Tagruato inject Teddy with deep sea nectar, he becomes the monster and returns to New York to find Jamie?

  8. Space Monkey

    I’m at work and cannot access the chatroom, but I will post my thoughts here:

    According to the post, there are two possible needs for the “Survival Kit” – capture or being forced to flee society. Now if you look at the list of items, what would be useful in case of capture?

    The “Warm towel” could be a cyanide pill, or something along those lines. That way you could not be tortured into providing information about TIDO’s plans. It’s a far out theory, but not unheard of.

  9. deBish

    I’m thinking that TIDO is the culprit in setting off the creature. Perhaps they meant to sabotage the drilling platform. They wake the creature that takes out the drilling platform, and chases their escape boat back to New York. That explosion is the boat being tossed onto shore. Robby gets a phone call during the first vid….maybe that’s why he’s looking scared, eh.

  10. wierd

    i was thinking mabye tido had something to do with the monster. don’t think that phonecall was anything to do with the explosion though

  11. archnem;

    hmm, looks like from the 14th through the 16th we will some some important facts on issues they are having.

  12. Rocco

    <p>Everyone, please read this:</p>
    <p>– Cloverfield Information Leak –</p>
    <p>WARNING ? Serious plot spoilers are contained in the lower half of this interview post. Please close the box if you are not interested in plot details and spoilers when my warnings prompt you to do so.</p>
    <p>My name is Rocco Ifante. I work at the Sherry Lansing Theater in California. On Thursday, November 15th, 2007, J.J. Abrams? Cloverfield was aired to the executive-public for the first time at the Sherry Lansing Theater in Hollywood, California. Actors in attendance included Michael Vogel, Michael Stahl-David, T.J. Miller, and Lizzy Caplan. As well, Ellen Mirojnic, George Lee, Kane Brassington, and Peter Konig ? all notable people said to be directly involved with the film ? were also in attendance during this special screening. I did not, however, see J.J. Abrams or Matt Reeves.</p>
    <p>Before the film?s abrupt screening, I was able to get a hold of a friend of mine (whose name will not be disclosed) that works for Los Angeles Downtown News. After informing him that Cloverfield (though, at the time, I was not aware of the title) was being screened at my theater, he rushed over. No, we did not see this movie. There was a lot of security guarding the entrances and exits and asking for blue passes (which I assume only executives had a hold of). </p>
    <p>When the film was over, my friend and I did the best we could to speak to someone involved with the film; of course, no one would give us the time of day. Once we had split up, a gentleman who is now verified as Lawrence Katz, a second assistant director of the film, spoke to my friend for about 10 to 15 minutes. During this time, my friend received what is, in my honest opinion, revealing answers to the plot of the film. Larry, however, was not speaking in an aloof manner on this topic. During the middle of the conversation (or interview), he stated that the contents of his information was nothing that Paramount and J.J. Abrams considered to be ?overly revealing, something that could potentially spoil the movie if the public had known.? He emphatically made it clear that the number one thing the executives of this film are hiding before its release is the monster?s description.</p>

    <strong>EDITED BY ADMIN: Sorry Rocco, some people have asked that the spoilers be removed for those that want to be surprised by the movie. I have saved everything you have written and might post it in the forum with a proper warning, but for now it will be removed from the general comments. </strong>

    You can now find the rest of this post on the forums, but again beware there may be spoilers if this turns out to be true.

  13. super

    hahahahah thts sickk hopfully the monster is scary enough to make me piss my pants 😛 hahahahah dope sht

  14. Lauren S

    Rocoo: What the hell is wrong with you? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe people don’t want to see these spoilers here!? What a vastly inappropriate place/way to put this information out here. You ought to be ashamed. Even though you’re warning people of the spoilers, you should still not be putting that here.

    In other news—anyone else suddenly think of Towelie? “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”

  15. Lauren S

    I apologize for going off there; there was no need for me to be ugly. I realize you’re giving warning, Rocco, but at the same time, with that *big* of a post there’s still the risk of people accidentally stopping on it and finding out something that they really didn’t want to know.

  16. Austin

    Hey remember last week when these comments were just that, comments? its beginning to feel a bit chat room like around here the last few days

    Rocoo next time a link out to the page will suffice, but its cool dude we all make mistakes 🙂

    lastly, real quick regarding the jamie & teddy vid, & maybe everyone was too busy arguing amongst eachother to take notice, but more than the wait a month then freeze aspect, does anyone think its a bit strange that he said he had been captured but yet he was able to get a box out while in “captivity” with this “evidence” that may or may not have survived a month without being frozen

  17. Lauren S

    Austin: that is pretty weird. I thought at first it meant that maybe he hadn’t been captured quite yet–but it’s definitely worded weird. Double crossing maybe…? Man. Can’t wait for the 14th/the next vid.

  18. Lostfan

    I am tired of all these so called “Reviews” popping up within days of each other. I am going to pretend that none of them are true, as I suspect that for the most part, people are making this up as they have nothing better to do with their time. I highly doubt that ANYONE at a preview would open their mouths and randomly tell anything about this movie to people that are just hanging around.

  19. Nick

    What’s the big deal with the spoilers? I mean,everything he said is somehow what we think… On the other hand. This movie is starting to look less and less appealing to me. Starting with the PoV.. .That’s no way to do a decent monster flick! Who cares about the characters or their lves? I will be there for the monster…

  20. Nick

    Oh. BTW… They should ALL DIE.. I mean, That whole survivors on the run. I will make it is boring… Don’t you think it would be a lot better if at the end they all die? (Think -Blair Witch Project or any Tales From The Crypt episode) I find it very entertaining when everything just goes compleeetely wrong…

  21. Barnasaurus

    If there are any survivors that would dissapoint me. So many movies nowadays are so predictable. You just gotta wait it out until the final minutes and you know the good guys will survive somehow. Not this time! I will be comparing this movie to the Blair Witch as you mentioned Nick. The marketing on that film was good and had me hooked weeks before the film went nationwide and I loved the film. I hope to love this film the same as I’m already hooked no matter how many spoilers I read. I want total destruction, total loss of life in this film. I want the score at the end of this movie to be Monster – 1, Man – 0. Hopefully if this is America’s monster there will be a round 2 & 3 in the future. Go Monster!

  22. marythelion

    Nick – My husband and I saw this preview in the front of Transformers. My husband really isn’t into the whole hype thing, once he saw it was shot from a FP point of view.

    And he’s got a point. This was already done, and he mentioned the same thing you did. The Blair Witch Project. And yes, that movie was a big let down.

    How this movie will end, SHOULD they all die, I’m anticipating, will SUCK ASS. That part I am not lookin forward to.

  23. marythelion


    Ok the excitement in your postings…I’m ok if the people die. How its presented, as you say Barnasaurus, in the last few minutes of the movie, will make it or break it.

    One thing about the spoiler though, it did read a little like what we’ve all been speculating and reading about. Not so top secret. I was in fact a little disappointed reading it. Almost let down. And now, I kinda do want total mass destruction. I want to be lied to right now, be a TOTALLY blown away by the flick. Monster 1, Man 0. LMFAO! You guys are KILLIN me! Love you ALL!

  24. deBish

    Missed the spoiler…. but is everyone so sure of the veracity of the information. Perhaps another curve-ball thrown by good ‘ol Abrams 🙂

  25. Barnasaurus

    I have to ask marythelion, did you see the Blair Witch during it’s nationwide release or did you see it in one of the select cities during it’s limited release. Also did you see the ducumentary on the three kids and the witch prior to seeing the movie. That played a huge role in the movie as will all this stuff going around the net for Cloverfield. Sorry guys, I won’t stray off the subject again. The people who hated the Blair witch will be the same ones who hate Cloverfield because they didn’t get the whole story. I’ll bet over 50% of the people who go see Cloverfiedl will have never heard of Tagruato or Slusho, unless they watch Hero’s but still I don’t think anybody will even connect Slusho from Heros unless their on-line like we are looking for updates all the time on this crazy a** Cloverfield. I’m hoping for some kind of TV ducumentary or special from TIDOwave or something to try to expose Tagruato to the public before the premier so more people know about it. What thye’ve done so far to market this movie I have to say is very, very smart.

  26. admin

    Barnasaurus: I agree, I thought the Blair Witch Project was brilliant. And even before the Blair Witch Project came out there were movies that were executed the same way, for instance Cannibal Holocaust, which is very gruesome for those that are interested in seeing it. I enjoy this style of film making.

  27. marythelion

    Hey Barn

    Yes I saw the documentary stuff before the film. I actually saw Blair witch at a drive in, and I was frickin creeped out! The hype, and the supernatural aspect was brilliant, and genius, I thought anyway. I did see it in the nationwide release though, was there a difference?

    And yes, I agree that most people will have no clue of Slusho or Tag…I’ve mentioned before somehwere in many posts…this viral marketing thing is genius! I am enjoying all the pre show hype, but still look to be wowed at the show too.

  28. Robbie

    Hey people. I know this Cloverfield beast may do a lot of destruction, but HE AINT NO MATCH FOR ROLLAND’S GODZILLA!!!! I bet if they had a match, Godzilla would SMASH that parasite! I’m still hyped about the movie though, believe that!

  29. Jt

    nothing new has been released and the hype is dying down very quickly.. other message boards are saying nothing.. JJ needs to do something to keep interest up

  30. Carlos

    i dont really think this movie will be a letdown. of how good jj abrams makes films and shows, this will be one of his best. he really needs to keep more interest. we need a new photo on the 1-18-08 site

  31. TK

    The more I read the ‘reviews” the more I’m convinced they’re BS and they have never seen the movie. I think it’s just a bunch of losers trying to grab attention…

  32. marz

    if they do all’ll be ALOT like them kung fu flicks..almost everyone in those die..even the heroes lol…besides aren’t we to suspect that everyone did die? isn’t that why they have to refer to the videos left behind..hell, if they had’d be a movie bout a whole bunch of interogations and interviews..

  33. Icky

    I was just reading up on different websites & relized something…

    Lets just say that the woman exploding in the cloverfield trailer is because of drinking slusho (I have seen many posts about people speculating thats why she explodes, you cant just drink 6 etc” , But… If Slusho has something wrong with it :ie: makes people sick,explode, transform or hatch a baby monster in your stomach… Then the characters shown on heroes or alias that have drank this slusho stuff should also explode… or whatever, but you know they wont. So I believe that it wouldnt make any sence for people to be harmed by slusho in Cloverfield, if the other people (even though there not in the movie, its the same product) are not hurt.

    Just my 2 cents

  34. jab

    possibly, slusho is monster caviar. tagruato is sucking up its egg fields. it gets mad and takes out the staion on 1-17-08, then new york city on 1-18-08, to settle the score. the sea bed nectar, if frozen properly, is rendered harmless and delicious, their dead. if not, they’re alive, in you.

  35. The Amazing Expanding Girl

    Hey there! It’s me, Lizzy Caplan!
    U know guys, we at the movie always used to get into this website…u guys tend to be so funny sometimes!!
    Try to go out a little bit more!! It’s just one more month and you’ll finally get to see me explode!!


  36. TK

    Hi “Lizzy Cr@plan”, I think it’s you who needs to go out more…what are you doing posting on this site?

    Nice one though…whoever you are!

  37. Rocco

    Hey everyone,

    I sincerely apologize for putting those spoilers up for those who did not want to read them.

    The interview was real, but at this point — nearly a month away from its world premiere — it doesn’t really matter. All of the things that Larry disclosed weren’t exactly dead giveaways. His insight merely filled in a few missing pieces and gave us some details on other things that are happening in the film (for example, how it begins). He made it clear that the monster is the most important element of this movie, and I think that was evident in the interview, as well as the second trailer.

    Again, I apologize. I hope all the people that have been following this movie (as I have) will continue to, and watch it when it debuts.

    Kind regards,

  38. fr33thought

    all i can say is.. when the dvd comes out the extras are gonna be killer!!! (if they cover the viral marketing to a proper degree)

  39. Weyland-Yutani

    Hey Rocco..I don’t mind reading the rest…if so let me know where i can take a look at it. I don’t mind it. BY the time film gets here…there will be photos of the monster as the release date gets closer. Hell, you’ll see them on Entertainment Tonight.

  40. Rocco

    Hello again, everyone.

    I’ve made a post in the forum (link below). Please, do not click this link if you do not want to read plot spoilers. However, contrary to these spoilers, I will say that there is still no additional information regarding the monster, and the interview states that the monster is what Abrams (and Paramount?) are keeping secret until the very end (at least it seems that way).

    Read this if you must. I don’t consider this interview to be seriously revealing, but a lot of people have and will.

  41. GolfGuitarist


    PG-13 for violence and disturbing images.

    Just so everyone knows. found it on the official site.

  42. super

    dis movie better be good, ive been following this story for months wow i ahve no life 🙁

  43. GolfGuitarist

    hey now……. sometimes i skip over posts, and dont read them all. im not out to compete. obviously some others didnt see the rating either. so yea

  44. Rocco

    While it could be argued that my link contains no spoilers, it certainly does hint at many of the notions that people have been discussing on the internet at least over the last month or so (since the second trailer has been released).

    Personally, I didn’t find the information that was given to me to be an overwhelming source of information. I will say, however, that people who are only interested in the online viral campaign (and not necessarily concerned strictly about events occurring in the movie) would find my link to be a bit of a spoil.

    Information on how the movie begins, how it is shot, and whether or not we can expect to see the monster (and how clear it is) is briefly touched upon. I’d say those warrant spoiler warnings, but each person can be their own judge.

  45. barnasaurus

    I was able to read a total movie spoiler….I do this alot before I see movies. From what I have read and if it holds to be true this movie is my kind of film. I won’t go into any detail but I now can 100% rule out that this is not a remake of The Muppets Take Manhattan.

    Question….did Abrams and company completely forget about site….no new pictures in a long long time….what’s the whole point of that site anyways

  46. DK428

    Hey Guys nobody has mentioned this so i’ll say it myself, I think that we’ll be seeing something before I am Legend on 12.14.07, for some reason i get this feeling that this movie has something to do with Cloverfield. In the new I am Legend trailer they show the brooklyn bridge is being destroyed, we also see this in the 2nd Trailer for Cloverfield, coincedence? i don’t think so. Plus i’ve read in other forums something might happen on December 14, 2007, we’ll just have to wait and see…Only 2 days left

  47. South Texas Terror

    So if this review is correct, then the movie will NOT be seen from the camcorders POV. How do you pull off an aerial shot like that?

  48. Philip

    South Texas Terror…

    Perhaps it’s part of a news broadcast or something? Sort of like the moment from the teaser, where the cameraman is filming everyone watching the TV to try to figure out what happened.

  49. Barnasaurus

    I don;t think the Brooklyn Bridge being destroyed in “I am Legend” has enything to do with “Cloverfield”. In “I am Legend” it seems the Government is attempting to contain the virus by all means and destroying any way out of the infected area means destroying bridges out of siad infected area… the bridge is detroyed in Cloverfield….I don’t think has anything to do with the Government trying to contain a monster that has Slusho Zoom super powers. Although a new trailer would not be out of the question before “I am Legend”.

  50. Weyland-Yutani

    I am Legend has no connection..the brookly bridge gets destroyed by good ol’man made Missiles…they do shot it in the trailer…

    Cloverfield though is the monster standing up and bringing destrucion to the bridge.

    Jeez! Attention to Detail people!

  51. admin

    Regarding I Am Legend, it has nothing to do with Cloverfield, it’s about vampiric/infected people.

    Regarding how we could get an aerial shot of the monster, it’s in the trailers that a few of the people get into helicopters, so they are definitely in the air.

  52. deBish

    Yanked? Nah..more like their tail-rotor got tagged with something…hence the rotation of the cab.

    Read that interview BTW… doesn’t give away much at all…certainly not any juicy details! 😛

  53. Robbie

    Master Roshi

    YEAH RIGHT!!!!!PLEASE….. THE US….Godzilla would MURDER this Cloverfield PARASITE, if there was any kind of connection!!!!!! Godzilla was smart, in that movie! Godzilla was a strategist, PAL! Yeah, this supposedly Parasite, might have some kind of super natural powers and Godzilla had an underdeveloped from of the fire breath, but come on….this is GODZILLA were talking about! He is supposed to be a triumphant beast! All he would do is keep throwing Mr. Cloverfield off his guard and take em out!!!! Maybe shove buildings on top of him, from behind. Maybe leap off of a building and crush Mr. Cloverfield by landing!!!! Or dive under ground into the sewers and spring it on em, fullin em into the sewers by tugging extra hard on his legs! OUCH…..collapsing into concrete would DEFFINITELY HURT!!!!! It would probably even be enough to knock this new monstrosity SENSELESS!!!! The AM, Godzilla might not have had any experience in fighting other giant creatures but still, the point that Universal productions was trying to get at, was he is the spin-off of the Japan version! They were gonna make sequals of him fighting other giant monsters, its just that they were afraid of creating another failure. As sad as it is for me to say….. :-{ I loved that Godzilla movie! I just hated the whole baby Godzilla thing, AND the fact that they scrapped the plans for a sequal and made “Day After Tomarrow” instead! The FOOLS!!!!! >:-0

    I have a magnificant drawing ability by the way people! I love to draw anime fashion characters and stories! Right now, I am making up a story of JP Godzilla, AM Godzilla, and Mr. Cloverfield all fighting each other. I like to create different stories and utilize my imagination in my freetime!

  54. jab

    coincidence maybe, but on the slusho site, on the flavors page, the flavorbots have a sliding bar under them, it makes them get bigger, listen to the noise. it’s the same noise the slusho gang here’s in the tunnel, they turn around to listen to a clicking noise behind them. hmmm, maybe nothing.

  55. marythelion


    Yeah they are similar sounds….the clicking. I have both up, the trailer and the slusho. Interesting correlation. Can’t wait to see everything tie in together come 1-18.

  56. jab

    i suspect viral things will heat up after tomorrow. teddy’s death revealed, i can’t imagine the chuai station not being attacked by the monster, headlines from tagruato probably trying to cover up, more traffic on the myspace pages about teddy, i mean it’s all connecting, slowly but surely. patience. i’m committed to going to the movie.

  57. marythelion

    oh HELL YEAH! I’ll be there! Thanks for reminding me about the event tomorrow. Can’t wait to start digging around again! Its a really good story line, a good lead up to the movie. I just wonder if we’re done hearing from Jamie…about Teddy that is. If they do announce his death, whats gonna happen to that? I don’t imagine she’ll post an apology video on a passworded site meant just for him, for no reason ya know? Waiting patiently…as you…and others. Cheers!

  58. South Texas Terror

    Come on guys. They got fighter jets dropping bombs over NY, there’s not going to be any news choppers flying around taking pictures of the monster. And in the second trailer, the helicopter HUD is in doesn’t clear all the buildings yet but the monster is supposed to be sky-scrapper sized. HUD can barely see the monster standing in the middle of the street but he’s gonna get an aerial view from the helicopter? I blame it all on HUD, just kidding T.J.

  59. heat

    For those of you who can look into who is registered for sites, does it give Randy’s last name? Because there is a way to find a person’s mobile number..

  60. marythelion


    I don’t know if there will be or not. Re-read what I wrote. I’m saying, or rather wondering, if the jamie and teddy site will go dormant IF we DO in fact find out Teddy dies tomorrow. Thassall. 😀

  61. marythelion


    I can’t wait to see what you come up with after the movie shows. Keep us posted!

  62. marythelion

    Just re-read the site here…the TIDO site? Looks like definately this weekend we should see some activity…. **wrings hands like Mr. Burns**

  63. TK

    Erm, did anybody see the exclusive preview footage for Cloverfield? It won’t be long before it appears here.

  64. Robbie


    You Got it! Its just, I am kind of lazy, so I might not finish it, but I’ll atleast have enough pictures that will illustrate the battle!

  65. MarytheLion

    Listening to the pod cast …. anyone headed to the chat room? I’ll be there!

  66. TK

    This trailer (exclusive footage) has put quite a few “reviews” that I read straight down the gutter.

    But why did they remove the original scene roars?

  67. Austin

    tk, the roars from that initial teaser trailer they put on transformers was shot & cut before they started principal photography (lamen’s terms: it was done before they started really making the movie) if you look closely from the 1st & 2nd trailers the statue of liberty’s head is a little bit different, more detail is included in the 2nd & it looks a bit more “polished” with that, the audio must’ve been switched up with a roar that they felt was more appropriate at that later date.

  68. MarytheLion

    THANK YOU for the post on youtube. I’ve been goin NUTS trying to deal with bandwidth!!!!!! THANK YOU I LOVE YOU!

  69. Icky

    GolfGuitarist: That flash page isnt doing anything on my side… granted I have dial up, but it isnt loading or doing.. anything

  70. Icky

    Actually its playing now.. but in a slow mo type slide show.. god it’s taking forever, hopefully once its done playing I can play it smoothly, knowing my awesome dial up, probably not. 🙁
    I need this to play, cuz that youtube vid just isnt cuttin’ the mustard lol

  71. Icky

    I like how in the 2nd trailer when the army is shooting missles & they pan over to the (now ever so popular) image of the beast walking through & between buildings, that the monster scene is actually takin’ during this clip of the movie, after the SOL head goes flying through the street… Then buildings in the background seem to be falling over & debree is flowing through the area, the first time I saw the clip, I thought that it was fire from the beast that was coming towards the ppl, (which would have been pretty cool) but I later relized that it wasnt fire at all.
    So is that the oil tanker blowing up? I thought the image looked as if something blew up in the middle of the city, but maybe I’m wrong & the explosion is just .. beyond the city.

  72. Robbie


    MAN…..You and I were thinking the same exact thing!!!! When I first saw the clip, I thought that the dabree that was coming down the street, was fire as well!!!! Also, I bet you were thinking, that the sounds that were made, came from the monster as well. Well, after watching it several times, it seems as though the sounds were coming from the building as it was collapsing.

    As for the explosion….man….I just hope this monster of destruction has some kind of super natural power, like Godzilla!!!!

    This whole time, I am believing that the monster will have some kind of SELF DESTRUCT ABILITY!!!!!

    I am hoping on EVERYTHING, that it would be the case. If not, I want atleast some kind of special power!!!

  73. Shawn

    The myspace pages of Beth, Rob, Marlena,and hawk have been updated a bit with some new comments to each other.

  74. Weyland-Yutani

    I assume as the Release date gets closer, there will be more activity from all sides. As to watching the clip, I wonder, when they said that there was a Capsizing of a freight ship. Is it possible that ship was from the Deep Sea Drilling Station off the east coast? And “OUR MONSTER” hitched a ride on it?

  75. Barnasaurus

    Just wndering if anybody has read the review over at Ebaumsworld? It’s the only one I’ve ready that covers the entire movie and from what it states the movie sounds awesome. I can’t tell if it’s fake or not but if anybody else has read it…well….what to you think….fake or not fake? Don’t give any details…just a “fake” or “not fake” will do.

  76. deBish

    Light shed by clip:

    1) TV announcer is easier to understand. She now mentions an Earthquake in lower Manhattan, and an oil tanker overturned near the Statue of Liberty.
    2) Closer look at the damage done to the SOL?including scrapes and puncture ?wounds? to the face.
    3) The short part from the trailer where you see the creature happens right after the SOL head comes to a rest.
    4) The Creature is walking left to right
    5) The building it?s walking towards collapses
    6) The cloud of white dust that covers people in the 1-18-08 site pic comes from the collapsed building
    7) The soldiers that are seen firing in the trailer aren?t firing at the creature as it appears in the next cut-to scene. The scenes are out of sequence.
    8 ) The people are hiding in the convenience store are at the beginning of the movie

    Points to consider:
    1) The explosion seen at the beginning of the teaser is most likely from the oil tanker being tossed onto Manhattan island.
    2) The creature moves a LOT faster than expected?there?s no cut scene between the SOL?s head coming to a rest and the creature being on island and taking out buildings.
    3) The ?It?s alive? comment in the convenience store does NOT refer to the creature being thought killed and rising again from the dead.

  77. observer

    By the way, did anyone notice how the Chuai site has the largest amount of employees even though it is the newest… Strange…

  78. Pr0LiFiX

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