The contest is now over, looks like we finished top 20, but nowhere near the top. I’ll keep everyone updated as to what the “Cloverfield Prize Pack” is. Thanks again.

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  1. Weyland-Yutani

    The fact that the monster just kinda bumped into that building and it folded like a deck of cards makes me think, he’s really bad and pissed. Love the clip and sure enough joined the contest! What the hell? Mind as well!

  2. Animal

    I’m not sure what you mean by “cloverfield clip”. Is there a new teaser trailer? I’ve already been to youtube, can’t find anything…

  3. Marc

    It’s nothing new, you can see all the good footage from the clip in the trailers that are already out. Go to Youtube and search “Cloverfield clip.”

  4. jab

    there was activity on all the characters sites yesterday, they all logged in, a new clip and contest, and a tidowave event today of some kind. hope some more good stuff is happening. clip was gooood! it seemed to shed just a little more light on the movie.

  5. Morgannon

    Is there any way to view this widget without posting it on a site? Myspace, Youtube, and similar sites are blocked from my browser (at work).


  6. deBish

    Morgannon – it’ll be a while before that happens. Opportunities to DL the movie will take a while because of the contest, and people trying to get their widget grabbed first.

  7. deBish

    Light shed by clip:

    1) TV announcer is easier to understand. She now mentions an Earthquake in lower Manhattan, and an oil tanker overturned near the Statue of Liberty.
    2) Closer look at the damage done to the SOL?including scrapes and puncture ?wounds? to the face.
    3) The short part from the trailer where you see the creature happens right after the SOL head comes to a rest.
    4) The Creature is walking left to right
    5) The building it?s walking towards collapses
    6) The cloud of white dust that covers people in the 1-18-08 site pic comes from the collapsed building
    7) The soldiers that are seen firing in the trailer aren?t firing at the creature as it appears in the next cut-to scene. The scenes are out of sequence.
    8) The people are hiding in the convenience store are at the beginning of the movie

    Points to consider:
    1) The explosion seen at the beginning of the teaser is most likely from the oil tanker being tossed onto Manhattan island.
    2) The creature moves a LOT faster than expected?there?s no cut scene between the SOL?s head coming to a rest and the creature being on island and taking out buildings.
    3) The ?It?s alive? comment in the convenience store does NOT refer to the creature being thought killed and rising again from the dead.

  8. MarytheLion

    The acting in the store? That guy saying ROB ROB…Rob I saw it…its alive…well he SUCKS! Its too “put on” I don’t think there is enough panic goin on…which leads me to beleive they absolutely expected something to happen.

  9. Morgannon

    3) The ?It?s alive? comment in the convenience store does NOT refer to the creature being thought killed and rising again from the dead.

    If there’s any doubt in my mind that the review posted on was fake, this removes it. The reviewer specifically stated that the “Slusho Seven” walked out of the convenience store and saw the monster lying “dead”, if memory serves.

  10. apronk

    3) The ?It?s alive? comment in the convenience store does NOT refer to the creature being thought killed and rising again from the dead.

    Actually this still could be the case.

    Perhaps some time before the movie events, the alive guy and Rob had already seen or at least heard word of some creature thought to be dead. Perhaps removed from the drilling site and brought in on a tanker to the US for research? Or maybe it followed the tanker…who knows. Still a possibility though.

  11. ZD

    Hey all, getting really excited about the film! I wanted to point out two things I noticed to see if anyone had any thoughts. 1st At the start of the clip Rob comments to Marlayna “are you alright” and she looks all sweaty and odd – then if you keep watching while they are watching the news clip she appears to be even more spaced out…. could be something? …

    Also – did anyone notice on T.I.D.0 web site it reads in quotation marks “Surviving the Field”… Cloverfield

    Any thoughts?

  12. Animal

    Ok, I saw it, and it’s really awesome to sneek the first five minutes of the movie. Now we can pick that trailer apart and sequence it correctly.

  13. GolfGuitarist

    I think its weird how the temperature isnt on the news broadcast. remember the first teaser trailer? Maybe he just picked six as a random number and displayed it on all the marketing stuff?? Who knows.

  14. jab

    cloverfield clip has been posted now on, man there are a bunch of sour pusses commenting. they have no clue about the story build up yet i guess. some are very intrigued by it. this clip will get attention.

  15. Tara Craft

    So, I mentioned this on another web site…let’s see if you guy’s agree. This beast of ours, how big is it really? I think it’s huge!! Find the largest, clearest shot of the monster between the buildings you can find and loop it. Pause it too a couple times to get a good look. Now…back away from the monitor a little. That black space you see between what appears to be it’s legs moving…Is actually a shot of his toenail(talon,claw). That is the monsters FOOT passing through the buildings, walking L to R out of the shot. The body is above the camera angle and out of view. This of course is just my opinion, but the more I look at it the more i’m convinced. This suckers HUGE!!

  16. Evan Dornbusch

    I’ll make sure to “GRAB THIS” and put it onto at least 1 site. And how close do you have to be…? I live in Southern Ohio and would be thrilled to go, but there are probably at least 50 people closer.

    Anyways, good luck, hopefully you will win!

  17. admin

    Evan: haha, we gotta win the contest first, there’s some other good Cloverfield sites out there that are trying to win it as well.

  18. marythelion

    How exactly do I do this, I have no myspace…I have a website, I threw in my username here, and my email…what do I do? I’m in the Thumb of Michigan, can’t come sorry, but THIS SITE IS THE SHIT! I WANT you to win! :D:D:D:D:D

  19. Jesso

    I may be the only one who noticed it, but in this clip the SOL head has a real eyeball. The SOL doesn’t have glass eyes, if you look at photos of it it’s all that matte green. It looks like it has a brown eye in the clip. Thoughts? Anyone?

  20. admin

    marythelion: ok, for your website you click “GRAB THIS” then click “Grab This Widget” then on the next little window on the top right i believe there is something that says “embed” click that and it will give you a code that you put anywhere on your website 🙂 hope that helps, thanks!

  21. opcrime

    the eyes do look real. funny. with the pics of the chick and her eyes are bleeding. i think that the monster has a cloaking to blend in with the city. you can see the top of the monster by the light on the building but the rest of it looks like you can still see buildings behind the monster. like its invisible out of the light.

  22. DK428

    Ok guys first of all regarding ZD’s comment, i looked up cloverfield in the dictionary, this is what field stands for-The area of active military operations. So…in other words what it should say is “Surviving the area of military operations” hmmm…glad u pointed it out ZD cause i also noticed that on T.I.D.O. website, just something to think about, maybe it might be another clue for this puzzle called Cloverfield. On a another note today’s the 14th so supposable something is going to happen regarding T.I.D.O. wave, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  23. Des

    OK, if you want us to help, you have to explain how this works. I have a MySpace, but a friend did it for me, so I have no idea how to embed the video. Can you write out a 1-2-3 to explain it?

  24. admin

    Des: sure, its quite simple actually.

    1. Watch the video, its awesome 🙂
    2. Click “Grab This” in the bottom right of the video.
    3. Click Get This Widget, in the bottom middle.
    4. Click the MySpace icon (or whichever cooresponds to where you want to post it)
    5. Follow the instructions in the next window. For MySpace it will ask you if you want to post it on your profile or comment on a friends, so pick your option. THen it wll ask you for your MySpace login/password (dont worry it’s safe) Then it will ask you if you where you want to post it(what section of your profile, or which friend you want to comment on) Then you click next and that should be it, it should do it automatically.

  25. Morgannon

    Tara Craft;

    While it would be cooler than heck that the image we saw is only the foot of the monster, I doubt that is the case – simply because if that had been the monster’s foot, any normal person would have panned that camera up to get the rest of the monster in the camera shot – it would almost be instinctual for the cameraman to want to see the entire thing, and since he’s looking through the camera lens, he would naturally pan the camer up.

    Now there is the possibility that HUD didn’t realize that was just the monster’s foot (if it was just the foot), and so he didn’t pan the camera up. But unless there was really low cloud cover that night (and from the shots of the trailer, it seemed clear), then HUD would have seen SOMETHING out of the range of the lights illuminating the foot, and would have jerked that camera up.

    I really hope that is only the foot, too 🙂 That would be one big azz beast!


  26. Panos

    Well, I grabbed the clip and put it in my myspace page!
    Too bad for me I won’t be able to come if you win and invite me, cause Greece where I live is some tenths of thousands kilometers away from Illinois! lol

    Another sad thing is that I can’t find a single clue that cloverfield will be shown in my country…I hate that Having followed the viral campaign from the very beginning, I might have to wait for the dvd release to watch the movie…

  27. Carlos*

    I just watched the video-
    it’s freakin awesome-
    Who would’ve thought that J.J. would’ve given us a 5 minute clip of the movie?

  28. Hanzo

    so this SURELY proves that most of the FULL reviews were bullshit, considering the one I read that was linked from here and it told what went on in the film.

  29. theace69

    hey has anyone tried clicking on that something has found us it doesnt do anything for me so yeah but whats with its alive crap what could it possibly be unless it was previously dead lets what what creatures were dead before and now can come back to life and be that big??? none unless your trying to say zilla but thats been ruled out

  30. CloverfieldFan1000

    Does anyone have a picture or time of the clip of when you can see the monster? Plus I think the comment of “It’s Alive” could mean something. I’m reallly confused.

  31. EdoardoSez

    I grabbed it and put it on my Blog. Good Luck to you, I live in Venezuela so I can’t participate in the contest. I been following Cloverfield viral campaign since the beginning and I can’t wait to see it.

  32. Robbie


    The “it’s alive” comment was supposed to imply that the thing that was causing so much destruction and disaster is a living creature. Sinse most of those people thought that it was an earthquake and others had no clue.

  33. azandi

    Its absolutely retarded that WordPress isn’t supported by this widget; its bar none the most sophisticated blogging service out there, what gives?

    I live in teh Chicagoland area, and I’ve love to support you, been reading this site since its inception, but I don’t have a non-Wordpress blog account, so unless theres a workaround, not sure what I can do.

  34. Master Roshi

    You know what this means don’t you. Whoever sees it first will tell the rest of us everything about it. Major spoilage man! Not cool.

  35. Lara

    My boyfriend and i just finished watching the preview for cloverfield and it looks awesome! We grabbed your video to give you a shot at winning the contest. We are from Chicago too. We entered the contest by posting the preview on my myspace. If I win i will invite you. I hope you will do the same


  36. Seb007

    Hi !

    You’re Americans and I… French. I would like to make a subtitled version (in French) of this “Exclusive Preview”. I have already made it for the teaser and the trailer. But here, I miss the transcript and it don’t exist on the net… As it’s your language, it shouldn’t be difficult to be able to make it to me? (Later, me, I translate and I synchronize)

    Please, help me ! Thank you in advance


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