A few of you have posted in the comments about the interview over at IESB, but it looks like there are a bunch of them now. Matt must be making the rounds to the press doing his interviews. I’ve compiled a list below (thanks to Cloverfieldclues) of all the current interviews that are online, enjoy.

Shock Till You Drop
IGN Part 1
IGN Part 2

Don’t forget to help us win the Cloverfield Contest, “Grab” the widget in the upper right after watching it and post it on your MySpace of Facebook. We’re currently in 7th place, Harry Knowles over at Aint it Cool is in the lead.

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  1. Animal

    Mak – I just entered the contest and put a widget on my blog for Cloverfield News, so we have a better chance of winning. Aintitcool can’t win! Not against us!

  2. Nick

    If YOU win 2nd or 3rd place it wouldn’t be US… Unless you’re planning to give each of the members their own digital camera…
    Let them try to win man,it’s only fair. Let them post their own widgets and promote them…

  3. admin

    Nick: True, but if the site does end up with the an HD camrea, I’ll be sure to do something to say thank you all. I’ll Give away a bunch more posters or tickets to cloverfield, or something like that. And if people here want to post their own widget and promote them, I’m not stopping them, the widget they grab from here (if they enter the contest) doesn’t give me credit if people then GRAB it from the site wherever they posted, they would get credit. It’s only 1-tiered.

  4. Nick

    No, no prob by me man. I like you. And I think that you’re running a great site here… But you have to take in consideration that a lot of these guys are a little bit… “weak” perhaps… And that they might feel a bit obligated to post YOUR widget instead of trying to post their own see? That’s all… Anyway. I’l help you out too… Good luck!

  5. Animal

    Hey guys, how can I find the leaderboard? And if having a widget on my blog won’t help, I’ll take it off, just ask. 🙂

  6. Colt

    i’d rather have Clues or News win it, i don’t trust AICN to give a good description, specially since he’s a news blogger, not a cloverfield blogger….

  7. Animal

    Thanks Nick. Yeah, Harry Knowles has friekin’509 grabs. Ugh, that won’t do! We need to do more Cloverfield News grabbing, guys.

  8. admin

    On the leaderboard, Cloverfield News is listed as MaK10 (i wasn’t even thinking when it said Username, and just used the one I use for everything instead of putting cloverfieldnews)

    Even if neither Cloverfield site wins the top spot, I hope it’s not Aint it Cool… I stopped reading the site a long time ago, can’t stand it. Joblo is where it’s at for movie blogs 🙂

  9. Animal

    Yeah, I saw it was Mak10 after a few minutes of searching. And Aintitcool looks like a site for… hmm, how nice should I be with this? Ok: lower class people? Lol.

  10. barnasaurus

    I hope this is the first post on this if not sorry for repeating.


    Just wondering if anybody has seen the write up in the January edition of Maxim on page 32. Mentions Cloverfield as being “…one of the sneakest marketing campaigns since the Blair Witch.” Pretty interesting stuff, nothing revealing at all….but Abrams states, “..the creature is as shocking and unexpected as the preview.” It’s interesting to me as I’ve stated from day one how reminiscent of the Blair Witch it has been so far on a marketing standpoint.

  11. Austin

    I know this is a cloverfield site & all, but you HAVE to check out I Am Legend. folks, literally edge of your seat, very intense. when you do see it, & I’m sure many of you will, pay attention to the date on the movie billboard in the beginning with the superman & batman logos, the date on that is 1-18-08! Its nothing more than a shameless plug but interesting none the less. Also if anyone here cares, they had the new batman trailer on there along with the latest cloverfield trailer.

  12. wierd

    not much nformation in those interviews but does anyone else think the other title that was mentioned might have been slusho.

  13. @!D@N

    I know every one has seen the new Widget trailer… but if you look closely at the Statue of Liberty’s Face
    the eye you see
    is not the same eye on the statue of liberty
    and it move slightly, it “twitches” when people run by and everyone is taking pictures
    just look at it closely and you will see it
    the eye is “alive”

  14. @!D@N

    in the end of the widget thingy
    one of rob’s friends keeps telling him “rob, i saw it, its alive” which makes me think
    maybe rob knows something about this thing
    like he knew and did nothing kindda thing
    nobody belived his friend when he was it through a telescope coming towards earth
    Rob is a member of APlha Cappa Moo(hope i spelled that right), which if you look in the backround during the 1st trailer you see a ACM paddle, which is a faternity at harvard
    which this one guy on youtube reshearched this farther and found out that cloverfield is based of a novelet found in the basement walls of the faternity house (freaky right?)
    which is now in the hands of paramount!
    so maybe rob was a member and read the novelet and so did his friend and that is why he telling him
    “rob i saw it, rob… its alive”

  15. Animal

    @!D@N – I found it. When the person closest to the camera walks around with his phone, you can see the eye sort of flicker, like someone quickly ran a low power flashlight over the top of the eye. Great find. I definitely think “Rob, I saw it! It’s alive!” Means that there’s a monster in the head.

  16. Nick

    WTF? It’s just the statue’s head man… I think you’re looking waaay too hard for clues or whatever…

  17. wierd

    When I first saw it i thought the eye was moving to. Could just be a trick of the light or caused by the camera moving so much. Is the eye usually that detailed though

  18. marythelion

    Hey Admin! is there anyway you can change your name on the leader board? Your “cloverfieldnews.com” COULD draw more hits! Just a thought!

    Also, I have it on myspace. I grabbed the code from this site, and stuck it there…your gonna get credit for that right? And the paper trail if people get it from me, you’ll get the credit for it right? Can I use all my email addy’s? I think I have like 5…

    ALSO…this stupid widget will NOT play without being choppy, any time of day. Does anyone know of where there is a download for it? Thanks!

  19. admin

    Mary: I only get credit for yours, not if people grab it from you. And I can’t change the name on the leaderboard, I tried.

  20. marythelion

    ok….thanks guys. I was able to watch it when you first gave me the link Franky. So I was just looking for the full rez version. Mebbe its out there.

    Admin, thanks for the info. I’ll try to get more people on here too. Have a good night everyone!

  21. z3ro

    the eye is ?alive?, LOL come on dude the special effects arent even done in the movie its probably just a mistake on the statues head.

  22. TK

    Wow, talk about off-topic. None of you are bothering with the actual subject.

    But hey, I’m just relieved that we are going to actually see the monster up close, and that it’s not a “lion”.

  23. Austin

    admin, i snagged your widget for my myspace, facebook & virb good luck!

    has anyone heard anything regarding the “event” that TIDO was supposed to have going on this weekend? I’ve been busy & havent had too much time to check up on things. i’m wondering if someone out there had more time on their hands than i & if anyone heard anything

  24. Austin

    oh yeah, for those of you with 1024×768 or smaller (dont know why your would be) screen resolution, there is a Cloverfield wallpaper on:


    don’t know why its only in 1024×768 you can use it if you have a resolution larger than that, dont get me wrong but it will be pixelated if blown up larger than that & if you have a widescreen monitor, you will have pixelated & stretched

  25. Morgannon

    Regarding the eye on the statue;

    Yes, it looked to me and my wife (and she’s VERY good at noticing detail on computer screens – she’s a radiologist) that the statue’s eye seemed to be alive. We don’t think it is a trick of the light. But beyond that, we really don’t know WHAT to think about it.

    Regarding HUD saying, “Rob…it’s alive!” He was NOT referring to the statue’s head. He was the only one who saw the monster pass between the buildings. Right after he filmed the monster he was saying, “Did you see that?!?! Did you see that?!?!?!” And no one else was responding to him. So I think he was the only one who saw it – the rest were still freaking out over the statue’s head.


  26. marythelion

    I’m gonna go back and look at it again. I haven’t looked at it in a while, stupid bandwidth, but there MUST have been a reason he was recording the SOL eye for so long….

  27. deBish

    Looks like we have a lot of reading to do… anyone got links to Video-taped interviews?

  28. marythelion

    hey all..my counter here says 143..but when I send it off to email? it reads like 168. Whats the real number?

  29. Ramone

    I’ve been keeping a close eye on this site for quite some time now, and I do love all the anticipation this movie is building and also the very wild and some times hilarious conclusions and indeed speculations as to what the movie is about and how people can read into ‘clues’ with in the trailer.

    Matt Reeves in a recent interview announced that when they shot the first trailer ( the one tagged on the front of Transformers) they’d only been into the first week of shooting and the trailer was just a taster to get the taste buds tingling on the internet – and my god did it work.

    The first trailer started the whole ball rolling – and one of the key aspects of this was ‘the guy in the Slusho shirt’ – the one who suggests going up to the roof for a better look.

    Now, re-watch the first trailer and then re-watch the new ‘widget’ version. They are different shoots entirely. The people in the shot, the graphics on the t.v, the lighting and there is no ‘clear’ shot of the ‘slusho’ shirt as he turns to leave. It was all part o the viral marketing. They knew people, such as yourselves, would micro dissect every single frame of the trailer for a clue or what you hoped would be a clue.

    The next step was to audio mix clips that didn’t belong.. this led to very embarrassing ‘It’s a lion it’s huge’ argument.

    If you’ve ever had the misfortune of visiting 1-18-08news.com, their far fetched and over analytical approach to the very first teaser trailer was, to put it mildly – beyond belief !

    The people on this site can give themselves a well deserved round of applause, you picked up the ball and ran with it when asked and didn’t ask any stupid questions or ask why the ball is red and not blue – Now, with a only a matter of weeks away , it’s time to sit back relax enjoy the holiday season and wait for Friday January 18th when all your questions will be answered once and for all.

  30. john

    anyone notice that, when they run into the store (especially in the trailer), that the cigarette prices are VERY low? any ideas?

  31. @!D@N

    yeah i noticed that
    and it could just be the lighting with the whole eye thing
    but i read this in some book a while ago
    but since the statue of liberty is made of copper, and the aging of the copper from the salty sea air
    the detailing of the eye has been damaged (or any detail) and the only was to get details back is to “super-heat” the statue
    maybe i was given misinformation, but if that true, then either the monster has some heat ability thing, or the special effects went way over the top

    (i know this is super nerdy, but thank god for wookiepedia(the star wars wikipedia)) the legs you see during the widget trailer resemble the Rancor’s legs (that monster that luke fought in jabba’s palace), but it says that they are normaly born brown, slight mutaions may produce a different color (such as green)
    and i know the rancor in star wars was like, 30 feet tall instead of like, 300 feet tall… but there is a slight chance the cloverfield monster will look like a rancor
    and if anybody plays D&D
    the cloverfield monster is hands down the brother-in-law of the tarrasque

  32. @!D@N

    animal-i didnt mean the monster was in the head, or was the head
    i meant that another monster was in the head
    cus then what are those giant green legs we see

    and i hate how people just left the chance that there is multiple monsters
    i think i may have pieced together a possible resemplance to the “i saw it, its a lion it huge!” we heard in the 1st trailer
    in the second trailer there is a girl being grabbed by two things (people say its just guys in biosuits), if you look at the “heads” of the things
    it looks like it has two long saber like teeth
    could the lion that was mentioned be a humanoid like saber-tooth-tiger?
    that would be awsome if they were
    and with the eye thing
    pause the movie
    then right click on the eye and zoom in… you will see what i see… do that on any part that looks like a clue and inspect the footage more clearly…
    and i know this just looks cool and is in no way the monster( but then again maybe) but if you pause the movie at the right momeny when you see the smoke 1st appear… it looks like the head of snake… the street lights give it the eyes and the dust makes the body
    i havent tried this yet, but its worth a try
    download the widget trailer and upload it to your xbox 360, then try and change the camera angle, i think its worth a try

  33. @!D@N

    i just had an idead of why its called cloverfield
    its a long shot
    but does anybody remember that comedy evolution, take apart C-L-O-V-E-R-F-I-E-L-D and compare it to E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N
    the only letters that match are evoli, which is I-L-O-V-E BACKWARDS
    i think we should try and find words or sayings with the C-L-O-V-E-R-F-I-E-L-D
    one i got was delver which means to burrow or dig
    it was mentioned in the 1st and the widget trailer was the subway cars were damaged, could the monster dug into the subways?

  34. Gilbert

    I know it’s just a little off subject, but I seen a Cloverfield commercial while watching I Love New York 2.

  35. Cooley

    Has anyone tried to figure what the monster could possible be by the trailer say “it’s alive” could mean it is possible something the that normally would be moving around. Kind of like if you just saw a gaint statue reach down and pick up a car, not saying the monster is a statue, you would tell who ever you are speaking to that “it’s alive”. So the monster could be something the people would think to be a inanimate object or it could possibly go in the direction of being something people figure was dead. It be pretty cool if they came out with some type of fake news report of some gaint dead creature found by one of the drilling sites a few weeks before the movie came out.

  36. wierd

    Or mabye he was shocked by the whole fact that they were attacked by a giant monster. how many living things that size do you know of.

  37. James

    “It’s alive” has no relevance to what the monster is or the movie at all, this is taken from an interview with the director of Cloverfield, Matt Reeves.

    “That was awesome. At the last minute, when we were shooting the trailer, we wanted people to know – ’cause we hadn’t created the monster yet – that it was a giant monster movie, we wanted a tease of that. I jumped to the microphone and said the line, “I saw it! It’s alive! It’s huge!” And one of the most amusing things is I had come home and someone on the web had taken that section and started to do an analysis on it and thought I said, “It was a lion.” The way I speak was too fast sometimes and they couldn’t make it out.”


  38. Ramone

    I think @!D@N may have to cut down on his sugar intake a smidgen – I know your very excited about this movie , but some of your theories are getting a little far fetched 🙂 But kudos to you for expressing what you truly believe and for sharing them with us all. Keep ’em coming !

    Brad Tobo, England.

  39. marz

    about the comment someone made about the cigerets being cheap..well..who knows WHEN this actualy takes place..i read somewhere that one of the producers said the movie comes out 1 18 08 but the movie doesnt take place around that time..we’ve been following their myspace pages so much that perhaps we’re thinking it’s all in ‘real time’…maybe its farther in the future then we think..and prices have fallen??

  40. @!D@N

    Ramone-i know my theories are a little far fetched… that the whole idea
    to think out side the box
    and in the new tv trailer
    you can see a little more of the monster
    its short little stubby tail
    like a rancor
    marz-if it farther in the futre
    then i wanna see who the president is then


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