Thanks Nacho for posting this in the comments.

So it looks like JJ and company have started to roll out their TV ad campaign for the movie. We don’t see anything new than what we’ve seen before, maybe a few different angles/takes on a scene, but it’s basically the same stuff we saw in the teaser/trailer. The quality isn’t the greatest, looks like it was recorded directly off the TV so if anyone has a better version let me know, but for now enjoy this one.

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  1. admin

    Dutch: there have been a few reviews online, although the consensus is that they are fake based on what we now know from the latest 5 minute clip, but who knows. I haven’t read any reviews… not going to.

  2. deBish

    Announcer: Some Thing…Has Found Us
    Random Citizen: Oh my God! Oh my…!
    Lily: What is that?
    Announcer: On January 18th
    Hawk: You don’t know what we saw! The point is, it’s still here.
    Announcer: Once you see it, nothing will be the same
    Lily: Do you know what that thing is?
    Soldier: Whatever it is, it’s winning
    Announcer: From producer JJ Abrams
    Woman: Bite! We’ve got a bite!
    Rob: Where are you taking her?
    Woman: [Screams]
    Announcer: CLOVERFIELD

  3. smurfblade

    “Woman: Bite! We?ve got a bite!”

    right before the shot of the incredible exploding woman……

  4. monkeewrench

    announcer: from producer jj abrams…
    random woman: oh my god what is it? oh god!
    announcer: an event that will shift your perception of reality.
    hawk: Ow my spleen!
    announcer: And whatever it is, it WILL be in your home….
    Rob: See, I told you I could make giant monsters!
    announcer: and it’s not cthulu or lion…
    jaime: I’m slutty….
    announcer: The commercial for cloverfie… man this is stupid! I don’t even need this paycheck…. damnit I went to berkley for gods sakes…

  5. deBish

    Pretty dark as if is… but the We got a bit, followed by the ‘exploding woman’ scene does lead one to think that
    1) Yes, she is exploding
    2) It’s because of the bite
    3) monkeewrench’s humour goes over too many heads
    4) Abrams will make millions

  6. deBish

    Announcer: Some Thing?Has Found Us
    Random Citizen: Oh my God! Oh my?!
    Jamie: What the hell kind of gift is that?
    Announcer: On January 18th
    Randy: It?s not a gift. It?s evidence.
    Announcer: Once you receive it, nothing will be the same
    Jamie: I joined his stupid little ?cause?, make him videos, he disappears on me for weeks and I get a bag of evidence??! Where are the jewels?
    Randy: What did you do with it?
    Announcer: From producer JJ Abrams
    Jamie: I smoked it?there?s some left in the teddy-bong
    Randy: Smoked it??!?
    Jamie: Yeah. Gave me the weirdest dreams. Dreams of?
    Announcer: CLOVERFIELD

  7. Robbie

    DAMN Franky! You’re on a roll with that widget of yours! LOL what is your strategy?! I have to know!LOL
    I finally saw what you look like too. I had no idea that you are such a young fella. No offense.

  8. Robbie

    It’s about time I see a commercial on my movie! I just want a new DAMN POSTER now!!!! I’m tired of seeing that severed statue of liberty and a damaged city! Destruction WITHIN the city would be a nice second poster! I hope that isn’t the ultimate poster. It would be narrow-minded if it is, because that’s all we’ve been seeing so far! On the top of that, it has been stressed obsessively!!!

  9. Robbie


    Have you seen yourself on the leaderboard lately??!! You’re on the way to getting a prize, buddy!!!! Keep up the good work!

  10. Franky

    I HOPE but like my cousin was here and well when he tries to grab it , it says you have to copy the link but that dosent count as a grab

  11. Robbie


    I really hope that they make another poster! They made two posters for “1998 Godzilla”, but that was a higher budget movie.

    As for the contest, it is looking really good for you, so far. You just might win something! I, on the other hand, have no chance of winning, what so ever. Atleast right now. I only have 11 grabs!

  12. @!D@N

    the whole
    “bite, we’ve got a bite” i think should make us bring back that “multiple little monster alongside one big monster” theory again
    or maybe add the zombie possibilty to the theories
    and those things behind that tarp that are holding that girl… dont tell me those are biosuit guys
    biosuit guys dont roar/moan and dont EAT PEOPLE!!!!

  13. ryan

    I have a poster wall paper question. Just noticed some weird stuff ona 1 18 08 wallpaper or ppicture of poster I downlaoded. Its a close up of the building burnin and smokin. 1. In the middle of pic just to right of building there is some strange circular like skin cicrles next to building looks like a mushrrom head on top of something. Very bizarre not a building or maybe part of creature or creatures. 2. If u look way down below head between destrpyed building to right in middle and building next to it if u zoom in some u can see what is clearly two human faces on on middle of left building and one just below it on right building. Below this thers is an alien type figure or sumpin when u zzom in. 3. Also when u zoom in on that look to just right of alien in dust u can sort of make out cratures similiar to those in tido wave hack of tagruato lumpred together into between next building 4. If u look hard between to wrecked building in fore front u may see snippets of mosters face to right of building behing two where monster entered. May not be but lloks like face and there ar othe anomlies in smoke lights and shadows that were put there its not just random may be a throw off type thing but if u look round these buildings u can see stuff just wanted some thoughts. I think this movie may be way crazier than even we have imagined

  14. ryan

    Sorry bout spellin guys doin this on a sidekick lol.. Didn’t mean to double post but also if u find this poster or wallpaper which is of the buildings to lower right in cloverfield poster move picture around and u will see sumpin that may or may not be anything in water but with pic on its side smoke seems to be grabbing at the two destroyed buildings again prolly nothin but conspicously made to look like something. Did read review on aicn won’t get into it here but if its on the money this movie will be a scary wild ride. Again I’m skeptical bout anything. One other thing in widget just before and as smoke appears look to middle lower left is it me or is that maybe a cla and arm of monster . Just thought I’d finally jump in thanx and again sorry bout spellin on first posting tough to type on sidekick lol

  15. admin

    @!D@N: Those are definitely guys in bio-hazard suits behind the curtain. You can see through the facemask at certain points in the trailer. The sounds over that scene could easily have been added just to the trailer…

  16. Hanzo

    SHE DID NOT SAY BITE, she said FIGHT! FUCKING FIGHT….dear god these nerds man….

  17. ryan

    Hey th if u remember round july there were two picks I saw and were on net of a crab type moster which looked like a model prolly not real but the crab whale connection is possible. Also on that site found it interesting that amphopod are on of the few organisms seen deep in the ocean and are primary food for gray whales. Maybe that whale crab pick that fan drew also isn’t far off. I have two other thoughts one ill save for later one for now. I hope the monster isn’t just some jacked up steroid beast which has been sorta alluded to I want something weird odd but belivable. A big steroid ugly freak isn’t believable living under the ocean

  18. deBish

    It’s alien…my guesses is that when it landed, it did so in the oceans, and was originally a gelatinous creature. It evolved defensive structures to protect it vs. high pressures…such as a shell. It may be covered with the deep-sea equivalent of corals and shells. Perhaps it looks like as if the sea bottom itself is walking around, complete with bits of it falling off as it takes steps….some of which might be the symbiotic parasites we keep hearing about.

    It would’ve borrowed from the design of local creatures as it evolved defences. Some of those creatures are pictured in the hacked-Tagruato site….Ogrefish etc…

    That’s my best bet for the ‘look’ of the creature.

    The Deep-sea juice that Tag and company are drilling are the creature’s blood.

  19. Cypher

    OK I’d like to throw a theory out there.
    May have already been tapped, but whatever.

    Anyone wonder why the monster is attacking NYC? Theres a shot of a Tagurato tanker in the harbour in one of the TV spots/trailers. Whatever.

    Now why would the monster attack that?
    Has it followed that tanker because Tagurato have been raping it’s food source for their Slusho drink?

    The ‘deep sea ingredient unique to anything else’?…

    What, exactly, happened to Tagurato’s Chuai Deep Sea Drilling station?…

    WHERE had the tanker been prior to docking in New York?…

    What was it carrying?…



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