So it looks like that event did take place (the one mentioned on the TIDOwave site) and something went wrong. Someone posted on the TIDOwave site yesterday with the following message.

I don?t know what to say. They told me to post here. I?ve never done this before.
Um?..things are not going as planned. There has been a problem with the ?event?. Please contact me if you have any information on Randy or the others. I?m the only one here right now. Backup desperately needed.

So something has gone wrong at the event and now it looks like Randy and some of the others have gone missing…. interesting.

And an update from the “The Whistle Blower” over at Tagruato. If you remember, people were getting hand written messages from him/her when they ordered Slusho products and now there is another message. This one was received in an e-mail from and contains the following note.

The memo itself appears to be nothing more than financial data for each of the drilling stations according to the folks over at the unfiction forums. The handwritten section reads as follows.

Americans, No oil here! They must have known before they built.

-The Whistle Blower

Very interesting stuff. Thanks to Cloverfield Clues for the image of the memo.

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11 Responses

  1. Weyland-Yutani

    It’s coming! The closer Jan gets near, the more there will be some type of reports filtering through about the demise of the station and of the missing. This is starting to get good.

  2. wierd

    Just starting to get good. And here was me thinking it was already great. So now we know for sure the chuai station isn’t the same as the rest.

  3. Weyland-Yutani

    Do think that the monster swims all the way to NY or tags a ride on a tanker?

  4. TK


    Maybe they were transporting the monster in the tanker and it then got out, a la Lost World. But it seems to be too big for the tanker, so it might just have randomly attacked it, just like the Statue of Liberty.

  5. Weyland-Yutani

    Yeah..but why NY…he has the whole east coast to mess with? And the station is farther from NY. What draws it to the city?

  6. jab

    in the tv commercial version there is the clearest image of the monster i’ve seen so far. it’s so quick though.

  7. monkeewrench

    Hey umm has anybody done a quick comparison of the various handwriting in the original trailer (on the fridge etc…) to the writing on WB’s note’s?

    Is the WB our main dude Rob?

  8. deBish

    Weyland-Yutani – My best guess is for the same reason that Godzilla always attacks Tokyo – because it’s cinematically easy. NY architecture and sights are easily recognizable for the average viewer..far better than most other sea bordering states and cities.

    The largest and most populated on the side. Phily is too far in, so is Washington, VA Beach is not populated enough. That left Boston and NY City as the big targets. NY won out…again 😛

  9. ryan

    Chuai station is closest to Ny Ny is intrducing slusho which is either monsters food source or its blood. Which would be real creepy, and maybe tanker carrying slusho. I wonder why it hasn’t attcked japan though since its alrady had slusho

  10. Mez

    What about the possibility that the secret ingredient in slusho is like parasite eggs or something and the monster is chasing the tanker back to new york cuz they stole it’s babies.
    Something tells me the monster is a female looking out for her offspring. That’s just nature’s way you know?
    Any thoughts?

  11. deBish

    Nah – if it’s been there as long as it seems without being disturbed, it would’ve laid a whole whack of eggs which would’ve come to term and it’d be Planet Cloverfield and we’d be watching a monster flick about monsters that evolved from the apes 🙂


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