Thanks for all the emails on this one.

Looks like the Slusho contest is in full swing. The slusho site as added an example commercial for the contest, check it out. Go to the Slusho site, click on contest, then view contest details. Once you click into the example commercial, it looks like a few more entries appear in the right box, but not very many.

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  1. marythelion

    FUNNY! Not *that* funny, but funny! Something with that number 6 huh?

    At least, we can count on our illustrious ADMIN to give us the good! Thanks for the links man!

  2. SUPER

    Ya’ll hear about 2012 mayn you guys should look this shit up supposably the world ends on this year, somthin to do wit the mayan claender ending on this year, mayn this sounds real

  3. deBish

    …and this has to do with Slusho, how exactly?

    The damn contests’ on YouTube only…can’t see it from work 🙁

  4. teso

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the TV Spot mentined by sc_kg. The effects are much better!!!!!!!!!! The explosions are awesome!!!

  5. marythelion

    Yeah those tv spots are pretty wicked looking. I see though, that Rob saying “something attacked the city” is different too, even the angle is different, along with annunciation. Ah well…wonder how many times they shot this???

  6. Carlos*

    The commercials in the Tv’s are a little different.
    They keep changing things.
    For example, in the 1st trailer right after the earthquake the news anchor starts talking about a possible earthquake and about a series of phone calls by viewers. While in the clip, (which is the clip of the movie itself- not edited) right after the earthquake the news anchor starts talking about a capsized ship and a possible earthquake. And then the anchor doesn’t talk about any phone calls.

    Lots of confusion here.

  7. ryan

    Hey all we have to love this I can’t wait for movie tv clips look killer again ill say this I find it hard to believe budget is really 30 million

  8. ryan

    I’m sure u all hate my double posts but I may be onto sumpin. If u can look up whale falls and whale lice. Their history and what they r kinda neatly coincide with some of our thoughts and theories about the monster how it came to be and what the little creepy crawlies maybe although I’m sure mutated from their original form. Actually thought just occured that if tagruato was experimenting with whale falls to create sea bed nectar then hmm. May also give clue to how sea bed nectar comes to be found where it is. I do know the whale lice remind me of a pic of a model I saw sometime back that was supposedly used by the special fx teams. I will say this jj abrams did some serious pre movie homework if this stuff ties into monster its little freinds and slusho, and how slusho could be made and developed. This stuff sounds very plausible for creating all we know about the above. Another question the trailer says multiple sightings more than one creature or maybe more than one place attached. And not to claim all credit for this find I was turned on to it by someone else.

  9. ryan

    In some ways but kinda cool u should put spoiler warning up though if its real and it kinda goes along with my theory I just posted how interesting

  10. ZD

    I don’t know about that Monster Jt. It looks ok – but we will have to see. As for the comment on multiple sightings – that is really neat, could mean that there is more of the story from other people not just what we are seeing. (Potential Spoiler from here on out) In an interview I read with the executive producer there is a surprise at the end of the movie – who knows it could be a teaser from another point of view. Any way just a lose theory.


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