Ok, it seems for some reason the comments have blown up again with the “I saw it, it’s alive” versus “i saw it, it’s a lion” argument. Now for those following what has been posted on this site, you already know that it is 100% “alive” and not “a lion”. For those who haven’t been following the news regarding the movie, please take a second to read some of the previous posts on the site before making comments, particularly the recent interviews with Matt Reeves, the director of the movie (this one mentions the “alive” line).

“I jumped to the microphone and said the line, “I saw it! It’s alive! It’s huge!” And one of the most amusing things is I had come home and someone on the web had taken that section and started to do an analysis on it and thought I said, “It was a lion.” The way I speak was too fast sometimes and they couldn’t make it out.”

He clearly claims that they filmed the teaser trailer before they even started filming the movie, and it was him who yelled “I Saw it, it’s alive” in the trailer because he didn’t feel like people would know the movie was about a monster. There are even jokes amongst the cast and crew regarding everyone on the internet thinking they said “a lion”. So please read a few of the more recent posts before you post comments, and for those of you that have been following this for a while now, please be easy on those people that may not have been following it for as long, and reply to their comments with links to where they can find the information, don’t just bash them. Thanks.

Also, I am aware of the radio ads that will be hitting airwaves soon as posted by Slashfilm, but there’s nothing new, it’s basically just the audio from the current TV spots…

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  1. Robbie


    That is true about the radio spots. They have most of the same content, but I also noticed some really cool stuff! Like the new expressions of the monster’s roar!!! It lets out a new found shreak at the end of the radio ad, that sounded so outstanding!!!! It was very creepy!

    For those who still have questions over the whole “it’s a Lion” thing, it was just a citizen confirming that the destruction was caused by a living creature, which was seen by the same person. If you watch the widget 5 minute preview, you’ll still hear someone shouting, “It’s Alive”. In this case, you will hear, “it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!!!!!”, coming from some old guy. But, the ” I saw it, it’s alive, it’s huge!” remark was shouted from what’s claimed to be Matt Reeves, during the teaser trailer.

  2. NWOnut

    Im pretty sure it does say it’s a lion. I dont care what you all say I know what I heard. 98% sure he says it’s a lion. But i guess will will find out soon enough.

  3. NWOnut

    sorry to double post. But my theory is that the only clue to the monster was in the first teaser, They are trying to hide the fact it’s a lion so when people see the movie they will be extra shocked.

  4. Engel

    Why would the director out right lie NWOnut? There is really no reason to not believe him.

  5. ryan

    Its not a lion if u watch the clip of monster moving in second teaser lions don’t shuffle or have double or triple joints and hard oval back but wish what u may and Matt Reeves explained what it was and why it sounded like that but hey to each their own

  6. Mike

    Well you need to take in a few things.

    1) Why would J.J create a movie about a giant lion?
    It makes no sense no matter how you put a finger on it.

    2)Watch the trailers. Notice the shot of the monster resembles nothing of a lion.

    3) Again, why a lion?..like come on.

  7. Weyland-Yutani

    People here what they want to hear as always. Even though the director and Actor said, “It’s Alive!”

  8. @!D@N

    its not a f*cking lion!!!
    we were told that its not a lion, its an alien, something completely new
    not an oversized lion
    if someone said “i saw it, its your mom, its huge!”
    would you think its rob’s mom terrorizing new york
    or would you discount the fact?
    even at first i new it wasnt a lion
    what kind of cat could THROW a head? cats dont have thumbs!!!!

    those that think its still a lion… your like those people who say the government caused 9/11
    the government didnt casue 9/11
    the governmetn only wants us to think that so they look like they have more power (anybody seen “THE CASE OF THE URNIAL DEUCE” episode of south park)

  9. Master Roshi

    I know its not a damn lion but, maybe it sort of looks like one. In the clip where you can see the monster it looks to me like its crawling or walking on four legs.

  10. GolfGuitarist

    I strongly agree. Maybe he should have said “awake” instead of alive, or soemthing like that. then these dumb people wouldnt confuse it with a lion. all though then im sure someone would still mistake that word for something else!

  11. MarytheLion

    (kidding of course…hey its my first official “guess” / “speculation” about the monster!!!!)

    I just hope it smashes ALOT of shit!!!!!

  12. JJ is the man!

    no everyone it’s totally a lion! it’s gotta be elron from Narnia!!!! anf the bite are from Mr. Thomnas!!!!


  13. MarytheLion

    Oh Weird, of course I am. I haven’t been sucked in by the whole viral marketing thing, storyline, teaser trailers, fake websites, millions of google searches of Slusho, Chtululu, Tagruato…to REALLY mean that!

    I love movies! I by no mean, expect Cloverfield to be anything like Gamera…k? Didn’t mean to ruffle the feathers. It was just a JEST comment, like many others I have read on the forums. I’m having fun with it! Like you should too! I wanna see a monster movie! Plain and simple! πŸ˜€

  14. z3ro

    Why are we still on the lion shit?!?! are you people retarded? lol the producer already said its not a lion and he said its alive. get over it! you remind me of those dumb ass 9-11 conspiracy theorists.

  15. kaz

    ok, a got another crack pot idea, and i did not know where to put it, also in relation to this topic, show that i think its not a lion haha, put an old video game called chrono trigger popped in my head yesterday, and a certain part, called the “day of lavos” and i think that its pretty simalar, check out the bad ending


    or if thats not alowed look it up on youtube under

    “Chrono Trigger bad ending (The Day of Lavos)”

    i olny follow this site so i thought i would tell you guys what i found out, i apologize for any wrong doing, wrong place, already talked about and so on

  16. Charlie

    marythealive (lol) if it isn’t good, we all deserve our money back after all of this.

  17. TK

    @GolfGuitarist **Maybe he should have said ?awake? instead of alive, or soemthing like that**

    Nooo! Then people would have heard that as “Quake” and kept insisting that this is a disaster movie.

    “I saw it’s a quake and it’s huge.” Retard is too light a description.

  18. Why so Serious?

    No, it is not a Lion xD
    Because in the german Trailer you can hear “Ich hab’s gesehen, es lebt und es ist riesig” which means in English “I saw it, it’s alive, it’s huge”

    es lebt = it’s alive
    es ist riesig = it’s huge

    If it’s a lion it would be called “Lâwe” in German πŸ˜›

  19. Robbie


    lol thats a funny statement! I agree, that is probably what people would think of it. Quake instead of awake. LOL Lion instead of alive. LOL Its funny how some people would misinterpret small matters like that. But, it’s cool because the movie itself will spill the truth.

    New people, for the last time, it isn’t a lion. It’s a monster.

  20. ryan

    I’m not being cocky here but from what I’ve seen it shuffles it certainly doesn’t appear to be moving at top speed. Because its 400 feet tall may give that impression also a reptile with a isopod of some sort would make sense but again godzilla, comes to mind, and I think abrams is going away from that

  21. ZD

    It’s totally “alive” – anyway in regards to the ads, I am up here in Canada, and the marketing for this film is nonexistent… ???

  22. MarytheLion

    I think by this point in time, we all KNOW its not a lion…its just..reliving the yester month when it first came out, and the hype, and the memories…..AAAAHHHH the memories! ::: sigh :::

    Is there anywhere devoted to REALLY good stills of the monsters? I’m about sick of waiting for choppy videos to load. I really liked the quicktime vids..but I can’t seem to find the really new spots in quicktime.

    Ho ho ho…Merry Cloverfield

  23. ryan

    See the joker flying over a field of clovers. I hope this doesn’t all end here after movie would kinda lose some fun I think JJ should send everyone on here a survey askin us what we thought on 1 19 08 lol

  24. TK

    @ZD –
    “It?s totally ?alive? – anyway in regards to the ads, I am up here in Canada, and the marketing for this film is nonexistent? ???”

    Where do you live? Here in Montreal, if I wear a slusho shirt they would think I’m a slushie addict, nothing else.

  25. ben


  26. Scribbs

    I’m glad this was posted, now smart people will stop thinking its a monster, and people should by now stop thinking its godzilla or “zilla” (i hate that term) for that matter because JJ Abrams shot that idea down way back at Comic Con when he first presented the movie, saying that it was a completely original giant monster of his own creation, not Godzilla/Zilla, not King Kong, and he or one of the other big guys behind the film have already mentioned in another interview that its not based off the novel by Lovecraft, aka no Cthulu, so for those people out there that think otherwise, you should have done your research, sry its not any of these, its a NEW unheard of giant monster.

  27. ZD

    Agreed – I get the Slusho???… what the hell is that. I am afraid to say this film will flop in Canada if something doesn’t happen soon. I have been in both Ontario and Nova Scotia and nothing, no TV, radio, print ads. I have not even seen much on American feeds like ABC, NBC etc.

  28. James

    Because we all know lions love water, let alone are connected with deep sea drilling in some fashion….

    Cuddlebug you are plain stupid.

    Believe me, the producer said “I saw it, it’s alive”, did you not read the post you are commenting on, or are you too stupid to read?

  29. Scribbs

    mmm after listening to that radio spot several times the new roar, sounds like the same monster as the first just different pitch, think some are reading to much into that, after all if the monster just had a single monotone roar that be boaring, it needs to invoke some kind of emotion, like I’m pissed about that racket you be making in my crib with dem drills…:p

    my opinion is the monster is a cross between several sea creatures, but i’d rather stop guessing at this point and just wait and see…

  30. Nick

    Even in the “grab this” clip the very last thing you hear anyone say is “It’s a lion”. Very clear. Im going to lol at all who dont want to hear the truth about the GIANT LION ATTACKING NEW YORK!!!!!!! I think a lion is a good idea for a monster. Lions are scary so imagine one big enough to knock over buildings!

  31. TK


    Well there isn’t much TV marketing for this movie. It’s supposed to be internet viral marketing and youtube stuff. If you watched Beowulf (me and hundreds of other Montrealers) they should have gotten drift of Cloverfield through the trailer and (if they were interested) they would have checked this movie online as I did.

  32. Nick

    “Nick” Could you use any other nick please? You’re new over here and well, it IS my name… So… Thanks.

  33. the carpenter

    hope yall had a great christmas! by the way…..this is a moot arguement….its not a lion….he doesnt say that.

  34. ryan

    King cesar returns from the dead lol. I’m not pickin on anyone cause I throw some crazy ideas out there but their are many interviews where matt reeves says he spoke the its alive line over and over cause they needed to fill it in plus depending on where u live in this country phonetically lion and alive could sound the same depending on ur accent and no freeakin way is that a lion movin between the building if it is ill eat manure for the next 10 years lol

  35. TC

    Are there STILL people arguing over this??? Clearly they haven’t analyzed the little snippet of the monster you see between the buildings during the trailer…Maybe it’s been too long since i’ve been to a zoo or watched the Discovery channel…But I’m pretty sure lion’s still have fur, and are of a light brown/golden color. This monster is either dark green or a greyish/green and it has ABSOLUTELY no fur. What a bunch of idiots….C’mon..A lion? How stupid would that be? You must be the same sort of people that actually wasted the money to see ‘Snakes on a Plane’…

  36. ryan

    Lol thank you I’m glad someone sees this like I do . The snippet dispels many rumors but some still belive in many strange ideas that have been shot down in word and writing. But since we live in america free speech and freedom of thought still exist , so belive what you may. Many facts can be assertained if stepp baclk and look at who what where and why. Its going to be a bottom ocean dweller mutated with one or more. And as far as second roar only heard it once kinda thought it was diff only suggested second monster as a cool theory to multiple sightings line don’t really think there is one just making a random stab at something that would be cool. Also kinda wonderin if this isn’t alien and slusho or nectar created it why belive there would ultimately be only one. Something to sleep on argue and debate nite

  37. Master Roshi

    Hope you all had a good Christmas and thank you for all of your coments. I really enjoy reading all of them , can’t wait to see whats next! C ya!:)

  38. Mike

    Some of you may agree, some not

    Official facts about CLoverfield:

    – The monster has red eyes.

    – The monster is NOT any animals we know of.
    It is NEW. NEW. NEW.

    – It is about the same size of the Chrystler building.
    Hence, “A monster the size of a skyscraper”

    – The explosion in the trailer was NOT the monster
    rising from underneath the ground, but instead
    it was the capsized oil tanker being thrown

    – “I saw it, it’s ALIVE it’s huge” End of effin story.

    -There ARE smaller monsters, hence Marlena expanding,
    the line “We got a bite!” plus the photo where
    Rob and some other girl were pushing the door
    to keep out some thing.

  39. Jessica


    where did you get the fact that the monster has red eyes? I haven’t seen any photos implying this. . .

  40. andrew

    hey guys whats up ive been reading alot of this lately and i just wanna say its not godzilla cthulhu or anything like that.
    known first off abrams is making a monster for america
    japan has godzilla and gamera we got kong whoopee .cthulhu
    makes a horror movie because to gaze upon cthulhu is to drive a man insane i have read hp lovecrafts call of cthulhu .also thanks to those idiots for the american godzilla of 98 we will no longer get rights from toho to create a godzilla movie without them working closely with us (good job independence day idiots!). so godzilla is out of the question now as for what it could be? anyone ever think of a mutant shark? its one of the most terrifying animals in the sea thanks to jaws think about that one.

  41. Gerrixx

    Suspension of disbelief:

    911 conspiracies
    Alien abductions
    Anti-Capitalist Global Warming
    Haunted Houses
    “Its a Lion”


  42. Nick

    man I can’t wait for this movie. I bet this is some sort of lion. Havn’t you seen the news? someone was killed by a lion at a zoo, LIONS KILL PEOPLE! HUGE LIONS KILL CITIES!

    And who said what we saw in between the buildings was the monster? I could have been the lion covered in dust?..

  43. Nick (The Original)

    Please DO NOT confuse me with the idiot posting above me… He’s new over here and APPARENTLY don’t understand english because I’ve asked him to change his nick but he hasn’t… Anyway, on top of him having the same nick as I do, he turns out to be a complete moron.. What a shame -.-

  44. Nick

    @Nick (The Original) it looks like you have changed your name. So it’s all good now and I can keep using my name, the name I use for most things.

    @Gerrixx so parasites you say? where did you see them? I’ve heard people talk about parasites but haven’t seen any myself yet.

    Idea that just came to me thinking about parasites…

  45. sean t

    New video up over on the Cloverfield Facebook page…I keep thinking I see the monster in the bridge collpasing scene at the end, but it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me. i’m waiting until someone can go through it frame by frame.

  46. Chris

    Thought I would add my 2 cents to this discussion. I have heard the trailers several times and I can see why there is some confusion. The words are said quickly and in panicked voices, making the pronunciation indistinct. In the “grab it” video, just as he is saying “it’s alive” (and yes I believe that is what he says), the windows of the shop blow in, making the tail end of “alive” indistinct. Yet given the context of the whole scene, “alive” makes much more sense, because earlier someone asks if it is another terrorist attack. When he says “I saw it,” I believe he is trying to hurriedly explain it is not a conventional military/terrorist attack, but a living creature. Like I said, just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  47. SteveMikes

    Been following this from the very start without posting, but I really have to now – IT’S NOT A LION!!!!!!!!!!! all people who still think it is, are deluded. You’ll probably be the same people who dislike this film (movie) when it’s finally released, all because it’s not a damn Lion. Stop. saying. it’s. a. Lion.
    Also, if you tell people who don’t know a lot about this movie that it’s a Lion and word gets around others that this is about a Lion then less people will bother going to see it as they’ll think it’s stupid.
    You’re probably pissing off the cast & crew by now too.

    On another note, I’ve read it isn’t out in the UK ’till February, even though the posters have the 1-18-08 date on them. Anyone here know anything about this? I’ll be pretty pissed off if I have to wait ’till Feb for this.

  48. Chris

    Had an interesting thougt for those that really insist the creature is a lion. Since the creature clearly comes from the ocean, perhaps it is a “sea lion.” Ha ha!! I know, I know, I already hearing the groaning from everyone.

  49. Aris

    i was watchin the simpsons last night like at 12 and i saw a new cloverfield commercial and it showed like a boat on fire, new monster roar, a lot of new scenes. i remember the commercial ended showin the guy and the girl on top of the roof i think and the jets flyover there head. did anyone see the trailer?

  50. Jessica

    We only have 3 weeks left for the movie to come to theaters, and I honestly cant wait to see what it really is so that people can actually stop speculating that it is a lion!

    But honestly its cool that everyone has there different opinions otherwise what would we talk about?

  51. Austin

    has anyone taken that quiz on the widget? the 1st round of 20 questions revolve around movies that are about aliens (Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and monsters from the sea (Godzilla & The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms popped up once) Also a lot of trivia fun facts about NYC, notably one question regarding the record high temp for NYC on Jan 18. They put in a few fun facts about other significant events occurring on Jan 18 as well as some trivia regarding the cast and Matt Reeves. I scored a 16 of 20 (tons of google and imdb searching, not an easy quiz) but I think that the questions might be hinting at something and as I said this is the 1st round of 20 questions.

  52. Scribbs

    srsly not a lion lol but i’m not going to see it at least until the weekend after, if i find out the monster is a lion, i’m not seeing it, cuz giant lion is a terrible aspect for a monster movie and i’d believe it would be a total EPIC fail

  53. Carlos*

    Guys I have a theory.
    The earthquake that was felt in the first trailer was made by the monster when it had came out of that supposed mining site in NYC.
    And then it maybe made the explosion by somehow breaking something that had a chemical/nuclear reaction which resulted into a fireball.
    (at this point it is no longer a theory) Later on, the monster then threw the statue of Liberty’s head onto that street.
    and then it makes it way to lower Manhattan with it’s little monsters along with it πŸ˜€
    And then obviously it made it’s way through

  54. WhySoSerious

    Ummm..Nuclear with that small explosion? Nope. I am gonna go with him throwing the tanker into the city, that would explain the head of Liberty flying into the city after that. And that Explosion takes place near the WTC site, I know that because I live there…here in NYC.

  55. TKEGoogle

    Is it possible the “Sea Beds nectar” is like a egg substance, maybe that is how the creature breeds by secreting this gel full of its eggs, and the eggs are why people go exploding because they are hatching the eggs inside of them. That would explain the exploding lady, little creatures, and the guy in the crazy slusho commercial with his stomach hurting. It would also explain the triva with about aliens and the body snatchers.

  56. Matt


    go there
    it tells all about it
    and it is not lion for christs sake

    Here is the transcript:

    [Monster Roar]
    HUD: Did you guys see that? Did you guys just see that?
    Lily: What is it? Is it coming this way?
    Matt Reeves: I saw it! Its alive! Its huge!
    Reporter: Phone calls are pouring into the news room, something violent has rocked the city, once again we have no idea what has caused this…
    Announcer: Some “thing” has found us
    Hawk: We don’t know what we saw, the point is, its still here!
    Announcer: On January 18th
    Rob: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…
    Marlena: We cannot go into the middle of the city we gotta get out of here!
    Announcer: The mystery, will be revealed
    Rob: Oh my god?!
    [Monster roars, panic occurs]
    Announcer: From producer J.J. Abrams
    Lily: What is that?
    Rob: Run run run run, RUN!
    Rob: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…
    Announcer: Cloverfield

  57. Master Roshi

    I’m not sure if this is a big deal or not but I saw a Slusho comercial on tv yesterday.First time I’ve seen that on tv.

  58. ryan

    Strange thought here. Has anyone read trascript for jamie teddy 6. Here’s a what if. Since our resident dumb ass Jamie call tagruato and they call back. What if she has sea bed nectar in natural form hence why its frozen and they send monster to eliminate the problem. Far fetched but doesn’t it kinda head towards our heros and rob does work for tagruato or at least according to a reviewer which I think we all surmised. Just throwin this out there

  59. Groove.

    after much thinking i made up my mind that maybe we have already seen the monster.

    yeah i posted before about other images but maybe we should go back to the beginning.

    the first ever image.

    i know we all agreed that there was nothing to look at but after smoothing down the image the gap between the two women could definatly be something.

    it matches the colour tones of the leg in the trailer.

    im just saying jj may have done this to laugh at us whilst we speculated…. thats what we would have done if we had it.

    plus the reviews have been saying the face of the monster is along human looks.

  60. TC

    This is amazing…It burrows? It looks human? It walks on four legs…runs on two..Has big red eye’s…

    It’s amazing that people are spinning this as absolutes…

    These are ALL assumptions, we know NOTHING about the monster other than what you can see in the brief 2 seconds the creature is seen between the buildings in the trailer.

    Anything people have gotten from “alleged” reviews is bogus information. Paramount is closely monitoring the net for any leaks about the monster. They are taking down any information the second it’s released. All info about this movie is being slowly let out by authorized interviews with directors, cast and producers….NO ONE ELSE. So anything you’ve read from people that allege they’ve seen the screening or talked to someone that has is full of you know what.

    So let it go people, and stop trying to spin these bogus claims as fact. None of us can stand the suspense, but we must be patient.

  61. Ramone

    For SteveMikes, Yes the release date for the Uk is indeed February 2nd 2008. Which means, that before that date you either have the choice of having the entire six months of your life building up to this ruined by seeing something on the internet or you’ll have to take up residence in a cave with only your thoughts, some meager provisions and a candle until the film is released in the United Kingdom, sorry. πŸ™

    Cos you’ll know by then, some one will have uploaded a shaky hand held camera version of a shaky hand held movie on to the ‘net and the temptation to just download a ‘quick look’ will have you eating your own arm off and we wouldn’t want that now, would we ? πŸ˜€

  62. deBish

    new ryan – dude…Send a monster into a city to take out an airheaded blonde chick? C’mon! They’d send in a few cleaners to turn her into sushimi…end of story.

    Re: Canadian advertising. Little to none. Nothing on TV, precious little on the radio (mostly entertainment reporters talking about the buzz), no posters… it’ll flop unless they wake up. I’m in Montreal, and I haven’t seen a damn thing!

    Lion-atics Anonymous – Either they’re complete idiots, or they’re pulling people’s legs-big time! I vote for the latter… my advice!

    “Don’t Feed the Trolls!”

  63. deBish

    TC – you forgot about the people who are printing the film. There are dozens of hands that touch the negative, interneg, positive etc…plus those that look at check-prints for scratches, colour-balance, exposure issues, sound issues, splicing in the commercials, the trailers, the words at the end etc…

    The story will leak before the 18th….and there may just be a copy available on DVD (thanks to our friends in China)before the 18th. I know that I’ll be checking a few P2P sites in the week leading up to it.

  64. Ramone

    Now, for all the people claiming to have ‘exclusives’ and ‘ stone clad proof’ of what the monster looks like.

    Firstly, you have no proof except your over eager imaginations. What you saw in the trailer is what you have so far. So anyone who is a claiming there is a red eyed lion mutated from a whale with diet Slusho in its paws is sadly ..well..sad.

    Secondly, do you really want yo know that the monster looks like at this point ? You’ve come this far, why would you want to ruin the surprise. It’s tantamount to squeezing and shaking your Christmas presents from under the tree and trying to second guess what they might be only to find out they’d used an old shoe box to conceal the real packaging ( Yes they used to do that me as a boy, damn them all)

    Now stop with all your ‘colour tones’ and human like faces and ‘it’s obviously this or that because I read on a forum that J.J..oh yes I can call him that cos I like, you know, sort of feel like I know him now hinted at comic con that blah blah blah’ – Let’s just wait and see what happens on the 18th and we can all collectively go “F**k me, I would of never guessed it would look like THAT!! – that’s F**king the coolest/ weakest/ worst/ sexiest (delete as appropriate) monster I’ve ever had the pleasure/misfortune of seeing on the silver screen..like, ever !!”

    I think I need a lie down in a dark room with Megan Fox / Hayden Penitentiary / Ali Larter.. (delete as appropriate)

  65. Ramone

    I’ve been censored by the powers that be (admin) for sooth!!.. was it cos I used the F word ? πŸ˜€

  66. admin

    Ramone: nah, i don’t censor people for swearing, i don’t give a shit what words you use as long as it’s not directly at another commenter. Your post got thrown into the spam filter for some reason, it’s back now πŸ™‚

  67. Nick

    We know the moster is a lion. People who dont think it is will just be shocked when they see it. Justlike JJ wants us to be. But if it isnt a lion i’ll be the first to come here and tell everyone what it really is. but i dont think im wrong

  68. TC

    deBish…Unless i’ve misunderstood you…wouldn’t the whole process of printing, editing ect….be handled by the production company, which happens to be Bad Robot Productions…owned by JJ Abrams…

    FYI..the commercials are made by the production company and then sent to t.v. stations already cue’d.

    Do you know for FACT anything you’ve said, or are you just trying to make us think you know what your talking about??

  69. TC


    Maybe I missed something, the fact that everyone in the trailers refers to the monster as “some THING” leads me to believe that they have no clue as to what the monster is. If it were a lion, they would say lion. And the producer himself said when they shot the trailer he ran to the mike and said” It’s HUGE, It’s ALIVE” Not ” It’s Huge, It’s a Lion”. Go find the interview, and get back to us.

  70. Ramone

    Yay for admin-man (whose name I still don’t know)..FREEEEEEEDOOOOOM!!

    Please stand by for excessive and unnecessary over use of the F, N, C and even the L word ( or is their a copyright on that by now ?) πŸ˜€

  71. Matt

    few reasons why it wouldn’t be a lion:

    1) in the reailers and teasers, there are scenes where there is a bunch of medical equipment and people are carrying off someone and people ar eyelling that she is going to die. A lion cannot do anything that can make people die unless it attack them physically, it couldn’t do any harm unless it hits them directly

    2) when the guy screams “it’s a live [or lion] it’s huge !” he says it so fast that we dont quite understand what he said. we know he said i saw it. what I think, is that he said three things really quickly: 1) I saw it 2) it’s alive 3)its huge. he is describing what he saw. he isn’t syaing what it is, he is just telling us what he saw.

    3) a movie about a lion?! what is so secretive about that? what’s the pooint of making these awsome trailers that don’t tell you anyhtign about the movie, and then in the end making it about a giant lion?! if it is about a lion, i will be greatly dissappointed.

  72. admin

    I love how I made this post so that everyone who thought they said “lion” could read the interview and realize that it’s 100% NOT LION, yet there are still people here that think it is a lion… I agree that JJ likes to deceive people, but seriously… I’ll put up $100 (USD) against anyone that thinks it’s going to be a lion.

    Ramone: Real name is Tom, but i figured that would get lost with all the other comments if i used that. πŸ™‚

  73. TC

    I still can’t believe that some people WANT it to be a lion..(NICK)….

    I want it to be Godzilla…but you don’t see me trying to sell it.

    Tom: Only $100.00…I’d go as high as $1,000…And more if I had the money to back it.

  74. deBish

    TC – Bad Robot is a production company..not a print lab. They produce it all the way to full-negative, but don’t process the neg into an interneg or a positive and certainly don’t make the copies or distribute.

    There are only a few labs in North America right now. One’s in NY (small and going to close), Two in Montreal (one downtown and one in Mirabel), one in North Hollywood and a distribution company in Ohio. That’s for Thompson/Technicolor.

    When I’m talking commercials, I’m talking about the ones that go on the film reels themselves. They are shot by the company in question (Coke, Ford etc.. through a filming company who produces it, then they’re sent to the film labs where they’re processed, cut, placed in order with the others, spliced in ahead of the film header and copied just like the rest of the film and the credits.

    Oh…and I’m not talking out my bunghole. If you could only see how many millions of feet of film go through the Mirabel plant alone/day..you’d be stunned. Mirabel doesn’t have Cloverfield though, so I can’t shed any light on the film…so sorry.

  75. Ryan

    Hey my point is maybe they had the monster and thats where secret slusho ingredient comes from. As far a s whale or isopod ive gone to school for filmaking and what not and i am just thinking thru process how i would do it. And bottom of sea monster since it comes from way out in ocean makes way more sense than anything else ive heard here. I guess we can see whose right and if they sent monster it wasnt just to take care of jamie. Rob maybe and god knows who else maybe tido is run out of new york

  76. deBish

    I seriously doubt that Tag. will have any control over the monster, much less enough control over what is essentially an alien to get it to go to a particular location and kill a particular person… and what’d be the point?

    If you’re killing people in order to hide the presence of such a creature, why send the creature out to do the dirty work? Exposure?

    Oh..and it’s not a lion, nor anything else remotely lion-like.

  77. Nick

    Well the fact that its a huge lion means it must have some sort of super powers. I think these super powers are some kind of poison that infects people and it also has giant poison flees which are also running around attacking and collecting slusho from inside people stomachs.
    I know JJ keeps saying he said ALIVE but he really said lion and that was the only clue so far we have got about the monster. He is just trying to trick us!


  78. deBish

    “I saw it…it’s a LINE..it’s huge!!”*

    Referring to the lineup outside the theaters on opening night

  79. Matt

    where would this huge lion come from?
    since lions are from earth, that means that someone had to of done something to the lion to make it grow so big, which also means that there is more than just a lion to the story. but it doesn’t matter becuase lion is wrong and it is an organism from space that when encountered with oxygn, had a reaction to make it grow so big and release poisonous gases from itself.


  80. TC

    deBish….Thanks for clearing that up πŸ™‚

    My question now is….As close as we are to the release date, is all the prep done? Is this movie ready to be distributed? Or does the process take up to the very last couple day’s to complete?

  81. TC

    All in favor of stringing NICK up by his toenails and smacking him around with a wet noodle say “Aye”

  82. Ramone

    I’ve come to a crossroads with this forum, half of me wants to believe this is the work and the thoughts of some very cold, calculating and borderline geniuses who love to toy with others over such things as ‘the lion’ theory and how the movie is an intricate weave of deception put about by a man who created a t.v series and when interviewed in depth by Howard Stern earlier this year about Lost, he announced that only six people (excluding even his own wife) in the world know the shows ‘real’ ending.

    But what astounds me is the real lack of personal investigation and even to a level ignorance. On countless occasions people have been told not only by Sir Tom and the the director Matt Reeves himself that he never said the word LION, yet people, even to this day are still adamant (not the 90’s popstar) that this movie some how involves a big cat with a fluffy mane wandering the streets of New York and causing ships to topple over in the bay – Now please, how ridiculous do you look now all of you who think this is a Big Cat movie?! Come on you know who you are..! Are we too believe this movie now resembles Digby (check IMDB if your not sure of the reference) rather than Godzilla – which is another can of worms I’d rather not open.

    The producer has always said he was inspired by Godzilla when he was visiting Japan with his kid, but this was to be a whole new interpretation of the genre and not a homage or re-make. So fanboys you too can put down your cuddly Godzilla dolls.

    Which leaves me with this – We’ve been told by the man himself the man Jeremy Jacobs Abrams that the monster:It’s new and it wants to destroy New York in a big way. So yes, it sounds familiar and yes it may freak you out when you first see it whether that be a good thing or a bad one, but isn’t that the whole romance of movies. The not knowing.

    Too often now movies give away the key points and the main characters too soon, you only have to see the Red Band AVP: Requiem trailer to see that! We should be grateful this movie has told us f**k all about the plot, the creature the reasons why.. J.J is about to bring the fun back to going to the movies once more.

    Prepare to bite down on hard on your popcorn and cover your girlfriend in piss weak luke warm coke when the creature and his minions appear – I for one think it’s going to be worth it.

    It’s huge it’s alive and I wanna see it!

  83. deBish

    TC- Generally speaking…everything that had to be done for the negative is done.. the printing of it will take 3-5 days depending on how many copies are needed. Another 3-4 days for full distribution. The copies will be in a few theaters for Premiers (about 2 days before release to the general public). So…full print run will start in the first week of January or so. From that day to release, there might be a few …er…copies that crop up, depending on the reliability of the staff. (People who work in labs do stupid things all the damn time and keep getting busted for it). Others will pop up the day after the premiers (digivideo cameras). The rest on the 19th (ditto), once the film hits the net and the shit hits the fan.

  84. TC

    deBish…Cool, good stuff to know. It will be hard but I think i’m going to stay away from the internet a week before it comes out. I don’t want the suprise to be spoiled, there is the risk of stumbling across it by accident. That’s assuming some dumb dumb leaks it of course.

  85. TC

    Guy’s….I believe nick is trying to get a rise out of us. No logical person would truly believe it’s a lion unless..

    A: There 8 yrs old
    B: Have limited brain function
    C: There Jack Hanna
    D: Have an unhealthy obsession with lions.

    That being said, I say we just ignore him.

  86. Nick

    I know some of the stuff i say, like the lion having huge flees with super powers might be stupid. But i do believe it will be a lion or look like a lion, just cause he said it was a lion doesnt mean it is… JJ said it wasn’t a lion but it might look like one.

  87. SteveMikes

    Ramone, thank you for clearing up the UK release date for me man. Kinda pissed off now though ! lol. Confused too, as I swear the poster in the nearest cinema says 1-18-08 on it still. . .
    Think I’m gonna stop looking at this site from the 18th then to avoid the whole thing getting ruined for me.

    And, Nick, how old are you? I mean your Lion theories are. . . well. . . dumb. They’re imaginative, I’ll give you that, but they’re still dumb. Kinda like the stuff a 12 year old would say. No offense like, it’s just that the whole Lion thing is really annoying me.

  88. ryan

    I m not sure about space alien I think its gonna be a combo of mutaed that lurks round ocean floor and started eating this planet. Someway tagruato is involved wiht this creature that’s why there’s no oil a chuai annd the fact their experimenting on giving slusho to people and animals. Who knows d bish I’m just using my screenplay writing background and some serious animal, and ocean floor studying. Also for fun look up whale falls and whale lice, giant isopods also . I may be right or wrong we shall soon see. I’m glad their differing views makes it fun

  89. deBish

    Ryan – maybe we’re looking at it from the wrong side. Slusho’s main ingredient doesn’t need to come FROM the creature..maybe Deep sea nectar is what helped create the creature.

    Chuai station is drilling for oil..they go to Chui because their sonar satellite telemetry tells Tagruato that there’s a large amount of sub-floor liquids down there. Must be oil! Set up a rig there Pronto!!

    OK…so they’re drilling and instead of finding oil..they find their miraculous Deep sea nectar. They do a few tests on it, and find out about all it’s great side-effects…wo0t! They’re gonna be rich! They open up Slusho and sell the stuff.

    In mid to late December, there’s a big storm at sea. The drilling rig gets detached and ‘deep sea nectar’ starts flowing out onto the sea bed. Tagruato manages to get the rig back in place. In the meanwhile, the nectar is changing the sea floor, the creatures there, and the corals into a living thing. Tagruato notices but can’t do anything about it…so they study it.

    The insider notices it…calls it monstrous and tries to pull the plug. No luck.

    The monster starts tapping at the nectar directly, and starts growing exponentially. The Insider’s backup shows up and blows the rig or sabotages the rig-drill.

    This sets off the monster. It needs more nectar, but can’t get it from the rig or the drilled hole. It starts chasing down sources.

    Some of that source is the sewer water coming from NY City…all those Slucho drinks being drunk and then..er…processed naturally. πŸ™‚

    Monster rushes NY City.
    Cue beginning of movie.

  90. deBish

    Thanks SteveMikes! Just flinging stuff out there to see what sticks, eh. For all I know…it’s a lion πŸ˜‰

    I’m trying to think of it from a movie-director’s point of view. The story’s got to get told…the 5 W’s answered. The first one is Why…and you can’t take too long explaining it. Sure, a lot of us on here have had plenty of time to suck up the “Why” or possible originas, but Mr. and Mrs. Average movie-goer won’t get it at all…so the story’s got to have a KISS-principle beginning.

    My idea’s not…simple.

    The other side of the coin is that JJ might not every let people know where the creature came from or why it is attacking NY City.

    “Whatever it is, it’s winning!”

  91. SteveMikes

    If this turns out to be a lion I will eat my own foot haha.

    I think this film altogether will be simple so it will satisfy people who haven’t been following it whilst maybe clearing a few things up for those who have. Hell, maybe this viral stuff might not come to a full conclusion either, I mean for people who don’t get to see this film the night of release, or people (like me) in the UK who don’t get to see it ’till February 2nd anything new after the movie would probably totally ruin it, and I doubt after all the secrecy they’ll let that happen. I hope they don’t!
    I also, yet again, have a feeling that this may actually become a gradual cult-hit, much like Donnie Darko was in a way. . .

  92. ryan

    Hey debish maybe ur right don’t know I think we both end up the same just not sure about beggining but I like ur idea and its plausible. But one question hasn’t slusho just started in america. Not sure also I’m just wondering about ganu and dream he had about whale . Maybe lookin in too this too much

  93. John



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