Head on over to www.jamieandteddy.com to check out the 6th video from jamie (the password is jllovesth)

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  1. Groove.

    is there any mystery there?

    the only thing i thought was that maybe it’s rob that gave her the number?

    beth could be jamie’s friend and rob passed on the number?

    as he is about to join the company.

    teddy is obviosly dead so could someone else be viewing these videos?

  2. Rex

    Ahh Jamie – on the ball as ever.

    Imagine her video post on the 18th Jan…

    “So… like… I just looked out the window and there’s this monster lion like… attacking the city. As if unleashing some monster is going to make me forget you haven’t called … yeah like … there goes the statue of liberty’s head … where’s my flowers, prick…”

    She should pick up her stripping video where she left off, just to spite Teddy – That’d show him.


  3. monkeyinabush

    well that was eventfull, i would of thought she would of atleast put it on speaker fone so we could hear the people talk japanese or sumat and say teddys dead, u fone again we will kill you or sumat(in japanese of course) and we could of translated it, ohwell. its getting a bit close now, i think the viral marketing is getting a bit dry in place of conventional marketing with all these interviews and tv spots and such.
    ohwell, i guese that means we havnt got long to go

  4. The Anonymous One

    Hmm…it’s fairly obvious that Tagruato is actively snuffing out anyone who opposes them (i.e. Teddy), and they’re probably doing as best they can to cover it all up.

    Cover-up detail, would likely include destroying incriminating documents and replacing them with false ones (i.e. claiming that Teddy had never worked at Tagruato in the first place, and destroying all of his employment records that connect him with them).

    More drastically, Tagruato would also likely investigate anybody somehow associated with “problem persons” like Teddy (and Rob)…and then, if the situation warrants, proceed to rub those persons out as well.

    I predict (though not with 100% certainty–you never know, and future revealed Videos and details could very well change my predicted outcome), that Tagruato will most definitely be giving Jamie a visit.

    Evidence for this, is Tagruato calling Jamie back immediately after she had called them inquiring about Teddy.

    I don’t think they would have called her back so quickly, if they didn’t think that she could potentially be a loose end whose curiosity on the whereabouts of her (ex-)boyfriend could lead her to (inadvertantly) finding out more about them than they want her to know.

    (On an aside: they called her back *extremely* quickly. That suggests to me that Tagruato has some sort of formal company policy, dictating that all calls inquiring about missing persons (associated with them), such as from concerned family members, friends, significant others, etc., are to be called back immediately, so as to learn more about the nature of the inquiry, and then, if the situation demands it, silencing the source of said inquiry.)

    After all, it’s apparent that Teddy (and Rob) were associated with an anti-Tagruato group: if I were Tagruato, I would most definitely entertain the possibility, that Jamie (through her connection with Teddy) could also be a member of said group (behold! another person to capture and interrogate “regarding the location of their hidden rebel base!”).

    This inference would only be further strengthened, if Tagruato investigates deeply enough, and finds out that Teddy had mailed Jamie that package (shown in Video 5). Heck, even if Tagruato realizes that Jamie isn’t part of the anti-Tagruato group that Teddy was in, just their finding out about that package alone would warrant paying Jamie’s apartment a little visit. Followed shortly thereafter by cleanup detail.

    So, for all of you out there right now who detest Jamie’s apparent air-headed-ness and want her to fry, fret not: unless future Videos show her somehow learning the Truth About Tagruato (and learning before it’s too late, for that matter), I am fairly confident that she will be dealt with very soon…permanently.

    (P.S. Further evidence leading to the conclusion that Jamie will share Teddy’s dire fate, is the movie itself. After all, if she *did* find out on time about Tagruato’s particular brand of retirement benefits that Teddy is enjoying right now, wouldn’t she have been able to somehow warn the world, or at least New York City, before the monster attacks on January 18th? The fact that NYC is caught completely by surprise suggests heavily to me, that Jamie will only find out the Truth About Tagruato–if at all–when it’s too late for her to be able to do anything about it. All hail our overseas corporate overlords!)

  5. sc_kg

    CLOVERFIELD- greatest marketing strategy of all time brings you another thrilling episode o “Stupid Spoiled Bitch Diary”. Can’t wait for another one, already 🙂

    I have a New theory- Tagruato sends a monster over New York to kill Jammie cause she “knows too much”.
    What do you think?

  6. Nick

    hmm I think maybe they used mind phone in the tracking when they called her back and because she is so stupid they put a chip in her brain just by calling her back so now she will eat the thing in the gift and that’s what will make the lion come to NY.

  7. deBish

    If they can find her number that quick and she’s inquiring about someone who’s been ‘taken care of’ – maybe they can find her little video archive, spot the ‘evidence’ and she’ll get herself a little visit – pronto!

    Buh-bye Jamie! Shame I metcha!

    *Maybe she’s the exploding chick in the trailers and half the crowd will cheer when she goes BOOM! SPLAT! (the one’s who’ve been following her little vidBlog anyway) 🙂 – I know that I will.

  8. Nick

    Cmon if this video thing was really real the Tagruato people would have seen the videos like all the rest of us. I would think they would go after J.J for making the movie because now millions of people know about them.

  9. Marc

    Jamie is obviously the monster. She gone eat that stuff to spite Teddy and it’s going to turn her into Mecha Goddamit.

  10. Austin

    yes, jamie is poking around where she doesnt belong as far as tagruato is concerned, but no, i dont believe tagruato sends this thing that destroys all of manhattan because of jamie. if they are covering up teddy’s death (murder?) a friggn monster for one chick is a bit conspicuous dont you think? i think they called her back for maybe a trace on her location, but i dont think they called the monster like mr. burns (the simpsons) releases the hounds.

    im waiting for more on the t.i.d.o. blog. that last post on the 18th (December) was wide open. something went wrong with the “event” as some anonymous dude posted & apparently something happened to this randy that teddy spoke of in his recording in the 5th video. and this dude is now looking for “backup”

  11. lippy

    its not an effin lion!!!!
    just stop saying it is and do some research before u say its a lion again! cats hate water what would a lion be doing in the ocean!
    btw sweet video she’s def gonna get “taken” care of

  12. Charles

    Well maybe they are doing something to the people in Tagruato by giving them a lot of Slusho and then throw the Slusho in the ocean where a little thought to be extinct animal is mutated by NYC and then attacks the city and the people in Tagruato are the parasites or the little animals and then all hell brakes loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. marythelion

    ok …. so! Jamie is in the loop. TaguGADO! HA! She doesn’t speak..whatever…language.

    NICK??? L M F A O “thats when the lion will come” L O L

    I dunno what to say here about the video. Like Tagruato front desk will know anything about Mr. Teddy and his excellent adventure! It will be interesting to see how it all pans out! Thanks for sure!

    Thanks for the update Admin!

  14. zeppfan09

    i dont think that she gets taken care of. remember she is actually in one of the pics online at 1-18-08.com. We’ll see what happens with this video and how it develops into the actual movie. I do expect to see another video soon however

  15. Ryan

    Dont know if u all read below but i wonder if mr minster is used to clean up dirty work and maybe thats where tagruato is holding it and using it for the nectar or lsusho and maybe again big maybe ganus mom is involved as monster or one who found how to and where to look for it. POsted that late last nite below

  16. TKEGoogle

    What is the tie in between Teddy and Rob, I might have missed it, but I’ve been following this site and Cloverfield for sometime, and I’m not quite sure of this connection. I don’t really want to brain storm the who whats and whens to much because I want this movie to be a good surprise, but where are we tying the two together at?

  17. Animal

    Ok, I think that Tagruato captured Teddy. Maybe the killed him, maybe not, but they ask for Jamie’s address so they can go silence her. I have a feeling that we’re not going to hear from Jamie anymore.

  18. SteveMikes

    I had a little thought. . . it’s not a strong or very backed up thought like, but – what if Tagruato have connections with the military? or more like, the military are keeping an eye on them.
    I think this because judging on the time between events in the trailer, the military seem to get through NYC and to the “scene” so-to-speak pretty damn quickly don’t ya think? Plus the base type area with all the wounded etc. must have taken a while to set up right?
    So perhaps they knew something was happening before the news and everyone else did?
    I dunno, I’m just throwing a few things out there that are bugging me. . .
    It’s a bit off-topic I know lol, so to bring it back to this video, I have a feeling Tag. panicked when Jamie rang as they probably didn’t expect it at all. I mean, didn’t expect anyone to know and/or ring up about the guy they’ve captured (Teddy).
    As far as monster ideas go – I have a feeling The Cause , including Teddy don’t know about it at all and no Cloverfield followers know what it is / will be.
    That’s all for now as it’s late night here in the UK and I’m getting tired lol.

    One more thought too – maybe the film itself is one huge twist to all this viral stuff? . . .

  19. Nicky

    I have a question, if the guy said that they kidnapped him, why would they be answering phone calls for him? Do kidnappers usually say, “please hold, I’ll get the person that I am illegally holding hostage, so you, a loved one inquiring about them, can talk to them.” He never said that he was going there to work, so why would she call him like she is calling him at his office or something? that does not make sense, but then again, no one said that she was brillant.

  20. darren

    i don’t know if it’s has been already mentioned but maybe they traced the call in order to find out where Teddy sent the package. They want the contents of the box not the people he knew.

  21. Alzaire

    Yeah Nicky mentioned kinda what I was thinking. On one hand, we have to remember Jamie doesn’t have the information we know about. In the alternate world of the Cloverfield movie, she has no idea about all these Slusho clues and that a monster is going to attack. So it’s slightly understandable her disbelief. However, she’s still not very bright.

    As Nicky said, what did she really expect by calling them? I don’t remember, but was there anywhere that stated Teddy worked for Tagruato? (By the way, from what I understand Rob doesn’t work for them yet either, hence his party on the 18th, so I don’t think he has -any- knowledge whatsoever). As the tape said, Teddy said he was being held -captive- by Tagruato. Did Jamie think they were going to tell her “Oh yeah, we have Teddy imprisoned against his will. Would you like to leave a message?” or something? Of course they’d deny no knowledge of him! Obviously she’s mad at him and doesn’t know he’s telling the truth without the facts we know, but still… Oh and I guess with Randy missing too, she won’t be contacted about the truth from him like Teddy said he’d do. Since I’m sure she’s not checking the Tidowave site to know Randy and others are also missing, she probably just thinks it’s all a crock.

    But yeah, I don’t think anything happens to Jamie pre-movie. I believe she’s on one of the photos taken from the party on the 18th that is on the http://www.1-18-08.com. In fact, she is, I just looked. So she’s present at the party. No indication of her being in the movie post-party though, so we’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything, happens to her. Wouldn’t surprise me any if she just disappears and runs off in a panic with the rest of the party crowd and is never mentioned again.

  22. pm

    Aren’t internet-based viral campaigns succeeding in a sense that they are actively attempting to divert everyone’s natural curiosity and energy into a controlled and time-released formula. I feel like a hamster that’s waiting for a scientist to drop a food pellet from the sky. It’s too much work for too little in return.

  23. Chris

    pm – You are correct in some respect. But I think it also gives a chance to be part of the film too. Instead of just waiting for someone to leak something, you can play detective and try and find it yourself. Also, for the company it is an inexpensive way of drumming up interest in the film. Just depends on how you look at it. This is the first time I’ve gotten into a viral campaign and I’m having fun 🙂

  24. SteveP

    lippy – while I agree that it’s ridiculous that the whole “lion” thing still continues to be an issue, I do disagree about the thing with cats hating water – plenty of different kinds of cats do enjoy the water, lions among them.

  25. Nicky

    Maybe they are setting us up. Maybe Jaime does something so stupid in the movie that it is almost unbelievable, so they give us these glimpses into her stupidity now so we can better handle it later.

  26. marythelion

    I’m pretty excited for this flick…I come from a REALLY small town. I plan to go solo to the film. I love sittin in front of that big screen 😀 Seein all that magic happen!

    I still wonder how all this is gonna tie in together, but at the same time I don’t wanna dig around and come up with scenarios, or what have you. I’m enjoying all your saying! Should be a good thrill thats for sure!

  27. marythelion

    btw…Its possible Jamie plays a HUGE role in the movie…I think you could be right Nicky….

  28. John

    I think teddy ate the sea necter and turned into a gigantic lion. Natrally his paws are too big to dial a phone number, so he swims to NYC to see Jamie himself.

  29. the carpenter

    i thought it was said that Rob was going to work for tagruato? thats why he was moving to japan? the connection between rob and teddy is that, rob is jamies friend….as far as the pictures on the website go and as far as the trailer goes. i think that this will get very interesting very quickly, and be looking for another update very soon.

  30. Lostfan

    I can’t wait until this superficial BITCH gets smashed, or eaten, or watch her expand a blow up.

  31. Robert

    On jamie’s myspace, her comments are not dated properly, they are out of order…what’s up with that?


  32. Lauren

    I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed in her characterization. She’s…. so flat. And easily hateable. You’d think that they’d have made her somewhat redeemable, but apparently they weren’t terribly concerned with whether or not people are invested in her or her survival. But seriously—how dumb do you have to be to say “I need to talk to someone who speaks, uhm, American”? English, sweetie; American’s a nationality, not a language.

    Other than that–interesting that Tagruato’s so quick to be able to call back. Which means they have her number which means they can easily do a backwards address trace. Are we sure that she’s going to be around for the movie? It seems like Tagruato still has time to shut her up before the 18th.

  33. Chris

    Who exactlly are Jamie and Teddy? Does Teddy work For Slusho or Tagruato?? I am confused


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