Looks like the Slusho site has added a mobile page to their site. Use your phone and head to slusho.wap.com and you can download ringtones, background and more straight to your mobile phone.

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  1. Nick

    HAHAHA yes! this is the proof the monster is indeed a lion!

    look at the pics of the animals at that site.
    Duck, Jellyfish, Fish, and LION! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hahaah im so happy right now.

  2. Rocco

    All joke aside, it’s almost pathetic that the body of that “lion” looks like a tiger.

  3. Chris

    Talk about reaching. Nick, either you are truly hopeless, or you pretending to be and are getting a big kick out of this. I really hope it is the latter

  4. Icky

    The head is a mouse, the body shape is a horse, the color is a tiger & the tail is also a horse tail.


  5. TKEGoogle

    I wonder if you add the a ring tone, or wall paper, if it adds your number to a data base and you may get like text alerts with clues later on or something.

    *Waits to listen for everyone scrambling to grab their phones*

  6. SteveMikes

    Well I might be slow on this but I’ve just noticed this on the “history” part which indicates or proves that what Teddy sent Jamie is some sea-bed nector –

    “Because the ingredient was discovered on the deep ocean floor, under amazing pressure and in the most extreme cold, Ganu knew he had to serve the ingredient in a near-frozen state to preserve its freshness!!”

    Sorry if this had already been discussed.

    It also appears to be an addictive substance –

    “Everyone who drinks a SLUSHO! ™ tastes Noriko’s dream, and becomes a small whale like Noriko – because you want to drink huge amounts of SLUSHO! ™”

    Sorry again if it’s already been discussed!

  7. SteveMikes

    Nick I swear you’re just doing this for kicks now. . .

    Another thought, why are whales mentioned so much?
    I’m sure this thing isn’t a whale now, though I did a while back.

  8. Chris

    Considering that this movie is from Rob and friends point of view, I don’t think Slusho will even be mentioned in the story. The whole premise is that they are trying to survive a monster attack. So even if Slusho has something to do with the monster, it’s unlikely it will be mentioned.

  9. Chris

    Not sure where to put this thought, so I’ll try it here. I was looking at tagruato.jp and was reminded that Chuai Station is at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. So I checked Wikipedia and learned that there is something called the Atlantis Massif at approx. 30 degrees N. Latitude. On that massif is something called the Lost City hydrothermal field. Lots of small creatures live there including something called an “amphipod.” This and other crustaceans live there (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amphipod).

    I looked at Tag.’s drilling station map and Chuai is a little north of 30 degress latitude. Maybe whatever “sea bed nectar” is mutated something like the amphipod. Or a previously undiscovered type of crustacean lives in or around the Atlantis Massif and gets disturbed. Thoughts anyone?

  10. SteveMikes

    Good find, Chris.

    Quite a few people have mentioned deep sea parasites, crustaceans etc. now. I like the idea that this thing could be mutated from something like that, but it would take an awful lot to make something so small suddenly so huge.

    Plus, I think it was JJ. himself who said the monster will be shocking and suprising (or something along those lines) and to be honest a huge crustacean wouldn’t that shocking, would it?

  11. SteveMikes

    Good find, Chris.

    Quite a few people have mentioned deep sea parasites, crustaceans etc. now. I like the idea that this thing could be mutated from something like that, but it would take an awful lot to make something so small suddenly so huge.

    Plus, I think it was JJ. himself who said the monster will be shocking and suprising (or something along those lines) and to be honest a huge crustacean wouldn’t be that shocking, would it?

  12. SteveMikes

    Sorry about the double (now triple) post there! I put in a word I missed out 😉 lol.

  13. Chris

    I guess it would depend on what it looked like. Granted a giant crab or lobster wouldn’t invoke much fear. But there are some deep sea creatures that are downright frightening when you see them for the first time.

    One problem I see with my own theory is that the trailer shows what seems to be clearly be a bi-pedal creature, possibly reptilian. I know there has been a lot of debate on variouss sites about this, but I clearly see two independent legs moving between the buidlings. That makes my theory tough to prove because crustaceans typically have several legs/apendages.

    I thought maybe crustaceans because it was the only animal that seemed to exist in that deep area of the ocean. However, numerous monster flicks have had reptilian type creatures awake from suspended animation in the deep ocean, so who knows?

  14. SteveMikes

    It pretty much will have to be bi-pedal as the movie synopsis states it’s the size of a skyscraper, though I’ve read somewhere it’s apparently as big as the Chrysler building. Either way, it’d be pretty hard to make a four or more legged thing that big without looking slightly odd (in a bad way).

    In the end I think it’s just going to be a really simple monster, or simple background/story to it. Like, it’s a new creature without much explanation, or indeed a sea creature we’ll all kinda recognise, it’ll come, smash stuff up, then go or die. No complications such as protecting eggs, looking for food, or anything like that.
    As for all the viral stuff, I think that’ll be simple in the end too. Tag. might know about the monster or have found it before it got to NYC and that’s that or something. All this stuff is just keeping us all hooked and interested basically without any intended complications.

  15. jab

    Rob has an interview this afternoon. Maybe with Tagruato. Beth and Hud logged on today, also.

  16. Chris

    Complications seem to be JJ Abrams style though. If you have ever watched “Alias” or “Lost”, the ongoing never ending mystery is his schtick. I remember reading somewhere that Abrams said there would be both true and false clues in the viral campaign. Maybe he’s got us all completely bamboozled 🙂

  17. Nick

    Giant crab! I saw a video on you tube saying it was crab people LOL!

    um so i think this is movie an alien and not lion. I think the whole thing when he was talking about “i saw it, it’s a lion, It’s huge” was just edited like that for the trailer. so somewhere in the movie he talks about a huge lion, maybe at the start and they are watching an animal so or something.

    SO.. I do not think it’s a lion anymore but an alien!

  18. SteveMikes

    I haven’t seen any JJ Abrams work (I don’t think) apart from “Lost” , which funnily enough – got me lost! lol.
    Only got half way through the second season before I stopped watching it altogether, got to much for me and I thought it got far too complicated for it’s own good.
    So yeah, same thing could happen here I suppose. I mean, the intelligent stuff and twists. Still, some people are starting to expect too much of this movie I feel.
    As for Rob, wonder if we get any updates with info after the interview? it’s night time here though so I’m gonna have to wait ’till tomorrow to find out.

  19. sc_kg

    Hey Guys! I’ve spotted an info about fourth Cloverfield TV-Spot. This is a quick sum-up of it someone posted. You know where I can find it on YouTube?

    “The surprise party
    Something Found Us
    Shot of burning tanker
    shot of beth and jason saying “i’ll go with you”
    Subway: Rob pointing at a map and saying we can either die here, or here
    Shot of Marlena
    Shot of jets flying overhead rob and crew in apartment

  20. ryan

    Amphipod or isopod. Now were in my idea. I still think and I know mary agreed that it definatley looks like its shuffling along and legs or appendeges move sideways not up and down maybe I saw bad shot on you tube but don’t think so.. Back story of where is anyones guess debish made me think some. But I’m sticking with something that shuffles but may be able to stand up. Thanx chris for bringin up amphipod once saw a pic I july that was supposedly a model of one standing up next to a script but who knows

  21. Chris

    Ryan, I was looking at the video clip today that someone had posted in a forum. The more I looked at it, the more convinced I was I was looking at a bi-pedal creature. I posted the amphipod idea after I researched what kind of animals live in the area of the Chuai Station is supposed to be. If the creature is some sort of deep sea crustacean, it his highly mutated.

  22. ryan

    I just saw trailer 5 chris and maybe ur right. They show shot again but looks different in real speed than it does in slo mo. maybe I let camera speed fool me, this trailer is way diff. Marlena looks like she may last a little longer, possibly way longer in film because she is in subway scene so I now wonder if she does explode. At one point rob is in another apt room somewhere looks at map and points out 3 places that would be good to go to, to die. U also here a roar during subway scene instead of pitty patter feet. and u see a tagruato tanker burning. Another building being wrecked. I’m sure marlena was in subway scene u also here the bomb alert siren. Begginning to wonder if monster may be and I’m just guessing a mutated turtle like gamera. Heard there’s also a fourth trailer where u see good shot of bridge wrecked and u see the harbor better with ship burning. Two thoughts. 1 every review I’ve read seems to be dead wrong about events and timelines. 2 which leads to also point out that all 5 tv ads show same stuff but things seem different sequenced. Interesting. Also has any movie ever had 5 diff ads and counting before its premiere. Watch mtv to see trailer 5 and I think 4 is on nbc and slusho ads are also on. I’m wonderin if some of the early pics were fakes out cuttouts. Also really starting to wonder what this movies budget is. Way too many ads and effects for 30 million and we still have almost 3 weeks to go. One final thing ill say is this after watchin that commercial I’m very impressed that this movie was done on hand held camcorder cause it looks right in on action shots.

  23. ryan

    Sorry to double post but saw trailer 4 a minute ago or maybe 3 not sure but marlena was infected and someone does look like there exploding behind screen watch mtv they seem to be showin them a lot. Very strange withese cause timeline even quality varies from each trailer

  24. ryan

    Hey if someone can find it on you tube cause I’m on my phone may have found something. Taped it on vcr just as bridge is collapsing to the back right it looks like piece of bridge is falling but at last second it seems to be two separate things one may and I’m just syain one thing may be a tentacle . Can’t tell with vcr cause no zoom but if u can look into it. I’m wondering though it seems to be GW bridge but can’t see monster only hear it so is it under bridge or smaller than we thought. Again this may just be trick of camera

  25. Teso

    Why do they keep changing the explosion (fireball)? I have heard/seen some people say that the explosion of the first trailer is better. Come on!, the second explosion is much better, much more realistic too. and the meteorites/debri flying into the building are also better.

  26. SteveMikes

    That “thing” is supposedly as big as the Chrysler building, so I’d say yes, it is pretty huge lol.


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