nendo over in the forums made an observation today that I thought was interesting. It’s a little hard to tell from the quality of the screenshots from the TV spot, but the Tagruato logo looks like it could be on the top of the oil tanker that is capsizing. At first I thought it was the top of a large smoke stack on the deck of the ship, but apparently there aren’t smoke stacks like that on tanker ships (i know nothing about ships). If it is the Tagruato logo on the tanker, it appears to be elongated a little bit, this could be because of the moment the screen capture was taken from the video… or it could just be nothing at all, not sure. But I thought it was kind of interesting so I figured I’d see what you guys thought.

Full size of tanker

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  1. WhySoSerious

    So, I may be right..the monster followed the tanker all the way up from the station to NYC harbor.

  2. Robbie

    Nice observation. Honestly, at the first instant glance I give this screenshot, I thought that it was one of the monster’s eyes!!! LOL

    But then, I am so hyped over this movie that I keep a close eye open, for any instance of the monster, in these TV Spots.

  3. WhySoSerious

    I wonder what was on this tanker and was the monster attracted to it for food or did it hitch a ride underneath it?

  4. JDioneda

    the monster obviously didnt hitch a ride, its too big for that, it probably smelled or sensed some substance on the ship, followed it or probably chased it down, and then attacked it, the monster ending up in the harbor.

  5. WhySoSerious

    When I mean hitched a ride, I mean like a fish, it stuck to the bottom of the ship…thats always plausible.

  6. TKEGoogle

    Am I correct in remembering something about Tag converting its oil tankers to transport slusho on their website? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, maybe it was attracted by that.

  7. Alec

    that’s the Gears of war symbol! the monster is the Brumak! rob is actually Marcus Fenix! just kidding 😛

  8. admin

    Nick: Normally I don’t censor what people put in the comments, but this whole “Lion” shit is getting very annoying to me and everyone else. If you don’t have anything worth while to comment about, don’t. I have no problem banning your IP address for posting comments if it continues.

  9. admin

    TKEGoogle: I just looked over the slusho site and can’t find anything about them converting their oil tankers to transport Slusho.

  10. nendo

    WhySoSerious i don’t think that it would hitch a ride like u saw. it would probably cause damage and of sank the bout due to its weight. i think that it might of been attracted to all tagruato tankers in the area of the station and new york. probably because of its cargo. and thats the reason why only tagruato has the radar scan of it

    am prity sure this tanker is the same tanker mentioned in the news in the 5 minute clip. ooo which makes me wonder. could this tanker be the cause of the big explosion u see on the roof?

  11. Morgannon


    Thank you for putting the kibosh on the lion babbling. God, that was getting annoying!


  12. gomen nasai

    I dont think it was the same explosion as seen on the roof. That one looked like it was in the middle of the city.

    But that does make me think. If the movie is from the POV of the camera that means they must have been near where the tanker blew up to get it on camera.

  13. nendo

    gomen nasai true about it looks like from centre of the city but when there on the roof and when they go down to street level. the entire area not everythign has to be spot on accurate by location.

    just because it looks like it coming from the city to us, doesn’t mean in the story the explosion came form the docks

    it probably looks better between tall buildings rather than the dock area. so they choice to edit the explosion in there rather than the docks

    thats what i think anyway. not everythign in movies is 100/% accurate for locations

  14. adam

    I was confused by the angle at first, but now I get it. That appears to be a symbol painted on the deck in an area probably used as a helipad (so ‘copters can land on the ship while at sea). And that vessel seems relatively intact, albeit burning. I assumed the explosion from the various trailers was the tanker, but now I’m not so sure.

  15. TK

    So thats what makes the infamous fireball, I take it they are continuously changing the scene shots to keep us on our toes. Marvellous but disorienting! I

  16. nendo

    i don’t think there doing it to keep us on our toes. i think there doing it for better visual. as far as i am aware docks are around rather lo level buildings. so an explosion there would be rather boring tbh. but if it was between taller buildings. it would look alot better. looks like more destruction. even though the locatino doesn’t corrisponde to where the explosion actualy takes place in the story

  17. nendo

    and admin. i think the tanker is relatively intact so when u watch the film u would know thats were the explosion came from (instead of making the explosion a random thing), even though in reality it would be almost compltly destroyed

  18. Mike

    I’m guessin that the monster flipped it over. Cuz at first when i saw the other trailers, I thought it threw the tanker and I’m all “’s pissed and it’s huge” Then I saw the tanker was still submerged in the water while it was still roasting 😛 but yea nonetheless the Tagruato sign is something important, and with all the deep sea drilling and all. More speculation is upon us Cloverfieldians lol.

  19. SnS

    has it been confirmed yet if the whole film will be from the guy with the camera or will we be getting shots not possible for the camera guy to be?

  20. Mike


    I don’t think it’s been confirmed, but like since the beginning of all this hype it seems to me that ti will all be filmed “blair witch” style. To make it more realistic and all. So putting in another camera shot other than that would ruin the effect. That’s just my opinion, plus I think it’s a legit idea for this movie.



  21. Austin

    it’s really hard to say, we dont have the time code from which this frame was taken. it could have been the monster that caused this damage, but it plausibly could have been the army (nat’l guard?) who bombed this spot possibly near the end of the flick.

    just tossing another hypothesis log into the fire.

  22. nendo

    mike it was in an interview the other week. the one with the producer i think it was.

  23. Mike

    One last post, I know ive been posting quite a bit. Just a question for all you fans, cuz its fun speculating and hearing ideas.

    What do you guys think about Jamie and Teddy?
    What do they have to do with the movie?

  24. nendo

    jamie is a member of the cast. teddy and jamie story is part of the back story. i don’t like jamie no more. she seems so dumb. i mean why phone the company teddy is saying has captured him? that makes no sense to me.

    teddy is part of tidal wave. a enviromentalist group that want to bring down tagruato. he snuck aboard one of there drilling stations and is no captured

  25. TKEGoogle

    If that were the case why would they have shot so much footage from the 3rd person perspective??? That costs lots and lots of money to film and for no reason? They didn’t do that with Witch, I don’t think they will do it here, JJ will def have some large and outside shots. If you look at the behind the scenes footage it shows cameras filming them in central park. So it stands to reason their will be more than just the handicam shots.

  26. nendo

    show me this 3rd person perspective footage? there is none. the helicopter shot of the statue is ether the footage the film creatiors shot to use in the news report. or is when there in the helicopter and circling it. am prity sure in the interview the producer or whoeveer it was said it was all in hand held camera work. and then “cameras” could of been light rigs

  27. TKEGoogle

    Go to You Tube, check out the behind the scenes footage, I’m at work sorry I can’t pull up the link.

  28. Austin

    the 1st person shot is the primary angle in the film. my understanding after reading a few interviews of Matt Reeves (director) is that the handheld HDV camcorder angle is utilized in continuous long shots. according to the Reeves interviews, he utilized this camera the way he would if he were actually in a situation such as that, the camera stays on unless it is accidentally turned off or if it was a “get the hell outta here” situation. during the few times that the camcorder is turned off, you do get the 3rd person POV shots. if they didnt insert the 3rd person POV during those times, it would confuse the audience because the action would leave off and pick up elsewhere and at the fast pace this movie goes at, it would be confusing in a hurry.

    hope that helps the debate 🙂

  29. Austin

    i also learned that some of the scenes were improvised and “mistakes” (ie cast accidentally slipping & falling down & scrambling to get up & catch back up to the action) to add realism to the film.

  30. marythelion

    I think it will be pretty interesting to see how it all sounds audio wise too, hopefully nothing sounds cheesy, or dubbed. Or intentional. It was in the teaser trailer, they we’re in the store after we witnessed the monster. I just thought it was poor acting, ROB ROB Rob…I saw it, its alive. I know they did alot of takes, even the the first part “My name is Rob Hawkins” There are two instances where they are airing two different takes. The inconsistency from clip to clip is getting me worried about how good it will ultimately be, and where exactly the story line will go. Once I heard they we’re going to get Beth…boy I hope we still get action, not alot of panic ridden people doing some bonehead thing!

    What sucks about this POV, is that we can’t see as much of the monster as we want, from afar, but from one persons POV. Big Monster…I’m gonna die anyway, so…I’m gonna follow it with my camera :D. Thats what I’d do! Blaze of Glory son!

  31. marythelion

    btw the tanker footage…its a bit hazy with the logo there.

    See the real logo, and how the only REAL white part by the globe are the hands, and the rest is red? On the tanker, it looks white all the way around. I don’t think thats it, if it is, they must have changed the logo. But the dimension of color looks all wrong.

  32. WhySoSerious

    Never Judge a book by it’s cover. They are keeping this monster under wraps as much as they can until the release. You can’t judge a few pieces of footage as being tasteless and bad acting….now your just jumping head first into an empty pool with looking to see if it’s filled.

  33. nendo

    A key aspect of achieving that you-are-there feel in Cloverfield was by mimicking the man-on-the-street camcorder perspective that has become an everyday part of our lives. The film is shot in such a way as to appear to be “found footage” from just such a camcorder that was in use, on and off, throughout the attack on New York by the monster (or monsters) that has only been hinted at so far in the trailers. The idea, according to Reeves, is that since this footage has been found and is unedited, every time the camera cuts out indicates a jump forward in time. And in fact, the only cuts in the film are when the camera gets turned off.

    “You’ll be watching a continuous take and all of a sudden you’ll jump forward, and the idea was that in those sort of elliptical moments, you suddenly have to piece together what the story is,” says the director. “And we thought it would be really great if the first 15 or 20 minutes of the movie are all about meeting these characters in this kind of mysterious, fun way, and you start to get this connection to them, and then all of a sudden have them basically go through this event. ? Obviously we have the option of putting jump cuts all over the place, but I thought, ‘Well, if I’m one of those characters and some of those things are happening, I wouldn’t turn off the camera. I would just keep watching.’ And that presented its own challenges because then in a movie you have to bridge together what would be many, many visual effects and do it in one shot.”

  34. greenclovers

    I think Teddy becomes mutated by the Slusho compound and becomes the monster in Cloverfield. Teddy just wants to come home.

  35. The Anonymous One


    (Split up into 5 sections, so as to decrease boredom and eye-strain. Your welcome in advance. ?The Anonymous One)

    (WARNING: the following, despite it all being my own, uneducated, and frankly whimsical guesses which could end up proving wildly inaccurate?might be somehwat, or even wholly accurate after all, and therefore could be interpreted as SPOILERISH material. Read at your own risk, please.)


    I. Tagruato Knows Exactly What Caused The Sonar Signature.

    Hmm?it?s obvious now, that Tagruato knows for certain that there?s something incredibly large and mobile moving in the ocean, and it?s a safe bet that it?s no man-made submarine (I?m just guessing here, but I don?t think even the largest nuclear submarine would leave a sonar signature like that).

    The fact that Tagruato has picked up the sonar signal?and has kept their discovery secret, rather than announcing their discovery to the world, as would anybody who wants to either get international media attention, or (at the very least) warn the world?heavily suggests to me that whatever caused this sonar signature (the monster?or monsters, even?), has not only been identified by Tagruato?but is Tagruato?s own, deliberately created, and deliberately funded ?pet? project (pun intended).

  36. The Anonymous One

    II. The Reason The Movie Is Named ?Cloverfield?

    One thing I?ve noticed as of late, is that everybody keeps on focusing on the monster: but I think we all can agree that if this movie was simply another ?Godzilla? monster-movie, with the monster as the star, then the movie title itself should at least have reflected that, with a catchy-sounding ?monster? name (i.e. ?Cthuzilla?, or even ?Monstrous?, as was hinted at some time ago).

    So why name this movie ?Cloverfield? instead?

    The second trailer gives a very powerful hint: the U.S. government itself designates the monster attack on NYC at ?Cloverfield?.

    There is one other notable ?Cloverfield? in U.S. government/military-related history, which everyone seems to have forgotten about, even though it was brought up when the first trailer for the movie was released:

    So, the previous ?Cloverfield? was all about disguises, facades, fooling others into thinking that a facility manufacturing military machines was non-existent, or, at least, was a mere, non-threatening piece of real estate.

    So?I infer that this upcoming movie was named ?Cloverfield? by Matt Reeves (and, in the script, the monster attack was named same by the U.S. government), in honor of that Santa Monica airstrip.

    So, what?s being disguised in the movie? Why not particular locations, that appear as if they are being used for one purpose, but are really being used for something else? Why not locations, such as oil-rig platforms out in the ocean? Oil-rig platforms, that are not really oil-drilling rigs at all, so much as ?missile?-launching platforms?except, in this case, the ?missiles? are monsters?

    Translation: this is not a mere ?monster? movie: rather, I now fully expect it to be a ?monster invasion? movie. Meaning that the monster attack at NYC was not an accident or runaway experiment: the creature (or creatures, even) was deliberately sent there, with the full, completely premeditated intention of destroying America?s most famous city?and more.

  37. The Anonymous One

    III. The Mastermind Behind the Invasion

    So, who?s the evil mastermind behind this invasion?

    Let?s see, now: moviegoers are bored to death nowadays with ?aliens from outer space? movies; I personally rule out ?Cthulhu? or similarly mystical forces because my gut feeling tells me that, based on everything we?ve seen from the trailers so far, the manner of NYC?s destruction just wouldn?t fit the mystical or semi-mystical ?Cthulhu? style; and our video stores are overflowing with horror films about the U.S. military creating and accidentally allowing to escape all sorts of monstrous nasties (zombies, viruses, piranhas, blobs, robots, nanites, ad nauseum).

    Ah, but, as our nation?s collective bogeymen were the Nazis in WW2, and the Soviets in the Cold War, our current generation?s villains tend to spring from two general groups: terrorists, and giant, evil corporations.

    For this particular movie, I?ve ruled out terrorists as the culprit for the monster. Especially since it?s become blatantly obvious by now who the guilty party really is: Tagruato.

    Look at all of the information we?ve learned about Tagruato so far, from its main website alone:

    -The CEO, as shown from his news interviews, it incredibly arrogant and obviously underhanded (was it his possible ingestion of the infamous ?sea nectar? that warped his mind to the point of his envisioning and preparing for world conquest? We shall see?);

    -The corporation is involved with both (presumably radical and unethical) scientific research and experimentation, and using unethical means to both retain and expand its power (i.e. getting the employees addicted to slusho, and silencing dissenters);

    -The corporation has recently become incredibly ambitious, including having just bought a whole new fleet of (Tagruato-logo-emblazoned) oil tankers, and (most interestingly) launching a satellite into outer space (who knows what the actual payload is? And isn?t it peculiar who the CEO was willing to take the risk to launch it on schedule despite bad weather conditions?); and

    -The Whistle Blower?s message revealing that the newest Tagruato oil-drilling rig hasn?t found any oil at all (it would have been phenomenally stupid for a company as big and technology-driven as Tagruato to have invested into such a huge, multi-million dollar project without having researched that area of the sea floor to make sure there was oil there to be found and obtained?if the corporation meant for the drilling rig to be used for acquiring oil in the first place).

    All of these tidbits point the way towards a startling conclusion, in my mind: Tagruato intends to conquer the world.

  38. The Anonymous One

    IV. ?Godzilla? Origins Turned 360 Degrees

    ?Godzilla? fans know how the famous kaiju movie monster was first created: in the original 1954 film of the same name. The monster was originally a dinosaur adapted to living in the ocean, and had been hibernating for millions of years: the United States? atomic bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean not only woke it up, but had mutated it so that it both grew in size and developed all the radioactive powers it possesses today (i.e. radioactive breath, incredible strength and durability, and amazing regenerative powers). Ultimately, Godzilla was (and continues to be) a symbol of Japan?s (and the world?s) fear of the power and misuse of nuclear weapons (a ?la Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

    So, if my inference is correct, and Tagruato is the mastermind behind the monster(s), then I salute Mr. Reeves for this ironic take on the Godzilla mythos: instead of the United States being the culprit for the monster?s origins this time, it?s the reverse. The Japanese, privately-owned business entity, Tagruato, has unleashed the beast?and, unlike the original Godzilla movie, it appears to me that the corporation created the monster(s) deliberately and with dire purpose: to attack the United States. And thus is reflected our current world?s fears of evil corporations and big business stretching across the globe and exploiting the masses?Big Oil, in particular?and also, deliciously combined with our current era?s bogeyman-fears of biotech and genetic research all gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    One could argue that Tagruato, with its vast financial resources, could have bought (or developed by itself) nuclear weapons instead, like in a standard James Bond film, but I disagree. Nuclear weapons leave nasty fallout (rendering a conquered territory useless), and radioactive winds and nuclear winter can travel all across the globe.

    In contrast, I believe that it would not be beyond Tagruato?s foresight and capabilities to have already developed (prior to invasion) some means of controlling the monsters it?s created (i.e. shortened DNA telomerase chains so the monsters die anyway in a short period of time; control-pheromones; vaccines; or perhaps even the recently-launched satellite is a factor?), once they?re done destroying enemy cities?with no fallout, to boot!

  39. The Anonymous One

    V. Worldwide Conquest?And ?Cloverfield? Sequels?A Serious Possibility

    Let?s not forget, that Tagruato has more than one oil-drilling rig: it has several, set up all over the world.

    There is the possibility that the oil rig nearest to NYC was the only one solely intended for monster-rearing purposes (hence explaining the financial report revealing that said rig had found no oil). However, if Tagruato?s involvement in the creation and release of the monster was not pure accident, and was in fact a deliberate measure, as I hypothesize?then it would hardly be a world-conquering act, to attack and destroy NYC alone.

    Instead, if Tagruato had been planning for world conquest for years, then why not set up oil-rig platforms all over the world, in preparation for the release of monsters all over the earth, in one overwhelming, global invasion?

    To help preserve the image to the public that Tagruato is merely a benign corporate entity, it would not be at all surprising to find that (save for the NYC oil-rig, apparently), the Tagruato oil-drilling platforms really *are* drilling for oil (it would certainly help fund the company?s investing in bio-tech research?). It could even be the case, that the corporation?s earliest oil-rigs were designed just for that purpose, with no deceptive intentions in the first place.

    Nonetheless, once Tagruato started to investigate all of the marvelous bio-mutagenic properties of sea nectar?and started to consider the real possibility of world conquest?well?then it becomes a far more likely scenario, that not only were the newer oil-rigs designed to be monster-launching platforms, but the older rigs were re-designed to accommodate monster-launching procedures as well.

    And the new fleet of oil tankers would certainly help in such a massive mission of conquest, wouldn?t it? Either the oil tankers are used to transport the monsters directly to the port of major cities across the globe (either the monster is small enough to fit inside said tankers, or perhaps the tankers transport sea nectar or similar substance that, once the tankers reach port, is ?activated? somehow, and transforms it into a monster, that then proceeds to break out of the tanker to wreak havoc), or perhaps the tankers are used to leave a ?scent trail? (maybe of sea nectar?), that the monsters (created and kept at the oil-rig platforms out at sea) then irresistibly follow, until the tankers reach the port of the city to be destroyed.

    Implications: the first ?Cloverfield? movie may focus on NYC?s destruction?but NYC may not be the only city to be attacked by Tagruato?s monstrous creations. Perhaps the hand-held camera tape the U.S. government found, is but one civilian?s recording of the destruction of one major city?out of many other major cities (with harbors and ports) across the globe that had Tagruato oil tankers releasing monsters to wreak havoc upon them.

    Translation: ?Cloverfield? may end up not being a mere stand-alone movie?perhaps there will be an ending shot at the end of the film, showing (or implying) that Tagruato oil tankers have stationed themselves all over the world, and will (or have already) unleashed their horrific, gargantuan cargo. Meaning humanity is toast. Or will be, if it doesn?t fight back against both the monsters, and the evil business corporation that spawned them. Meaning the possibility for movie sequels are endless. Which, perhaps, Mr. Reeves had intended all along?



    (P.S. Of course, I repeat, that I may very well be completely wrong about this. For which, if that turns out to be the case, I duly apologize in advance to my fellow fans of this upcoming film, for accidentally pulling our collective chains. Regardless, thank you Mr. Reeves, for giving us the most revolutionary viral marketing campaign I had ever seen. I have every bit of faith in you, in your delivering to us one of the very greatest films?and likely the single greatest science fiction film?of 2008.)

    (P.P.S. If anyone cares to use parts of all of the essay above, feel free to do so. I hereby fully relinquish any and all credit for it; if any ownership credits should be attached, I transfer it all to the owner and administrator of this Cloverfield News website, in appreciation for his establishing such a wonderful website that I have enjoyed perusing through since its inception. Thanks a bunch, admin. And thank you, fellow movie fans, for fanning the flames of speculation and rumor-mill fun. ?The Anonymous One)

  40. The Anonymous One


    My apologies for the following errors, and omissions:

    Section II *should* have read:

    The second trailer gives a very powerful hint: the U.S. government itself designates the monster attack on NYC as ?Cloverfield?.

    There is one other notable ?Cloverfield? in U.S. government/military-related history, which everyone seems to have forgotten about, even though it was brought up when the first trailer for the movie was released:

    Section III should have read:

    -The corporation has recently become incredibly ambitious, including having just bought a whole new fleet of oil tankers, and (most interestingly) launching a satellite into outer space (who knows what the actual payload is? And isn?t it peculiar how the CEO was willing to take the risk to launch it on schedule despite bad weather conditions?); and

    Section IV should have read:

    ?Godzilla? fans know how the famous kaiju movie monster was first created in the original 1954 film of the same name.

    My apologies for my butchery of English grammar. Please feel free to point out and correct any other errors or omissions I may have made in my haste.

  41. TC

    @ ‘The Anonymous One’

    I’m a big Godzilla fan…I’m willing to bet your theory is probably pretty close.

  42. thedistrict

    Frank and z3ro- u guys really should read it, it makes really good sense especially part v.

  43. ed night

    This is a Godzilla Movie, The red insignia is also a godzilla along with the radar screen.

  44. Hanzo

    Ed Night,your obviously obsessed with the gozilla bullshit. That makes you…A DUMBASS, this is not a godzilla movie

  45. GolfGuitarist

    For those of you that just watched the MTV new years thing………. they showed like a gazillion Cloverfield spots during commercial break. It was sweet

  46. marythelion

    Why So Serious: Tsk Tsk! can’t judge? What? Can’t judge? Did you really say that…in todays day and age, where they give ALL these people snipets, and online viral marketing…that I can’t have an opinion? Your right. i should not go see the movie even. Ta hell with my imagination running wild, I don’t have to have an opinion about anything…


    In fact? We should take all the sites down, and BAN cloverfield!

    Get a life!

  47. Master Roshi

    If the Cloverfield monster and Godzilla were to meet , Godzilla would end up being just like the SOL!

  48. DarkL

    To the Anonymous One:

    Good idea. I had been thinking it was more like the traditional monster-movie setup, with the whole thing being a terrible accident that Tagruato was trying to cover up. Otherwise they are obviously evil; making horribly addicting Icees and whatnot. You can’t just drink 6? I’ll pass then. I read a couple of the stories about the Slusho promoters on the Tagruato website, and those disturbed me slightly.

    Hey, maybe I know what the secret ingredient is: crack! :p kidding.

  49. Ramone

    RE: The Anonymous One.

    I couldn’t read all that, it was far too long winded and think your over thinking this movie way too much. But that’s a good thing in a sense. Not since the infamous Zapruda film has anything been put on celluloid and been scrutinized and dissected with such passion and research. Not since Jurassic Park have I seen such excitement been generated over a ‘monster’ movie – and it’s very refreshing to see. Unfortunately the wide spread media coverage has yet to take off here the UK and I feel that the movie may come and go far too quickly here, which is a shame.

    But personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck where the monsters went to school what his favourite cd is and if he even turned up in a Philadelphia Eagles shirt. I just want to sit there and go ‘oohhh ahhhh..fuck me I bet that hurt! Go on kill him I hate latte drinking fags in suits” – or words much to that effect.

    I love the over working imaginations being expressed on this forum, I just hope some people’s over convoluted theories and wishes aren’t squashed when it turns out this is simply an out and out ‘monster turns up one night causes some major head aches for insurance companies and then goes home to bed and leaves everyone thinking – wtf was that all abou then ?’ movie.

    I think it’s gonna be one of the best popcorn movies of the year, it may not make millions upon millions at the box office but your gonna be glad you saw it on the big screen I gurantee.

    So put your brains in neutral and suspend all your beliefs for a couple of hours and sit back and enjoy this huge movie – they don’t come round often enough.

  50. WhySoSerious

    I actually do have a life..lets see 9 years active duty in the Air Force living abroad in Germany for all that time and now, I work in film, so u see I do have a life and do not entirely sit here…what about you??? What are you like 16 or 17?

    I am not here to argue with a teen, I am here to enjoy the forum and thats if you wanna go on, go ahead but do it by yourself…

  51. WhySoSerious

    Hey Admin…There was a TV spot last night on ABC for “Cloverfield”, when did they change the explosion from the roof vantage point of view? It’s a different explosion now, I am guessing for the actual film eh?

  52. SteveMikes

    It’ll be fucking huge in the States probably, and not that large at all here as the viral stuff is mainly American, there’s no talk of this movie anywhere at all in the UK really. I started a thread about it on a forum and only 2 people bother to keep up with it. Americans are all built up over it already, have studied all this viral stuff and the word is around. Here, we have a couple posters so far, then we’ll probably just get a few commercials a week or so before it’s release. People will then discard it as Godzilla 2 or something as some already have and it won’t be that successful. BUT, I have a strong feeling it’ll achieve more success in the UK once it’s out on DVD, a bit like Donnie Darko’s success.

    As to Anonymous One’s theory, yeah it’s all good and makes sense, but don’t be disappointed at when/if this turns out to be very simple indeed.

  53. TK

    Way to go The Anonymous One dropping a huge post on our heads like that, but some of it actually makes sense. However I do believe that the oil rig was meant to find out what the origin of the infamous Bloop sound and may have inadvertently angered the monster or something… not world domination.

  54. nendo

    why so serious. they changed it for the same reaosn they changed the statue of liverty head hitting the building and crashing to the floor. the explosion in the teaser trailer is just an early version of the final scene. the one in the tv spot is the updated version and most probably the final version

  55. Ryan

    Hey all first thought was tagruato tanker when i saw that spot on tv. I will say this doesnt it seem odd each time we all get going on something about this film either a new interview or tv spot shows up to confirm or rebuff what we are talking about. Examples ” Lion discussion in Matt Reeves interview, Tanker causes explosion boom here we are now with shot of infamous tanker. Subway scene with Marlena after what we thought was the time she blew. Not saying she doesnt but time line is all wrong. Sonar IMages and does anyone remember Bloop, did we ever confirm that was a legit cloverfield thing or just something on the NOAA.UM the music changes and subtle tv changes we see. First off the latest two trailersd look damn good for hand held cams and show some strange angles for cameras. Also on seen where bridge gets destroyed i have two things for you. 1. Where is it If its so big wouldnt it be above and if u slow down and look closely at destructing brige to the back right u see a column falling if u look close it seems to separate in two and maybe reveals and again i said maybe a tentacle of some sort. And NO I odnt think its Cthullu. IM hoping for bottom sea dweller mixed with whale. Get the feeling the studio had this well thought out in advance, and are readin very closely every word we say and kinda playin off it. How do we know none of us are involved with movie. I write screenplays and what not how do u all know im not part of movie. Im Not Just Saying. I like anonymous ‘s idea but not sure. He may be way on here i feel that tagruato is somehow attacking the us and the world wioth thier product. Hence Bio Research on humans and animals. Just cant put my figure on how it ties together.

  56. Ryan

    And PS When im not on my phone writing this i do write much better with grammar and punctuation LOL.

  57. Alex

    Maybe the tanker leaked, and a fish drank some of it. As stated on the slusho website.. it says something about a fish turning into a big whale…

  58. CloverfieldFan1000

    Hey can someone help me figure out how the heck they did this type of filming? How would they put the monster, city destruction of this size, and that many ppl into a small normal camera? Doesn’t make sense.

  59. Ryan

    I agree with the film size. I also feel the budget is way over 30 million. THe advertising alone must be close to it. I also saw a new add last night after dick clark with ryan seacrest one thing that stood out different monster roars and maybe the monster may shoot fireballs also whoever explodes it seems the explosion is lower on their body now. Seven or 8 different tratilers and commercials this is prolly gonna be a franchise which means we will all be freinds on here for a long time LOL. Hey does anyone here belive any of the fake reviews weve heard now. I Dont Lol

  60. nendo

    ryan. the deforming body has always been that low on the body. nothign has changed in that scene. cloverfieldfan1000 i don’t get your question. this is filmed the same way any other monster movie is made. only thing thats changed is the perspective we are seeing it in.

  61. Ramone

    RE:Cloverfield Fan1000

    The movie is shot through a hand held camera lens, so what your seeing is a very small monster and midgets far away! It’s a trick Hollywood has been using for eons .

    Either that or it’s done using digital technology and the occasional green or blue screen and some hocus pocus fairy dust 🙂

  62. Animal

    Whatever the logo was for, I think that’s pretty interesting. It’s January now, everybody. I have a feeling we’re going to be swamped by more viral marketing.

  63. archy

    Let’s hope that Writer’s Guild strike ends soon, otherwise I fear what Hollywood will be like if they have to settle for screenplays written of that quality.

  64. Animal

    Anonymous One –

    I thought I was good at figuring this Cloverfield stuff out! But you truly are the king. I’m not saying you’re right, I am, however, saying that you really have pieced nearly everything together. The oil tankers being monster transports; that might explain why the station near NYC had an incident report the Whistle Blower sent to us. The Chuai station’s monsters may have gotten out of hand and wreaked some havok. Also, the thing about Using the monsters and not nuclear missiles. That would make a lot of sense. Why would Tagruato go out of its way to attack us with missiles and let the U.S. know who attacked. A giant monster attack would be the perfect cover. Who would blame another nation for breeding huge engines of destruction like that? I applaud you on your theorizing. It’s better than I did. When I go see the movie, if I find out you were right about anything, I won’t be too surprised.

  65. ryan

    Just thought about tanker scene I think u see it at almost ground level later on just before they head to the bridge. It may be important or just a wrecked ship in harbor. I also am not sure if they zoom in from a rooftop to this pic, as one trailer suggested. The other one I saw suggested that it was on the way to bridge. I think u also see tanker burning in still where helicopter is lookin down on statue of liberty is this the aftermath of attack or beginning. Most tanker explosions don’t rip ships to shreds due to dual to quad hulls. And their size they usually just burn out which would explain why it looks intact

  66. marythelion

    Why so serious…oh so you can chastise me and thats ok…just so I know…I didn’t wanna get it wrong.

    Military……now film…..hmmm….little discharge?

    For the record, YOU decided to come after me. ASS.

  67. Chi Johnson

    Tagruato? This leads me to believe that this monster is none other than the legendary Godzilla.

  68. Charles

    People I was looking around in the web on Cloverfield because I’m seeing these trailers so I’m like I WANNA SEE THIS MOVIE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I cam upon a website called This site was blank and I wonder if there’s anything wrong with it or if it’s related to the movie just I want people to check it out if you can please. I’m just happy to find out something!

  69. ryan

    If u compare two scenes by the by their different with the explodong whoever if that’s what that is. I think we can all agree that nothing seems to be what it is and that things r always changing

  70. marythelion

    True Ryan…I just wonder what we’ll see in the end! Is there a ticker anywhere? 😀 I’m excited too! I noticed on ABC last night they had a trailer on tv after midnight. That was cool to see. I can’t wait to go!

  71. nendo

    things are always changing because they were still in produciton during the making of the first trailer. there probably finished now and are moving to creating the reels.

    chi how does Tagruato lead u to believe thats tis godzilla? i don’t see the connection. ar eu saying that because u want it to be godzilla. or because u have 100% proof that it is godzilla

  72. WhySoSerious

    I did not say like i mean it..what I meant was alot of people judge the clips before they see the entire film and get discouraged even before the films come out. That in the end ruins a film, the fact is that they show too much in a trailer now and when you go and see the film you are pretty much disappointed with the outcome of the film…I apologize for what I said to in regards before.

    “ass”…you can do better than that.

  73. boBBy

    great marketing for this movie i cannot wait im probally going to watch this movie at least 3 times

  74. marythelion

    I don’t think I can…I’m only like…16 or 17 remember? LOL

    I apologize for my spite. You have a nice career under your belt.

    And while everyone jumps the gun with what they think will happen, everyone is doin it. About every aspect. Stupid viral marketing! hee hee. Its all in good fun!

  75. marythelion

    I’ve found a home here! My husband won’t even talk to me about it! Just a mere, MEH it looks OKAY. I love movies! 😀

  76. SteveMikes

    PG-13 is the equivalent of a 15 here in the UK. For those who might not know, a 15 here is the second highest certificate, the highest being 18.
    So I think that there could be some pretty violent scenes in this.
    I can’t remember where this was, could be on here, but someone raised a good point. Even if the tanker is what causes the explosion whilst Rob and co. are on the rooftop, the monster seems to get to the street of the apartment pretty damn quickly. Also, when it first roars the building shakes which indicates it may be pretty close. The explosion seems pretty far away, yet soon as they get outside the SoL head comes flying down the street and our large guest seems to be walking towards the direction the explosion came from.
    How on earth could it get from the tanker & SoL to the inner city?

  77. SteveMikes

    Last part meant to say. . .
    How on earth could it get from the tanker & SoL to the inner city so quickly?*

    Sorry for the double post.

  78. WhySoSerious

    Yeah..I know. They did the same thing about Alien Vs Predator as well…I just want to see the movie and enjoy it, I do enjoy the viral marketing thing they are doing although…

  79. WhySoSerious


    Like you I was having the same thought. I am guessing the monster threw the tanker and then threw the head of liberty….because in the trailer, you see the tanker next to the Statue of Liberty island with a helicopter looking down from above with a spotlight. Thats how I am guessing that happens.

  80. M. Conrad III

    Just read through all these comments to make sure I wasn’t about to repeat anyone. The focus has derailed a bit from just being about the Tagruato logo, but there’s a simple detail to consider. If that IS the logo on the tanker, the reason it looks different is because we have nothing to compare it to except the official artwork’s depiction. In short, there’s no guarantee it will look exactly the same in the movie.

  81. SteveMikes

    Fair enough we can establish it attacked, if not threw the tanker then it it took a distinct disliking to Lady Liberty. But what I’m getting at is – the head comes from a different direction (it appears). Even if it did do what you just said, the tanker then take off the head both in a row, that still doesn’t explain how it gets so far into the mainland so damn quickly. It’s the first roar that’s bugging me though. If it was about to throw the tanker, then it would sound distant and the people at the party wouldn’t hear it over the music and laughter/banter, but the roar is heard so clearly and seems to be so close that the lights flicker and the ground shakes. How though? I’m really intriuged by this. It just doesn’t make sense. How can it blow up/throw the tanker, take off the SoL head, get into the city then throw it in such little time? Or was it even near the explosion, was it really already rampaging around before it got close enough so the party and our main characters could hear it?

  82. RescueEn

    Where are the Navy guys or guys with shipboard experience out there? Is it just me or does the first “groan”, “roar” heard during the party sound kind of like the hull of a big ship’s steel being flexed. Much like the sound of a big ship underway with steel flexing. Realistically that sound should not carry through to Midtown Manhattan. But possible source of the sound they used, at least on the latest cut from New Year’s Eve commercial. What do you think?

  83. WhySoSerious

    Then again it was in the trailer and the film can be edited differently than what we saw in the trailers. And as for the roar, it’s does sound like a ship or metal being twisted…which could be used as the effect sound for the roar.

  84. SteveMikes

    True, the scenes from the trailer could be totally different (order and/or sound wise) in the actual film.
    As for the twisted metal noise. . . I see what you’re getting at, but honestly I think it’s just the monster.

  85. WhySoSerious

    Yeah..thats what I am saying..they just used that specific sound for the monster’s roar. Now with all this viral marketing, do you think we will see more of it in the film?

  86. ryan

    The new ror is diff in gact in that last clip there were three distinct roars and I earlier mentioned the tanker but wasn’t sure how it got wrecked and the fact that if it were double hulled it wouldn’t explode also it seems to convenient. This clue of us talkin bout a capsized tanker. This tanker wasn’t capsized at all, even if it is a tanker. U would need a full on container ship to carry this monster into ny if its 400 to 600 ft. Also a ulcc may be used but they do not dock in NY water is to shallow. Also if I’m not mistaken 99 percent of all the large container ships head to Newark. Large cruise ships go to My but they have a low draft, a tanker loaded with whatver this is would have a way to low draft and would have to be severely modified. Actually it couldn’t be a tanker cause with all the separate compartments on a tanker and the double hull the holds would be way to small. So unless they took some artistic liberty with a tanker, which seems highly unlikely due to the fact I think these guys have serverely done their homework. And thanx Mary for agreeing with many of my thoughts which some think are crazy. Without truly knowing what scenes are wear in the movie then no one can truly know exactly what happens and when. Maybe anonymous is right and there’s more than one monster. And to whoever said that trailers weren’t finished. We have seen four new trailers all from different points of view and adding little parts here and their with changes. The girl does expand more and lower on last nite late nite view and their r three distinctly different roars. Also thinkin bout bloop wasn’t that noise or radar stations that reported it off the british isles and other parts of the world. As always beggining to wonder if this movie is way more involved than we think. My guess is we r being set up for a few sequels. And again does anyone agree that for a hand held cam the pics and way there shown seem extraordinary. Also again I think budget is way over 30 million

  87. SteveMikes

    Ohh, I see what you mean now.
    See more of what in the film? The big angry critter, or the viral stuff?
    Monster – I think we’ll see our fare share of it, I mean it looks pretty relentless and I don’t think it’s easy for something that big to hide lol.
    Viral stuff – probably not. Maybe someone with a SLUSHO! shirt or something. Maybe someone will mention Tagruato, but I don’t think it’ll go any further than that.
    Like, if someone recognises the Tag. logo on the burning tanker or something like that.
    I apologise if you didn’t mean either haha.

  88. SteveMikes

    Last post was aimed at WhySoSerious.

    Damn, again, sorry for the double post.

  89. SUPER

    anyonmas one- sequals and series thts some sick ass thinkin maynnn and i really do hope tht there will be tht would be awsome and an awsome marketing stargedy 😛

  90. RescueEn

    Yeah all I was saying was the sound of steel flexing on the empty hull of a ship sounds very similar

  91. ryan

    Maybe its what the used to create monsters roar i m pretty sure godzilla was done with a metal bar and a violin or something similiar. I’m trying to draw a mental pictur of the monster with its roar. I just see some ocean thingy whale amhopod or sumpin along those lines

  92. Master Roshi

    What if the monster strated out small and when its given Slusho it grows rappidly?

  93. Franky

    woah i jus saw the 8th tv spot and they changed the monsters roar , it sounds like the very beggining of the trex from jurassic park

  94. Mike

    I’m soo hyped for it all. It’s good J.J is keeping the monster under wraps until the movie. If we all seen it, heard about an official detailed plot, then I’m betting no one would pay the money for it. Everyone likes a suprise, and I’m glad J.J is keeping it for us.

  95. Lipsome123

    I am probably very far behind the times but does anyone else think that the Tagruato logo looks a lot like the Mueller device from Alias?

  96. NewYorker

    On 12/31 I saw a tv ad that night with the blurred out soldiers face unblurred. I didn’t know where to post this or if anyone else caught it. It went to quick to catch his face. DAMN I NEED A DVR

  97. boBBy

    i mean i saw her get pretty big but then tehy cut it off, all i kno its two of those gusy in the suits holding her at first i thought it was one guy and a monster, but in the new trailer i saw on new years i see they let that scene go a little bit more longer hence showing her expand quite big . what do u think they are injecting in her ?? or whats happening to her . i kno this is a bit off subject but i would really like to kno. also whats with the 3 ppl in the hallway, it kinda looks like tentacles coming outta the middle persons body.

    ps thats really creepy to see the logo on that tanker

    cant wait till the 18th

    please help with the questions

  98. boBBy

    yeah what do u mean ?? what was what like and someone answer my questins and take a look at the pic of the girl (how big she gets)

  99. andrugomez

    Did you guys check out the new post on T.I.D.O. WAVE yet?

    This was posted on the 1st. Pretty interesting if you ask me:

    January 01, 2008

    As many of you know, we returned from our journey late last night. There are already more rumors going around than I?d like, so I want to set the record a little straighter before all of us go crazy.

    Yes, we had the coordinates correct. There?s no possibility that we weren?t in the right spot. But there was simply nothing there. No debri, no clues, no anything. Just ocean. And calls to our comrades got nothing but static.

    This doesn?t mean that we?re giving up – exactly the opposite. Something went on out there. A mess too big for Tagruato to wipe up with their handfuls of money. People are going to want to know what happened to that station.

    And we?re going to find out.


    SO what are they covering up now??

  100. andrugomez

    Also, does this explain what happened to Teddy? One of the fallen comrades perhaps?

  101. ryan

    Franky just wanted to know about commercial. So there’s no chuai station left at all no sign huh. That means either monster, tagruato or teddy destroyed it. I bet that’s what we will be talkin bout this week. Don’t think the will bne dealin with this in movie. I hope we get preview show or after show or sequal to explain all this.. Maybe the station just vanished. Nah to simple. Maybe it is disguised like a cloverfield hmmmmmmm

  102. newb

    when the brooklyn bridge is starting to collapse at the end of the 7th tv spot to the right of the bridge i think i saw something strange

  103. greenclovers

    It better not turn out to be some giant lizaed! Or Godzilla Jr., I will be annoyed….RAWR!

  104. Lion-o

    Does anyone notice that in the new years eve clip at 1:17 marlena is nursing a serious wound. Could it be the bite wound???

  105. jamed

    In the video you are right about a closer image of the sign and I will have a link avalible for you with the logo.

  106. fakeyfakerson

    my friend saw a special screening of the movie, and i can tell you why she got bigger in the screen cap you posted

    edited by admin: post stuff like this again and you won’t be posting here again.

  107. geoff

    Where does the theory that the monster is young and scared come from. Pissed off seems accurate but at no time in the film do we see this thing looking frightened.

  108. admin

    geoff: it’s from the production notes that the studio handed out to the press right before the movie came out




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