Thanks andrugomez for posting this in the comments, New Years day was filled with a lot of rest, not much computer time.

It looks like the guys over at TIDOwave are back from their mission… empty handed. It seems as though they set off to find out what exactly was going on at the station outside New York, but when they got there, there was nothing but ocean…. interesting.

As many of you know, we returned from our journey late last night. There are already more rumors going around than I?d like, so I want to set the record a little straighter before all of us go crazy.

Yes, we had the coordinates correct. There?s no possibility that we weren?t in the right spot. But there was simply nothing there. No debri, no clues, no anything. Just ocean. And calls to our comrades got nothing but static.

This doesn?t mean that we?re giving up – exactly the opposite. Something went on out there. A mess too big for Tagruato to wipe up with their handfuls of money. People are going to want to know what happened to that station.

And we?re going to find out.”


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  1. marythelion

    VERY interesting….Supposed to have been there since September 2007! Teddy has BEEN there, we have the Teddy and Bitch videos to prove that…what on earth? I would imagine if the monster had destroyed it, they would have run into it!

    Is it possible these are not “drilling” stations, and remote operated systems? Possibly underground stations?

    This is getting interesting! Its all been interesting, but I’m feeling NOW like I wanna flip to the end of the book and see how it all ties in!


  2. SteveMikes

    The monster might have destroyed the station?
    I was thinking about the sonar and what, if it’s the monster, it was exactly going to do until it got to NYC. Just swim around? lol.
    This kinda answers that I feel. They found it on sonar, then next thing you know it attacks the station.
    Next stop? . . .

  3. SteveMikes

    Another thought too. If there’s no station outside New York. . . then where did the tanker in the trailer and film come from?

  4. ::xi::

    Maybe the tanker was sent to investigate what happened to the site. If so, how many days would it take for a tanker to go from the station coordinates to the harbor in New York? That would tell us if the tanker has already been there to investigate (if that’s the case) and is heading to the east coast, or if it’s on its way to the station coordinates right now.

  5. SteveMikes

    Good idea ::xi::
    I honestly don’t know how long it would take, as we don’t even know how far away the station is from the city.

  6. ::xi::

    I think (if I recall correctly – if not, someone chime in) the station is, or was, near the halfway point between the North American and European continents.

    This is getting good. I wonder if Tagruato will post some sort of press release or keep it hushed-up.

  7. WhySoSerious

    Perhaps the Company went out there after getting the distress calls, when came upon the horror after the attack, they sunk the station to get rid of evidence. Also too, these stations are mobile, I learned that after watching Modern Marvels on the History Channel. They can simply pull up there anchor and leave..but I don’t think that would happen but there are always possibilities.

  8. SteveMikes

    They could move it, I suppose.
    Like as soon as they caught Teddy snooping around, panicked and moved position just to be on the safe side.
    Or, this could be an undersea construction site as foretold on the Tagruato site some time back.
    Hence there being no sign or debris.
    But, I think TIDOwave would have know about that.

    Also, this station would probably sink to the ocean bed if it was destroyed, would it not?

  9. Adam

    Another reason no debris would be around is that ocean currents or winds moved the lighter debris away from the original location, also I assume that Tido didn’t bring any scuba gear along so to them it would look like the entire station just disappeared off the face of the earth.

  10. WhySoSerious

    Yeah, being that it is in the middle of the Atlantic, there are alot of storms out there. DO you think that they might tracking this monster??? Watching where it goes??

  11. nendo

    i think they moved it tbh. rather than it being destroyed. as a oil rig would leave quite alot of debrie scattered across the ocean. storms or not. they would pass debri atleast.

    i think the station was moved due to some event. i think they might of relised what they have done. paniced and moved so they couldn’t get blaimed

  12. SteveMikes

    They could be tracking the monster.
    Or more like, keeping an eye on it. I mean, if they’re up to something or not, the station is still brand new so if something huge shows up on their radar they’re obviously gonna take it as a threat and keep a watchful eye on it in case it attacks. Which it looks like it just has done.
    Well it might have done.

  13. marythelion

    Thinking along the lines of time, how much has passed since the radar shots we;re posted to the time this happened, it being deserted.

    Meaning, would they have TIME to move the station after seeing the radar! Its getting good now! 😀

  14. WhySoSerious

    I noticed that they changed the main explosion…I am taking it that’s the tanker blowing up from being tossed in to the city perhaps…

  15. marythelion

    SteveMikes…really good observation about the tanker being in harbor if its already disappeared! I also wonder, if this is the monsters doing, perhaps its dragged the tanker around, and THATS what got thrown into New York.

  16. Jessica

    What if the station is what we see in the sonaar images?

    The little boat off to the left could be T.I.D.O Waves boat?

    What if Tagruato tortured Teddy into giving out information as to when T.I.D.O.’s people would be coming?

    I may be getting ahead of myself but with all the new stuff we are getting my imagination is running wild.
    cant wait for it to come out, 16 more days.

  17. WhySoSerious

    I think that there will be more talk on the wire now being that film is almost here…more stuff from tidowave and targauto.

  18. SteveMikes

    Having just watched the latest trailer again, I’ve noticed how close the tanker is to the SoL. It’s right next to it. Which brings me to say this –
    The monster comes up from under the tanker, or takes a bite, OR punches it / smashes it somehow causing it to explode. The explosion pisses off and confuses the monster who then BITES off the SoL head then launches it into the city via it’s mouth, like swings it’s head and lets go considering it’s got to be a pretty powerful creature, making the head fly into the city. I say bite because the SoL in the trailers has no marks on it like it has in the poster. The head is more or less clean off. The new, more detailed head that lands has lacerations and slashes all over it – could be teeth marks.
    BUT STILL the question remains – how does it get so deep into the mainland so quick??

    As for the station, I think it’s either sunk, been moved for fear and safety, or is underwater. The only communication possible would be via radio connection. All phones and mobiles (cell phones) would be totally useless, explaining why Tido just received static.
    Think about this too – the time between the sonar image, and the discovery that the station has disappeared. The monster could have attacked as soon as they got the image through, leaving plenty of time for it to annihilate everything and all the remains to sink long before Tido went looking for it.

  19. WhySoSerious

    Could be some editing done there to make up for time I guess. But he does move fast into the city after they run down off the roof onto the street…from the time they see the explosion too.

  20. deBish

    Bite and toss is unlikely. Bite/rip off, carry and then toss is more likely.

    From the explosion (where our people are on the roof) to the SoL’s head landing (down three stories, onto the street, where’s person X), to the monster already in the city and taking out buildings well in…

    Far too quick!

    Maybe the monster flips the tanker onto the shore…no explosion yet. Takes the SoL’s head off and starts walking inland. The tanker is on fire and blows up.

    Monster starts taking out NY, and uses the SoL’s head as a nice ranged weapon, flinging it at the Chrysler building. If you look at the video (Teaser), the SoL’s head is coming from the left side/low.

    Maybe it’s kicked up.

  21. Chris

    I think maybe Tagruato did move the station. Think about the timeline. Whistle Blower has been sending out info about the station. Teddy gets discovered and captured. TIDOwave schedules an “event” (which seems to deal w/ going to the station). Sonar scans pick up something(s) large. TIDOwave arrives and finds the station gone. With all this attention drawn to the station, they probably moved it so no one could directly tie them to whatever they found down there.

  22. SteveMikes

    Yeah, deBish, that seems more likely.
    The only way I can think of for the monster getting into the city so quickly is by it running.
    Still though, the explosion is far off. Then the head comes flying in from the opposite side of the city, like the monster is heading towards the explosion side.
    The first roar shakes the ground and makes lights flicker too (as I’ve mentioned on here before) which must indicate that it’s already close to the apartment.

  23. CloverfieldFan1000

    Awesome preview, sc_kg… never ended up finding it. I think the monster is a whale that can walk on land also? Anyone have a disagreement?

  24. CloverfieldFan1000

    Also the Slusho drink could be a poison that makes u into a smaller version of the monster… I dunno. The Slusho mastermind could’ve created the monster.

  25. WIIFAN

    I think ur all fogetting the big thing.
    Its from a parallel universe and it can teleport !

  26. WhySoSerious

    Hmm..I am seeing a creation on part of the Slusho company and well, their little experiment went out of control and got big and well, escaped their little site off the eastern sea board….or, it’s a bio-warfare weapon for some reason…but I am thinking, it’s creation gone awry.

  27. SteveMikes

    I still have a feeling at the back of my mind that it’s a whale. Just to much points to it, and there’s something about whales on nearly all the viral sites.
    OK, a mutated whale would be a cool, probably scary and original idea, but how would any mutation give a whale legs? That’s the part that turns me away from the idea.

    So right now I think it’s either a creation gone extremely wrong, or a natural sea creature that takes a wrong turn or something, causing it to be really confused and full of rage through the confusion and fear. Perhaps the Tag. drilling causes it to change direction just like it does to Humpback whales, only it turns around straight into NYC causing complete hell to break loose.

    Does this monster fight back against the military though and intentionally bite and harm people? There seems to be a lot of casualties, too many for this thing to keep running away from them. As the guy says, “it’s winning” , could mean it’s fighting back, big time.

  28. WhySoSerious

    What about these little ones running around? If these are transmutations from people, do you think that they could be some of the crew from the drilling site that got infected?

  29. marythelion

    what if….its a conglomeration of everything on the slusho site…

    Duck, Horse, Bear, Whale, Pig and Frog!

    A Duhorbewhalpif….plausible right?

  30. SteveMikes

    WhySoSerious: Maybe. I reckon the smaller beings (if there is any) are parasites as it’s already presumed. Or, they’re the big beast’s offspring. Which I highly doubt, but I also doubt we’re dealing with infected humans too. Although its been said (officially?) that there’s smaller creatures, nothing has pointed towards this apart from Marlena getting bitten (which I think is at the end of the film, thus explaining how she’s in the tunnel scenes). I think they could be the key suprise or shock, as they’re probably more threatening and harder to escape than the monster itself.

  31. TKEGoogle

    Guys I just have to put this out there. What about giant robots. I mean, the Tag website does speak of them starting to use large machines for further underwater drilling, not the monster, but maybe the rig itself is a robot. Either to control the monster they created. Or to stop it.

  32. marythelion

    six animals….six flavors….can’t drink just six….whatever this means, if it means nothing…I have a feeling this monster took out the station.

  33. ::xi::

    marythelion – agreed. I don’t think tagruato moved the station, the monster did – to the seabed. Maybe the sonar shots reveal the debris shifting with the currents at the bottom?

  34. SteveMikes

    I know that it won’t be anything anyone has said on the internet, that’s for sure.

    I’m annoyed at the marketing here in the UK, I just looked at a local (and well known chain) cinema website to see if I could order tickets for this and the synopsis doesn’t even say it’s a monster movie. All it says is “A powerful, destructive force”. I know people around here, and if the whole UK can be judged by that, then no one will take interest in this thing here. 🙁

  35. Chris

    To the earlier posts, when it comes to how long it would take a tanker to get from the site to NYC…Most CERTAINLY not between now (the *possible* destruction of the site) and the 18th. I am in the U.S. Coast Guard, and I can tell you first hand, it would only take a few days (3-5)…Though they may be big, they have lots and lots of POWER, and move much faster than you’d think.

  36. Jt

    got a different thoery but i am quickly dismissing it.. i saw on another board where they were comparing it to jurassic park 2.. where the trex came out of the tanker.. but the monster is to big for the tanker.

  37. Chris

    To clarify a bit, because I just noticed my goof-up, “when it comes to how long it would take a tanker to get from the site to NYC?Most CERTAINLY not between now (the *possible* destruction of the site) and the 18th.”

    I meant to say something along the lines of, it would not take a tanker anywhere near that much time (meaning approx 17-18 days) to get from the site to NYC.

  38. TKEGoogle

    And to further my claim, look at those robots on Slushos website, Chocolate rage looks like it could be a drilling robot, and if you just put that bad boy on land, I’m sure it could do some damage, or enlist something else to do damage for it. You guys aren’t seeing this?

  39. WhySoSerious

    Where you based at in CG? I am in the Air Force, rescue team out of Long Island, NY….

  40. SteveMikes

    Just come across what someone else has said on Cloverfield Clues, which kinda points out the fact that this IS an underwater station. They all are, how else would they be able to drill into the sea-bed?

  41. marythelion

    Well this is just not making sense! If what Chris says is true, and I beleive he’s right, having more experience than anyone can shake a finger at, is it possible the ship DID move before the TIDO got there? Because they already woke this thing up, dumped it off, or unearthed it? Had pre existing knowlege of their arrival?

    What is happening to the time in between? Is this thing swimmin around or what?

    I hope the holes and mysteries ARE discretely sovled in the movie. I wonder if the sites will continue to be maintained after the 18th!

  42. WhySoSerious

    Following the ship perhaps and is attracted to the cargo that it might carrying? I mean for the monster just to hit NY when there are other cities along the coast let alone other boats along the coast…

  43. deBish

    SteveMikes – whales used to have feet…and they still have the bone structure for them, but I don’t think that it’s a mutated earth creature per se. I mentioned in another thread on here that I thought that it might be a section of the ocean floor conglomerated and come to life.

    Chris – Oil talkers hit about 16knots (30kph) if they’re running 24/7. 720kms/day = 12,400kms… yeah, far too slow for the tanker to have left now, unless it hit some major storms and had to stop…a lot.
    The friggin’ suspense is killing me.

  44. SteveMikes

    Marythelion: It probably is swimming around. . . there’s not really much else it could do I don’t think.

    WhySoSerious: That idea has arose a few times, and I think it’s one of the more likely ones. It would also explain why the big guy attacks it in the first place.

  45. deBish

    Mary – or Tido was expecting a surface drilling rig and looking for that…not thinking that it was a submerged rig. They show up at location X, find nothing because they’re looking for a floating rig.

    Nothing says that the TIDO people are actually smart..just fanatical.

  46. deBish

    Question: Am I mis-remembering things, but I swear that I read/heard that the whales in the area were being driven away by strange sounds…

  47. SteveMikes

    Yes, deBish it says that on the TidoWave website. I mentioned it in an earlier post, too.

  48. deBish

    Kewl, thanks!


    Off-topic a bit, but I just noticed this: If you look at the two pics I’m posting here…one is of a brunette bleading at the nose and mouth and being held up by two guys in HazMat suits (Exploding chick?)..the second pic is a shot of 4 ‘friends’ being brought into the hospital. Notice that the ‘exploding chick’ is wearing a sweater draped loosely over her shoulders. Perhaps the explosion is actually her sweater billowing out while she’s being grappled.

  49. Chris (Not in the Coas Guard :))

    I think everyone who suggests Chuai station was destroyed is right. I earlier posted that maybe it had moved to distance Tagruato from the creature. But after reading some posts about underwater stations I read Tag.’s investor info re: that equipment. In the statement they advised that the stations are built from “the ground up.” It described underwater construction equipment building the stations. So while the station would be above water, the equipment to build it is underneath. With the absence of the station, it is more likely that it was destroyed

  50. TKEGoogle

    These underwater machines are the deceives used to corral or motivate the animal.

  51. marythelion

    anyone ever play dot to dot on the drilling stations? ya get a neat figure 😀

  52. marythelion

    you guys are crafty with the names LMAO….not in the coast guard chris…LOL

  53. Chris (Not in the Coast Guard)

    marythelion: I tried the connect the dot bit once, but could never get anything recognizable. What did you find?

  54. nendo

    tbh i don’t think tagruato is contorlling it. i mean why do they want to attack new york city. theres no motive.

    plus with a monster this size i highly doubt they have what it would require to control this thing. the controlling theory for me doens’t work as this is ment to be a realistic event. having a company control the monster just loses all realism for me. surly them tankers aswell cost millions to build and operate. why sacrafice good money like that for this monster

    i don’t see the point

  55. nendo

    why are u laughing at debish, marythelion? i remember reading that too. think it might be on the tidal wave. the drilling is driving whales away from the area. thats from my memory too.

  56. TKEGoogle

    Maybe not controlling it, but I think JJ is giving us to many robots, and to much about robots to disvow that as being somewhere in this movie, I’m just trying to get some brainstorming on what they are doing, and if they have anything to do with the rigs disapearance.

  57. WTF?

    Now I’m almost positive that the monster is either released by Tagruato purposely or accidentally by TIDOwave. Why? First scenario: it seems that people are finding evidence that could bring Tagruato down, and there’s to much of it going around to try and collect before it’s exposed to the public. How do you distract the public/remove the evidence all at once? Unleash a giant monster to wipe out the city nearest to where everything is going down (the mysterious station). Sure, it’s extreme, but at this rate, evidence is everywhere that could destroy “Ganu’s dream”, and we don’t know to how far he would go to keep the company alive. Or there’s the second scenario; Tagruato found the monster and it’s in captivity and they’re using something from it’s body as the secret ingredient (seabed’s nectar). I don’t know why they’d harvest things off of a monster and give it to the public, maybe in it’s current state it doesn’t look like a monster and they’re just harvesting things off it’s body? Anyhow, the monster is somehow freed (maybe during a TIDOwave “attack?) and it tracks the nectar to NYC (I’m guessing the nectar is important to the monster, maybe seabed’s nectar is the monster’s eggs, thus explaining the little monsters). I dunno, it’s all so mysterious. At this point, I’m just willing to sit it out for a few more weeks and wait for the movie to hit theaters.

  58. Mez

    Anyone remember the movie ‘The Abyss’?
    The oil rig in that was underwater while they had tankers on the surface. The rig in that movie was mobile (fictitious, I know).
    So if tido shows up and see’s nothing there and no trace of anything maybe it means that Tagruato abandoned the oil rig because they know it’s gonna get messed up by the monster, leaving all the people onboard to die. Possibly including Teddy.
    But yeah….The Abyss kicked ass and probably will have some parallels with this movie.
    Any thoughts?

  59. Animal

    NO WAY!
    I don’t believe it.
    They’ve destroyed the Chuai station… This is big. Tagruato created something bigger than itself at that station, so the station and whatever it held had to go. Wow. Each day, my theories are being torn to shreds, and I’m getting even more respect for J.J. Abrams and his viral team. So that being said, I have only one more thing to type:

    What will the unpredictable (possibly psycho) Tagruato do next?

  60. TKEGoogle

    @WTF Same thoughts on the nectar being eggs. And I beleive the sattalite was created to track this beast because they had it in the Chuai station, or under it, harvesting on it after they used their massive robots underwater to find it.

  61. WhySoSerious

    Well, the nest fews days we may get more info across the net from these marketing sites now that the date is drawing nearer.

  62. noea

    anyone seen the new video on jamie loves teddy. it’s very pointless. I really don’t see any reason for it. other than make me dislike the character jamie….

  63. SteveMikes

    Jamie has a new, drunk video up.

    Here’s the transcript.

    “OK, OK, I figured it all out.
    You suck, and I am the awesomest!
    And whoever your skanky, slutty, skanky
    girlfriend your with, it’s probably a moo cow who lives on a farm
    Ugly, prostitute, not pretty. She’s “the ugly”, I’m sure
    I’m sick of it, I’m not going to cry over you.
    And guess who’s a prick? Anyone? Anyone?
    You are.”

  64. deBish

    Nendo – I think that Marythelion was laughing at: Nothing says that the TIDO people are actually smart..just fanatical. from a previous post.. 🙂

    But thanks for the backup!

  65. Alex

    Has anyone wondered that if this thing is from the sea, how can it breathe out of water? A whale does have to go to the surface to get air, and if it grows a pair of legs im sure it would use them

  66. WTF?

    Holy crap, there’s a ton going on at Cloverfield From updates to the Tagruato site (including an update about a Tagruato picnic that took place on December 18) to more guerrilla movie advertising and another Jamie and Teddy video (even though she said the previous one was the last one…yeah, she’s the “awesomest”). Just thought I’d tip you all off…

  67. SteveMikes

    I’m sure if a whale can mutate to the point where it has legs, a more bi-pedal stance and the height of the Empire State or Chrystler Building, then it would be given the oh-so-helpful-for-us ability to breath on land.

  68. marythelion

    Chris (not the coast guard kind) – The dots connected look like a shelled shaped creature…could be the drugs I’m taking though. I’m almost out of crack 😐

  69. FunkBish

    Okay, one thing I would like to add. First, we’re all assuming that the day of the attack is the 18th, but we don’t necessarily know that for sure. In fact, I would guess that it is quite a bit earlier. Let’s not forget the movie itself are tapes recovered after the whole ordeal, so it doesn’t really have to be real-time.

    I’m also thinking that if we assume the station was destroyed, people could have tried to escape using one of the only things available to them: the oil tanker. Sure, they could have tried using something smaller and/or faster, but if we look at the drilling station location thing on the Tagruato website, it says that there are 355 people (which also, is an odd amount if you look at the number of people working on other stations) working on the station in question, that’s a lot of people to get out, no? So perhaps to try and escape the imminent disaster, once they saw the sonar or anything other warnings, they hopped on a tanker and went to one of the closest, safest places they think they could go: NY. Let’s not also forget that someone was trying to warn Americans above anyone else, with the WhistleBlower sending all those letters to us, headed with “American,” So perhaps someone there thought America would also be something of a haven?

    Who knows, only time will tell if this theory could play out, but I expect to see something soon, with Tagruato scrambling to cover up some sort of “Monster Attack” on a certain city, if nothing else.

  70. FunkBish

    Oh, and since I forgot to add.. the escapees going to New York could have been what inadvertently lead the monster to NY as well. The monster could have caught up with them after they got there, or even on the way.

  71. Chris (Not in the Coast Guard)

    FunkBish: Intereting theory, but I believe that the 1-18-08 date is when it happens. When you look at the pics on, all of them (except the last) are dated 1-18-08. So we still have a time lag to deal w/.

  72. Morgannon

    Interesting theory, about refugees on an oil tanker. Maybe that’s what takes it so long to get to New York – it’s drifting, no one on the tanker really knows how to pilot the damn thing. Of course, that would be a heck of a coincidence for it to land in New York. Maybe they can steer, but they just can’t juice the engines.

    That could be pretty horrifying in and of itself if the monster is following that tanker trying to get at the crunchy humans inside while they drift helpless towards New York…and then when it gets here, it’s all like, “Screw this appetizer crap *tosses tanker to the side* look at all these tasty humans running around!!!”


  73. ryan

    Hey all to move and oil drilling rig would take many days to travel they move at 2 or 3 knots if I’m not mistaken to slow to avoid monster. I think monster will be mutated whale with some type of bottom ocean dweller with a shell. Cause legs or appendeges appear to shuffle . If monster is 500 600 feet tall wouldn’t take long to move thru city. Tanker appears to still be in shape isn’t capsized and still in or very near water. Their was no oil at station so wouldn’t explode. Could not put monster in its tanks all to small and their is no way to get it out. I think biowarfare maybe possible here due to a few things. Military deems it projectcloverfield which may mean deception and shadows. What if and I’m reachin satellite is a holographic type capabilty to mask exact location of station. Also I remeber the bloop thingy and readin somewhere a large thing was tarcked of british isles and other places. I think we should all keep eye on other stations. Too bad their was no way to google earth these locations. Also two more thoughts. Look at bridge being destroyed I swear in very slow mo when back tower starts to fall something is revealed like an armm or whatever behind it. And JJ has said this is americas godzilla who better to sick it on us than a big corporation from japan. In return for our lovely atom bomb drops.. This scenario cuts right to the heart of our iiner fears. Terrorism and big corporations. Hence the big and little monsters. I also think anonymous may have been very right about more than one attack simotaneously. Also wonderin if tha whale thingy fan art was an early rendering of monster, cause all these monsters roars sound slow and low like a whale. And speaking of which monster isn’t running between buildings again its shuffling and isn’t standing straight up. But at its height it would move a great distance rather quickly just based on its size alone

  74. ryan

    Sorry double one more thought. For sahits and giggles we keep wonderin bout satellite and why launched so quickly. Well what if it is a mutliple monster attck. U would would need something to coordinate an attack of that magnitude hence a satellite in space to coordinate the attack if that’s what it is. Just another thought.

  75. Chris AM in the Coast

    @ WhySoSerios and:
    “Following the ship perhaps and is attracted to the cargo that it might carrying? I mean for the monster just to hit NY when there are other cities along the coast let alone other boats along the coast?”

    I think this highly improbable. As I, and others, have stated, it would not take a tanker that long to get to NYC from the station. If the monster is indeed following this supposed tanker, it would arrive in NYC MUCH sooner than 1-18-08, especially if it already left.

    Personally, I’m not really one for speculation. I don’t think we’re meant to know any more than we already do right now. Hell, the way things have been going, we’ll be lucky if we EVER find out why it came to NYC.

  76. Chris AM in the Coast

    Furthermore, do you really think that a monster of this size that’s spent it’s entire life (as far as we know) in the ocean will be slow moving (in the water, that is)? It’s not likely…Unless it’s some kind of experiment gone really, really wrong, odds are it’s not the first of it’s kind, and is probably very adapted to the sea. I’m also pretty sure if this thing can’t catch a SHIP, in it’s own element, then we’d be in for disappointment. No…I’m willing to bet that just a few short days prior to the 18th, something else on one of these websites will happen in the general area of the station (again, if speculation is correct)…Perhaps an attack on the beast from Tagurato – retribution for destroying one of their billion dollar stations, which in turn angers it, and sends it on a rampage. To me, that sounds much more probable than it just swimming around for another few weeks, or taking just as long to chase a ship from only a few hundred miles out.

    Just my 2 cents…

  77. SteveMikes

    I think this is being read into a bit too much now.

    It was probably just a simple tease – the monster shows up on radar, then destroys the station. That’s it.
    Yeah, some of these ideas are really good, others not so good.
    I’m just saying maybe think and stop looking for clues in every single thing you lay your eyes on and don’t go too far off the point.

  78. deBish

    marythelion – you’re my main dudette 🙂

    Oil-tanker as an escape pod… plausible. I don’t think that the monster chased it in super-slo-mo all the way to NY. It probably didn’t make it that far.

    Maybe the monster followed it for a while, destroyed it and kept going in that direction –towards NY. Found an oil-tanker bearing the same look/logo and took that one out as well. *Remember the news lady in Trailer #2 doe mention an oil tanker exploding near the SoL.

  79. MissInformed

    Could this be just the first of several movies to come? perhaps a trilogy or something? If you consider JJ’s penchant for cliff hangers and intricately crafted mysteries I would think that not everything will be answered in just this first movie.
    I have a question, why would Tagruato be pushing Slusho so hard on the north American market?

  80. Breck

    I’m pretty sure I read something from one of the interviews that the movie itself doesn’t actually take place on 1-18-08.

  81. Breck

    From here:

    “IESB: The date had played such a huge role in the advertising. Is it true that if you to see this on the day it comes out, 1-18-08, the date in the film is actually that date as well??

    Reeves: No, that’s not true. The date has become because, again, we didn’t have the title in the teaser and so that was a way of letting people know what it was. I think the two ways people referred to the movie where by its codename, Cloverfield, because there was knowledge of that, and just by the date. The reveal is really what happens in the story and the way it unfolds and the sort of mysteries in that world. The date is just the date we come out and when everyone gets to see the movie.”

  82. Chris AM in the Coast

    Umm…I must have missed something then, because aren’t all the pictures on the 1-18-08 website, pictures from the party and other events the night of the party? Wasn’t the date on those pictures 1-18-08?

  83. Rei

    SteveMikes said “but how would any mutation give a whale legs? That?s the part that turns me away from the idea.”

    Whales DO have legs… But the bones are so atrophied that they never develop externally.
    Not saying this IS a whale, but that the whale/leg thing isn’t so outlandish.

  84. collison_course

    i think it’s not from earth
    and here’s why:

    during the last few scenes, when rob and [that other girl] are looking out from Coney Island[i think], you see, very faintly, something falling from the top of the scren into the water

    the monster


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