Thanks Jessica for posting this in the comments, and thanks Project Cloverfield.

So apparently Cloverfield is too similar to 9/11 now… Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying that I mean absolutely no disrespect by anything I may say in this post. My father is a fire fighter (not in NY) and the attacks on the WTC hit close to home. He actually went out to NY a few days after the attacks to help in the rescue efforts and attend funerals of his fallen brothers. So in no way am I saying that what happened that day was not an extremely tragic event and should ever be forgotten.

But on that note, come on people, it’s a movie. Was the statue of liberty destroyed in the 9/11 attacks? Maybe I missed that… I don’t see any planes being flown into buildings in any of the trailers. I see a big-ass monster destroying a city… why would you affiliate this with 9/11 at all? Oh because it shows explosions in NY right? I could probably name a bunch of movies since September 2001 that have had explosions taking place in New York, how come those movies weren’t compared to 9/11? I don’t mean to rant or offend anyone, but come on people why make news out of something so small like this when there is a war going on. It’s just a movie people!

And for those interested, clip is below

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  1. Engel

    The reason Fox ran with this story is because they knew it would get people watching. Thats the only reason.
    I live in new york, knew people who were lost in the attack, and while the first time I saw the teaser trailer my mind did go directly to 9/11, thats only because any time I see photos or videos of the sky line its the first thing on my mind. It most likely always will be. Its not something anyone who was here will ever forget. But no, this movie has nothing to do with 9/11, and I don’t feel they are using those images to sell tickets.

  2. SteveMikes

    What the fuck? Is all I have to say.

    I’m not being disrespectful, and it’s a little hard for me to say really as I’m not from America, let alone New York, but since when has a monster throwing the statue of liberty’s head then rampaging through a city ever been anything like the sickening events of 9/11?

    If anything I think she’s the one in the wrong here by trying to dig up America’s painful past for 15 minutes of fame over a damn movie.

    I’m just taking this angle from watching the clip, so please do forgive me if I’ve missed anything out here, I do apologise in advance, if that’s the case.

    I will be pissed off if this gets canceled because of this though. . .

  3. Engel

    On a side note, I was still working for the theaters at that time, and directly after we received word to pull all promotional material for all movies that had the twin towers in them. This also included a music video that played in the lobby of the theater that had a quick shot of the Manhattan skyline. Furthermore, they also delayed Spiderman the following year to edit the towers out of the film. Lame if you ask me, but thats what happens I guess.

  4. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    I live here in NYC and I am not offended by what i am seeing because I know it’s a Monster Film and thats it. People are making something out of nothing and want the attention drawn to themselves and FOX news is horrible when it comes to this kinda stuff, they are so Conservative about everything. This woman is blatantly trying to make a name for herself and start a movement that she thinks is Profound. Of course, now she has to say something, this poster has been out for how long and now she says something????? Jeez, what a Tool.

  5. admin

    The only thing that newscast/interview did, was helped JJ Abrams and crew get even more publicity. Now people are going to be like “oh man, there’s controversy surrounding this movie, I have to see it now”, thanks lady.

  6. MarytheLion

    I’m waiting for bandwidth to catch up, I’ve seen half so far. What a freaking CROCK. She hasn’t eve, or cared to, discern what the movie is about. Talk about judging a book by its cover. How the hell, or WHY they even gave this NOBODY air time is beyond me.

    I think you are all right, I think this is a ploy to further advertise the movie. The story is just bullshit. At least the announcer, or broadcaster, or what ever is hunched over askin the questions, is treating her like she is…A CRAZY BITCH!

  7. MarytheLion

    btw…sniff sniff…I think its beautiful this here website is full of realists 😀

  8. admin

    Marythelion: I don’t think it’s a ploy to further advertise the movie as much as the movie is a way for this woman to get her 15 minutes on TV talking about 9/11.

  9. lordofflys

    Its funny because the only people who benifited from 9/11 are the media for there ratings, and the assholes who use tragedy to sell shirts and coffe mugs. I knew it would come to this. Gota love the land of the FREE….

  10. Engel

    I think calling this woman crazy is a little out there, but she is using the movie to further her own agenda. I can’t imagine how she only saw the poster this morning, ads have been running for a few weeks now.

    MaK, what movies can you name that have had NYC destroyed in the past few years? As far as I know, Hollywood has been avoiding that the best they’ve been able to. I can’t seem to think of any at all honestly.

  11. admin

    Weyland: Pretty sure it’s fake. I didn’t read the whole thing (trying not to spoil it as much as I can for myself) but I read a lot of the responses on the forum and the overall concensus is that it’s fake. i think they even closed the thread.

  12. Hanzo

    that dumb bitch and her plastic surgery. If they cancel this movie then i am killing people like her

  13. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Yeah, thats what I felt when I read it, sounded to good to be true….thanks for the info.

  14. TKEGoogle

    Why use fear? I hate our news casters these days…it hurts to see where journalism has gone, and by gone I mean fell off of the deep end. No disrespect to 9/11 or the victims that fell on that day, but this is just audacious, for fox to run something like this to get ratings or whatever they were going after, it’s just sick in my opinion.

  15. GenLock

    September 11th terrorist attack on the US the same as a ripoff (albeit a decent-looking ripoff) of a Godzilla flick? Puleeeez.

    Like she said, they’ve been making movies like this since King Kong… she’s a moron and just trying to get her 15 seconds of fame.

  16. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Thats the news for you now a days, instill fear when there is none,we have become so baby like and everything offends everyone, people need to grow some balls and stop being panzies….things only offend you of you let them.

  17. lordofflys

    that review is fake. Theres no death in the cab from the liberty head. If you watch the 5 min clip theres nothing like that.And all his info is based off of crap everyone already knows with his own little kick.

  18. Engel

    Watch the spoilers lordofflys… I really don’t want to read them, fake or not, but its hard to avoid them if you are just going to blurt stuff out in the comments.

  19. DK428

    Yeah I agree! this dumb lady goes on FOX and and tries to tell people not to watch Cloverfield? Please come on. U really think that people aren’t going to watch this movie? this just makes em wanna go c the movie even more! i also think that this helps Cloverfield out even more! On a side note only 16 days left! and remember… “It’ll be the best night ever!” 1-18-08

  20. lordofflys

    its not a spolier if it dosn’t happen…but i understand what your saying, i would never shed anything of value, did you watch the 5 min clip engel?

  21. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    I wonder if they are gonna have a cool NYC premiere here? Since it is my home that gets…should be cool…

  22. Engel

    I did watch the clip after much internal debate over if I was spoiling the movie for myself or not… Ended up I wasn’t, which is good, but hopefully that little story gives you an idea of just how surprised I want to be when I see the movie.

  23. Bryan

    @Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious): I think that review is a fake. It has the convenience store scene in the middle of the movie, but the widget shows it right after the party.

  24. Rayford

    no really there are 4 new headlines on the tagruato site… i havent seen any posts about it either… so yeah go check it out… 😀

  25. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    yeah…thats what perplexed me there were scenes written in that review that did not make sense or feel right.

  26. Mike

    omfg..thats bullshit. She only saw the POSTER. Where in the poster or trailer does it show the twins towers collapse? Nowhere. This is a MONSTER movie, and yeah like she said, there have been other monster movies filmedin new york for a long time, but what’s so different about this one? Why because it has the realistic effect with the filming angles? Give me a f*****g break. They better not cancel this movie. All of us have been waiting since the summer to see this, and now with only a couple weeks left they pull this crap?

  27. TC

    It’s FOX NEWS yet again exploiting 9/11 to get ratings…

    Fox News is nothing more than a tabloid magazine on tv.

    And don’t worry…they couldn’t cancel the movie if they wanted too.

  28. Mike

    Good. errg…i really dislike fox sometimes.
    With a couple weeks still coming I just want to thank the Administers and whoever created this website for doing it. ( I apologize if I forgot your name “P)

  29. MarytheLion

    Admin…ok just wondering what you all thought. It just seems preposterous, and makes FOX look furthermore idiotic for giving her airtime. I hate the news media. Everything is a tragedy, all to sell advertisements. 🙁

  30. Lauren

    Dude, I completely agree with you.
    It’s like how they remove the WTC from old movies because it might ‘offend’ people. WTF?! IT used to be there, are we supposed to act now like it NEVER even existed? That, to me, is even MORE offensive.
    I watch watching Trading Places the other day and thought about how I saw it on tv once and they had removed the entire arriving at the WTC before the climax and how it completely jacks up the entire sequence.
    If anything, if you think this way, it should make the film even MORE powerful, yeah?
    It’s always interesting to me when I see movies like that – this outer-worldy thing destroying humans. I always sit there and go, this is great because it’s even more scary to think what probably really will end up destroying us! – OURSELVES!!!

  31. MarytheLion

    Weyland…Bush is not fit to be president, he is a puppet, just like every president before and after him. Blame big business and the house and senate.

  32. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Its Fear…and the news media loves to use Fear to get ratings with their high powered graphics and serious tones…notice this, during the Holiday season there are no terrorist threats whatsoever (can’t affect the American corporations)…but when the summer comes…there are a boat load of threats that the media publishes…FOX is the worst when it comes to this and ow since they are bored, what do they do? Find a woman who is filled with anger and has not moved on with the past and furl her fire with this movie…and it’s stupid…this is a movie, nothing more.

  33. ::xi::

    I couldn’t watch it all the way through. I start hearing silly talking heads speaking b*llshit on TV, and I get hives if I don’t turn it off. 🙂

    Whatever. It’s only fueling the publicity around the movie, which doesn’t hurt paramount or JJ.

  34. admin

    Rayford: Yeah, I’m aware of the articles, they just didn’t seem to bring up anymore questions or answer any so I didn’t post them.

  35. WTF?

    Aw, does the wittle lady not like the Statue being decapitated? Does she not like seeing Manhattan on fire?! Wake the fuck up. If this movie took place in Boston, my home state, hell, I’d be honored! I bet no one would make a fuss if this took place anywhere else but NYC. But nooooooo, it’s to much like the 9/11 attacks because I giant monster threw a statue’s head and is chasing people around the city.

    …am I fucking missing something, or what? I mean, in Heroes, there were scenes where Peter exploded and took chunks of NYC with him, and that’s only what example out of many. If this is “taking advantage of 9/11”, then what does that make every single Godzilla movie, where he does damage to Tokyo reminiscent of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Hokkaido? Hmmm?! Japan didn’t make a fuss about that, as far as I know. Man, why do we Americans have to be such pussies sometimes? This isn’t referencing 9/11 AT ALL; it’s a monster movie about friends trying to stay alive while Godthulhusaurusman’s chasing them. Now, if the monster was Osama Bin Ladin, and he kicked over the SOL while yelling “KILL THE INFIDELS!!!!!”, THEN this movie would be taking advantage of 9/11.

  36. G-Dog

    I don’t have any issues with New York being destroyed in relationship to 9/11. My problem is why does EVERY stupid End-of-the World, Monster, Alien Invasion movie made in America have to take place in NYC? Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a monster trampling through L.A.? Crushing the Hollywood sign? Or Austin, with it’s hills? Chicago? Hell, even Paris or London.

    I’m just saying, seeing NYC get trashed is NOTHING NEW. Try a different city! Contrary to belief, there are other cities in America.

  37. John D.

    For f*ck’s sake. For F*CK’s sake. Enough, enough, enough… Someone SHUT HER UP. She has NO idea what the hell she is talking about. Christ in heaven already. SHUT. HER. THE. HELL. UP.

  38. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    “And calls to our comrades got nothing but static.” Just reading through that transcript from the Tidowave expedition out to the site. This rings a bell..something is out there affecting radio transmissions as well as driving the mammal life away. There is something there, I just can’t put my finger on it.

  39. lordofflys

    mabey its a part of the viral and next time shes on tv the monster will rip the top of the bulding open and take a huge cloverfield crap all over her….

  40. admin

    G-Dog: I agree that NY seems to be the backdrop for all major disaster movies, it may be because it’s the largest city in the states and one of the most recognizable world-wide? i’m not sure, but I would love to see Chicago get some disaster love

  41. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Yeah or Milwaukee…NY is the biggest film capitol in the world..the most recognizable and believe me, the mayor here loves the attention…from Hollywood.

  42. Robert

    well fox news huh i cant believe them. they are so full of opinions and no facts and he said that the people are getting fed up what people ??

  43. TK

    I don’t want to be disrespectful but this lady should be categorized as a useful idiot. She is generating publicity for this movie which is what JJ might have intended all along.

    Good or bad publicity is better than none at all. More people are going to watch this after her rant.

  44. Robbie

    Excuse me for what I am about to say here people.

    That is just a stupid old bitch talking! You’ll just have to excuse everything she said, because none of it matters.

    The movie is still coming to theaters on 1-18-08 and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So, keep the hype rolling people! We will be rewarded with our gift, soon enough!

  45. sean

    That woman needs to calm down. There is no connection between 9/11 and 1/18/08, outside the face that there both dates. She needs to calm the f*ck down. This is why America is raising a bunch of mo’s. We need to relax and see that this is a movie and enjoy it.

  46. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    FOX needed a story to fill their time slot and they get this woman to fill the slot, thats all.

  47. ryan

    Did anyone get pissed when aliens shot up the white house in ID4, or killed millions in that movie. How about Mars Attacks. Who cares. No offense 9 11 was a sad day but thanx to our govts prepostourous stance and spending since 9 11 . They have accomplished nothing in other countries or in the war on terror that would help to keep it from potentially happening again no matter what they say. They have accomplished one thing though plunging the northeast into a near depression. I for one will enjoy cloverfield for what it is, an escape from the grim realitry of every day life livin in the northeast which gets harder every day and every month George Bush continues to run this company. By the way how did a guy who bankrupted five companies become president lol at least he’s consistent as he tries for a sixth time lol. I wish the monster had trampled his ranch in texas LOL. GO Clover

  48. ryan

    Sorry to double but many of us have followed this for a long time and may for a long time after the films release depending on how JJ wants to play this out. We have all come together to enjoy something that’s never been done or experienced before with a movie. Lets all enjoy this for a s long as it lasts and again ITS JUST A MOVIE

  49. Jessica

    Thanks Admin, I didn’t think you would find the post and I didn’t know how to tell you so I decided to leave a comment.

    Although it may be hard for certain people to get over the trauma caused by the events of 9/11, for those who have tried their very best, all this old-don’t-know-jack-shit-about-this-movie-just-want-my-few-seconds-of-fame
    was bring back up raw emotions.

    I just hate that she has judged a movie we have come to live the last 6 months of out lives by, well maybe just me lol, based on a poster she has seen. I mean honestly where has she been all this time? Six months this movie has been advertised and the poster has been out for a couple of months and she just so happens to see it now, two weeks before the movies release date?

    Gimme a freaking break, this just proves that this lady has been living in fear for the past few years and she’s getting lonely in her pill-depressive room.

    Get a life lady.

    Sorry for the long post. Only 15 more days till it comes out.

  50. FunkBish

    Can someone just punch this stupid cuntrag in the teeth already? It’s a tragedy, but if ~7 years later, you’re still harping about fucking 9/11, just kill yourself now and be over with it, because all you’re doing is making other peoples’ lives miserable.

    I know people who were directly affected by 9/11 and they found a way to be strong and get through it. You’re not honoring anyone by spreading grief about something years and years after it happened.

  51. CloverfieldFan1000

    This is really ridiculous even tho this happened Cloverfield is finished and way to far in to be taken from the theatre. I sympathize with ur feelings but this a movie with monsters and there have been a dozen other buildings destroyed in those. It’s JUST A MOVIE.

  52. Morgannon

    Admin, I’d love to see Chicago get destroyed too – and I work downtown! I walk by the Chicago river on the way to my train and I keep imagining the cloverfield monster rising out of it, making a huge honking roar, and going postal on the Trump Tower. I would pay SERIOUS money to see a movie like that! I think there are squishy things at the bottom of Lake Michigan that would make the Cloverfield monster run screaming in horror anyway!

  53. templebar

    what a miserable human being. makes me think of people like bill o’reilly. these kinds of people serve no purpose when they say meaningless, irrelevant, narrowminded things just because they have nothing else better to do. i understand that this woman lost a family member in 9/11, but using that as an excuse to bash a monster movie that has absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 at all just because it has disaster taking place in NYC? grow up.


  54. templebar


    leave it to FOX news to reel something like this.

    everyone on that network is a disease to american society. especially bill o’reilly.

  55. Jacob Pillman

    Holy crap, they just want the freaking ratings, and also the head never came off. She is a moron. They want to make up crap like that.

  56. marz

    i haven’t seen the fox report this lady was on but i think i know why she was confused.if u watch that last trailer,they’re looking up at 2 leaning against the other..and one of the characters says something like…that’s the building so and so lives in,i dont remeber the girls name though…she may have thought those two buildings were the twin towers.just a guess.

  57. Chris

    This person made it clear she had no idea what the movie was about. She is simply doing what most of society does, evaluate appearance over substance. Most of society tends to react to how things appear and rarely do the research to find out the truth. This is something seen everday on every news network, not just Fox News (and sorry if I offend, but I actually prefer Fox to the others). But instead of attacking her, maybe we can fight this by informing her and the network what this is really about. Truth is a great antidote to ignorance.

  58. Monstrous

    There is not enough of a valid point to pull the movie out anyways. They might as well have pulled “World Trade Center” out of theatres, but did they? No.

  59. arturo

    How do we know this lady isn’t some actress paid and propped up by Fox to play victim of 9/11? Why would they do this? Maybe just to stir the pot a bit… not like that channel hasn’t ever used 9/11 to sew fear.

    She did say one valid thing… we aren’t any safer since 9/11. Anyways… back to work assholes.

  60. KB

    First kudos Fox news for ANOTHER job well done. I’m glad you go the extra mile for your stories and don’t report the first piece of shit to come out of your asses. Second sorry for your loss lady I truly am (I knew people who passed at 9/11 aswell), but please get OFF my T.V., go home and have an intelligent thought before you embarass America any further.

  61. Animal

    Ok, time for me to take a swing at this lady:

    These people are damn fools for thinking this movie is about 9/11! Honestly! They take the decapitation of the SoL as anti-patriotism and terrorism? Then go b!tch to J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, not the general public who know that the movie is NOT about terrorism.
    Why are they complaining about things they don’t even know about? If they had done any frieking research AT ALL they’d know it was a giant monster movie! Please, leave everyone who’s been dying to see this movie alone and not toss anti-American comments at it.

  62. Animal

    Hey guys, I just e-mailed Fox News and gave them a piece of my mind. Here’s what I wrote, in case you’re interested:

    Sir, after watching a Fox News Youtube clip concerning the J.J. Abrams project “Cloverfield” I am annoyed and angered. Having been a fan of this movie since its trailer debut before “Transformers”, I and hundreds of others have been following the viral marketing for the movie for months now, and we have vast knowledge of the movie. “Cloverfield” is not in any way, shape, or form using the explosions in its trailers to remind the public of 9/11. No. There is not a chance. The Statue of Liberty’s head was removed because an enormous monster attacked it. Terrorists didn’t blast its head off. The explosions seen in New York are not created by stolen aircraft crashing into skyscrapers. If the movie was depicting the 9/11 attack, then surely they would show the Twin Towers being destroyed, would they not? The movie isn’t using post 9/11 fear to draw in an audience. Explosions draw in audiences, especially when they’re big enough to eliminate skyscrapers. Everyone knows that. Why didn’t Alice Hoagland complain when Bruce Willis crashed a police car into a helicopterand destroyed them both in the trailer for the most recent Live Free Or Die Hard? Why didn’t she raise a point that the trailer disrespected America’s police force?Don’t get me wrong; I do have sympathy for Alice Hoagland, but she has her views all wrong. All she is doing is complaining, dressing up Cloverfield as something it isn’t. Do I see Alice rallying crowds to make J.J. change the movie? No. I truly don’t think she knew anything about the plot of Cloverfield before she began making these absurd accusations.
    I just wanted to set the record straight. If you want any REAL information on what Cloverfield is all about, please go to

    Thank you.

  63. HamSlammer

    May I be the first to say I feel nothing but disrespect to 9/11 victims and families who find this movie offensive. I saw 9/11 as it was happening (on TV) and had to pull extra security duty at the base I was working at as a result for 6 months. This movie is pure entertainment and I don’t feel the least bit sorry for any adult who thinks they are hurt by watching a movie trailer.

  64. Johnny

    OMG! This lady is more dumb than Jamie. Seriously, I’m pissed off on what she said. This lady knows NOTHING about Cloverfield. She only assumed it was something about 9/11 just based on the Poster. Have she ever seen the trailer for Cloverfield? It’s just some lady trying to get her 15 minutes of fame on FOX (LOL FOX News).

    I’m just gonna say screw it, when the movie comes out and is a Blockbuster hit. This lady is gonna look even more stupid when she sees that the movie was about a giant crab (or whatever the monster is) and nothing about 9/11.

  65. Sam

    lord almighty! We live in a land with freedom of speech. But this isn’t speech; this lady is just babbling trying to make her tragedy seem more important than everyone else’s! tons of people lost family and loved ones in the 9-11 attacks why is she any different from them? what makes her loss so special that she feels that she needs to go on national television and say )in a nut shell) that something is offending her therefore its wrong!? people close to me were lost in the attacks and you know what I AM GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! and I will love it!

    on a lighter note, I


    What the heck was that?! >:(
    that old lady said she saw the poster for the movie, did she see the teaser or the trailer? no!
    Was she on fox news when people saw the white house explode in Indipendance Day?no!
    Why make a big deal about this movie? Look at all the other movies of New York being attacked!

  67. Sam

    CONT…think the movie is the clown thing from the movie It…and if in fact it is, I would like to say its exploiting the national felt fear of clowns!…jk

  68. Sam

    CONT…think the monster is the clown thing from the movie It…and if in fact it is, I would like to say its exploiting the national felt fear of clowns!…jk

  69. tsukuyomi

    so NO movie should ever be made again UNLESS IT IS ABOUT 9/11.

    attention whores need to shut up and get a life….

  70. Some guyfawkes

    Remember, remember, the eleventh of September…

    That’s fair and balanced non-news from good old FOX. We’ve devolved into a culture of victims, so I’m only surprised this crap didn’t start sooner.

    Now I’m not defending this dumb bitch or FOX, but I do recall reading that JJ was partially inspired by all the homemade video images of 9/11 when he cooked up Cloverfield. The concept of an immediate, intimate experience. You can see in the extended clip the “9/11ish” imagery with the cloud of dust roaring down the street.

    Now, is this using the horror of that day to sell a movie? Of course not. That’s art, and an attempt to create something unique in the monster/disaster genre: a gritty, realistic experience. Something truly horrifying and escapist at the same time.

    I say let the asses bray. It’ll only bring more people into the theater, and create more buzz for a movie that’s relied almost entirely on viral marketing and word of mouth so far.

    Kudos, Mr. JJ.

  71. nendo

    all i have to say is. no disrepect to anyone. but why the hell shouldn’t wemake a diesaster movie in new york. 9/11 was very tradgic yes it was. i can understand how people felt after than. but how many years has it been now? i thought the best thing to do was to get past them memories and move on. not in the sense to forget them. but to accept them as part of your life. what happened happened, nothign an change that.

    it was only a matter of time before hollywood was going to make a diesater movie again on this scale. some people need to stay off tv when it comes to stuff like this. am very sorry to hear that she lost her son but there most be my now a greater higher demand for ether monster flicks or diaster movies. and we can’t soly stop all diaster movies in new york just for them loses. its veyr sad that people lost there lives. but i think its about time we dealt with that and moved on

  72. al starks

    I totally agree with her. It would be far less offensive if cloverfield had a monster who littered NYC with unfathomably large rolls of toilet paper and had overbearing parents that caused him to wear eye-liner and cry to fall out boy.

  73. greenclovers

    As an Art Director that works very closely with Marketing and Advertising Agencys, referencing situations like 9/11 or any historical/important event is common practice. Always has been, is and always will be.

  74. Austin

    WOW!…9/11? really? um… ok… thank God the election is coming up in 11 months. this nation wide scare tactic linking everything to 9/11 and/or terrorists is outta control. -not to offend- but bush has ridden that wave for too long. NOT everyone is out to get us. at least the commentator did say that if a monster or alien attacked the city it would probably look like that. -she brought up King Kong (LOL), back in the 30’s (Kong’s 1st NYC terror raid) that shit was scary. & they did show people shooting at him- come on man, i bet there are PLENTY of people out there who survived the attacks that day who cant wait to see this movie. people need to quit being so damn sensitive! i understand PTSD, i understand health & mental problems from that day, but come on, this is JUST a MOVIE!

    my question is how old is this clip? it was added to youtube on jan 2, but um… this poster (or a teaser version there of) has been public sense what? late july early august? and its just NOW we are getting offended? WTF!? Yay! FOX for having a slow news day! 🙂

  75. Some guyfawkes

    Remember, remember the eleventh of September
    The airplanes, terror and plot,
    I know of no reason
    Why nine eleven
    Should ever be forgot.

    Sorry, I’m on a V for Vendetta kick. But seriously. WTF?
    Hella lame.

  76. Trexx

    excuse me while i cry for humanity…

    did she friggin say that it’s okay if the movie’s about Al-Qaeda attacking NYC? or did i misunderstand that? regardless, she’s unnecessarily concerned. she should go have tea with jack thompson

  77. Craig Leslie

    Can anyone say “hypocrite”? She’s basically saying we shouldn’t have any disaster movies involving New York UNLESS it’s about terrorists. I think I’m just a little bit stupider for watching this nutcase now.

  78. SuperMonkey94

    Does she think she knows everything?! She didn’t even see the trailor! She judged it before she learned more about it! Manhattan always is attacked by monsters or aliens! What would make this any different?! Could an stupid iraqi plane or bomb make SLASH marks on the statue of liberty? NO!!! She just calls the news about Cloverfield just because of the poster. That’s not going to help her case! She just saw the poster one morning and thought “The statues of libertys head is gone! I’ll go complain about it!”
    That just gets me angry! What about the recent King Kong movie? Buildings get destroyed in it! She didn’t complain about it! J.J. Abrams HIMSELF said it was a monster movie! It’s not a TERROSIST MOVIE!!!

  79. Steve

    This woman just wants attention. She probably thinks she is doing some good somehow by whining like this. Or maybe Fox News was just looking for a story, and grabbed someone who lost family in 9/11 and asked them to complain about the movie to get ratings and viewers.

  80. CommanderKeen

    …Seriously? I can’t even find the words to say something about this. But admin’s text before the video is great.

  81. Mez

    if anything that world trade centre movie was in the wrong for using the events of 9/11 to sell tickets and rehash the whole thing to turna profit. This is a movie about a monster attack. Pure fiction for entertainment purposes.
    I’m sorry if this offends but America needs to take an example from what England did after the subway attacks: Move on, rebuild and be wary of future attacks. Not bring up 9/11 at every turn and try to stifle the creativity behind this movie. A movie which I predict will be fantastic.
    Again, I mean no offence. Just saying that 9/11 was over 6 years ago and everyone will always remember how it affected their lives and where they were when they found out about it. But just because some woman saw a poster and was reminded that the events did actually happen doesn’t mean the movie has anything to do with them. This is a news story that should never have seen the light of day. It’s ridiculous.

  82. deBish

    More like FOX taking advantage of this woman and her tragedy to make viewership points. Mention 9/11 and people start veiwing, mention al queida ditto, mention Iraq, ditto….ad nauseum

  83. Sarahtdl

    What Alice is missing in her comments is the fact that history influences our fiction, even subconsciously. The original Godzilla films were born of the horror of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

    She says this movie parodies those images, but with all die respect to her loss, she apparently doesn’t understand what the word parody refers to. There’s no making fun of 9-11 here, but what the movie does tap into is the deep-seated dread of the idea that things on a huge scale can come and tear our lives apart, and many people (both in New York and elsewhere) feel helpless to stop it.

    But what she cannot seem to grasp in the depths of her own grief is that is what fiction DOES. Thats what its for. It gives us an outlet to express our fears and our pain in a way that is “safe” to examine. Thats always what horror films were about.

    One of the girls in the movie (as they are running outside the building) says “Is it another terrorist attack?” (So I don’t think the movie makers can say that that image wasn’t part of the creation of the Cloverfield Myth). But that doesn’t point to the idea of them cashing in 9-11 as this women seems to think. I believe this kind of fiction is just as valid an examination of our own fears as any of the “based on a true story” 9-11 movies.

    Honestly I didn’t see anyone accusing “Firefly” of disrespecting the history of the Civil War (Maybe because no-one got to see the show. LOL) but I think the point is valid.

    These posters have been out for months, and only now fox is paying attention before the film opens? I have to agree, fox is cashing in on this woman.

  84. Animal

    I hope Fox has recieved my complaint via e-mail already. Such idiots they are over there. Hey Alice- History’s ALWAYS been an influence in, uh, EVERYTHING. You want to know something really offensive that was supposed to be entertaining to people? That flash game from someone at newgrounds where you play the Virginia Tech shooter and kill everyone. Now THAT was bad. But Cloverfield? No. How dare you touch Cloverfield with your attention – loving hands! I’ve talked to people about Cloverfield who haven’t been following it online like I have, and they’re dying to see it. On January 18th, J.J.’s going to rake in so much cash heads will roll. And then Alice will realize she didn’t stop ANYONE from going to see Cloverfield.

  85. Terence

    I appreciate everyones comments, and think everyone here has valid points.
    I would like to point out that as someone with 9/11 related PTSD I am freaked out by this movie, and other movies involving disasters in NYC. That being said, I either don’t see them or go with someone I feel safe with and leave if it becomes too much.
    The nature of trauma is unpredictable and triggers can be surprising. I think I will see Cloverfield, as an act of defiance to my PTSD. But please understand that people are traumatized and if they think this movie is too much then they are right it is too much, for them. They shouldn’t see it.

  86. hiswizardeyes

    It’s awful how people who don’t KNOW anything are given airtime, just to stir up controversy over NOTHING. That poster has been out for ages, and NOW they decide to give this woman airtime? As if we don’t need to be reminded yet again of 9/11. And always movies are getting blamed for things, when it’s the politicians who’ve exploited 9/11 and the fear that came from it to gain votes and invade countries. Funny that Fox would rather focus on the fantasy of Cloverfield than on the reality of, say, Iraq.

  87. TFKoP

    Hey lady…sorry for your loss. But you’re an idiot. A complete idiot. Based on your preposterous statements, I guess we should blame the original “Planet of the Apes” movie for causing 9/11 because of the destroyed Statue of Liberty that Charlton Heston discovered?

    That lady, and Fox News, are douchebags.

  88. marz

    it would be funny if alice is actualy involved with that other monster movie coming out called monstrous aka tokyo lol

  89. Mike

    It’s OK for the government to use 911 to sell an unnecessary war in Iraq, but not for movie producers???


  90. houstonray

    Typical Fox News propaganda. Personally, I’m more offended at their approach to capitalize on 9/11 than anything that might be remotely similar in the movie.

  91. unicron

    This has to be one of the most ignorant things I have seen in a “real” news broadcast in quite sometime. To try and relate a depiction of the Statue of Liberty to 9/11 is ridiculous. She should probably publicly retract her statements and as a show of good faith submit herself for a psychological evaluation, as well as never speak on tv again, ever.

  92. ShirtNinja

    I have been reading these forums for almost 6 months now, and this is the first time I have felt implored to leave my two cents. I do agree with the Twin Towers being removed from pretty much everything after 9/11, becuase that is more of an “in-your-face” reminder of the tragedy that many indured. HOWEVER, worthless people like this waste of DNA just make a tragedy like 9/11 all the worse. Neo-Macarthyism preaching harpies like this pray off the death of a loved one to get her small-minded voice heard. If her son was not a victim in the 9/11 attack like was stated in the newscast, they would chalk her up to another nutball theorist. This movie in no way resembles 9/11. This Alice went a little to far down the rabbit hole and hit her head at the bottom.

  93. ShirtNinja

    And by the way, there are more that 14 movies involving the destruction of NYC/SOL…. I dont see her protesting the cover of Escape From New York where the statue of liberty’s head is in a pile of rubble on the cover. The Day After Tomarrow is another one that comes to mind with a very memorable scene with the statue of liberty being swallowed by a monster titalwave.

  94. ShadowOfContent

    This lady is a stupid bitch. She should do her research before she comes to conclusions like that. Now im not American, so i dont know what that was like for you guys, but she can’t come in blaming all her fuckin problems on this movie. This movie will kick ass and i hope she sees it so she knows its not about a fucking terror attack, and that its a good movie.

  95. Matt Pacey

    TOO similar to 9/11? I thought that was the point? To make a semi-realistic monster movie that looks like footage from an actual building-destroying monster. It looks like they’re doing a good job then!

    Let’s not forget that the original GODZILLA was SPECIFICALLY made to remind the Japanese of the atomic attacks (BY THE US) on their country…

    It’s a horror movie. It’s supposed to be frightening, no? And how can you be more frightening than reminding people of real tragedy?

    This is one reason the arts and politics don’t mix…


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