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There are a couple new headlines on the Tagruato site regarding an altercation at the Chaui Station and a new Satellite launched by Bold Futura. Along with the new headlines (which you can read below) there is an updated voicemail message for Tagruato regarding the altercation/incident at the Chaui Station, check that out below as well.

Tagruato Headlines



There has been an altercation at the Chaui Station. Although details are limited at present time, be assured that Tagruato is taking every measure necessary to ensure the safety and well being of all staff and crew. Specialty teams have been deployed, and are working aggressively to restore harmony at the site.

The cause of the problem is currently being investigated, although it is suspected that an eco-terror cell is responsible for the disturbance.

We have top investigators on our side. Everything will be resolved shortly, and all problems will be fixed. If you have any questions, please contact us at +81-3-5403-6318 for further instructions.




Hatsui Satellite Works for the Futura

Visions of success for Tagruato’s Bold Futura subsidiary are no longer limited by gravity. In its first month orbiting Earth, the satellite “Hatsui” has been at peak performance?busily collecting data and securing samples. The satellite signals the first effort by Futura’s space program, and is heralded company-wide as a huge success. Images taken by it’s cutting edge TagFutura KrystaLens were described by CEO Ganu Yoshida as, “a revelation in imagery.” Grinning big, he added, “This equipment will open eyes to worlds never before imagined. It is a bright, united future for all of us.” And he meant it. In their latest gesture to reach out to fellow man, Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government’s “ChimpanzIII” satellite. Although Hatsui?s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.

Bold Futura’s Head Aeronautical Engineer Wada Arinori proudly touted the watchdog effort as the first of many. Hunched happily over a computer, he beamed, “In my 11 years for Tagruato, I see us grow in power, and also in caring. Such teamwork effort is huge stride.”

Future plans for the Bold Futura space program are still under wraps. Although with the success of Hatsui and ample funds dedicated to development and galactic research, it is certain to be big. Added Yoshida, “Our first step into space was a triumphant one. Our next will be unforgettable.”




And here is a transcript of the voicemail message (thanks zeppfan, and probably others)

” Thank you for calling Tagruato.
If you are calling regarding Chuai station,
Please know that the situation is being handled,
and should be resolved shortly.
If you have a relative on board,
you will be contacted soon by the appropriate personnel
Headquarters does not have information of individual crew members
All other questions should be directed towards our press office
as this line is currently not accepting messages
Thank you”

Interesting stuff here, what do you guys think is going on?


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56 Responses

  1. jobi g.

    i found a video on youtube just now and it was an audio recording at chuai, an it seemed pretty legit ( ) the uploader was jamesloveth and descripton of the video was “The truth behind Tagruato… – Teddy.” It seems a little familiar to me. don’t you think?

    so i think that the cause of all this is the monster. maybe the monster did something or was related to the accident or “altercation” as they call it, in the chuai station.

  2. ryan

    Well uve all read below what I think . I do believe that these are cover stories, so they can a figure out what happened and B track something from outerpscae with the satellite. Their little creation gone bad. And again if u read these posts this sounds like a company with some severly twisted ideas about the future of our planet

  3. admin

    jobi g: Gonna have to call fake on that one. Although it would be cool if it were real.

  4. MarytheLion

    Thanks for the link jobi g. I don’t know if its real or not. THe headlines at Tagruato are interesting as well. Perhaps they are trying to control it via satellite, and it gets out of hand. And they are doing damage control with the article about the satellite stuff. Notice they acknowledged the information about the Chaui station as possibly being “an eco terrorist” plot, TIDO, so is it monster related at all? Or is this a cover up?

  5. MarytheLion

    Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government?s ?ChimpanzIII? satellite. Although Hatsui?s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.

    THIS could play a role too! I missed that! Just last week! Fallen from space into the ATLANTIC OCEAN?????????? Here’s a lead!

  6. admin

    MarytheLion: The missing satellite piece could be a cover-up, covering up something “else” that fell from the sky into the atlantic, in case anyone else saw it fall. Meaning, possibly the monster is alien? who knows, but definitely interesting stuff going on with Tagruato.

  7. SteveMikes

    “According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.”

    OK, so perhaps that lands right on or near the monster, waking it up?
    Or it could contain the monster itself. . . if it’s from outer space.

    I don’t know what to think to be honest, I’m pretty sure the monster is from earth, the sonar picture probably proves that (If that is our big beastie. . . but what else would it be?).

    I have an idea too concerning the Chuai Station incident. I now believe it has been moved. The monster disturbed the station or something and the people on the station, not knowing of the monster quickly assumed it was an “eco-terror-cell” , which is probably TidoWave, and moved. Meaning the station wasn’t anywhere in site when TidoWave went to search for it because the monster had beaten them too it in a way.
    OR, it did destroy the station as thought before and Tagruato are covering it up.

    I also have the idea that Tagruato do not know of this monster at all. They’re so obsessed with all the dodgy things they’re up to when they finally go too far and accidentally piss off this creature through their own sheer-blind ignorance to the environment and Earth. The monster annihilates New York City causing them to learn the hard way. . .

  8. nendo

    no one knows if rob is indeed working for tagruato. I don’t think he is working for them. maybe a partner with tagruato but not that company.

  9. Ken

    Hey, I know this sounds weird, but I remember a website that gives out movie filming locations in NYC being posted in the forums here before. Like with information of road blockages and stuff. The forums are down right now, but does anyone know of the site?

  10. MissInformed

    The images on the sonar have to be the monster, whatever fell from space is just adding confusion or is part of a cover up. The incident at the Chaui station is that the monster attacked and caught both Tagruato and the Tidowave infiltrators off guard and is now destroyed along with everyone on board. Tagruato is now working on a cover up and is using the eco-terror cell as the cause for the incident. You have to believe they are monitoring every eco groups websites so they know that TIDOwaves people have already posted that the station is missing so they are working to cover that up now. Perhaps that is where the piece of satellite or whatever they decide to say it is will come into play, thereby hiding or at least distracting from their discovery or creation of the monster. Wow, I need to get a life….LOL.

  11. Charles

    What about if Tagruato was drilling more in the ocean floor for more Slusho ingredient (I wonder what it is) but then something else came out which might’ve caused the so called earthquake in the first trailer of Cloverfield (remember the news caster) and then the attack goes on and blah blah. I don’t know that’s my guess. But what does Jaime have to with Cloverfield and whatnot?

  12. deBish

    Jamie is the ‘holder of the evidence’ for now. That might come into play late in the movie as they try to get back to her place to get the evidence. Nice plot hook!

  13. TKEGoogle

    I think JJ and the crew are telling us things in an “under your nose” kind of way so as not to just say, “Look here is what is happening..” If the station had been destroyed, they would have said so, they are trying to tell us it went somewhere guys, they wouldn’t be that vague about destruction because those few websites are our only source of news. You have to cut back just a smidge on analysis and look at it for what it is. And as for the sat crashing, that has to either cause radiation of the creature, or be the creature and not the satellite

  14. SteveMikes

    If that was the monster that landed in the ocean, yeah, that’s cool. I just can’t see that to be happening though. The sonar image was blatantly the monster in my eyes, and that wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t even crash landed from space at that time would it. However the satellite causing the radiation or something could be credible.
    I think it’s just a chunk of satellite. They might see the monster in the water or get attacked by it when they try to recover it perhaps? Who knows.
    The next update on TidoWave or Tagruato will probably shed a little more light on the matter, along with many more questions.

  15. Scribbs

    I got a prediction for the next J love T video, usually goes with what true bitches do when they have been cheated on. 1st when she opened the box, shes you bastard you are cheating on me, 2nd then shes like I’m gonna call and see whats up, 3rd she drowns out her misery in booze, 4th, she’s gotta get revenge, she’s gotta destroy something of his thats important, so, she takes the “don’t eat” package and eats it, my guess is she is the exploding lady from the trailers, but i dunno

  16. admin

    Scribbs: We already know that Jamie is not the “exploding” chick in the movie. Unless all the production pictures out there are lying to us. I believe the exploding chick’s name is Marlena

  17. RescueEn

    What if the sonar image was in fact the debris field of the Chuai station that TidoWave was looking for but couldn’t find. But all had sunk before their backup operatives had arrived on scene.

  18. Weyland-Yutani

    Thats always feasable being that it is the debris from the station on the ocean floor.

  19. Morgannon

    Added Yoshida, ?Our first step into space was a triumphant one. Our next will be unforgettable.?

    VERY interesting. Wonder what the next step is going to be? Accidentally bringing a big hungry alien monster down from the stars? That’s VERY Lovecraftian.

    In fact, I wonder if it’s Cthulhu’s little brother? :p


  20. Lion-o

    When you check the website isn’t it supposed to be a driling station. If it is a drilling station it would be almost impossible to tear it down in hours or seconds. Something most of happened. According to the tartugo’s website there were 355 employees on that vessel. which means it must have had living space as well to accomidate that many people. So it must be a hudge facility. That being said you can’t dismantle that kind of facility or have no debris because personal effects like clothing and stuff would float. So something is definetly fishy going on.

  21. SteveMikes

    I just had a little look around the forum (still deciding whether to sign up or not. . .) and saw the gif thing of the monster in the monster poll thread/topic. Now I’ve seen many but never this good quality. So, I now agree with you, admin. I can CLEARLY see the 2 legs. In fact, it’s 2 legs and it’s ass (no tail). The bulk/bulge thing is it’s back, like a huge bump or hunch it would seem. I think it’s elbow is only just in the shot too but it goes blurry and the gif starts again so I can’t make it out properly.
    All in all – there’s 2 legs, its ass seeing as there’s no tail and part of it’s back, going diagonally upwards towards the head I presume which is behind the building. It looks powerful too, muscular in a way. Certainly looks like an ocean dwelling creature, most likely amphibious.
    It looks amazing. Can’t believe I used to think that clip was it’s head, tail or foot haha. Take a look at the gif in that thread/topic people, if you can’t see it then you’re blind.

  22. SteveMikes

    I really should have posted that in the “What do you think the Monster is?” part. Sorry admin!

  23. RescueEn

    Lion-O, that is not true check US Military history on Texas Tower 4 that was swallowed whole by the sea.

    It was a manned radar platform. “The loss of Texas Tower Four demonstrates the disasters that can occur when a flawed structure encounters the tremendous power of the ocean. The tower was one of three manned radar platforms off the US Atlantic coast numbered Two, Three, and Four (One and Five were planned but never built). The tower, part of the nations air defense system, “was such a spectacular sight that ocean liners veered off course to permit passengers to glimpse it”……..The Tower was destroyed and no one and no debris was every found

  24. Danny

    The problem is were the station was positioned you would have to have a submersable vehicle of some kind due to the tempeture of the water and the depth as well. And the current in that section is very strong due to the gulf stream. So any floating debris could be close to the english coast.

  25. Danny

    On the tagruato site it give you the location of the station and it is on the mid atlantic ridge. looks to be at the point were the gulf stream turns into the N. Atlantic drift. Since no latitude or longitude is given it is just a guess, but that could explain why there is no debris.

  26. bob

    just a thought could the satellite contain any animals that were fed slusho and reacted badly?

  27. Danny

    Since it was a Japanese government satellite that a part fell off of and not a tagruato satellite, I don’t see that being a likely senerio. But that part of the missing satellite could have hit the station and cause whatever altercation that tagruato was talking about.

  28. Animal

    Okay – I think I know what’s going on here.

    Tidowave’s recent update was about the Chuai station. As far as we know, Tidowave is American, so the only way they’re going to attack a Tagruato station is to go to NYC and hitch a ride to the Chuai station. Well, Tido gets there, and what happens? They. Find. NOTHING. Not a single thing. Now, Tagruato knows how suspicous this is. That’s why they’ve updated THEIR site, saying how no one should worry, and everything is under control at the Chuai station. Yeah. BECAUSE THE STATION IS GONE. THERE’S NOTHING TO FIX. And as for searching for that fallen chunk of a satellite? I think Tagruato has different motives for finding it than getting in the good books of the Japanese government.

  29. Danny

    whoops, sorry the rogue piece is thought to be off a Japanese Government’s ChimpanzIII satellite but could not be confirmed that it is. So who knows?

  30. William

    Remember in the trailers there is a guy wearing a slusho t-shirt. Maybe Rob works for Slusho as an marketing ambassador for the States and was leaving to go to Japan for an important meeting. Maybe having to do with the recent Tagruato incident. What ever landed in the Atlantic Ocean had an effect with the new slusho ingredient from the ocean. This is all happening in real time. So look out your windows on 1/18/2007

  31. RescueEn

    Sorry Admin,
    Meant surface debris of Texas Tower 4, first responders there found no signs of the tower except for 1 or 2 barrels. Just relating this story to actual events that may have been pulled from.

  32. RescueEn

    I know they have been diving the wreck for some time now. But no mayday was transmitted from Texas Tower 4, it just disappeared, theories are it was a rogue wave.

  33. Morgannon

    I find it very hard to believe that they found no debris…even if our monster swallowed the darn thing whole there should be *something* left over – especially once it found out it couldn’t digest it.

    I wonder if the rig is going to appear closer to New York, with the similar claw marks that we saw on the SoL? Perhaps a Tagruato submarine finds it on the bottom of the ocean with huge rents in it and broadcasts the video to the surface…just before a huge mouth gobbles it up.

    I hope we start seeing random photos / glimpses of the monster in the media now. Like a cruise ship passing near Chulai and a passenger manages to take a quick and blurred picture of SOMETHING HUGE passing just under the surface near the ship…swimming towards New York 🙂 Or maybe a passenger on another ship takes a quick cellphone video of a huge claw (barely seen at night) rising out of the water and then submerging. In real life such photos would be rare since Chulai is so far out in the Atlantic, but man would that be an awesome angle to exploit!


  34. Morgannon

    Interesting – according to a map I just checked Chulai may be very near the Azores. I’d love to see a tourist on the Azores record the monster beating the living poo out of Chulai station 🙂

  35. WTF?

    “A piece fell off of another satellite?” Is that what was detected on Sonar? Maybe that’s what wiped out the mysterious station, or maybe the monster came from space and came with the destroyed piece of the satellite…right now, I’m beginning to wonder if the monster really is an alien. Maybe the alien life-form comes to Earth and takes a liking to sea-bed’s nectar, which makes Earth life happy and more healthy…but has anybody thought of what it could do to something not from this world? I don’t know. But right before the movie comes out, this gets twice as complicated…wow. I don’t get it…

  36. dijjot

    well, heres my take on the info given. a.”fallen piece” is just an allusion to the monster, that they are tracking on satellite, and unable to identify. seeing as tagruato is more than likely intrinsically linked with japanese politic, they could say “yeah, sure its a satellite piece were following. heres some yen, buy yourself something nice”.
    b.the satellite was destroyed by the monster, and said beastie came down with the debri,and destroyed the chaui station.
    c.the satellite fell into the ocean before (or after) the station was established, or began mining, and awoke something in the sea. Something on the satellite reacted to the seabed nectar? Either way, the Chaui station gets obliterated in light of these events.
    finally, i think the unknown object tagruato is tracking being named, “chimpanzIII” is a red flag. as well as the fact that they are in international waters…

  37. ryan

    I dunno things r just gettin wierd kinda wonder if we should just wait till movie comes out. LOL yeah right as if. I just think were missin one piece of puzzle that will tie all this together

  38. marz

    funny the satalite is called chimpanzIII as in..a monkey..wounder if thats why that lil monkey is on the tagruato web site.justa thought.who knows.maybe the oven mitt will come into play as well as all the other stuff.maybe not physicaly but metaphoricaly.

  39. dijjot

    wow, the flick “filosopher” seems pretty antagonistic towards people who are…interested in a movie? while this site is just for people who are interested in a film, that is just musings by a narcisistic cinematic dilettante (read her reviews). anyways, someone over there said it best, “@MaryAnn: You’ve been reduced to gibberish. You’re both a professional (you do go to press screenings) and a blogger (this thing we’re commenting on being a blog). What you’re obviously not is a “geek goddess”, so you might want to edit that little stretch out of your profile. Lastly, the evidence of your distress is your total abandonment any pretense of professionalism and your wholehearted embrace of lowbrow flame bait. Oh, and don’t let your glee at a handful of people responding to your post obscure the fact that the good posts on Cloverfield enjoy hundreds and even thousands of comments. We’re not mad MaryAnn, we’re experts.”
    and anyways, i really hope that the satellite has little or nothing to do with the movie unless the monster is really unfathomably doable as a natural creature. natural being a relative term =p

  40. H3B3R

    To WILIAM (and whoever reads me)…

    As far as I understood I had the same idea of ‘supposedly’ this was happening ‘real time’, but I just thought about this: All these recent activites with Tagruato, TIDOwave and so on are supposed to lead to something ‘BIG’ on 1-18, right? Then, Why the pictures (on and the movie itself its set on September 2007? Are these latest activities the aftermath (just like Rob says on the trailers: “If you’re watching this…”)? Will the movie be the ‘video’ found AFTER the attack and these activies going on in ‘real time’ could be setting the ground for a sequel as soon as the movie releases?

    … Just a thought (^^)/

  41. drstrangelovez

    Hey reading a lot of the comments over the past couple weeks the T.I.D.O has just released a comment on the “accident” at the site. And they mention that there will be pics. Monster in them maybe?

    January 05, 2008

    Do NOT return to The Farm. It?s crawling with agents on Tagruato?s payroll.

    It?s a set up!!! All of our members know our goals and motivations are preservation of Mother Earth – NOT mass murder!!! Granted, we?re not upset that Tagruato has one fewer ?death station?, but we would NEVER kill to accomplish our goals. This is yet another crime on humanity that Tagruato is trying to push off on the innocent.

    And let me be clear: we will not stop until we find our missing brothers and sisters. We can?t give up hope.

    Wait for Janice?s picture. Then you?ll know where to meet us. Tagruato?s lies will not go unpunished this time. Something happened to our comrades ? and that station – and we?re going to find out – even if we have to go all the way to the top!!!

    They seem upset. Hurray Cloverfield!!

  42. deBish

    Who’s Janice and where’s that picture? I want to know where to hide!

    OK. Look s like a lot happened on the weekend. Several videos posts, MySpace stuff added in, new images etc…

    Lots to digest for a Monday morning, eh

  43. templebar

    i tried calling the number but i couldnt get anything. it says +81, but what does that mean? i just tried calling 81-3-5403-6318 but i didnt get anything


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