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  1. WTF?

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I don’t want to be off-topic, but my dad just got me a picture of model of the monster, made by someone who works with Abrams. Here it is (WARNING, MASSIVE SPOILERS, LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK, I ASSURE YOU THIS NOT A JOKE):

    EVERYTHING checks out: the shape of the body, the legs, the head’s shape…I gotta admit, it looks a bit bland, but it still looks pretty insane, considering how big it will be in the movie. I’m almost positive this isn’t fake. If it is…well, feel free to put the full blame on me.

  2. SteveMikes

    Dude that’s not the monster. Already been found, flaunted and debunked.

  3. admin

    WTF?: As SteveMikes said, that image has been floating around for a couple weeks now. Yes it can be found on the website of an effects artist that is working on Cloverfield, but nowhere does it make mention that the model is for Cloverfield.

  4. WTF?

    Whoops…sorry. Seriously, I am. I had no idea, this was one picture that I’ve never seen before (and I’ve seen the whale ones to fan-art of a new Godzilla). Where’s your source, might I ask?

    You have to admit, it looks a ton like it, though. From the claws, head, and body. Someone did their research.

  5. admin

    WTF? here we go.

    Here is a link to a company called Massive Black, who, according to their projects page, only works on video games or has up until this point. In the image at the link you can clearly see this monster model sitting on the table.

    Concept art by Peter Koing, he is the creature art director for cloverfield, as it looks like he’s done a lot of creature art design. Someone on another forum emailed him asking if any images of the monster would leak before release and he said absolutely not.

  6. WTF?

    Okay, thanks! Feel free to remove my “spam”; it’s off-topic garbage now. I’m sorry I wasted your time…

    That was the coolest choice of what the monster could have been that I’ve seen yet…and it made me think that the monster had a chance of not being a lame crab-thing.

  7. deBish

    From what I’ve seen from those two sites, I’d have to say that this movie will KISS ASS!!!!


  8. admin

    WTF?: No problem, i’ll leave it, it’s still a cool image and it will give people a taste of what the guy designing the creature has done in the past. I’m confident he has created a ridiculous monster.

  9. Nick (The Original)

    It COULD be the monster indeed… At least the lower part looks like it could be the one we see on the trailer… Although that image is a bit old by now…

  10. Weyland-Yutani

    Nah, I don’t think so. They are not gonna let this creep out late in the game. This will hold until the film is actually out and people have a hold of the film…but not now.

  11. admin

    And I’m pretty sure that model has been on that site for a while now, but with people digging around for Cloverfield info it was bound to come up.

  12. Rayford

    what if it’s so original that it’s not a mutant or an alien or anything we have ever seen before… like a whole new concept!!! xD

    well aside from the fact that that’s IMPOSSIBLE it would be nifty… ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. zeppfan09

    admin (and everyone): i dont know if its been mentioned yet, but there is a new cloverfield tv spot (at least to me). i havent been able to find a way to record the entire tv spot nor locate it on youtube but it really only offers a few new shots (mainly just some quick angle shots of people), rob with his back to a wall looking up, a clear look at the capsized oil tanker (the logo has GOT to be tag’s), and other small stuff. However, seeing it on a pretty big screen and on HDTV, the bridge scene was clear enough for me to see that there is most likely no tentacle destroying it. thats the heads up, i’ll put up a link to a video if i can find it.

  14. ryan

    Hey if anyone is interested there’s a book called the swarm someone turned me onto today just started readin. It came out few years ago and the story is kinda similiar but way more disturbing, about sea creatures turning on the human race and are controlled by a very old creature from the deep called the YRR. Wonder if this was a startin point for this story. Kind of a techinical book but intriguing

  15. Jake

    New post on tidowave about Tagruato agents at some place called “The Farm”. Apparently something violent went down.

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