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Rob’s MySpace page has been updated and he has officially gotten a job offer from Slusho! Check it out.

Friday, January 04, 2008

You can?t drink just six…
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So I got a job offer, and it’s everything I wanted. More money, more power, more creative freedom. I’d even have up to five people working under me, and you know how much I’ve always wanted underlings. One catch — I need to move to freakin’ JAPAN! The job is the V.P. of Marketing and Promotions for SLUSHO! brand “happy drink.” Apparently it’s all the rage in Asia. I’d be part of a team tasked with replicating the drink’s popularity in the Western world. Here’s a link to their most recent TV spot: Bizarre, I know. I’m sure
Hud would love it. They want us to come up with a more accessible angle to hook an American audience.

When I said I’d be willing to leave NYC for the new gig, I was thinking maybe Chicago or Toronto, maybe L.A. Japan is a whole other extreme. I’m not a particularly worldly fellow, and I’d definitely be in store for some major culture shock. But you know what? Maybe this is exactly the jolt my lame little life needs. A fresh start, and all the clichés that go with it. I’m cautiously psyched. I told them I needed the weekend to think it over, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna take it. I mean, I can’t think of a good enough reason not to. 

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  1. Ryan

    its all starting to fall into place. i bet an update on something every day from now until the 18th

  2. Jessica

    Ryan I was thinking the same thing. . .

    and now the “story” begins. . .

  3. DodgerFan805

    I was curious about those teddy and jaime videos so I visited the website and watched them. Interesting. I was curious who created those sites and whose name it was registered under. You can go to input the website address and find out for yourself. I found an address and phone #. I used google earth to track down the location and found there was a photo attached to the site. The site is of a bar called “the Library” Has anyone ever heard of it?

  4. Ramone

    As Roger Waters of Pink Floyd once wrote “All in all , your just another brick in the wall”.

    Isn’t it curious that as the story develops surrounding Rob and his impending job and ultimately his possible doom that the story curves towards what is being suspected on these vary forums?!

    The people behind the Taraguto, Slusho and MySpace web pages need inspiration, something to keep the momentum going and something to keep their already anxious excited and very captivated audience baying for more.

    So what better than to ‘bring to life’ the very theories and outlandish dreams to life on a web page.

    Of course the story writers for the entire ‘back story’ are making the whole thing up as they go along – it;s part of the fun. What you will see in the movie will have no relevance to it all. But some of you will sit there on the night with a wry smile and nod to yourself in the belief that you ‘know’ why all this happening.

    What Paramount are doing is basically building the entire prologue to the movie, or at least giving you the opportunity to form your own conclusions as to what brought to you this day of destruction.

    Much in the way when Lord of the Rings had a brief five minute prologue as to why, where and who had the original rings – on film that story alone could of taken a whole three hours!

    Imagine if you will some student sat in a internet cafe in San Francisco whose sole job it is to help keep the viral marketing alive – where would you go for inspiration? The Internet – see what everyone is talking about and what they want to talk about.

    People, we are writing this story we are doing Paramounts job for them and if we do a good enough job for them – you may even get a movie out of it one day! 🙂

    It’s a simple formula, give the people what they want – not what some suit in an office believes they want. Just look at AVP: Requiem. Proof of how not listening to the people can cost you millions of lost dollars.

    We wanted a new monster movie with a new twist, Paramount are trying to do just that for us and letting us even write some of the story by letting us be part of it’s world – we should be proud of ourselves.

    Gabba Gabba Hey!

  5. Ramone

    I agree with everything Ramone has said – Vote for Ramone in your local elections and not me – Hilary R. Clinton.

  6. Charles

    I TOLD YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said is Rob getting a job at Tagruato or Slusho? And sooner or later BAM he gets a job

  7. SteveMikes

    We’re more than likely gonna get an update every day until the 18th. Probably just small ones, like this though unless Tag or Tido get updated, going deeper into their conflict/confusion/situation.

  8. TC

    @ Ramone -(Gabba Gabba Hey)- where did you get that from?
    I know someone that used that little quip.

  9. Ramone

    Gabba Gabba’s from Pinhead from the Ramones.. I think it’s also from the movie Freaks. 🙂

  10. TC

    @ Ramone…Ahh, okay. The person that used that was a big Ramones fan, so that makes sense. Just never seen anyone else use that before 🙂

  11. RescueEn

    I’m not sure if this has already been addressed, but, I was playing around with the photos on and just noticed the date and time stamp and the fact that they are after midnight 1/18/08, which means the party actually happens on the night of the 17th spanning into the morning of the 18th. Just noticed it, I apologize if this has already been discussed.

  12. Ryan

    goo boo goboo you become one of us!-is from freaks.

    this whole backstory theory is really taking shape. brilliant on paramounts part.

  13. Fish

    I don’t know if anybody else noticed this, but one of the responses to the post on Rob’s myspace mentioned Tagruato and how Rob “hate oil”.. I just found that interesting. Thoughts?

  14. Ryan

    Hey Ryan why not use a new name since i was on here first not to be a jerk and i just registered for tickets to one of the film premieres on the 15 th in Boston

  15. Teso

    We all knew that this was going to happen. Good, good. Taking shape now. From here on, we cross the line of mystery thus it is uncertain of what is going to happen. In one of the alleged Reviews it said that Rob had a job interview with Yoshida and that Hud was there. Will that be what happens? Still, the review is fake but I am just curious.

  16. TKEGoogle

    The attack has to happen between 12:18 and 12:36 am on the 18th, so the party is on the 17th but very late at night

  17. Austin


    sorry man, this whole internet viral marketing campaign was scripted and is not feeding from bloggers speculation. there are companies out there who specialize in viral internet marketing (creating buzz) (MindComet, Viral Buzz, Street Attack to name a few). every plot twist and spin thus far and up to the end of the campaign have been well thought out and pre-planned. this kind of marketing scheme is not easy to do sense info is leaked slowly and all other info gets kept under wraps (which gets even more complicated if employees come & go during that time span). the main purpose of this kind of marketing is to keep advertising costs low. if you have everyone and their mom pimping your stuff via word of mouth its much less expensive than going all out with extra physical marketing material (more posters, etc.). no expensive all Flash websites (ie I Am Legend), Flash is VERY expensive. Yes, tagruato has flash navigation and T.I.D.O.Wave has a small Flash intro, but it’s not anything complicated which probably only amounted to between $800 to $1200 (USD). The rest is all HTML and PHP based. Slusho!’s all Flash, yes, the site costs several thousand (USD) to implement & maintain, but they’re selling product off it which helps to pad costs. Not to mention the TV commercials, yes they have had quite a few, but the footage is for the most part the same footage cut a different way. That keeps spot production costs to a minimum.

    Cloverfield’s budget was $30 million (USD) which is miniscule this day in age (Spiderman 3 cost $280 million (USD) to make) especially for something that is so SFX (special effects) intensive. According to the trades, they pulled it off for $25 million (USD) which means that the studio’s investors get to keep $5 mil (USD) which NEVER happens. movies ALWAYS go over budget. This movie is also forcasted to have the largest January B.O. gross ever. Which means to me that they make their $25 million (USD) back AND make money off the film opening weekend. that is unpresidented folks!

    if nothing else, Cloverfield just may re-write the way movie advertising is done. *

    and as far as Rob working for Slusho!, didnt we determine that early on when he was blatently wearing that Slusho! t-shirt during the original trailer?

  18. Shawn

    So just heard that on the 15th theres going to be sneak previews in: Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Calgary, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Edmonton, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miami, Montreal, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Francisco, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Washington, DC, West Palm Beach, and Winnipeg…but you have to win a contest from your local theater to see it…and theres also a big article in the new issue of Empire magazine

  19. Ryan

    On first shot as it cracks in half u can almost hear monsters roar bet well be getting on of these in english soon. Once again their blamin tido wave for the disater as it sounds. how have they thought all this shit out it was pretty wild and it showed people actually leavin station so they didnt all die. Somethin realyy screwy is goin on here

  20. Teso

    Wow. Real well made. The second one is in spanish. Yeah, they blame TIDo. The video while some of the workers leave the station in a raft as the station sinks clearly shows that the monster is involved.

  21. deBish

    Shawn – sick bit about the Montreal showing is that it’ll never happen. Premiers in Montreal are almost non-existant because of the piracy issues here. Also, the places that offer chances at attending premiers always state that Residents of Quebec are not allowed to try and win tickets.
    Stupid Quebec laws!! 😛

  22. kojirex20

    I dont know if this has already been discused cause its kind of old but i went to the slusho web site and noticed something strange. in the video of the commercial when the guy is standing in the empty room at the opening there is a strange picture hanging on the wall its to blurry to see. i thought it wasnt anything special, but then i saw it at least 2 more times through out the video towards the middle and at the end. if anyone knows what it is please share. and sorry if this has been talked about already

  23. Sandee Sabat

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