Thanks drstrangelovez for posting this in the comments.

Looks like there is a new post on the TIDOwave site, things are getting interesting.

“January 05, 2008

Do NOT return to The Farm. It?s crawling with agents on Tagruato?s payroll.

It?s a set up!!! All of our members know our goals and motivations are preservation of Mother Earth – NOT mass murder!!! Granted, we?re not upset that Tagruato has one fewer ?death station?, but we would NEVER kill to accomplish our goals. This is yet another crime on humanity that Tagruato is trying to push off on the innocent.

And let me be clear: we will not stop until we find our missing brothers and sisters. We can?t give up hope.

Wait for Janice?s picture. Then you?ll know where to meet us. Tagruato?s lies will not go unpunished this time. Something happened to our comrades ? and that station – and we?re going to find out – even if we have to go all the way to the top!!!”

So it looks like Tagruato is trying to pin the missing station on TIDOwave and make it out to be some sort of terroristic act on their part. Also, keep an eye out for “Janice’s picture”, probably the next clue…

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  1. Teso

    Yes, T.I.D.O is a secret(I think) organization that is trying to uncover the mysteries behind Traguato.

  2. RescueEn

    With the comment of mass murder I would assume TIDOWave is accusing Tagruato of destroying the station themselves with all 300+ members going down with the rig. No reference whatsoever to anything out of the ordinary as far as strange events. From the sounds of it, they think it was a direct attack by Tagruato to silence everyone on the rig of what they may have found including the TIDO wave operatives that may have been on board.

    Or they are just now coming out as an extremly radical group that could have caused everything in the first place. I know they have been known for a while but perhaps they are a little more radical than anyone thought.

    Both interesting questions and I have no answers.

    Hmmmmmmmmm Who could it be that caused this future mass disaster, and who was responsible for the initial obvious disaster?

  3. Jessica

    OMG, Tagruato is acting like Umbrella Co. (Resident Evil), trying to cover up their mistakes by using a scapegoat.

  4. Austin

    how is Janice’s picture supposed to tell people where to meet? that’s a little odd. unless she is drawing a map or is a damn good artist and can draw a location down to the last detail i dont get it. possibly a photograph of a location? but that would be stupid to snap a shot of where youre at & release it if you dont want to get caught by “mass murders”

    all i know is that this meeting spot is probably going to be somewhere in NYC we’re getting too close to D-Day for it not to.

  5. FunkBish

    The Farm in Tido’s post and Jamie’s moo-cow remark is completely coincidental… you’re reading far too into it. She was just trying to call someone fat, so she said cow… cows live on farms, she’s also “drunk”, so she’s going to say dumb, rambling things. Not to mention she knows nothing of what Teddy is doing, so she would know nothing of The Farm that Tidowave speaks of.

    As for the question about Janice’s picture, I’m sure the picture will contain something very obscure or cryptic, so that only Tidowave members will know what it means. No doubt they’ve taken precautions for this very situation, so they’ve probably prepared people to look for certain clues as messages for when it does happen.

  6. drstrangelovez

    I love how much the two sides hate each other, I hope that in the film there are people that are from both parties that fight and bicker. I hope that this hatred caries over in the film.

  7. ryan

    Well here another opinion from me if u wanna hear. I know wonder if murder station or deaths stations refer to a mass multiple monster attack. Chuai is the first of what may be an all out attack. Our movie is just focused on NY. My guess is one or two sequels and maybe a prequel. Something like movie 2 would be an all out attack with multiple monsters from all stations. Movie 3 would either be a finale with some sort of prequel finalle to it all or if we got a fourth it would be a prequel. If I’m right I think the satellite is being used to coordinate a massive multi strike attack kind of like the aliens used in ID4. I may be way off here but the term death stations makes me think eventually there will be more than one monster. Also I think quite possibly the viral campaign will continue after movie to set up sequels and or prequel or maybe a tv type movie. All depends on how well movie does. My guess 35 to 50 million open and 125 160 million total. Lets face it the back story would make a great movie starting with ganus moms search for the ultimate beverage. What do u think

  8. TK

    YaaaAAAAwwwn! Come on JJ, give us the whole skinny already! No more Tidowave Tagruato horseplay and screwing around.

  9. Shawn

    Rob updated his myspace…and guess what hes going to work for slusho…heres what it said

    You can?t drink just six…
    Current mood: adventurous
    Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

    So I got a job offer, and it’s everything I wanted. More money, more power, more creative freedom. I’d even have up to five people working under me, and you know how much I’ve always wanted underlings. One catch — I need to move to freakin’ JAPAN! The job is the V.P. of Marketing and Promotions for SLUSHO! brand “happy drink.” Apparently it’s all the rage in Asia. I’d be part of a team tasked with replicating the drink’s popularity in the Western world. Here’s a link to their most recent TV spot: Bizarre, I know. I’m sure
    Hud would love it. They want us to come up with a more accessible angle to hook an American audience.

    When I said I’d be willing to leave NYC for the new gig, I was thinking maybe Chicago or Toronto, maybe L.A. Japan is a whole other extreme. I’m not a particularly worldly fellow, and I’d definitely be in store for some major culture shock. But you know what? Maybe this is exactly the jolt my lame little life needs. A fresh start, and all the clichés that go with it. I’m cautiously psyched. I told them I needed the weekend to think it over, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna take it. I mean, I can’t think of a good enough reason not to.

  10. FunkBish

    Again, I think you’re reading into it a little much, Ryan… I think they just call it a “death station” as part as their propaganda, just like any other organization would do to their opposition. The idea is to make their enemy sound as bad as possible. These stations, meant to be oil stations, though whether this particular one is actually procuring oil or not, it’s harming the Earth and its environment, which is what Tidowave is all against. Thus, “death station”, I don’t think it’s any sort of clue at all.. >.>

  11. FunkBish

    And wow, yeah, 1 hour and 24 minutes is painfully short, that makes me kind of sad…

  12. JDioneda

    I doubt that there will be more than one sequel if any. I think that this film will stick more to the realistic side, and the chances for more than one giant monster aren’t that good.

  13. Winn

    1hour 24min. that’s 84min.
    lets just say 80min without credits. Damn that’s a VERY short movie.

  14. Chris74

    The clues are coming more rapidly. Looks like we’ll be getting lots more info prior to the release of the movie. I wonder where “Janice’s picture” will turn. Anyone think it could be on another site?

  15. zeppfan09

    ADMIN: Rob’s myspace now shows him as being hired by Slusho! check it out

  16. MarytheLion

    84 minutes? 🙁 We better see ALOT of the frickin monster in that time!!! I bet we’ve pretty much SEEN all of the movie already. 😐 I just hope it delivers.

  17. dijjot

    “page not found” when i go to it. could be they got told to take it down or took it down because of the backlash for it being bs. I would assume the latter

  18. dijjot

    nvm, its…
    yeah, im going to have to say its b.s.
    no connection you have is going to get you into a screening, not anyone who would post a review.
    and second, the profanity and violence in the review lean towards a justified r rating. I say its fake.

  19. Franky

    well hud must of stop the camera and recorded the cool and scary parts, by the way do you think this movie will make you jump like I Am Legend

  20. SteveMikes

    84 minutes is a fine length I guess. I mean Jurassic Park 3 would have being crap but it was only just over 80 minutes which made it short, snappy, fairly straight to the point and an alright film all in all.
    Of course, I’m only comparing the 2 time-wise lol.
    I did expect/want this to be longer. . . but that’d be slightly unrealistic considering the handheld camera. Mine doesn’t last that long, never mind how long it’d last whilst my city got destroyed lol. Realistically, if you really wanted to film something and only turn off the camera a few times then you’d probably get in around the same amount of footage that is captured here. Maybe a little bit more or less. I’m guessing this ends when the battery dies. . .

  21. admin

    theace69: that’s the same fake review that has been floating around for a couple weeks now.

  22. Ryan

    Yeah maybe im readin too much dont know just a lot of stuff wide open and the back story is getting almost too involved just looking at from the point of view if i were actually writing screenplay sorry

  23. Chris74

    OK, maybe this is way too simple, but I’m putting it out there. I got antsy and typed in “” just to see if anything came up. I got a blank page that said “not yet dudes, but soon though.” I haven’t done a “whois” search yet, but I’ll let you know what I find.

  24. Chris74

    Alright, “whois” shows a creation date of July 29, ’95 w/ an update date of July 29, ’07. Probably means it has nothing to do with the game. Sorry ’bout that.


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