Updated with English, Russian and Japanese versions, from post above.

Thanks Nils for the comment about this.

Wow? Are these real (as in put out by the studio as part of the marketing) or some ridiculously good fakes? They look pretty real to me. Here are 3 4″newscasts” of the Tagruato drilling station, Chuai, collapsing… check it out. If anyone can translate please let me know.

And yes, it looks like Tagruato made a statement and blame TIDOwave for the destruction of the drilling station, but it does sound like a roar or something at the end of the video when the people are getting away on the small boat. I wonder how they are going to explain the pieces of debris flying straight up in the air after the entire station was already underwater.. hrmmm.

Thanks Samuel for pointing me towards What’s Cloverfield, where they seem to have translated the German newscast.

Spanish/Italian/French translations after the jump.

Spanish Newscast Translation. Thanks to Cloverfield Clues


This is an amazing story. Three short and highly dramatic scenes have just been disclosed, which seem to be showing the total loss of a rig in the middle of the ocean. The rig seems to be Chouai Station, which lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and sank a few days ago, even though there?s been no official confirmation of the incident.

This is the video, shot from a helicopter which is either approaching or leaving the rig:


This rig harbors over 300 workers and scientists. The video seems to show it breaking apart and sinking in a matter of minutes, even though this kind of modern
rigs are designed to keep afloat under the worse circumstances up to 24 hours.

It?s something absolutely extraordinary. Experts are studying this footage and trying to determine the causes of this tragedy. Some sources even suggest the
rig may have suffered some kind of attack.

Tagruato, the Japanese company that runs the rig was forced to appear publicly and make a hasty statement when the footage was disclosed.

Their spokesperson said it has been confirmed that the Tidowave eco group was in the area when the incident took place and he maintains that the group has
infiltrated Tagruato operations in the past causing damage. This footage, shot with a mobile phone on the rig seem to confirm this possibility:


Whatever the cause, the violence of this event was registered by the Seismological Institute in Ribadeo (real town on the north-western coast of Spain). The scientists at the institute doubt this kind of effect can be the result of a human-made explosion.

The incredible speed, the scale of the event, and the sheer drama of this incident are clearly shown by this last piece of footage, apparently shot by some crew members of the rig while trying to escape.


These are truly shocking images. We have no news about the fate of these people and the person who was behind the camera. We can only hope they could somehow survive. It seems?


And also, the banner on the bottom of the screen reads “A loss of jobs because of the construction’s (loss) is foreseen”.

Italian Translation again thanks to Cloverfield Clues

“Environmental disaster in the Atlantic ocean.”

The Chuai station, the petrol platform of the Japan’s technological colossus Tagruato, would be exploded on December 27th in a mysterious way.

Only today, after a week, there are some info/news about the fact, even if the whole thing remains behind a curtain of mystery.

The images which are you watching, have been made during the disaster and the causes of the accident remains unknown.

The Tagruato, in a official note gave to the Japanese media, talks about an accident happened to a company’s platform and point the finger against the eco-terrorist group TIDO, that in the past would have already made some damages on the platform.

But a curtain of mystery seems to cover the event: some international media are showing images made probably with a cell-phone by a Tagruato worker.
You can see men with white and red clothes which are running away from something that we can’t understand what it is.

From some American sources, it seems that at the moment of the disaster , the seismographers of the East-coast have recorded big and strange signals.
This confirms that something unknown could be the cause of the disaster.

On the Tagruato press note we can also read that the workers of the platform are all saved and alive.

This is only the last bad thing that happened to this Tagruato’s platform: in fact the platform have been alway the target of various eco-groups.

Now, the work to understand what caused the end of the platform, will be really hard for the detectives.””

And Finally, French

“New informations on the Chuai station, the platform that sinked last Friday off the shores of NY. Images where obtained this morning at the redaction office, but we can’t identify the source.

So you can see it. The images are bad and there is panic. then we can see an armed commando. And look carefully on the shoulder off the armed men, you can see the Tagruato’s logo.

A spokeman confirmed that an incident occured, explosions happened on chuai, but there is no wounded person, he stated. He then accuse tido activists to be at the origin of the catastrophe. After seeing the video, the spokeman stated that 7 person are missing, but deny that those images where taken on Chuai.

The activists accused by Tagruato, belongs to an ecologic radical organization from France. We must say that interrogations are formulated against the giant mining corporation in the US. Some associations have filed legal procedures to obtain cessation of mining activity on Chuai.

Mme Leclerc’s part.

The situation is unbearable for the families. Listen to the mother of a young engineer that worked on the platform. She does not have any news from her son. ” I don’t know what hapenned, I don’t know anything, I’m not alone in this situation. Having no news of your child is unbearable. No one informing us, I don’t know if he’s alive, if he’s lost or if we are looking for him. The media have nothing to say about this. I don’t know, it’s total blackout here.”

Many questions remains to be answered. Tagruato have opened an internal investigation on the drama, but we have no details since the group refuse to communicate further to the press. We are ignoring if there are victims, Tagruato speak of seven persons lost, we remind you that 355 persons worked on chuai, some of them have been evacuated but how many we don’t know.

Here’s what we can say about…. “

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92 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Hey guys check this out was just somewhere else and someone was lookin on google earth. There is no chuai station but if u google search slightly north of station by a few miles or so and somehow layer it guess what u get. The Sonar images. Those videos look very good again this budget has to be over the money and i wonder where were headin with all this stuff in the future

  2. Ryan

    Hye just realized that they also staged a fake tido wave destruction of station. This is gettin crazy huh admin

  3. Alex

    Notice at the end of the videos right before all the debris goes flying into the air you can hear the monster’s roar?

  4. Ryan

    Y man i kinda caught it on one as station was collapsing also noticed the earthquake that occured. What did it a bomb or monster cuase one video talks of explosion but it looks intact until it crumples inwarrd to the sea

  5. Alex

    watch the spanish video you car hear it really well when they are in the boat moving away. then you hear the roar and debris just goes flying into the air out of the water

  6. shiva

    did u guys notice when they show the rig from the helicopter view, if u look at the lower part of the rig there is some little lights flashing.what r those they look like shots from guns or something idk.

  7. Charles

    Okay here’s my idea of the plot of Cloverfield. Tagruato is a drilling company that found ingredient of Slusho. They are recruiting more people to hire to work on Slusho so they hire Rob. Now TIDOwave is suspecting Tagruato is making something sinister on they’re drilling and Tagruato actually found a monster while drilling. Which is where they found the ingredient for Slusho. The monster escapes and is heading somewhere and along the way is crashes into the Chaui station and is hurt which is the screams of roars and also the debris shooting up in the air. TIDOwave finds out about the monster and also find out that the monster is heading to NYC and tries to stop it. The monster attacks upon the leaving of Rob and hell breaks loose. Once the attack is over many people have died and Tagruato doesn’t want to get blamed for this so they blame TIDOwave an dnow they are having a debate of what horrible things that have happened. I don’t know maybe more about Rob and how they survive is in the film but that’s my idea so yeah.

  8. Carlos*

    LOL there’s even a storyline to the movie even before it comes out. This viral marketing is becoming a success because it kind of gives you a backstory then a movie to follow along. Interesting.

  9. RyanG

    good find kim, hats very interesting. expect a statement from tagruato tomorrow or sooner. i bet my life on it.

  10. Shaun of the Dead

    Does anyone notice in the third video at 14-24 that it looks like something is swimming toward the station (the ripple effect in the water) and then around the 20 second mark it looks like it disappears as the station starts to crumble?

  11. Nils

    I also made a quick translation with a friend^^
    But I cant see a mistake in this one so I won’t have to post mine…
    Ok i go to sleep its 1:00 in the night here an school tomorrow^^


  12. Austin

    ryan, i posted befor the budget was $30 million (USD) & it actually only took $25 it was posted in the trades this week. (Variety & LA Times to be exact. Those are magazines that us in the film & video industry read daily (LA Times & weekly Variety)

    *sorry about the double post* but i think everyone should understand the magnitude if this movie is as kick ass as hyped AND is made for $233 million (USD) less than Spider-Man 3- $258 million (most expensive movie ever made) also for something else to chew on, most recent movies, comedies aside, are made for $100-150 million (USD) comedies are typically in the $30-45 million range.

  13. EdoardoSez

    Ok, I speak Spanish. about the second video the reporter was informing about an incident in the platform from Tagurato, she was explaining that the platform broke in 2 and felt down, she also said there were around 300 scientis in the platform an investigation suggested the platform were attacked. She also informed about declarations from the President of Tagurato saying members from Ecological Group Tido Wave were in the zone at the moment of the incident, then they show the second video apparently shot from a mobile phone. She said there was incredible shocking scenes and then re-talk about the attack plot and show the third video. She finally said there were no report about where is the camera and the rest of the people sought in the 3 videos.

  14. Chris74

    When I was watching the French version there was a interview w/ a woman who appears to have lost a relative (maybe her son) on the station. When they show the picture of him, it looks a lot like a picture I saw of Teddy Hansen. According to http://www.cloverfield.despoiler.org, a picture was once seen on Jamie Lascano’s MySpace page w/ her hugging some guy. The picture has since been removed from her page, but it is still out there. I think the newscast may have been talking about Teddy. Anybody else have a take on this?

  15. arpmanden

    In the Italian Video I notice the first thing you notice is the crane being toppled into the water.Were they trying to drag the monster up from the deep thinking it was dead or docile and it surprised them.Also in the trailers they are always mentioning mupltiple sightings of case designate cloverfield .If you notice they show the island of Bermuda which is kinda in between Chuai and New York.Will this be where there is a sighting of the monster alos.

  16. ryan

    I understand but the scope of what their doing and I really think were seeing the tip of the iceberg here is amazing. I will say this don’t know about rest of you but I’ve learned more about aquatic life and sounds and radar and oil rigs than I ever thought I would. I even learned about trunko a supposed part polar bear elephant lobster which attacked some killer whales back in 1925 lol

  17. admin

    I’m going out on a limb here and saying that there are a total of 6 newscasts in different languages, we’ve found 4 of them, I’m thinking there are 2 more somewhere, 1 of which is English (just basing this on the re-occurring theme of “6”)

  18. CloverfieldFan1000

    Thx Admin… and I agree with you Hanzo. They mght show this clip in English before hand like they did the news report in “I Am Legend” which was a wonderful movie. This might happen but if they didn’t it wouldn’t make a difference.

  19. Franky

    orange: well if you seen the 5th jamie and teddy video when teddy left a recording saying “Um, look, i?m on their station, ok, it looks like they found something or their making something but, but, the point is I can?t? I?m not going to be calling again” , I think they have found or made the beast and kept it there untill it awoke and went on a rampage, and the Chaui Station is near New York

  20. CloverfieldFan1000

    @ Orange: What do you mean by “capturing the action behind the video camera” theme?

  21. Scribbs

    Ya i kinda do see the tentacle on the closest pillar on the left, but that could be a clamp connecting one part of the pillar to a second segment

    Also did anyone notice that as the station has begun sinking u can see a dark shape in ocean in the top right section of the screen moving away from the wreckage?

  22. admin

    Scribbs: I actually did notice that the last time I watched the clip, tried to get a screenshot, but it’s hard to get a clear one that would show if it’s part of the station or not, too hard to tell.

  23. ryan

    I think what he means is how the movie was done on hand helds so r the helicopter shot and the cell phone rig collapse shot

  24. Erick

    The roar sounds way different then the one in the movie trailer. It sounds more high pitched like godzillas roar. Here it for yourself

  25. Icky

    You know… all of this is really interesting, it’s amost like JJ is making a movie & putting clips on the internet just for the obcessed personal fans only, all of this stuff on the internet is awesome but I cant help but think… I’ve asked around town about cloverfield & if my friends are going to see it etc & they have no idea what Im talking about, so is there a big enough fan base for cloverfield on the internet for this movie to do really well in theaters??

    8 out of 10 people in my town have never heard of cloverfield or if they have, they dont know what its about & really have no will to find out.

    Waste of a good movie?

  26. Scribbs

    Yes the roar does sound a little different but we can’t expect the monster to be monotonal and stick to one singular roar, it needs to invoke different emotions and for each a different set of roars

  27. Icky

    Double post…

    This roar everyone talks about, that doesnt sound like the one in the trailers, sounds a LOT like the begining of godzilla’s scream, almost bird like.
    I dont want to say ripoff of godzilla’s roar but… you know.

  28. orange

    what I mean by the whole behind the video camera thing is the whole theme of the movie remains the same even through these new videos. JJ wanted to have cloverfield filmed from the perspective of a video camera…looks like this same theme on these new videos. These new videos are shot behind some consumer video cameras.

  29. zeppfan09

    one of the things that i have been thinking of is the supposed shootings from the station down into the water. i honestly think that it may just be electrical sparks as the station is breaking upon itself. Even though it did mention shots heard in the report, it may just be a way to sort of point the finger at TIDO.
    I know it sounds cool to think that we may be seeing the monster (its tentacle) and what not, but i think that this project has been so secret that they are going to try and keep the monster hidden until its destroying new york. im not trying to hate, just thinking in a different way. however, if i am wrong, then that’s awesome.
    lastly, whats the google earth deal? are there clues and links there? ive heard alot but since i dont have the new program i dont know what is going.

  30. ryan

    At first I think the arm or tentacle are together could be a tail but its definately not pice of bridge taped on vcr and did frame by frame something def moves and its unlike the column to left that crumbles this one appears to bend and move. And no I’m not suggesting now or ever that I think its the c word lol. But have read else where they may be some sort of tentacle type arms. At this point who knows

  31. Scribbs

    anyone notice that the asian guy with the briefcase is handcuffed to it, must be money or something very top secret being held within

  32. ryan

    Scribbs the pilla r I’m talkin bout is the right didn’t even notice left one its towards the back right corner of bridge

  33. david

    there is definitely some kind of defense attack coming from the stations into the water…

  34. Scribbs

    hmm maybe the attack wasn’t from under the water but from on the station, probably reading to much into what i am seeing, but on the left there is a giant white cage looking think with a greenish lid, when the station collapse u can see a dark “something” fall out of the cage and slide down through the middle of the wreckage that could possible be what i saw swimming away, maybe a baby captured by Tag and the angry momma tore down the station :s, i dunno i’m just caught up in the excitement

  35. Icky

    What tentacle are you guys seeing?? I’m looking at the pillars & I dont see a damn thing.. lol

  36. admin

    The more I watch the video, you can tell that before the station goes down, there are definitely people firing guns into the water, or so it looks like to me.

  37. Icky

    *sighs* I watched again & still nothing, what does the seconds read when you see the tentacle? I see a wave at the 24 sec marker… Is that it?

  38. Scribbs

    the tentacle we are supposedly seeing is on the left pillar closest to the camera at the very bottom of the pillar when the station collapses in on it self, around 24-27 seconds in

  39. BRob

    What is up with the ninja at 1:30 and in the boat of the spanish clip? And yeah something goes up through the drill rig and drags it down from the middle at :26 of the french one it is clear.

  40. Icky

    lol @ the ninja.
    ok ok the “tentacle” is a wave of water splashing up, same as if a fat kid did a cannon ball in a pool, if it was a tentacle… then it wouldnt of magicly exploded into little bits of water soon after we see it…

    This tentacle thing is going to be the irritating replacment of the deadly “lion” saga :/

  41. H3B3R

    Can someone explain to me why this happened on the 27th of December? …Wait! I get it… Hold on! So thats why TIDO didn’t find anything!!! They went down there too late already!!! The station was gone… Hmmm, Tagruato seems to always be one step ahead of them. Cause TIDO wasn’t there when this videos were produced (cause you already know the ‘ninjas’ aren’t TIDO’s but Tagruato’s cause of the logos on their sleeves). Which means… Tagruato found ‘something’, they placed a drilling station to cover it up but now… ‘OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I SAW IT! ITS ALIVE!’… Get it know? (^^)

  42. RyanG

    some one tell me about the “link” above the chuai station on google earth

  43. chris

    Does anyone have any theories on how something would be able to start tossing up oil rig scraps like my grandma drunk going after the Thanksgiving turkey? I understand the monster (Is that word P.C.?) was probably pretty pi$$ed from getting an oil rig drill in its hoo-ha but the pieces seem to be launched in a linear matter and from many years of playing with squeaky ducks in the bathtub I know that is not an easy task to accomplish.

  44. chris

    and RyanG if you type “chuai station google earth” into your google browser the first page shown will mark the “station” and the third will lead you to another page (no offense to the admin. of this fantastical page) that shows a comparison pic of the sonar to the google earth image

  45. Battra

    It’s getting Interesting, it was awsome seeing that station coming down. I wonder if the next video we see with Jamie will be here reacting to the news of the Chuai Station?

  46. RyanG

    thx chris

    to the people who they are shooting their guns at the water, i definetly think those are just blinking lights. lots of drilling rigs have them and put them on in stormy weather so you dont crash you boat into them.

  47. david

    during the videos, check out when they zoom into the gun fires, at the right of the stations is someeeeeee “”projectile””” into the water…check it out ryang

  48. Icky

    Jeff… Think of the clips on the internet as extras on a movie dvd disk (which I’m willing to bet there will be tons on the dvd), no its not real, its just a movie 😉

    RyanG… The news reporter says that they were firing guns off of the platform,could be blinking lights but I’m just saying, they talked about the guns.

    Chris… I completly agree w/ you on that, its not really like objects were being thrown out of the water, more like extremly launched directly straight out of the water by a massive ammount of force.

    I’m going to be so into this movie & my g/f is going to hate it.. haha

  49. chris

    If it was real gas is going up another 40 cents so fill your tanks now…but I am placing my money against it.

  50. Icky

    My last post of the night I swear, but going back to the objects being launched out of the water, its like… launching 3 to 2 things at the same time, at different areas of the water in a time frame of half a second, if this thing has 2 arms, how in the hell is the monster throwing all of these things out of the water, its not even possible any way you look at it, that is if it only has 2 arms.
    Thats the #1 thing about these videos that is important to me

  51. chris

    Either they are basing it on the what I am thinking is false idea that these scrap pieces are buoyant and got dragged down really deep so they came up really fast, or this monster looks like Goro from Mortal Kombat on Slusho! steroids…

  52. Tom M.

    Does anyone else think the CGI on that rig collapse was pretty weak? It looked really fake to me. Maybe that’s because they are on a shoestring budget. Who knows?

  53. H3B3R

    WHAT THE HECK!!!! I swear, thats what happens to me when I dont go to bed early… I was comfortably at my house, I was checking the 1-18-08.com site and I was re-arranging the pictures, I went to put my instant noodles soup in the microwave and came back to arrange them again, so I dont know if it was cause of the ‘time’ I spent on the site on ’cause of the ‘order’ of the pictures, I placed them in order, the asian dude postcard behind all others then the 1:24A then the 12:48A and so on til the 12:04 was on top… then a few seconds… and AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! THE ROAR!!!! I dont know if someone knew this already but now I need to go change my pants… Nighty (^^)/

  54. Jake

    I don’t think they’d use most their CGI budget on the viral videos so understandably, the CGI isn’t the best.

  55. Scribbs

    lol ya the roar got me too, turns out if u leave the site alone over 6 minutes without doin anything the roar goes off

  56. drstrangelovez

    Does anyone fell that the next let bit of info is going to be from the Island of Bermuda. In the Spanish Version the Islands are shown, and they would be on the way for the monster before it arrived in New York maybe friday? Maybe we could see some pics, of a village that has been destroyed by a weather phenomenon. Just an idea. Would be cool though 🙂

  57. sean

    Ok so I keep from posting things because I’m not the brightest, however if you go to this site http://web.mac.com/moulson1313/iWeb/Site/Pictures.html . I’m going to post a few pictures that I think could be a ripple of the creature or possibly the head of the creature. I look at all the videos and it was in all of them. A little hard to see, but I don’t think that its part of the station. Let me know what you guys think.

  58. Weaselhammer

    The sounds I hear when the projectiles come up and the way they act are almost like they get launched, like the monster is firing them out or spitting them, kinda seems the same way with the head of the Statue of Liberty too, just a thought.
    I was also thinking about how this movie may be an indirect challenge to the Godzilla franchise, we all know JJ likes Godzilla, and was reported to have been inspired after taking his son to Japan and visiting a toy store full of Godzilla stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if his original plan was to make an actual Godzilla movie, got turned down by Toho, (possibly because of the previous American bomb)and that led to his giving us “our own monster” as he said it, To show that he could make a better monster movie. Just a wild theory.

  59. Des

    First of all, that is definitely gun fire. There are up to a half-dozen different light patterns, some going straight down, some going at angles. They don’t flash in a wide spread like a light would, they look identical to muzzle flash (if you do it enough times, you can pause it in the middle of one and see that it’s very directional). Think about it logically . . . the station is obviously getting attacked by the creature. There has to be enough time for the people to get off (even though it could obviously crush it in seconds if it was so inclined). There are security guys running around with machine guns, so why wouldn’t they be firing into the water? It’s kind of a no-brainer.

    Second, that is most definitely a tentacle grabbing the leg of the station. It does it just as the station collapses and it doesn’t look anything like a wave. We’ll know for sure when the movie comes out (if the creature doesn’t have tentacles than I guess some of us have imaginations working overtime), however it makes complete sense with the way the station falls (the creature bending the supports out, then breaking them in suddenly, causing the station to fall in the middle).

  60. rayday

    yea there was definitely something that pulled down the left part of the station… does look like a tentacle… but never know

  61. Lion-o

    The creature may be part wale or dolphin and have some sort of blow hole. Think about it. if the monster is as big as we think. A blow hole would just spray out objects. Also if the monsters amphibious than it would need away to survive in and out of the water. As for the tenticle theories its possible its a tenticle but could it also be the tail. We definatley know the monster has claws as per statue of liberty and various damage that we have scene in footage, and movie posters. So i think the monster has a blow hole or something of that nature. wich would explain the exploding fire balls from mid town in the opening scene. That the monster caused an explosion possible by comming up from under ground and using it’s blow hole thus shooting debris on fire into the air.

    Another thought is what is the route of the monster. if you read the empire article it talks about the monster from the point of view of what godzilla ment to japan. How jj abrahms says this monsters represents our fears in todays society after 9/11. Which could mean 1. The monster is man made, using bio warfare, or genetic mutation, or something like that by a company that wants world domination by using earths resources. 2. the monster was discovered and they are trying to harness its powers against the us. Meaning that they went on a deep sea search for a creature and tried to study it, monitor it, communicate with it, and ultimatley control it. What if the chuai station was a test to see if they can control the monster and just to test the monsters power. Who knows but i am sure if abrams is making a us version of a godzilla this monster is most probably genetically made. But whatever it is it will be interesting to see how they develop this franchise.

  62. Nicky

    Did anyone notice that in the helicopter, one of the Japenese guys in suits has a briefcase handcuffed to his arm? What the heck is that about?

  63. dara

    Did anyone else see something down in the right hand side of the platform after it was attacked swimming away. It looked like something moving off to the right. I had to watch it a few times to see it but something big is there and moving off to the right.

  64. deBish

    Definitely the TIDO people pulling scientists out of the area! You can see a lot more detail in the English version!

    Looks like Tag and TIDO got a combo 1-2 bitch-slap!

  65. Mez

    I would imagine that the object moving away on the right is the boat that the 3rd part of the video was shot from. Just guessing from the fact that the station is still visible from that view point and it’s on a boat moving away from the station as it collapses. That’s what the object on the right is. As for the tenticle…..I don’t see it.

  66. Nicky

    dara, I think I saw something big moving away also, but I can’t be sure if it did not fall off the station, becuase it kind of looks like a huge amount of black liquid spilling over, or it could be a tentacle that is being pulled back in the water. But this is right when the station has the front right half already underwater and the tentacle is in the back right half, is that when you mean also?

  67. mojo

    Hi guys,
    Im from germany and I just wanted to post kind of a roundup for the German newscast.
    Theyre saying the station was constructed by people in Leibzig. The guy who built it says its physically impossible it could have collapsed this way. They also hint that Tagruato has been critisized for having a huge private army and due to the sounds in the cell phone video a paramilitary attack is suspected because you can hear what sounds like gunshots in the background.
    The actors arent German and this is not what a German newscast looks like but the accent is pretty good.

    So THE NEWS that are new in this video are:
    – There were 355 people working on board
    – The engineer says its physically imposible the station could collapse this way
    – They hint at the sound of gunshots
    – Taruato is being critiziced for its huge private army
    – Tagruat denies anyone died.

  68. mojo

    dont get this wrong. The newscast says that their sources tell them people have died but Tagruato denies it.
    And there is no mentioning of TIDO

  69. Animal


    When the debris of the station was flying into the air, YOU CAN HEAR THE MONSTER’S ROAR! YES! YES YES YES! THE MONSTER TOOK DOWN THE CHUAI STATION! MY THEORY WAS RIGHT! Remember, guys? My theory about the Chuai station’s drilling causing the monster to wake up? YEAH! Oh man, if my theory about Slusho’s secret ingredient being the monster’s eggs is true, I am going to freak out. Wow. This is so great!

  70. ShadowOfContent


    *edited by admin* It’s not the monster, please don’t post the image here anymore

  71. Darien

    There’s a Korean news release now on YouTube about Chuai station, actually three versions by the same person. It looks unofficial to me, since you can see someone pasted Korean text over the Japanese text. Add to that the camera work is extremely jerky and all the faces are blurred! Nothing new here I think…


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