Moved to the forum 🙂 After looking at it a million more times, probably isn’t Teddy, probably just some dude. If you want to speculate more, use the link below. Apparently (judging from the comments) anything I put on here is seen as truth… so apparently I’m not allowed to have fun with anything anymore haha. Obviously you don’t have to believe anything you read on this site and if you do…. I’ve been lying… it really is a lion…..

Chuai Station Discussion / Teddy wtf?

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  1. Scribbs

    i can’t really tell, pretty damn close, but i don’t think Teddy’s french :s

  2. admin

    Scribbs: Rumor has it that Teddy is originally from Iceland… and he moved to NYC not too long before Jamie met him, but again, not much is known about Teddy in general, so who knows. That’s just what the wiki i (and Chris74) lnked to says.

  3. Scribbs

    ya i was just about to come back and say that about Iceland, but I dunno is the majority of Iceland French? also in the video it says the Madame Leclerc, Teddy’s last name is Hannsen, so its either not him or that lady is he grandmother mother side, or that is her first name

  4. Winn

    I dont know.. The eyes and nose dont really look the same, could just be the camera angle.

  5. admin

    Winn: Yeah, it could be nothing, but with these new videos it’s always fun to speculate 🙂

  6. Caren

    My French is really rusty, but the French video seems to have a bit more info than the others.

    They are doing some real journalism at least, as Tagruato claims TIDO is responsible, but the French show that the ninjas have Tagruato logos on their uniforms.

    A lot of the same boilerplate about 355 employees, station destroyed, etc.

    The mother, Mme Leclerc, is upset b/c Tagruato isn’t giving her any information and she doesn’t know if they are still looking for her son or not.

    Tagruato isn’t talking to the journalists anymore “No comment”.

    Like I said, my French is really rusty. Il faut que quelqu’un qui parle meilleur francais de traduiser.

  7. nendo

    the nose is completly different. in the jamie piture its wider. but in the news report its alot thinner


  8. Chris74

    I was looking on Cloverfield Clues and they have the translations for all four videos. The French one notes that they are interviewing the mother of the subject in the picture. They also note that TIDO is a French organization. This may not lend any credence to this actually being Teddy, but it may may another member of TIDO. It is interesting that he is the only white male seen on a Japanese drilling station.

  9. admin

    Chris74: I have all the translations here as well, they are after the jump on the previous post 🙂

  10. Master Roshi

    I hope all of this stuff is viewable on the dvd when it comes out. That would be awsome!

  11. DK428

    Oh my God! there is so much new news coming out regarding Cloverfield, i was over at Cloverfieldclues dot com and they have link saying there will be early screenings of Cloverfield on Jan. 15, 2008, then i check this site and theres 3 new videos of the Chuai station being attacked by our monsters, then Admin. puts up Teddys picture, come on take it slow J.J. i mean we said we wanted more news on Cloverfield but can u go a bit slow. I guess this is just the beginning, this is just starting to get even more interesting and i like it! We’re only 12 days away people! I can’t wait any more i want to c this movie already! anyway keep it coming Admin. i’ll be looking back on this site for the latest news on Cloverfield! and remember people like i’ve been saying this whole time “IT’ll BE THE BEST NIGHT EVER!” only 12 days left…let the fireworks begin! cause we’re in for a ride of our lives!!! oh yeah heres the link to those early screenings of Cloverfield on January 15, 2007

  12. sc_kg

    I have a little theory. If the guy in a news is Teddy (I think so), we should get new Jammie And Teddy video- after she find out he’s really missing.
    Besides- on his tape Teddy said, that someone will contact with her, about “The Evidence”. It’s 11 before Grand opening- so now it’s time for that?
    What do You think?

  13. Jt



  14. H3B3R

    I WAS RIGHT!!! HAHA! The guys on the film debunked my ‘theory’ now… Which is cool for me ^^ They changed the dates on the photos at They’re not dated from September 2007 anymore… Now… Guess what? They say 1/18/08!!! Yey! NOW it makes sense, heehee. Arigato gozaimasu JJ-san!! (^^)v

  15. Ravenclaw

    well, talk about the pic…i forgot where i read something bout someone that has to wait for a picture of someone…was it the whistle blower who said that? or someone from TIDO. Well, the whole point is that once someone sees this pic or the news, something’s gonna happen. I think they made the news in several languages, meaning that everyone will know whats going on. From the german speakers to the spanish and notice that English being one of the main languages isnt listed as news, in a way proving my theory. Well, it’s just a thought besides, everything’s about to be over in 12 days so we’ll see….also… I dont think once the 18th is here all of this is gonna stop, we’re gonna get more info even after we’ve seen the movie.

  16. Gabe

    I honestly think that these guys are two differet guys….

    The eyes look completely different. But then again, since the pic was taken down off Jamie’s myspace page so quickly, it could be that the guy in that photo who was Teddy wasn;t available for other things they were trying to do with the viral marketing. So the other guy in the photo is in fact Teddy but just a new guy playing the character. Just my theory on everything though.

  17. archy

    That is not Teddy Hannsen.

    The French video identifies the woman as “Madamme LeClerc,” the mother of one of the engineers on the station, ostensibly a Frenchman.

    The men in the photos aren’t even close to looking similar.

    This is surprising speculation from the administrator of a fansite. This is how “it’s a lion” was kept alive.

  18. Weaselhammer

    First, this is the Admin’s site, if he wants to speculate, it’s his freakin right, this has been the best source of info for the movie so far because of his approach to only posting credible information, I think the pictures look like the same person, maybe the differences (like his name) were part of his cover, Tagruato wouldn’t hire a french person with possible ties to the same outfit trying to ruin their business?? Just another theory.

  19. ryan

    The guy in the clip looks much older than teddy, just my opinion at first glance u can see how we all might think teddy. I like the idea maybe madam leclerc is janice and that’s the how .the meeting for tido wave takes place. What’s cool is there so much back I’m sure JJ and company are enjoying our interest and I know we all r. It makes this a way cool experience for everyone involved. And again ill say this were just at the tip of the iceberg here. Look at the upcoming lost, they get off island only to have to go back. Also the google earth stuff is crazy with clues. Well thought out and well planned my hats off to JJ, Matt and all at Paramount. This is one hell of a ride. And thanx to our admin, Clove Clues and everyone of us who keep searchin for the clues. What’s next

  20. ryan

    Oh and by the way somewhere I read Teddy is icelandic, well I’m reaching here but neither guy looks very icelandic or finnish. Just a thought prolly reachin a little here but that what were all doin

  21. admin

    Just trying to spark conversation about the movie. haha it’s obviously working, believe what you want.

  22. ryan

    Hey .admin just thinkin in and out of box. Rumors of a japanese video on you tubr that showed up a little while ago don’t have sight using cell phone. Also mentions of tentacle on left staion leg and shadows movin away from station. Another thought is there is american voice on video sayin take cover , teddy maybe. And the debris flying up could be explosion or possible and I’m saying I haven’t given real though to this yet but maybe a blow hole. Maybe fan art was basis and it is somehow whale based. I will say this ill bet my life bermuda or santo domingo r attacked next. Also one video says Nyand an american company wre questioning the station maybe the reason it somehow comes to NY . JUst giving sme thoughts here

  23. ryan

    And in no way am I attacking u or ur ideas. I think uve done an awesome job gettin stuff out to us as well as dennis. We are all guessing and speculating at what we see or don’t see, what we know or think we know. The title cloverfield says it all deception illusion, and the art of disguise. Who knows what the real story is, oh yeah JJ and Paramount and maybe even they are piecing it together as they go. Thumbs up from me just like speculating on new things as they come up

  24. ryan

    Plus isn’t it fundebunkin each othe in our quest for knowledge and truth LOL oh yeah forgot its a movie LMAO

  25. admin

    H3B3R: The pictures have always had the dates 1/18/08, and the roar appears 6 minutes after you’ve been at the site.

  26. admin

    jt: I’m pretty sure the Advance posters don’t have the credits at the bottom, doesn’t mean they are fake.

  27. deBish

    I dunno…. the hairline, chinline and nose are very similar.

    Caren-Your French is pretty good…nice synopsis! Not verbatim, but that doesn’t matter as much as the gist of what she says.

  28. Chris74

    admin: Glad to see this sparked some interest. No idea whether these pictures were the same guy, but it looked similar enough to me to make the suggestion. Thanks for putting it out there:)

  29. H3B3R

    admin: I hope you dont ban me from your site or something but the pictures on didn’t have the 1-18 date before. I’m sure ’cause I just check them on tuesday last week with two of my friends and we talk about how it didnt make sense to have that date if all these other stuff was supposedly happening now. It had a September 2007 date, it was the 27th I guess… But anyway, I’m not against anyone here so dont ban me… Heehee (^^). And yes, you’re right about the roar thing. (^^)v

  30. admin

    H3B3R: haha i wont ban you unless you spam so don’t worry. But take a look at the following posts I made on this site, months ago when certain images were released on the site. The screenshots are from months ago, and the images have a date of 1/18/08… like they always have. I’m not sure what you thought you saw, but they’ve always been like this.

  31. ryan

    Weird marketing a kid who works for me saw trailer before on demand video for avenged sevenfolds almost easy he’s all fired up now just strange how someplaces saturated and other channles passively marketed

  32. Jt

    there was an announcement on ebay about it.. i was just forwarding the message on to you guys

  33. ryan

    Anothe rthought if sneak peeks areon the 15th does anyone get the sense that the monster attack occurs on the 16th or 15th since we seem to be following actual time lines. Cause to release something after peeks before 18th would kinda screw this all up

  34. TKEGoogle

    @ Ryan, no I think it would still be on the 18th because the pictures on 1-18-08 show that date.

  35. deBish

    Ryan – I don’t think that the movie portrays the 18th of January at all. If you look at all the clips, photos and screen caps, you’ll see that people are wearing light clothing. There aren’t any people running around with winter jackets, boots, gloves or toques.

    The release date is 1-18-08, but the movie date is probably August sometime. The dates on the pictures are coinciding with the release date so as not to mess people up too much.

    (Hey, the release date is the 18th of January, but it says August 12th on photo #1, and August 13th on Photos #2-5) and August 1st on the ninja photo..what gives?)


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