Thanks ::xi:: for posting this in the forum.

We’re just getting bombarded with new stuff these days, geez. It looks like has been updated with it’s first new picture in months. It appears to be from the boat that is escaping the collapse of the Chuai station. There is nothing written on the back. Check it out.

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  1. Jessica

    OMG Whats going on? This is too much information to process. I havn’t even been able to see the Chuai station videos and I refresh the page and all this things keep happening.

  2. kojirex20

    I dont know if this has already been discused cause its kind of old but i went to the slusho web site and noticed something strange. in the video of the commercial when the guy is standing in the empty room at the opening there is a strange picture hanging on the wall its to blurry to see. i thought it wasnt anything special, but then i saw it at least 2 more times through out the video towards the middle and at the end. if anyone knows what it is please share. and sorry if this has been talked about already

  3. BRob

    Yeah, definitely too much for us to keep up with. They should have spread it out more.

  4. Danny

    they can’t spread it out they are almost out of time. There are screenings before the 1-18 release date. Question why does a oil drilling station need ninjas?

  5. Chris74

    They’re not ninjas. If you look closely they are wearing gear similar to SWAT uniforms. My guess is these are para-military security officers employed by Tagrauato. Since the station was being attacked, the officers were in full battle gear.

  6. ShirtNinja

    They aren’t Ninjas. That is the “team” Tagruato spoke of to “handle” the situation. freeze that last frame. it is a private Tagruato army uniform. in the cell video when they first appear, it looks like the person in the suit is holding an automatic rifle, the red dot being a lazer sight maybe?

  7. Chris74

    Sorry about the double post. I should have said if you look closely in the videos. The picture doesn’t reveal much of what they are wearing

  8. deBish

    Doesn’t Tagruato use one of the screen caps of the ‘ninjas’ to point the finger at TIDOWave?

    The German one, I think

  9. Hodge

    I can’t see the picture. When I follow the link I just get the usual pictures. Is the website regional? Because I’m in the UK. Could that be it?

  10. Austin

    at first people were complaining that information was being leaked too slowly & this was all boring… now people are complaining that they are on information overload. i think the confusing angle is that nothing is in true chronological order. things happen then somehting else happens that sheds light on the thing that happened before.

    it’s not all that complex. Jamie was dating Teddy who was part of T.I.D.O. Wave, which is why Jamie was sending videos to him via the web in the first place. T.I.D.O. wants to expose Tagruato for not being environmentally friendly, if you will, T.I.D.O. also hacked Tagruato’s web site in late Nov. Tagruato is a corporation holding it’s subsidiaries Yoshida Medical Research (who thus far hasnt had much to do with anything, but they do specialize in deep sea bioprospecting, whatever that is) Slusho! who as we all know Rob is going to work for. it is made from deep sea nectar, (which i believe is what Jamie just ate in the last vid) Slusho! has been very active, at least their marketers, who have no problem giving their drink to animals (the animal shelter & fish market). Slusho! is the only Tagruato subsiderary with a stand alone website. they also have Bold Futura (yes, its the name of a Windows system font) who is into engineering. the same engineering firm that put Tagruato’s satellite into space & constructed the drilling stations. and finally they have ParaFUN! Wax Distributing I have no idea what role if any they play, but have recently assisted in the building of a wax museum.

    really, the early on information was the fun of finding new sites and debunking what sites didn’t belong (the whole Ethan Haas thing if anyone remembers). It wasnt until the Tagruato site hacks did things really start picking up. Teddy sent Jamie the package to hold as evidence. Teddy disappeared. Jamie subsequently broke up with Teddy (thinking he is still alive & well, just cheating). T.I.D.O. appeared. a “whistle blower” started to leak information out from under Tagruato. T.I.D.O. members were confirmed missing, sonar images appeared (not entirely sure what they are of or image location, though there is plenty of speculation). Tagruato’s drilling station in the Atlantic Ocean collapsed (as we now know). T.I.D.O. is in hiding from Tagruato because they are being blamed for the incident, & we are waiting for Janice?s picture from T.I.D.O. to see where this is heading. & now Jamie ate the “evidence” Teddy sent her over a month ago… we’ll see what that does during the movie I guess.

    yes, that was the abridged version but it covers pretty much everything relevant to date

  11. deBish

    Erick – there’a whole argument about that one on the forums. The only consensus seems to be that
    a) It’s not a lion
    b) Its not godzilla, zilla, or any variation thereof.

    It’s new, it’s BIG and it’s about to mash New York city…oh, and whatever it is, it’s winning 🙂

  12. SteveMikes

    The website isn’t regional, Hodge + o.O.
    I live in the UK and I can quite clearly see the pictures.

  13. Hodge

    That’s interesting. If I open the page with firefox I don’t see the new picture but if I use IE it’s there.

  14. admin

    Hodge: Try clearing your cache through firefox, or goto the site then hold Shift and click the refresh button. It’s probably just grabbing a cached file you have from going to the site previously.

  15. Erick

    It’s possible that jj abrams won’t show the monster because he fears that the veiwers will hate it or he will show the monster and people will still hate it.

  16. SteveMikes

    Erick: I doubt he isn’t showing it for those reasons. He might have a little fear that it won’t be liked but that’s understandable I suppose.
    He isn’t showing it yet because he wants it to be a suprise.

  17. MarytheLion

    Well yes..I woke up this morning…got my coffee..and almost SPILLED it on my keyboard! THANKS Admin for kickin ass on all the updates. I only get MY Cloverfield News from ONE SOURCE folks! 😀 !!!!!!

    Ok I think Teddy IS the whistle blower. All of the footage is just absolutely fascinating! REALLY fascinating. When I first saw it, I saw SHOTS being fired into the water. I read “tentacles” from someone, but all I saw was something *I thought* flop out of the water. THe NOISES comin otta that monster..holy CRAP! 😀 Can’t wait! I heard it a few times…

    And whats the deal with the japanese guy hancuffed to that breifcase? I think…that copter was there to leave everything alone. Let is go down. I think they know exactly what they are doing. And notice how the junk flyin out of the water had the same “formation” as the flames comin out over NYC?

    84 minutes long…could be ok…all this Pre Info is really making it ok, ya know? I’m good with it. They will exhaust ALL they can so we don’t feel jipped or cheated at the box office. I think us die hard fans will be ok with the time. I know I will.

    Thanks again for ALL your hard work Admin!

  18. SteveMikes

    This won’t be “Janice’s Picture” , her picture is meant to be a clue/to show TidoWave members where to meet up. I doubt she wants them to join her on the sunk rig to be honest lol.

  19. matt

    I don’t know what it was but I was looking at the new pic on the site with all the other pics thrown in the upper right corner and I minimized the site for a second and I heard a very odd sound, almost like someone yelling while metal was breaking idk what it was some of you try it and see what happens.

  20. admin

    Matt: Leave the site open for 6 minutes and you’ll hear it again, its the monsters roar.

  21. SteveMikes

    Haha Matt, as admin said – that’s the monster. I’ve forgotten about it before, boy how it’s made me jump at times.

  22. SteveMikes

    Amazing monster – good times.
    Crappy monster – bad times.

    Pretty much answers your question lol.

  23. Scribbs

    the “what if” factor is always present with every movie, if does turn out crappy, its your choice to react in however way you want lol, me however, like i said, if its the L word, or anything crappy like that I’m cursing at the movie aloud and throwing my Pcorn and Pop at the screen, my theater has no security :p so i can most definitely get away with it lol

  24. Gilbert

    I’m gonna have to stop coming to these Cloverfield sites on the 16th because that’s when those pre-screenings show and I don’t want the movie to be ruined for me with everyone telling the details and stuff, you know??

  25. SteveMikes

    I’ll be pretty pissed off if the monster sucks. I’m not thinking that it will though, I’m keeping my hopes high because I firmly believe it will be great.
    If not though, I’ll still be happy that I enjoyed all the viral stuff beforehand.

  26. david

    admin you should really start thinking about people that is going to ruin the movie in the forums…do it for us…

  27. admin

    david: already ahead of you, the actual forums (not these comments) will have a spoiler section for spoilers, if you post a spoiler outside of that section your banned, no warnings. As far as the comments go on here, starting shortly I will make it so I have to approve every single one of them, if they are spoilers they wont make it through.

  28. FunkBish

    I know this is waayyy the hell out there, and I’m doing exactly what I’ve been chastising other people about… reading far too much into things, but I mean, Janice is sure taking her sweet time while poor TIDOwave members are being hunted and I’m getting too caught up in this to be quite honest.. so what the hell? xD

    What if this -is- the picture? It really is an odd picture to put onto isn’t it? No, of course she wouldn’t be telling them to go to a sunken oil rig, especially when they were just out there. No, like I’ve said before, whatever picture she -does- give, the clue in it for the TIDOwave people will certainly not be obvious, it’s going to be hidden and/or something real obscure. The only thing I can really get from the picture is “200” on the boats motor. Perhaps 200 means something to other TIDOwave members, or maybe even 200 means something else. It’s not, but it could be read as “ZOO” and perhaps she’s hoping that the other member might pick it up… just like they have “The Farm” which to me, seems like a nickname, not an actual farm. Perhaps they have another safe house they call “The Zoo”?

    Again, I know this is really stretching it, but who knows? Speculation is fun, either way. If, for some insane reason, I’m at least partially correct, even I’ll be amazed.

  29. bighead

    Has anyone tried to remove all the pictures from the site. I can get all but one off. Did not now if something is hidden.

  30. sloperut

    I think that the cook in the photo is the same guy freaking out at about 1:55 in the english newscast of the sinking platform. This photo and the cook photo are the only two that do not have time stamps. The kitchen the cook is in looks industrial and might be the kitchen for the galley on the platform. Maybe the crew has been eating Deep Sea Nectar all along? The cook sure is smiling.

  31. Ulrich007

    well, I dunno, but I just saw the image an see that the black suit guy has on his arm like…the Tagruato icon and It can possibly be those of them at the picture

    I hope this can help to slove more of the mistery


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