Updated with a Korean version

Looks like Cloverfield Clues found a Russian and Japanese one also, nice job Dennis, updated below. Rough translations after the jump as well.

Thanks spectralite for leaving a comment.

I knew it was coming… and here it is, an English Newscast of the Chuai Station collapse, check it out. (Yes I felt it deserved it’s own post ;)) And I’m still not sure of the correct spelling of Chaui (Chuai), since this video has it spelled Chuai, but the Tagruato website spells it Chaui on one of their press releases and Chuai on the map (which I just now checked) So I’m going to assume it’s Chuai now and the press release is a mistake.

Russian Translation from Theos via Cloverfield Clues

“Celebration of the New Year distracted the society from the accident in the Atlantic Ocean which happened in the end of the past year. A huge drilling platform also known as the Chuai station collapsed into the ocean and sank to the bottom in several hours. The platform located in hunderds of kilometres from the american coast belonged to the japanese corporation Tagruato. At the moment the amount of people on the place of the accident is unknown. This video was got by news agencies from an anonymous source. Experts will have to investigate what exactly this footage shows. But now we know for sure that the collapse of the platform is not a result of enviromental cataclysm. Some moments of the video show that there was skirmish. All parties releated to the incident prefer to keep silence. We may only guess what happened there.

Some informational sources say that at the current moment there are ships of US coastguard but there is not official confirmation on that from the coastguard representatives.

This is the second video shot afterwards. The people on the video might be the only survivors of the catastrophe.
This story has an important aspect for Russia. The Tagruato corporation has 3 drilling platforms in Russia: the Suizei station in the Okhotskoe sea, Kosho in the Chukotskoe sea, and Koan in the East-Siberian sea. The most of the crew on them are russians. Are they safe from such kinds of incidents? We may only guess who could profit from such kind of attack and hope that interests of mysterious criminals won’t be applied to russian assets.

Alexander Vasiliev for RNNS.”

Japanese Translation from Mukatsuku at Unfiction Forums

“December the 27th, this was the situation on the Chuai maritime platform(?)
This shocking scene of a group of 3-4 people at the moment of an attack was caught on a mobile phone camera.

This full details about this event have not come in, the (condition is at a standstill?) but, from a helicopter (news liaison?) person filmed it breaking and falling into the sea. 2 Japanese people from Tagruato and 5 people of unidentified nationality are missing (location unknown).

Today is the first time the (news liaison?) event has come to light.

I think it’s saying that the people on the boat are unknown, but in these images the Tagruato logo is visible on group of armed men’s clothing.
Something about (they) are unknown, or something about them is unknown.
At the end of the video, the lifeboat is fired upon by missiles but no word has been heard from them

The spokesman is just saying that there is no loss of life and the channel is reporting to have received this late.
The families of the missing Japanese people have been notified, etc. The spokesman is saying that this is a difficult situation and that the environmentalist group TIDOWave is known to have been close to the scene (doesn’t say on the scene)

The bit about the tanker is hard for me as it has the English from the tanker in the background which makes it hard to pick out the two languages.

It seems to be saying that at the present time it seems that this could be relation to a losing contact with a tanker on it’s return to Norway from New York (or may be the other way round)”

And the Tagruato memo from Transparent Blue at Unfiction Forums.


2 January 2008

In the news statement transmitted earlier today, January 2, 2008, for TAGRUATO CORPORATION, the name of one of the missing individuals is Francois Nouvelle, not Francoise Nouvelle as was previously reported. The correct and complete statement follows:

CHUAI DRILLING STATION – TAGRUATO CORPORATION reports that a serious incident took place on one of its deep sea drilling stations, CHUAI DRILLING STATION, located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

A comprehensive internal investigation is underway, but details are limited.

TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm that the incident took place between the 26th and 27th of December 2007. No loss of life has been confirmed, but TAGRUATO CORPORATION regrets that a number of TAGRUATO employees and independent contractors who were on the CHUAI DRILLING STATION at the time of the incident are reported missing. Confirmed missing are: Hideaki Sakamoto, Gerhard Ploecker, Tsuneo Matsuhara, Dr. Paul Nightingale, Donald Carter, Francois Nouvelle, Andy Young-Mun. Search operations are in effect and every effort is being made to identify and trace the missing individuals.

A further number of individuals are reported missing, but these reports are unconfirmed at this time. Press-reports are circulating regarding the existance of footage purporting to show the total destruction of CHUAI DRILLING STATION. TAGRUATO CORPORATION has not seen this footage, and cannot comment. However, TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm the presence of members from the activist group T.I.D.O. Wave in the vicinity of CHUAI DRILLING STATION. T.I.D.O. Wave is a clandestine group of extremists who have intentionally caused damage to TAGRUATO CORPORATION property in the past, and several of whose members are currently incarcerated.”

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70 Responses

  1. Billy

    That shadow cannot be oil. Oil wouldn’t allow the wave formations that are occuring on the surface. And why are they shooting at it? BTW, wouldn’t a hot round from an automatic weapon ignite it if it were oil?

  2. lordofflys

    This is great, were going to get to see the monster at its rising before the movie. It makes it feel like this is actually happening. I know its probally not godzilla but there doing a good job with the feel of a kaiju movie. They just might pull it off..

  3. jab

    i think you can see the monster about 1:40-1:45, upper right from the rig, it’s there, i think it almost surfaces. maybe.

  4. lordofflys

    the way the damged oil rig parts came flying out of the water remined me of the explosin in the tralier. Like this monster cand alot of crap flying in the air at once.

  5. admin

    Billy: This has come up before, Parasite was only what people on set were calling the monster because they were never told what it was or what it looked like, only a few details about it, so they just started calling it the Parasite on set, it was never anything official.

  6. Danielle

    Wow, it’s all getting really exciting now! I know this is probably nothing butttt… Look at about 0:25, something falls off of the oil rig and seems to be travelling a LOT faster than that gravity would take it, almost as if being sucked in by something.

    Just a thought i spose.

  7. Spectrelite

    We also know that there is no drilled oil on the Chuai station thanks to the whistle blower. They may have oil on site but not from being drilled, just to keep up the illusion of an active oil rig. I don’t think that shadow is oil myself but a part of the monster under the surface of the water and probably what some of them were shooting at.

  8. admin

    Chris74: it’s the first video i posted above, there are 3, the english one is from Liveleak not youtube, and then there are 2 youtube videos, russian and japanese.

  9. Chris74

    When I pull it up, I only see the other two. Could be a problem on my end, I’m trying to look at it on my work computer. Guess I’ll have to try again later. Thanks.

  10. Scott

    Whole LOTTA clues/indications in that newscast! Good Stuff. Of course that’s the creature below, what I like is when the End Oil gal is disscussion the progression of toxins from one organism to the next as each previous one is consumed. Getting closer……

  11. deBish

    tHIS GETS ME: TAGRUATO CORPORATION has not seen this footage, and cannot comment. However, TAGRUATO CORPORATION can confirm the presence of members from the activist group T.I.D.O. Wave in the vicinity of CHUAI DRILLING STATION.

    Umh…how can you not see the footage, yet be able to confirm the presence of others?

    Wasn’t some of the footage taken from a TAG helicopter?

    TAG’s covering up BIG TIME!

  12. st

    wow, that video was better than i could have ever expected…i’m pretty sure you can hear the monster scream at the end of the clip as well.

  13. ::xi::

    Yeah, I didn’t find any reference to Tagruato, TIDOwave, or Chuai on the endoil.org site. Thought at first we may have ourselves a new viral marketing site, but it doesn’t look like it.

  14. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Just wow….just wow..this is great! I like how they are doing this film and being interactive and making it feel real…this is probably the best film of this year!

  15. VB3

    I don’t know… the CGI of the oil rig and the debris looks about as bad as a SciFi original series…

  16. Chris74

    Franky: Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the server here at work is blocking it. Aarrgghh!! If anyone finds a a YouTube link, please let me know. Thanks.

  17. pjotoole

    The cgi does look bad, but the video quality is bad so it’s harder to add the CGI and have it match. Also, they want to spend much $$ on it, it’s only marketing.

  18. Mez

    The cgi looks phenominal in my opinion considering the movie is being made for $30 mil. You just have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. Also as this is part of a marketing campaign and probably won’t be a part of the movie I’d say that this viral marketing is going above and beyond anything we’ve seen before. Hat’s off to J J Abrams for putting together something that’s got a lot of people talking. I’m so excited about this movie and even if the move sucks, the anticipation for it has been more fun than any movie since star wars episode 1……and we all know how that turned out. Lets hope for the best everyone.

  19. Mez

    and once again, the object moving away at the top right of the station is the boat from which the clip of the station going under and the debris coming out of the water was filmed from. It makes no sense for it to be the monster as it would have to be directly underneath the station to throw all that debris straight upwards.

  20. Hodge

    I think that the dark shape moving away from the rig was the boat that we see the other video from. I don’t think they would show the monster in these videos.

  21. Morgannon

    Regarding the debris flying out of the water:

    I can’t believe no one else has commented about the sheer number of objects flying up into the air. If you look carefully, there are about three or four objects being tossed at once. Almost seems to me that the beastie has multiple arms to be throwing that much debris into the air that fast – and the debris seems to be flying upwards from several points around a rough circle.

    Although this is neat as heck, this debris-tossing has me hitting my “suspend disbelief” button because of precisely what a previous poster said – the amount of power it would take to hurl that debris at that velocity straight up would be unthinkable. I can’t imagine anything organic not tearing under the stress of throwing that stuff at that velocity.


  22. VB3

    I still don’t completely understand the initial explosion before the SOL head comes flying in. An oil tanker explosion has been in the videos, but… what’s with the little explosions from some of the debris that goes flying up in the air after that? Maybe I’m thinking too hard. It’d be pretty cool if this monster could shoot fire or something like that. Lavos, maybe? Or is it too late to start futile rumors?

  23. MC

    on the Russian video, go to about 0:11 and watch it a couple times looking at the lower left support of the station as it falls. Does that not look like a tentacle coming around it? Am i just trippin? My imagination might be just hoping for a sign of the monster

  24. Chris74

    MC, I have watched that a number of times. I thought it might be part of the monster too. But the more I watch it, the more I believe it is a rush of water as it collapses. You can actually see the water breaking (like a wave) around it.

  25. Ryan

    I wil say this after watchin video again gotta wonder if the debris being shot out of water is somehow related to fieball in NY and why light beams type trails following these things in to the air. They dont look like purely just water streams or spouts

  26. Morgannon


    I would actually think the same thing – buoyancy – except for two things:

    1.) The debris velocity is super fast – buoyant materials would bob to the surface, maybe rise a couple of feet in the air, but the velocity would be a pale shadow of what we see.

    2.) The newscaster specifically mentions the mystery of what causes the rain of debris after the sinking. It seems like whoever made the commercial wanted us to note that as extremely unusual.

    3.) The debris pieces include a piece of the crane (the piece that hits the raft) and other large metallic objects. That would sink to the bottom of the ocean once it was off the rig.

    I too am puzzled because of the sheer amount of and velocity of the debris that comes shooting up from the rig site. It looks like that stuff is being shot out of a railgun or something. Very strange.

  27. sean

    Monster swimming away i think. Also could the debris just be explosive decompression from sinking?

  28. Teso

    Maybe the monster is using some kind of compression( as with the mouth) to expel items at this great speed(you know like the breathing hole of a whale)

  29. Teso

    Also. It seems to me that Yoshida is the guy in the helicopter with the briefcase and that the “SWAT” team is kind of escorting the guy in the front of the boat. Moreover, might this guy be Teddy? Just an idea

  30. SteveMikes

    The SWAT guys look pretty American to me, along with the fact one of them shouts “Take Cover” just before the debris hits the boat.

    I wonder what the monster will do next. . .

  31. Tim

    What’s with the map? The Atlantic ocean appears to be drying up… The coasts are all different, to the extent that the British Isles and Florida are beyond recognition.

  32. Austin

    tim i saw the map. somebody cut it out of another picture in photoshop & it was composited into that map image that was, in turn, inserted into the clip.

    what happened to the map was that whoever cut the original map out got clumsy or just used the magic wand tool and said good enough. *it gets time consuming to cut a world map out, there’s a shit ton of curves & crevasses on the shorelines.*

    i truly believe its a technical mistake & not a drying up ocean thing.

  33. H3B3R

    What about the missing people: “Hideaki Sakamoto, Gerhand Plocker, Tsuneo Matsubara, Dr. Paul Nightindale, Donald Carter, Francois Nouvelle, Andy Young-Mun”? Any information on that so far? o.O?

  34. Kaneda

    Anyone notice the Japanese dude thats in the helicoptor with the briefcase??

    what i found interesting is that he has a handcuff with a chain from his wrist to the suitcase. Usually when someone does that its for something VERY important inside the case. possibly “files” or “deep sea nectar”??

    i dont know, i just felt it was interesting.

  35. Patrick

    You know what I’d like to know…is – why this is the only development regarding the movie involving any of the pictures from http://www.1-18-08.com
    I havent seen any other videoclips made concerning the pictures…in fact i dont remember seeing any of the pictures at all in even the trailers….unless im just smoking crack and havent been delving into this as much as everyone else (which definitely says something)

  36. admin

    Patrick: Because all the other pictures on that site are from the movie itself. Except maybe the asian chef, but who knows.

  37. deBish

    Sent an email off to EndOil.org…a head’s up so that they would know that Cloverfield seems to be using their URL in theri movie. I got a form-letter type email from them. Follows:

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting EndOil, the non-profit dedicated to ending oil dependency and the damage it does to our health, environment, national security and society. We?re a lean organization, so are unable to respond to every message individually. If our website does not have the answer to your question, then we?ll get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, here is some basic info on EndOil ? and how you can help shift America away from oil dependency.

    Oil sits at the center of most of our greatest environmental, health, human rights and security challenges today. But it has enormous influence over governments, economies and societies around the world, especially in the U.S.

    So EndOil?s mission is to educate and mobilize individuals, businesses, governments and other groups to take the steps available today to shift non-petroleum sources of energy. In order to do this, we create, invest in, and administer campaigns, partner with like-minded organizations, provide educational information to the public, and create a forum for discussion. We believe direct action and strong alternatives are the best ways to create change, and everything we do is intended to inform, encourage, and inspire action.

    Ending oil dependency will take ALL of us. To help, please visit http://www.EndOil.org — where you get oil-reduction tips to use in your daily life, connect with other interesting people, and stay informed.

    Thanks again for your interest.
    The EndOil Team

    P.S. If you like what we?re doing, please consider supporting EndOil ? either through tax-deductible contributions, or by telling your network about us or spreading the message with some cool EndOil gear.

    And be sure to check out the ranting of the Oil Blob.

    One community. Infinite solutions.

  38. deBish

    Sorry if it doesn’t fit the thread exactly…but since the poster in the American news report features a poster of theirs, I thought that they might be flooded with requests from Cloverfield fans. If they’re a legit org, then they deserve better than to have their web-network crash because of huge increases in traffic on their site.

    As a fan of the flick, I figured that I owed them at least a letter and head’s up.


  39. KCDR

    Rockets or Missles or Rail Guns or Lasers or Electric Charges Fired at the Monster to ward it off…

    At the beginning of the footage from the American newscast, notice how there seems to be rockets fired from all 4 corners of the oil platform.

    Are these oil rigs weapon-equipped?

  40. VB3

    Makes you wonder if the propoganda around the film was predetermined, or if the producers try to feed off the rumors that fans create for themselves. If it were the latter, it would be a lot easier for incontinuities to pop up.

    I guess we’ll know a lot more in 10 days. If I try to brave the crowds.

  41. Billy

    As a military person and someone who recognizes small arms fire when I see it, those are definately large caliber small arms such as the M60 (.308 winchester) or even larger such as 20mm or .50 cal. They appear to be mounted placements on the rig. Why would and oil rig need mounted machine gun placements?

  42. evilC

    It’s a shame that it proved awkward to translate the bit about the tanker from the Japanese clip, as I think that may be important. You see, on the newsflash that the central characters watch when the party gets *ahem* interrupted, the newsreader mentions a tanker running aground on the New York shoreline. (Can’t remember where, off the top of my head.) I’m thinking that this monster maybe follows the tanker to New York if it’s on its way there from Norway. If the monster followed the natural sea currents (the Gulf Stream) as creatures often do, it would end up in Europe.

    Perhaps it’s the tanker that explodes as the partygoers watch from the top of the building? Is there anything else on that stretch of coast (or in that area of New York) that could explode with such force? I was assuming it was a power station before the idea of the tanker blowing up occured to me.

    Whaddya think, folks?

  43. evilC

    By the way, the way that the debris shoots up out of the ocean at the end of ‘the boat clip’ looks a little like it is being ‘spat out’ at high velocity – almost as if my some Kraken-like monster. I actually hope this doesn’t just turn out to be a ‘Kraken’ movie. I’m pretty sure it won’t be, though.

  44. evilC

    Also – and this is a slightly different matter, but one which throws up it’s own set of questions – whether those masked ‘militia’ types on the oil rig, boat and helicopter were military personnel, TIDO activists or Tagruato Corporation security, what were they doing on board the rig at that precise moment when the rig was attacked? Their presence right then implies that someone in authority knew that something like this was about to happen at that time. I’m actually assuming they were Tagruato security and were sent in to rescue certain key personnel (the man with the briefcase).

  45. admin

    evilC: I’m pretty sure Tagruato was doing some shady stuff on the drilling station, and they knew it, therefore they had an on-site security force to protect what they were working on. I don’t think they knew anything about the station collapsing before hand.

  46. evilC

    Quite possibly right. However, if the security were stationed there and worked alongside the other employees, then why the need to cover their faces, ‘ninja-style’ as we see in the clips? Surely everyone would know who they were?

  47. evilC

    Fair enough – good point. It’s only a minor detail anyway and I certainly wasn’t disagreeing with you. 🙂 In a way, it’s a testament to the amount of attention to detail being invested in these ‘clues’. They certainly help up the ante in the lead-up to the release. Y’know – I’ll miss them when the film finally gets released! 🙂

    Btw – I’m so peeved that the States (and other places) are getting the release on the 18th whereas we Brits have to wait a couple more weeks! 🙁 I really thought it would be a co-ordinated simultaneous worldwide release, a little like the last Harry Potter film (only not quite so mental!).

  48. sloperut

    admin, I think the chef in the photos 1-18-08.com is in the english video at 1:54 + or -.

  49. giantdouchebag0

    alright admin, this has probably been said and discussed, but this thing has to be a giant squid/octopus gone bad…you can see what appears to be a tentacle wrap around the chuai station at about the 29 second part in the american version of the clip…and the oil that they highlighted can most definitely be explained as ink shot off by the monster. think about it…

  50. WTT

    Allo —
    Has Hollywood forgotten how to make a good science fiction monster film? I rather think so.
    If the footage of the oil rig collapsing into the sea (from the latest round of promotional clips offered up) is any indication of the final quality of the CGI for “Cloverfield,” then filmgoers are in for heartbreaking disappointment. It’s one thing, if a great deal of this extra footage is only meant for the marketing campaign, and will be shored up if used in the final cut of the film; it’s another thing, if it’s to be used “as is” in the final cut.
    Are the producers attempting to cover the breathakingly bad quality of the special effects, by the use of handicams? Should more capital have been budgeted for eye-dazzling special effects, and less for what passes, these days, for hip, trendy marketing?
    We’re offered so many wretched films, these days. Most filmgoers would rather see a science fiction monster film with a solid, original concept and first-rate special effects, than a science fiction monster film with a shaky concept (both literally and figuratively, due to the ingenious yet potentially distracting reliance on handycams) and bewilderingly disappointing third-rate special effects. Will critics and fans be rating this film on the merits of its engaging marketing, or on the final product? It will be a sad day for moviegoers, if and when they’re duped into trading high expectations of great theatrical films for the potential of boxed multi-disc DVD sets with hour upon mind-numbing hour of bonus material.
    It has been suggested to me that I first give “Cloverfield” a chance–that I see the final product–before judging it. However, given the decision of its producers to overwhelm the public with “viral marketing” featuring leaked clues via teasers, web sites and bulletin boards, I would argue that early judgment is more than indicated, and more than appropriate. Besides, on release day, will the final cut of the film show anything–other than the monster(s)–that we haven’t already been shown?

  51. admin

    WTT: People on our forums have already seen the movie and obviously the CGI for the marketing is nowhere near what the quality of the CGI is for the movie. I can’t even believe you would think it was anywhere near the quality of the actual film without even seeing it. Obviously there is only so much of a budget for the marketing of the film, so they can’t go all out with the CGI for a piece of marketing.


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