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This was just posted as a bulletin by the Cloverfield Movie MySpace page. Looks like there is another contest happening in New York. Remember, to enter the contest you must also have Cloverfield as your friend on MySpace. There may be other requirements as well, please read the official rules posted below.

Come to Rob’s Surprise Party in New York next week!

Join us next Thursday night, January 17th for a send off our buddy Rob, he’s moving to Japan! There will be drinking, dancing, and tons of cool people. It will be a party to remember!

We’re randomly picking 200 people who RSVP to join us for a big Cloverfield celebration in the Lower East Side. It is going to be a blast!

RSVP to – make sure to include your FULL NAME and a PHONE NUMBER that we can reach you at. We will let you know if you have been chosen via telephone.

RSVP before Thursday night January 10th at midnight- we’re picking winners this Friday!


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63 Responses

  1. BaneSilvermoon

    Just an unrelated though, what if the whole “Its Alive and its huge” thing is because Tagruato thought they had killed the creature.

    I mean, Bioprospecting? Sounds like harvesting organic life forms to me.

  2. Hodge

    BaneSilvermoon: That line is said by one of the party goers so I doubt that it has anything to do with Tagruato. I think it’s just because they’re supprised that it’s not an earthquake or terrorists.

  3. admin

    BaneSilvermoon: and how would anyone near the camera know that? It is said because they aren’t sure what is happening and HUD see’s something move through the buildings. So it’s not an attack of some sort, a bomb, military, whatever… it’s a creature, something alive, that is all.

  4. Engel

    Just so everyone whos gonna enter knows, you have to have cloverfield_movie on your friends list.

  5. admin

    crs/Franky: yeah that trailer is for a movie called MONSTER, its being released on DVD the tuesday before Cloverfield comes out. The production company, The Asylum, does this for a lot of big hollywood blockbusters, so dont be fooled. You can google them and see their other ones, Snakes on A Train comes to mind.

  6. Engel

    I’ve been thinking about that for months Charles… Impossible as it might be, its so much fun to think about. I’m gonna be in the city the night of the 17th, either to catch a midnight showing or at this party regardless.

  7. SteveMikes

    Jdioneda: I’d say that reporter is just making an assumption or something. There’s no way they could truly know anything more than we do.

  8. JDioneda

    i think this movie is gonna be one that people either love or hate, kinda like the blairwitch.

  9. SteveMikes

    This movie will be loved/appreciated a hell of a lot more over in America than it will be in the UK, that’s for certain. I know no one who knows about this apart from my brother and dad, who I’m going to see it with. It’s only been mentioned in a select few magazines etc. here too, and they don’t exactly help at all. One I saw didn’t even explain that it was a monster movie. Another called it the “9/11 monster film” then one of the bigger magazines actually used the line “It’s a LION, it’s huge” in their article. So yeah, I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to do all that well here. . . at least not as well as it will in the USA anyway.

    To bring things back on topic a bit – I think this is a really cool idea, I mean what if all the main actors are there, or a dude with a video camera lol, it’d be pretty sweet.

  10. Charles

    We will soon find out if Tagruato and Slusho and TIDOwave and Chaui Station is involved in the most anticipated film of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah

  11. Engel

    I don’t think they will show the movie… where could they? 200 people in a bar that holds less than that… where could they set it up?

  12. Engel

    Wait, its 200 winners + 200 guests… They are going to be turning people away. If I win, I’m showing up really really early.

  13. ryan

    Just entered myself I live three hours from their have a question for u guys posted it below earlier. Is the attack day actually 1 15 due to fact that the contest screenings a re that day or will all updates from our viral campaign end that day cause they wouldn’t make sense having anything after 1 15 since some of us will already have seen it. Pretty sure ill be seeing the film on 1 15 and sorry won’t spill beans till sat 1 19 lol or maybe 900 on the 18th. Intrigued about maybe headin to NY

  14. SteveMikes

    Engel: that’s a very good point, didn’t think about that. I guess they won’t show it then, they’ll just party the night away. . .

  15. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    I live here in NYC and so I am gonna go for it and see what happens, this is really cool how things are unfolding for this film.

  16. ryan

    Another serious thought. Whatever is shot out of water is prolly from monster.but and intersting side bar here is its not caused by explosion and hers why. Any under water explosion would cause some bubblinng over alarge area. There is none I’ve watched it 20 times and nothing. Also when a sub fires a missle it is projected thru water in an explosion the once missle is above water its solid fuel tkes over and it moves on. These things a projected thru the surface in a straght line with almost no interference to water around. Whatever caused them to come out of water has thrust or propulsion beyond any technology we currently have. Especially to go straight up in straight line with multiple whatever they are and very little disruption to water around their circumfurence. Also I don’t think their partys of station something from monster itself. Like a super powered blow hole maybe. Meanin our little monster maybe part mutated whale with some thing nasty mixed in

  17. SteveMikes

    I am pretty confused as to how it launched all that stuff so high from under the water.
    Also, a mutated whale. . . I don’t think so anymore.
    I now have no ideas at all. All I know is this thing is huge, powerful and very aggressive.

    Anyway, does anybody think that all the main actors will be at this party?

  18. Engel

    Rob had at least better be there, its his going away party and I want to wish him good luck in Japan.

  19. Hanzo

    to bad I am in Spokane Washington -_-…..I better catch a plane..WAIT, I need the money to buy the same camera they used for the movie T_T

  20. marythelion

    hey guys, don’t forget about the satellite, or something they disguised as satellite, falling to earth into the atlantic ocean a few weeks ago!!!!!!!

  21. SteveMikes

    What time is it over in the states?
    Just curious lol.

    Marythelion: Did nothing else happen about that? Hmm. Well I’m sure it wasn’t the monster, probably just a chunk of satellite.

  22. SUPER

    hey guys its been a while scince ive been follwing the cloverfield stuff and just wanted to get filled in … wht is the Chuai station? and then some

  23. Scribbs

    SUPER: heres a nice little guide that Austin, had posted in a previous article, it’ll fill u in on most of whats happened from the beginning

    at first people were complaining that information was being leaked too slowly & this was all boring? now people are complaining that they are on information overload. i think the confusing angle is that nothing is in true chronological order. things happen then somehting else happens that sheds light on the thing that happened before.

    it?s not all that complex. Jamie was dating Teddy who was part of T.I.D.O. Wave, which is why Jamie was sending videos to him via the web in the first place. T.I.D.O. wants to expose Tagruato for not being environmentally friendly, if you will, T.I.D.O. also hacked Tagruato?s web site in late Nov. Tagruato is a corporation holding it?s subsidiaries Yoshida Medical Research (who thus far hasnt had much to do with anything, but they do specialize in deep sea bioprospecting, whatever that is) Slusho! who as we all know Rob is going to work for. it is made from deep sea nectar, (which i believe is what Jamie just ate in the last vid) Slusho! has been very active, at least their marketers, who have no problem giving their drink to animals (the animal shelter & fish market). Slusho! is the only Tagruato subsiderary with a stand alone website. they also have Bold Futura (yes, its the name of a Windows system font) who is into engineering. the same engineering firm that put Tagruato?s satellite into space & constructed the drilling stations. and finally they have ParaFUN! Wax Distributing I have no idea what role if any they play, but have recently assisted in the building of a wax museum.

    really, the early on information was the fun of finding new sites and debunking what sites didn?t belong (the whole Ethan Haas thing if anyone remembers). It wasnt until the Tagruato site hacks did things really start picking up. Teddy sent Jamie the package to hold as evidence. Teddy disappeared. Jamie subsequently broke up with Teddy (thinking he is still alive & well, just cheating). T.I.D.O. appeared. a ?whistle blower? started to leak information out from under Tagruato. T.I.D.O. members were confirmed missing, sonar images appeared (not entirely sure what they are of or image location, though there is plenty of speculation). Tagruato?s drilling station in the Atlantic Ocean collapsed (as we now know). T.I.D.O. is in hiding from Tagruato because they are being blamed for the incident, & we are waiting for Janice?s picture from T.I.D.O. to see where this is heading. & now Jamie ate the ?evidence? Teddy sent her over a month ago? we?ll see what that does during the movie I guess.

    yes, that was the abridged version but it covers pretty much everything relevant to date

    thanks again Austin for the nice litte summary

  24. ryan

    The reason I said part whale was the way the projectiles what ever they are launched. Like a blow hole I bet its on the monsters back not head since it seems to launch multiple whatevers at once. I bet within 3 to 4 days this things attacks bermuda and or the azores or santo domingo just a hunch. As for satellite in space its their to watch or coordinate something, or maybe track something. Nothing falls to earth may be some cover story

  25. Scribbs

    was looking on all the characters myspaces and has anyone seen that picture of Marlena with her face covered up in bandages and a funky machine at the hospital? whats up with that?

  26. ryan

    The reason I said part whale was the way the projectiles what ever they are launched. Like a blow hole I bet its on the monsters back not head since it seems to launch multiple whatevers at once. I bet within 3 to 4 days this things attacks bermuda and or the azores or santo domingo just a hunch. As for satellite in space its their to watch or coordinate something, or maybe track something. Nothing falls to earth may be some cover story . I only say blow or something cause what ever launches these projectiles here and prolly in NY has to use a massive amonut of pressure especially under water to do what that video shows

  27. Rayford

    I think that everyone should tell anyone they see (even random strangers) about Cloverfield… I want this movie to make more money than Titanic… x)

    …which by the way was sank by the monster… 😀

  28. TK


    that “whale” thingy must have one big blow hole to be throwing football field size chunks in the air. So no I don’t think it’s a blow hole, but we can say similarly that the “suckers” on a tentacle are capable of such a thing.

    It can use it’s suckers to hold a large object, and then subject it to a huge force from within suckers (pressurized water maybe) to send said chunks high into the air.

  29. Scribbs

    SteveMikes: thats what i was thinking too, but still its strange lol, that and there isn’t much difference between here pictures before and supposedly after that

  30. Scribbs

    also using google maps u can see that not far from where chuai station was there is the wreckage of Titanic lol, pretty cool

  31. Urahara

    I was about to enter the contest until I read the fine print…

    PUBLICITY RELEASE: By participating in the Sweepstakes, in addition to any other grants which may be granted in any other agreement entered into between Sponsors and any entrant in or winner of the Sweepstakes, each entrant (or if minors, their parents or legal guardians) irrevocably grants the Promotion Entities and their respective successors, assigns and licensees, the right to use such entrant?s name, likeness, and biographical information in any and all media for any purpose, including without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes as well as in, on or in connection with the Profile, the Official Site for the Picture, the Sweepstakes or other promotions related to the Picture, without further payment or consideration, and hereby release the Promotion Entities from any liability with respect thereto.

    I’ll pass on that one!

  32. Scribbs

    ya, basically put: they want you to know that your face and possibly your name could maybe be shown on their myspace or even, once the DvD is out, you may show up on the special features if they show the party for some reason idk

  33. z3ro

    Ok i found this interesting… (warning may be a spoiler) at this link they found a pic which the concept artist for the film has on his website of some creature which they think is the cloverfield monster.

    Dont go there if u dont want a spoiler.. and plus its not for sure that its the real monster or final concept for that matter. just thought it was interesting so im letting you all know.

  34. Nick (The Original)

    Once again I say that that monster could perfectly be cloverfield’s and BTW it would suck… It looks like that mutated turtle from TMNT II – Secret of the ooze… Don’t know if you guys know what i’m talking about but it looks like it…

  35. Master Roshi

    I just saw a commercial on MTV. It was a girl named Kate Nash promoting her new single and during the commercial it showed parts of the Cloverfield preview! Her song must be in the movie or something, it was strange.I think her name was Kate Nash Im not sure about it though, I barely caught it.

  36. admin

    z3ro: it’s not the monster, been posted a million times. Its a monster from a previous project by Peter Koing. The monster is not going to leak before screenings, especially a perfect model of it.

  37. MilesTone

    Has anyone noticed that some of the timed photos show Rob’s party ocurring after midnight (starting on 1-17 and going into the night). In my mind this “myspace party” is going to occur in a simillar fashion. Maybe with a midnight showing for the winners. Good luck to those in the area.

    On another note, whoever came up with the marketing for this movie is a sure genuis. I check (most reliable for updates in my opinion.) more than my voicemail.

  38. TK


    Tentacles usually don’t do that, but theoretically they can squeeze water to great effect. Yes the monster has superstrength to be able to throw objects from UNDER the water, when I can’t even swing for my life.

  39. SteveMikes

    Master Roshi: Kate Nash is an awful “singer” from the UK (England). There’s no chance her music has anything to do with this.

  40. z3ro

    Im glad thats not the monster because I found it on photobucket by mistake while looking for cloverfield wallpapers, and i dont wana be spoiled lol

  41. marz

    i could see if that invitation was used to make the movie seem real..with the whole going away party for rob..but since they made it a contest then im wondering if that was such a good idea.if rob realy does hate to be him..all the questions about the movie,whats the monster look like blah blah blah

  42. BaneSilvermoon

    You make a valid point, but if you find the video and watch it, most of the debri looks to be made of metal.

  43. Cypher

    Someone just tell me when they release a picture. I don’t care how small. I just wanna know what the thing looks like.

  44. admin

    observer: Very nice, congrats. Actually one of our regular forum members has a friend that won, and he’s going to be his guest, so he will be there also. There is a thread about it over at the forum.

    And just a heads up, nobody except for me can see your email address from the email field, you’d have to post it in your message for everyone to see it.

  45. Carl Stephens

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