The comments posted on this site are now being moderated, meaning they will not post instantly and I have to approve all of them. This will cut down on spoilers through the release of the movie as well as all these fake pictures of the monster that keep floating in. If you post a spoiler/review/fake picture of the monster that’s been posted a million times, the comment will never be seen by anyone other than myself and will be deleted. So in other words, don’t even bother posting if it’s possibly a spoiler.

Also the Forums, now have a SPOILER section. If you have a comment that fits into one of those categories I mentioned above, post it there. If you post it outside of the spoiler section on the forum, you will be banned without warning.

I’m trying to keep the site spoiler free for those people that can’t see the movie right when it comes out, or live in another country that has a different release date.

Thanks again for reading the site, in case anyone cares, we’re going to hit 1,000,000 hits today since our creation in July!

Update, as of 8:45 PM Central time, has had over 1,000,000 visitors!! Thanks guys, never thought it would get this big.

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  1. dijjot

    congratulations on the hits, admin. I…i prepared a poem for the occasion. Ethaan Haas Was right all along, we praised his prophecy and sang his song, our instinct had gone astray, we were proven wrong another day. Admin set up his site, and kept me reading into the night. With fields of clover and slusho zoom, i even went in that dilapidated chatroom. The forums were bustling with tagruato talk, what is cloverfield was plastered in chalk….and admins heart grew three sizes that day. Copyright,

  2. deBish

    Congrats on the million hits!
    Good luck with moderation…it’s not terribly easy to do, lemme tell ya, having moderated several sites in the past and present.

    Cheers on the successful site!


  3. BATZ

    Wow…Congratulations….great job! FYI : This is the ONLY website I visited, for Cloverfield info. Thank you.

  4. Rayford

    I’m thinking that either today or tomorrow that there is gonna be some “terrible earthquake” hitting some island in between NY and the Chuai Station…

    Or possibly a lost cruise ship or some kind of boat…

    And also I read awhile back someone saying that they thought it was weird that the military shows up so quickly when the monster attacks and so I’m thinking that they will learn of its existence (if they haven’t already) and will be tracking it and piss it off by shooting at it…

    Now I’m sure everything I just said has probably already been said but if so not on this thread… 😀

  5. admin

    Rayford: I don’t have public stats only private from the server, so I can’t put a counter or anything on the site to let everyone know when we hit a million 🙁

  6. TM Oliveira

    Thanks Admin. The movie premieres here in Rio 2 weeks after the original release date. I was a little worried I’d might read something I wouldnt wanna know.

  7. MarytheLion

    I’m wondering….

    Do you all think…. *PERHAPS* WE are writing this as it unfolds???????

  8. Ramone

    Thanx for making the site ‘spoiler’ free around the date of the movie as not to ruin it for us Brits ( amongst others). It’s gonna be hard to avoid seeing or reading stuff about the movie much as it was when the Sopranos ended and it was still on in England!!

    So here’s to ya dude ( lifts glass of jack n coke in a salute ) ten days to go and a million hits – you’ve come along way baby!


  9. MarytheLion

    Rayford…I wonder that too….about the military knowing. If you think about it, it doesn’t take long for tanks to enter the city…..and the troops, and the missiles…the hazmat stations…they know.

    BUT WE DO TOO! This is just freaking BEYOND expectation, and the notion we could be adlibbing this, well, WOW! Think about it! Video after video of Jamie, I recall us all wanting her to EAT the Slusho..and loe and behold! The missing oil station, we decided it MUST be the monster…and loe and behold…we see a soon sinking oil platform SHOOTING into the water….

    I just have a hunch we play a BIG part in the creation of the pre events taking place in the viral marketing. JJ… give em what they want!

  10. Ramone

    RE: Marythelion : I kinda said this ( in my usual long winded way) in another thread – WE THE PEOPLE are writing and bringing to life this viral campaign ! We deserve some of the revenue at the end of the day – all in favour say AYE …Motion carried! 🙂

    Like you said, we think it , they write it!! It’s like watching your very own child take it’s first steps..awwwwwww

  11. Morgannon


    Interesting theory, but I don’t think we play as much of a role as you think in writing the movie. When that box came to Jamie saying, “Don’t eat this”, well it was a pretty safe guess that the stupid bimbo was going to do so. Same with the oil rig – way back in the day when Tagruato first appeared people were predicting Chuai was going to be destroyed, simply because it hadn’t been built yet, we knew Tagruato was involved as the “corporate villain” of the movie, and we knew that something had to wake the monster up and piss it off.

    Not a flame, just an observation 🙂 I do think that our negative responses to the old proposed movie title “Monstrous” and our positive responses to “Cloverfield” had a role in fixing the name of the movie. I myself would have liked to have seen the movie called “1-18-08”, because it reminds me of 9-11, and also because in this fictitious world a monster attack like this would have made 9-11 look like a walk in the park.

    Good call on the moderating of posts, admin. Some of them have been quite useless and stupid.


  12. MarytheLion


    Morgannon – You could be write too, but then, if we all assume, we know how that winds up. Its still really coole to be a part of this viral marketing, in the respect that there is this killer site that lets us dream and wonder, and post comments :D. Thanks for the feedback!

  13. Morgannon


    Hehe no worries, much respect to you and the others 🙂 We all should dream and wonder more!


  14. Cloverfreak

    Don’t know if everyone’s already seen it or not. But I noticed that on msn’s homepage there’s a link to an exclusive clip from the movie. Has everyone seen it already?

  15. MarytheLion

    stupid question here…where did “viral”marketing term come from and why is it “viral”? It sounds alot like Virus, like “catchy”…is that why? Anyone know?

  16. admin

    MarytheLion: Viral as in Virus, yes, because of the way it spreads, just like a virus. They can release something to a small website and out of nowhere it blows up.

  17. TK

    This is the only site that updated immediately on new Cloverfield findings. Job well done! Good work on avoiding spoilers for people like me who are waiting for a friend to come from overseas so we can watch together.

  18. Danny

    I read on a previous post but could not find it, someone said that maybe Jamie is the one that explodes, then I think some else said it was Marlene I think that is her name. But at
    this has production still that look like the cut out portion of the exploding girl. It show a brunette walking in with the gang and then she is grabed by men in biosuits and you can see blood coming out of her eyes and mouth.

  19. Jt

    new letter

    “We have deep sea divers who have taken pictures of what has been causing extreme seizmic activity underneath what used to be the Chuai station.
    Do not be fooled by Tagruato. They know more than what they let on. In fact, my associates and myself have been ordered to be silent during these troubles, but i cannot silence myself. Because the fate of our entire planet lie in the hands of a very few. Because of corporations like Tagruato, who are willing to let us all burn just so they might turn a profit off of it, we are all going to have to make some very rash desicions in the near future. Our own government does not even know what they are up against. Even they are victims of media spin on the current situation. But fortunately, i am not. I cannot share with you the information that i have, but i can tell you where to look for it. Follow the secret ingredient and you will find out what it is that they are all hiding. And once you do, there will be press releases from all of us here, preparing the world for what Tagruato has done to us all. I have seen it. Sonar pictures of it, Actual pictures of it. Like nothing you have ever seen before. We had Deep sea divers go down below the Chuai station and use a high resolution deep sea camera to capture a photo of what was causing these extreme seizmic occurances over the last months, and i can say this much,

    …..I have seen its eyes.

    Please, do not share any of this information with the public yet. They are not ready for it, and to be completely honest, i just value my own life and the life of the people that i love.

    Thank you for respecting that.
    i will be in touch.”

  20. MarytheLion

    yeah I don’t see a THING on TIDO….its been over an hour too…would like to know more!

  21. admin

    According to the unfiction forums, someone over at IMDB is posting it there claiming that someone at TIDOwave emailed them… I wouldn’t believe it until it’s posted on TIDOwave’s site.

  22. Alicia

    we don’t know if that letter is bogus as of yet. keep a watch on tidowave’s site before we trust it. that letter was from

  23. Groove.

    hit over to movieweb and there’s an aparent toy of our monster… it’s been designed from the guy who designed the monster so it looks quite legit.

    either way i’ve seen it and it’s very dissapointing.

    i hope it’s fake.

  24. Jt

    If you post on tidowaves site and they select you (it is a random draw) they send you their email and you are an official “Rebel” for them.. my friend in california received the same letter that was posted.. i copied it and sent it to myself

    I dont post junk.. if you think about it.. most stuff i have posted have been true.. 🙂

  25. Danny

    I know I have posted a few things on TIDO and it still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” But that is cool.

  26. Groove.

    thanks admin.

    phew thought my fav film of 2008 was about to be ruined then

    oh and you guys are so lucky… getting it on the 18th i have to wait till feb 1st.

  27. Scribbs

    well according to the letter we must follow the secret ingredient, the sea bed nectar i suppose? well where does it first come from? the drilling station, then to? slusho? and then people bellies? mmmm confused :s

  28. MarytheLion

    ok…so follow the nectar. Is this seaweed? What eats seaweed? Has Tagruato taken all the seaweed nectar, or whatever, and its pissed? They’ve depleted ITS food supply? Lets Google shall we? I need some good search tags…

  29. admin

    J-107: Monster picture is old, most likely not the cloverfield monster but a creature from one of Peter Koing’s previous works.

  30. Gilbert

    If you watch the 5 minute clip and you watch the window very closely when Rob is in the store you can see something that looks like a hazmat suit/ bear thing running by from right to left! CRAZY.

  31. TKEGoogle

    Admin, you have done a great job with this site, this is my only source for cloverfield news, I love the debates we have on here, and the speculation we have created, it has given me somewhere to openly speak my imagination and I love it. Thank you, and please think about keeping this ol’ girl up after the movie.


  32. Scribbs

    interesting fact i just noticed, the real SoL holds the torch in her left hand while on the posters its in her right

  33. BaneSilvermoon

    probably just the result of a lens flip. Dunno what their actually called but my cell phone does it. Swap of the horizontal or vertical.

    Can make for some interesting little camera tricks along the vertical line heh.

  34. BaneSilvermoon

    Hey Gilbert, you mean when it goes dark in the room? What my eyes saw was a long haired girl in the store with them moving across the store.

  35. Jessica

    no she actually holds the torch in her right hand and the tablet in the left. Google the image

  36. MarytheLion

    HELL EFFIN YEAH this is the ONLY place I come for updates! Admin MAK is da BOMB!

  37. Chris74

    Has anyone found anything that can verify/refute the letter Jt posted? Just haven’t seen any updates on TIDOWave or anywhere else.

  38. Rayford

    Haha about IMDB… I remember for the few weeks after the trailer that came with Transformers when I would stay up till the wee hours of the night waiting for updates and posting crap…

    SHEESH have we come a LONG way from all that…

    I came to this site a month or a little more ago and it has never failed me…

    ADMIN is awesome and pwns the noobs that feebly attempt to rampage his domain with their annoying “spoilers” and talk of hair demons and lions…

    anyways… HEY ADMIN! are we to the millionth view mark? 😀

  39. SteveMikes

    Congrats admin! I prefer visiting here rather than Cloverfield Clues because I can post without having to sign up. Plus the way you’re handling spoilers is great. Keep up the good work, only 10 days left now. . .
    (well, for you lot anyway, I’ve got another 3 weeks to wait 🙁 )

  40. Animal

    1 Million hits… Wow. That’s just awesome. Sometimes when you go down the comment list and not see hundreds of different names, it makes you wonder how many people really visit. Anyway – smart move on the comment moderation, as it would be a tragedy for a spoiler to be posted here that concerns a movie as huge as Cloverfield is. Although, Mak, you’re going to have to suffer through all these spoilers and possibly have your movie-going experience ruined. I feel bad for you, man. ;/ Thanks though; you’ve probably saved hundreds of fans from disaster in the coming week!

  41. Chris74

    admin: BTW thanks for your hard work sifting thru all the stuff out there. I’ve only been following this for a couple of months and it has been great to come to this site and get good info. I don’t have the time to hunt it down myself.

    It’s also great that you have this set up so we can speculate to our heart’s content. Hope this continues well after the movie begins.

  42. SteveMikes

    He’s certainly saving me from near disaster.
    No doubt someone here will get a pirate DVD of it though and spread it all over the place. . .
    I’m gonna have to stop coming here as much from the 15th onwards right until Feb. 1st after I finally see it.

  43. admin

    SteveMikes: I saw them, its just everything that is sent in via email to slusho, not worth posting in my opinion, thanks for posting it though.

  44. Austin

    admin thanks for going spoiler free. I will be in san francisco the 14-19 for macworld and wont probably get to see it until at least the 20th (unless i can talk my co-workers into catching it while we are out there) but i will still be checking in from the good ol iphone.

    congrats on the 1 mil mark! 🙂

  45. observer

    Admin – Thanks for all you do. I have followed your site exclusively since I started my “obsession” with this movie. I appreciate the way you handle your business, and you have helped to make this experience a memorable and enjoyable one. I am not one to follow anything on the web, but this experience has been a blast, and is unique. You are our guide through what I believe to be the future of the “entertainment” experience – again, thanks…You are my JJ!! If you ever get to NYC look me up, I will buy the drinks…

  46. SteveMikes

    Admin: fair enough, just thought I’d give it a mention in case you hadn’t noticed it.
    I’ve said this a few times now, but thanks for the way you’re handling the spoiler stuff and everything else for that matter, you’re doing a great job man. If it weren’t for this place I probably wouldn’t be as bothered about this film or as involved as I am. So yeah, thanks again and keep it up!

  47. Scribbs

    Nick: early how? the release date on that poster is the same as always

    Also have we gotten that confirmation from JT’s letter yet? Yes or no, what little research i’ve already begun doin started on the Day in the Life of a scientist article on the Tag site, pretty interesting stuff

  48. TKEGoogle

    Admin the same goes for me, if you’re ever in Austin, Texas, you shoot me an e-mail and we’ll drink on me. This is the future of movie experiances and I love it.

  49. Nick (The Original)

    Scribbs: I meant that as a joke… NVM that… Thought the billboard looked cool though…

  50. mkaroglan09

    i had a thought today. Maybe you were hired by JJ and crew to put this site together so that u can make sure to steer us clear of finding out any secrets without us knowing it. Maybe this is all just part of the viral plan! Haha, even if that is the case, you are still the man.

  51. Gilbert

    BaneSilvermoon: It’s on the outside of the window
    It goes dark and then Rob says “There’s people still out there!” and then the thing runs by kind of fast and it makes a noise!
    Check it again

  52. ryan

    Hey congrats admin on allowing all of us including myself to vent our ideas about this crazy experience. I appreciate every moment of it if ur ever in or near Boston ill pay for the drinks lol. Some day I will read all my crazy ideas and points I’ve made I hope I’m right about some LOL.

  53. admin

    mkaroglan09: Believe me, I wish I worked for JJ and Bad Robot, so if anyone associated with Bad Robot reads this stuff… *wink, wink* haha

  54. Scribbs

    hmm no update for nearly 24 hours, somethings bound to happen soon… hopefully…please?

  55. BaneSilvermoon

    Gilbert: Hey I like the idea man, but watch it again. Its the viral playing tricks on you heh.

    When it first goes to the store, right when they yell “get down” a girl with long hair comes in the door and goes to the right of the screen. The second time it goes dark you can see her moving around on the right side of the screen. Then when they say “Theres people still out there” she runs across to the left. And when the lights come back on again you see her come back in again, this time from the left and duck in behind the main guys.

  56. ryan

    Hey all just read another spolier. I will not give any details out of repsect for sight and all of you but it was odd. There were 4 surprises in it. 2 at end 2 in middle. The point of movie was slightly different than anything we have heard so far. It explained who died when and how. It did not desrcibe monster and or monsters that much or at all . If this was real it was kinda odd to tell the truth anyway just thought u should all know, that maybe were in for something slightly different than we all think.

  57. ryan

    I will say on more thing it was just odd prolly not true but kinda different than what we’ve talked about and speculated on while still maintaining the main story

  58. Rayford

    hmm so yeah one of the new Slusho happy talks is “she’s one of them”

    yeah i thought that was weird… 😐

    i know it’s just things people have sent in and shouldn’t be considered all that important…

    but i think it would be pretty lame if the people who drank slusho or whatever actually turn into the littler creatures…

    i mean people mutating into things isn’t quite as creepy or good as something from the deep… i guess…

    maybe i just is retawdid… x)

  59. Gilbert

    BaneSilvermoon: Okay, I see what your saying.
    I’ve just been keeping a super-open eye on every little detail since I first heard about this movie in July and I’m just looking for a monster(s)! HAHAH!!
    Good eye though BaneSilvermoon!

  60. TKEGoogle

    Ok, real quick so I can go to bed tonight,(yes I read the damn spoiler review that is really long that everyone was talking about) will someone please break down why that is not a legit spoiler? I’m sorry if I am bugging anyone by talking about the spoilers, I just need to know…I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  61. Rayford

    I have a question!

    OK… what would you (as the reader of this question who has been following this movie for quite some time and even possibly from the beginning) do if they canceled Cloverfield?

    I KNOW that that’s NOT going to happen…


    Hypothetically speaking… what would you do if they canceled the movie?


  62. Scribbs

    lol, i’d probably just post a couple of rants on all my blogs, and then some more ranting on these websites, and then i’d move on

  63. Rayford

    BaneSilvermoon: I CLAIM THE DOUBLE O!!! xD

    what about you mister admin? if all your site moderation was for not? :'(

    i would cry…

    of course… i’d rather nothing than a lion or cthulhu… if it was godzilla i’d feel severely let down but not totally so… xD

  64. ryan

    Was thinkin bout what mary and a few others said. I agree that I think sumpin will happen today or tomm maybe friday to at least wake up the miltary’s presence of the beastie. But I have a question if they now about it why not fight it in the water we have subs destroyers crusiers bombers sonar. As far as new york response since 9 11 they r always on ready alert in the city. And it takes jets from otis afb here in mass roughly 5 minutes to get to NY or 10 minutes from Vermont. Trust u should here em fly over in morning when scrambled I live 55 miles from there but they come over on way to big city pretty damn low LOL/ as far as hazmat setup prolly wouldn’t take long once event occurs don’t forget it does take place over an 8 hr period. I still wonder what multiple sightings means. And why projext cloverfield although I think tagruato may be using more than one beastie for mutliple attacks over a day. I also belive the timeline we’ve gotten has been accurate but must change somehow since screenings on 15 th and 16th. And just a hunch if a sequel is comin out we may be at this for a long time LOL

  65. dijjot

    ryan, if anything screenings are probably oog. and as for the hopes of a sequel. i doubt it. It’s a gimmick movie, granted a very appealing one, but i guess it ultimately rests in the hands of the suits.

  66. marythelion

    Ryan – It could be possible, since the story is catching up to real time here, that “right now” we could be waging war against it at sea, and its not helping…..I’m sure our government would have seen it on radar by now. That could be the explanation of why troops are so prevalent instantaneously in the movie.

  67. SteveMikes

    Marythelion – I’m thinking the same, I mean someone surely must have gone to investigate the area where the Chuai station was destroyed other than TidoWave. The monster must show up somewhere soon though, otherwise what’s it gonna do until it reaches NYC?
    I also had another little thought, you know that email from Tido that some people have received? I know it hasn’t been confirmed real or anything yet, but. . .

    “Sonar pictures of it, Actual pictures of it. Like nothing you have ever seen before.”

    Seeing as we’ve got/seen sonar images of it, anyone think we’ll get an actual picture of it, but like a really blurry picture or something where you can only just make out a large shape or its eyes?
    Just a thought. . .


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