So movieweb has been in the Cloverfield spotlight for the past couple days, mainly because they posted that image of a model that Peter Konig has made of a monster and movieweb is claiming it’s the Cloverfield monster, which it is not. I’m not going to post it here, but if you’ve been following any Cloverfield news you’ve probably seen it already. Please do not email me this image or post it in the comments anymore, comments with this monster will not even make it to the site and emails will just be deleted.

With that said, Movieweb has come through with a 30-second exclusive clip, which shows a little more than what we’ve seen in the past, mainly a little more in the subway. They originally had a 15 second clip but paramount made them take it down and gave them this one instead, so enjoy.

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  1. marythelion

    Shaun OFD – No Admin is sayin Paramount made them take down the previous 30 sec clip, not the pic of the alleged monster. 🙂

  2. H3B3R

    Hmmm, interesting… I read on one of the actor’s interviews that the scene on the subway seems to be ‘special’, meaning that we haven’t seem NY subway like this before ^^ All I know is there are rats down there, heehee. Just a comment, why would they give Movieweb an ‘exclusive’ clip if they’re miss-informing people, you know, like about the monster thing? How does that work? They just pick a random ‘winner’ for the clips or what? O.o?

  3. marythelion

    Heat – Oh yeah. Animals “sense” stuff like this, they just go away…could be a water leak and they wouldn’t be running from the monster at all right?

    BUT if this creature starts eatin people… 😛 I WAS RIGHT! LOL

  4. Kris

    The exact same ad was on TV yesterday. Maybe they beat it to aor by a little bit but that seems rather weak for an exclusive.

  5. Scribbs

    anyone notice that the giant monster animation is different? by different i mean if u were to slow it down when you see it around 20 seconds you actually can see its body move when it takes a step, so its no longer a shuffle, get what i mean? i don’t think i can even understand my self its too early :p

  6. ryan

    Not sure who wrote back to me but this isn’t gonna be a one off film especially if 1 thwe end is what I think it is or sumpin similiar. 2 it males 150 to 300 million profit in theatres and dvd and merchandise sales, which I suspect it will be near upper number and 3 JJ abrams will feel compelled to top it

  7. SteveMikes

    Is it me or does the screech/smaller monster or whatever in the subway sound like one of the raptors off Jurassic Park? lol, quite cool I think. I also have no doubt there’s gonna be smaller things in this movie.

  8. admin

    Scribbs: I don’t recall JJ or anyone (other than early/fake reviews) mentioning smaller monsters.

  9. lippy

    so this is pretty much the second kind of confirmation of the smaller monsters

  10. BaneSilvermoon

    Marythelion: What if the creature doesn’t feed on Seabed Nectar but is related to it in some other way. I mean, the Tagruato deep sea mining operation is considered a Bioprospecting operation correct? That sounds like harvesting something organic to me. I guess by that definition “organic” could mean plant life as well. But I’ve never really linked plants with the word bio.

    So what if “Seabed Nectar” are eggs or something, a seperate life form from the huge creature, some kinda remora like thing that lives on it, or even part of the creature itself.

  11. Zennie

    Well the walking monster could have scared the rats with the vibrations but, then the clip cuts to black so, it makes me think there is a smaller monster/s, and the still photo of Rob forcing the door closed also makes me think there is a small monster/s.

  12. Weaselhammer

    I’m really glad that the CGI looks way better in these clips than the CGI in Dragon Wars, low budget or not, it looks like JJ did good.

  13. Austin

    admin, I posted this one a few days ago. i found it on YouTube posted there as “Cloverfield #9 TV Spot” & it’s quite obviously taped off a TV. I question wheter Paramount gave them this exclusively (but I don’t work for MovieWeb so I don’t know for sure, they may have gotten it so they would take the illegal stuff off). The link to the YouTube video is again:

  14. ShirtNinja

    This is in no way exclusive, I have seen this on both FOX and TNT channels. Although, it was exciting to see new subway clips as it leads to smaller monsters again.

  15. Austin

    don’t worry about it admin, i really dont care & i know you know just as much as i do about movieweb. as i said it may have been a trade off for having something illegal on their site pertaining to the movie. the youtube spot maybe.

    anyways, you rule at getting info out to us all. keep up the good work!

  16. person

    eckkkkk i was looking at movieweb and saw the picture and i was P-I-S-S-E-D. im only half as excited as i was before to see the movie now. admin please tell me thats not the real monster!!!

  17. admin

    person: did you even read the whole post above? It clearly says it’s not the monster.

  18. person

    ha o…whoops my bad. k well then…YAY I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE…AGAIN!!!! admin did you call the number on guna or whatever yoshidos arm?


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