Thanks hamlet9634, jt, and nonymous.

Jamie has gone crazy, check out her dance in the latest video on (password: jllovesth) I’ll have a youtube up in a minute

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  1. ::xi::

    Absolutely bizarre. Perhaps eating the secret substance makes one want to become a tagruato ninja. 😀

  2. Chris74

    Holy crap!! That stuff has fried her brain!! I’ve seen that kind of behavior from drug users. Sea bed nectar is definetly some kind of organic drug. She’s losing it!!

  3. shiva

    Ok this is just out there, just a thought.what if there were no small monsters,what if slusho when consomed makes you lose it and become crazy..what if the monster is destroying the city and crazy slusho addicts who cant drink just six is going crazy for more and killing each

  4. Engel

    I predict she’ll run out of the stuff, detox by the weekend and be fine for the party on the 17th.

  5. Nicky

    Chris74, intriguing idea, but if that dance is what it makes you do, I definitely don’t want any.

  6. deBish

    Cane toads – just don’t mistake other frogs for cane-toads. Some have deadly consequences…one’s a cardiac toxin, can’t remember the name tho’

  7. Mez

    and apparently I’m an idiot and don’t know how to proof read a comment. That should say Licking Toads. And the first word should say ‘actually’.
    And as for the video. That Jaime girl really needs to quit smokin’ rocks. Put the pipe down girl.
    I really hope she gets a cool death in the movie. That would be fantastic.

  8. Nick (The Original)

    I wish she’d fucking die already… Aside from her being ugly as hell she’s a COMPLETE moron…

  9. Disgruntled

    I now understand…the real monster is this video being shown to the citizens of New York and them promptly destroying the city in a rage because she WON’T STOP YELLING IN MY FACE! Shut up, Jaime! Damn.

  10. Franky

    Mez: oh i know that i just remembered that from it and Han Solo (peter griffin) from blue havest is kick ass

  11. Chris74

    Nick (The Original): Dude, calm down 🙂 She may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but at least we can glean the occasional piece of info from her weirdness.

  12. Animal

    Wow. That Slusho is really doing a number on her. She says that since she’s had it, she’s seeing things a lot clearer, and the first time she tried, she paused after a second taste, said, “Woah. That’s… wow.” That stuff is bad. And Jamie can’t get enough of it. So what will she do when she runs out and can’t drink the recommended six?

  13. Scribbs

    that intereview on LAist should be enough for all the people to finally, …HOPEFULLY, know that its an original monster, not Cthulhu or Godzilla/Zilla, and as its been said many times by the man, he said “It’s alive!” not “It’s a Lion!” silly people… you’ll probably still think what you thought is whats right.

  14. Billy

    I wonder if they’ll do some follow up stuff after the movie too. It would be cool if they explain just what the hell happened. I don’t believe there will be much explanation in the movie itself.

  15. deBish

    A few of my co-workers poped their heads up at that one… I wish that I’d gotten a warning!!


  16. Hodge

    Billy: Yeah it would be cool if they had news interviews with any survivours (film characters or not) or something like that. Or even just news reports of the destrustion of NY in different languages like the drilling station videos.

  17. Scribbs

    hmm don’t think anyones found it yet lol, but it wasn’t anything too special, it took that news report about the earthquake and the tanker from Commercial 5??? and just made it look like a breaking news that interrupted other commercials, then when it gets to the tanker part it cuts away to rob and the others running out to see the SoL head, its like a 25 second commercial

  18. MarytheLion

    Debish, your this SHIT checkin this stuff out at work! 🙂 That was hilarious. Hope they we’re ok there.

    Frozen? Happy
    Thawed? CRAZY

  19. Scribbs

    ya my friends must be drinking that flavor all the time, can’t wait to see them explode. or do that crazy dance…

  20. Scribbs

    that drug really effed her up, she forgot her knife for the suicide part of the dance

  21. L.V.

    Hey, everyone. Been lurking since August. This video finally made me post.

    I’m sorry, this just made me laugh. How about when she grabs her throat… “Ugh… eueguegeugeugeugeugue!” then collapses.

    Interesting connection between her arms flailing and her ‘roaring’ …but, it’s funny how people are annoyed by her… which means she’s playing the character to a ‘T’

  22. L.V.

    Pacmon: Think about it, though… you recieve these strange things in a package from someone you know, and are told that if you don’t speak to them by the time you open it, that he’s been captured… would you really believe them?

  23. Austin

    yo, she’s trippin balls on that seabed nectar stuff! i’ve seen coke heads flip out like that before. totally not cool man. somebody better slip her a blunt to chill her ass out.

  24. mikey87

    I think the point of these videos is to show us what sluso does, even the tiniest taste.

    Now, the lady in the english version of the oil rig collapse (Llyos Frotos) said basically you are what you eat in terms of eating potent fish. But what if something other than the monster caused the rig collapse and the monster eats the dead people who fall off the rig and because most of those people probably consume slusho, the monster, who is nothing more than a small sea creature eats the people and in turn consumes slusho because it’s in the people bodies. The monster then enjoys slusho, traces the scent back to the sewers of new york city and then unleashes a serious ass kicking in new york. Just a thought.

  25. mikey87

    Also, based on the “you can’t just drink six” it shows the drink is highly addictive. mY prediction for her next video will probably show her freaking out over the fact that she’s ran out of slusho and needs it really badly.

  26. Whatsgoingon

    Well I dont know if any of you guys are having this thought, but yea if Jamie is going to start going absolutely insane and being crazy….then why the hell would someone invite this psycho hose beast to a going away party….and why would she go and not be curled up in her room in the fetal position having withdrawal symptoms…? Just seeing what you guys think about that…

  27. flippant

    Y’know, I was just trying out my nice new headphones and I think I lost my hearing…anyone think there’s a connection with the Chuai attack and that tanker in the harbor? Maybe our creature trails it to NY…maybe it’s full of nectar??? Interesting idea that the sewer outflow attracted it…maybe instead some nectar leaked into the bilge water in that tanker, which leaked and left a trail for the wee beastie…I really want to see this dang film already.

  28. sc_kg

    I can’t wait for the moment she dies in the movie.
    I think the audience will welcome this moment with great applause.

  29. Ravenclaw

    what mikey87 said sounds logic, good point there man. oh and the stupid frogs or toads, that’s real, dangerous and it was in the simpsons. The episode where Homer is sent off to an island as a christian missioner or something and he finds this animals and gets high and all that.

  30. BaneSilvermoon

    Ok look, if you wanna get technical the toad licking thing is nearly a complete myth, urban legend. However as usual there IS some truth behind it. The Colorado River Toad for example does secret a foul tasting venom to ward off predators. And said venom is often smoked as a hallucinogen, as burning it is supposed to burn off the toxin.

  31. Lauren

    Really weird. It’s like… well, it’s definitely not normal, definitely bordering crazy-town. Some of it’s just plain aggressive. I think the snarling noises are particularly interesting. I kind of wonder what’s been going on between when she first ate the stuff and now, because it seemed like at the end of the last one she was about to go do something–and she definitely liked the stuff. Guess it’s safe to assume she ate it all. I wonder how much of what she ate would have been added to a single Slusho drink–as in, is she addicted? (“Can’t drink just six.”) I dunno. It’s all very weird.

    @ Whatsgoingon — It could be that the stuff wears off, perhaps, or that people really don’t know how far off her rocker Jamie is. A couple of people have suggested it’s like drugs–if that’s the case then presumably the effects should eventually go away.

  32. rockinryne

    i work for fedex and they have been shipping slusho cups for the past few weeks to theaters in the region which i live (midwest)

  33. Lostfan

    WTF?? Is she hissing like the giant cockroach that she is?? OMG-that means that she and Cher will be the only once left surviving After the attack on NYC!!!!


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