This was posted in the comments a little while ago by Jt (thanks) but I wanted to have a chance to read it myself to see if it was worth posting and didn’t just regurgitate the same stuff we’ve already heard. And since you’re seeing this it must have meant I thought it was worth while. LAist does a good job of asking questions that we haven’t heard answered yet like how the name Cloverfield came to be, “it’s alive its huge vs it’s a lion”,  and some interesting stuff about the camera work. So if you have a minute I highly suggest reading the entire interview.

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  1. nendo

    is it just me that when i read this i get even more excited. i mean i knew about mess ups being in the movie. but for some reason. reading it coming from the directors words in the interview just fills me with excitment again

    “One day we were doing a scene running under a bridge and the director of photography said, ?You know what? I want to shoot this scene.? And I said, ?OK.? So he was shooting it and I?m watching this scene as the director of photography is running with a group of people. All of a sudden he falls down and I?m thinking, ?Well, there is the end of the shoot! What are we going to do?? and before I could finish feeling completely terrified and worried about how he was doing, he got back up and just started running with the crowd. The adrenaline kept him going. Then we looked at the shot and I used it in the movie. “

  2. smokes

    “‘You know, we need our own national monster…’ It?s an original monster, and a monster that was inspired, really, by Godzilla.”

    Another blurry pic of the monster would be awesome. It could even be of the same “leg” and I’d still get excited.

  3. SteveMikes

    Why is there a load of “space monster” type phrases or whatever starting to pop up in various places? It’s confusing me a little bit. . .

  4. Austin

    ok so in that interview it almost seems like mr. reeves is saying that all this viral stuff we’ve been following doesnt play a major role in the overall movie. we just know the back story to the events playing out on screen. he made it sound like they are almost 2 different entities entirely (a little frustrating after so many months)

    also, i love how he said “When I look at the message boards to see what?s going on, and there will be somebody who has purported to have seen the movie and they?ll give details?very specific details?that have nothing to do with the film.” that pretty much means to me that everyone claiming to have seen it and writing reviews have WAY too much time on their hands

  5. Austin

    my bad on the double post, but Tagruato has been updated once again! ganu yoshida is officially publicly blaming tidowave for chuai station

  6. ryan

    A monster good thought wanted share suomething just thought of as I’m drivin home by ocean. If our monster is a bi pedal like godzilla how can he mange to rip down station from below water without us seeing him at all must be a super balance job and he must have along tail to balance. 2 if he’s from wasy unde ocean how can it surface breathe air and survive at these different air pressure without getting the bends or explodin. Now maybe they’ve taken some artistic liberties here but I thought I’d bounce this off all of u. By the way more I see bridge back right is arm tentacle or some appendage . Intrigued to see what u all think of my latest idea and remember godzilla walked on bottom of ocean for most part and american g swam

  7. SteveMikes

    Love how he misses out the gunshots firing into the water around the rig, and the huge roars lol.

    This must be bad for TidoWave though, seriously who’re authority’s gonna believe – a group of vigilantes/rebels, or a huge professional corporation/company? Who will the authority’s attempt to capture (if they choose to) , a bunch of pesky rebels or a whole company?
    It doesn’t take much thought at all to know the answers. . .

  8. deBish

    Nice catch with the interview…major props for JT!

    I’m off to read the interview now, and visit a few sites. Maybe something cropped up while nobody was looking, eh 🙂

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